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Nessland Limited Accounts for the 18 mth period 1 April 2008 to28 September 2009 £ Comments and explanations in italics Income 40312 This should be the easiest figure to agree being 24 flats @annual fee +8 top flats@ annual fee. However when we were self managed the income was taken directly from the bank account with no adjustments for owners paying in advance. Crown have produced records for Darnells to use that allows this to be done. Hence a number of us who pay quarterly and pay at end of September and not beginning October will have paid one quarter in advance and Darnells have adjusted for this (see Other creditors below). The result is that the above income figure appears a quarter light when it is in fact correct. Next year’s accounts to September 2010 will show income of 24*£1020 +8*£1192. Bank interest received 697 Expenditure Insurance 4840 Aviva insurance policy falls due 27 June each year. June 08 was £3515.81, June 09 £3508.62. The figure here is for 18 months. This figure should also be £1136 more as this has been miscoded under Admin expense. Light and Heat 3440 In line with prior year charge as this is for 18 months Lift maintenance 10427 Main expenses in period were repair to lift on 29/9/08 £2672, the annual lift contact renewed 1 January each year, Jan 2008 was £4214, Jan 2009 £4388. T+N lifts repairs April 2008 £880 Repairs and maintenance 11870 We spent £6070 in September 2008 for replacing internal door closers We spent £3292 in April 2008-paid to Dealcombe builders (Teignmouth)-no info on the invoice to explain what this is for. Clearing sewage drains(Sept08) £395, new fence panels(Dec08)£275, lay 3 tons chippings (may09) £325, fire risk assessment £198(Dec08),roof sealant work £120(Dec08) Admin expense 8401 Crown fees £987.04 per quarter June08 to September 09 £5593 Secretary fee (pre crown) £448. insurance miscoded £1136, Stamps and expenses

from when we were self managed £388. BT phone line re Lift £393, L Ward (Cleaning services-misposted) £416 Garden expenses 2218 Monthly gardening bill around £100 plus £515 to clear bank for 3 days in September 08 Accountancy 881 Bank charges 174 Cleaning 2534 Xtra Cleaning communal areas at £92 per month and wheelie bins washed at £40 a time. Also £416 of Xtra Cleaning misposted by accountant to Admin Exps. Sundry expenses 268 Various items such as cancer charity donations, key cutting,preparing directors minutes. Loss for period (3944)

BALANCE SHEET Debtors 4932 Consists of :-

Prepaid insurance (£3571) Prepaid lift maint (£1096) Ground rent lower block (£70) Minor arrears (£77)-standing order need changing Corporation tax refund (£118)

Cash in bank 27839 Creditors (8140) Consists of :-

Qtr service charge in advance (£6037) Expenses incurred but not billed yet Accountancy £540 Electric £600 Cleaning £437

Gardener £310 Maintenance £200 Old bank a/c to be closed £16 (Overdrawn-bank charges)



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