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G (SELF-OWNED BUSINESS) Portland, OR 2005 - present CREATIVE DIRECTOR / DESIGNER Responsibilities include branding, art direction of photoshoots, retail executions, logo creation, environmental and event design, pattern creation, writing coordination; clients include Nike, Maryhill Museum of Art, Hotlips Pizza, Converse, and Ralph Lauren.

UNIVERSITY OF OREGON Eugene and Portland, OR MASTER OF ARCHITECTURE conferred June 2018 Coursework covered many topics — residential, commercial, educational, and hospitality (both urban and rural) with social connection and sustainability as a key components. My personal interest is in the sustainability and resonance aspects of architecture and how we can build to honor nature, self, and generate wellbeing.

PUBLISHED WORK Communication Arts Photography Annual The Big Book of Corporate Identity Design Hot California Graphics Fresh Ideas in Letterhead and Business Card Design San Diego Creative Show Shopping Bag Design 2 1996 Graphis Student Design Novum Gerbrauchsgraphik

NIKE, INC. Portland, OR 2000 - 2005 DESIGNER II Worked with brand marketing to create visual direction for performance brand categories — informing the areas of retail design, product creation, event look/feel, photographic style, logo development, web presence and advertising. This position involved hands-on design, art direction, research, travel and working with various outside vendors and creatives. MIRES DESIGN San Diego, CA 1997 - 2000 DESIGNER Worked closely with art directors and clients on print, web and environmental design projects; clients included Intel, Taylor Guitars, McGraw-Hill, Jabra, Boyd’s Coffee and Greenfield Paper. HEMMANN DESIGN Philadelphia, PA 1996 - 1997 DESIGNER Gained experience in the areas of print and multimedia (web/kiosk) design; this smaller studio allowed me to wear many hats; clients included University of Pennsylvania, New York Stock Exchange, Medical Broadcasting Company and Anthropologie. THE NANCEKIVELL GROUP Minneapolis, MN 1995 - 1996 INTERN + DESIGNER Worked closely with art directors on a variety of corporate communications (annual reports, newsletters); clients included Wausau Papers, Carlson Wagonlit Travel and TCF Bank.

THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY University Park, PA BACHELOR OF ARTS - GRAPHIC DESIGN conferred May 1995 Related courses included Time and Sequence, Computer Graphics, Packaging, Book Design, Photographics, Photography, History of Graphic Design, Typography, Speech Communication. DZIN CLUB PRESIDENT, 1994-95; DZIN CLUB VICE PRESIDENT, 1993-94 Responsibilities included holding club meetings, fundraising, organizing senior class show, coordinating guest lecturers; reunion planning. RIO MUCHACHO ORGANIC FARM Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador ORGANIC FARMING APPRENTICESHIP (+ PERMACULTURE, BIODYNAMICS) November 2006 Completed a one month work/study which included daily lectures, nightly videos on farming topics, seed saving, gardening, animal care, cob building; additional travel to native Quechua and cooperative villages as well as Bahia de Caraquez Ecocity. CALIFORNIA COLLEGE OF AYURVEDA Grass Valley, CA CLINICAL AYURVEDIC SPECIALIST PANCHA KARMA SPECIALIST conferred October 2008 Ayurvedic Medicine is a discipline which very closely relates to design — it works with energy manifestation of the 5 elements to create harmony within the body. Program length was 2.5 years and included a 6-month hands-on internship. THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF MAYONIC SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY LEVEL 1 + MASTERS VASTU CONSULTANT level 1 conferred March 2011, masters in progress The only institution in the Americas authorized by the world’s most renowned traditional architect, sculptor and mathematician - Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati to teach Sthapatya Veda/Vastu Science. Level 1 program was 2.5 years and included numerous readings, development of plans, two building practicums and a month-long study in Tamil Nadu, India. Masters level includes town planning and multi-unit structures and additonal more complex building scenarios. RELATED SKILLS / COURSES SKILLS: Proficient in the most recent versions of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Revit, Sketchup. Some experience with Rhino, AutoCAD and Grasshopper; COURSES: business development, letterpress printing, dyeing and printing on fabrics, floral design, Spanish.

ART SHOW: QUESTIONING REALITY Winter 2014 Series of Patterns displayed at the University of Oregon Portland Library and Learning Commons, White Stag Building and also the Knight Library in Eugene, OR. RECIPIENT OF THE ANTHONY WONG TRAVEL SCHOLARSHIP Spring 2013 Received funding to support a student research presentation at the EDRA conference occuring in Providence, RI. GRADUATE RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP Spring 2012 Designed a book with Professor James Tice showcasing Italian Artist Guiseppe Vasi’s 1700s engravings with present day Roman sites. TEACHING ASSISTANT - ARCH 222 Spring 2012 Attended lectures with Professor Philip Speranza and taught a studio section of undergraduate students learning new computer skills — specifically Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Rhino, V-Ray and Grasshopper.

references DONALD GENASCI PROFESSOR EMERITUS University of Oregon 503.671.4073 DR. JESSIE J. MERCAY PhD, ND, PhDmst CHANCELLOR American University of Mayonic Science and Technology 303.905.8423 LEE WEINSTEIN COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGIST Weinstein PR 503.708.0402

project: ARCH 222 - MODULE PROGRESSION client:: UNIVERSITY OF OREGON role: The goal for this class project was to explore module creation by delineating a unit and evolving unit to form a self-generating pattern. (created with illustrator)

project: AWNING DESIGN - STRUCTURES 2 client: UNIVERSITY OF OREGON role: Designed the exterior awning of a restaurant using multiframe software with the resultant materials, sizes + attachment mechanisms chosen based on the results. (created with rhino, illustrator and multiframe)

project: MODULAR INFILL client: UNIVERSITY OF OREGON TERMINAL PROJECT role: My final project showing an infull 50x100 site in N. Portland transformed using modular structures + green technologies to create a lasting invested community. (created with revit, illustrator + photoshop)

project: COMMUNITY MUSIC INSTITUTE client: UNIVERSITY OF OREGON STUDIO FIRST YEAR role: I designed this music school complex (the existing Suzuki Music School was our client) on a site near the university in Eugene, OR. The project asked for a number of varied music classrooms, a lobby and a performance space. Since the school has roots in Japanese culture, I chose to use tatami mat dimensions to dictate the space sizes and reinforce the concept of rhythm throughout the school. (created with illustrator, photoshop and hand drawn)

project: BEIJING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT client: BIG - GIANT / NIKE role: I worked on iterations of plan layout (furniture, mannequins, entry), pattern design and chandelier orientation. (design created with illustrator)

project: ACCESSORY DWELLING UNIT client: SELF (INDEPENDENT STUDY) role: I created an independent study to design a vastu accessory dwelling unit that could be built on my property. The home satisfies both vastu and city code and the project gave me the opportunity to draft up a set of plans for city review. (created with revit and illustrator)

project: NIKE MAXIMS EVENT client: NIKE / ACME SCENIC role: Designed all items for the Maxims Award Show including invitations, room layout with banners, product displays and also coordinated fabrication details and space layout with the Acme team. (created with illustrator, hand sketches)

project: ARCH 222 - FINAL PROJECT - FIRST YEAR client: UNIVERSITY OF OREGON GROUP PROJECT role: I created the original design for a parametric screen and worked with 3 other classmates to make it come to life as a cupcake tower. (created with illustrator, wood working tools)

project: BUSINESS INCUBATOR - THIRD YEAR client: UNIVERSITY OF OREGON STUDIO / ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY PROJECT role: I designed this high rise as part of the future Broadway / Post Office expansion for the south park blocks in Portland. The goal was to house both living and numerous flexible work spaces. I added water reuse and cleaning methods while fitting into the existing urban fabric. (created with sketchup, illustrator + photoshop)

project: LOGOTYPES client: VARIOUS role: A selection of logos I designed over the past few years. (most created with illustrator)

project: BUDDHIST TEMPLE EXPANSION client: NAM - QUANG TEMPLE, PORTLAND OR / UNIVERSITY OF OREGON CLASS PROJECT role: A first year project - we were asked to look at ways to expand the complex onto an additional lot and include new community and living space for the monks and visitors as well as develop means for additional income. (created using illustrator, photoshop, rhino, hand sketches)

project: STRUCTURES 1 TOWER DESIGN - SECOND YEAR client: UNIVERSITY OF OREGON GROUP PROJECT role: I worked with a partner to design and build a tower from bamboo. It was part of a class competition to create the lightest, strongest tower within various parameters. (designed with illustrator, multiframe, photoshop, indesign)

project: EXPLORATION OF DUALITY client: SELF PROJECT, ART SHOW KNIGHT LIBRARY + PORTLAND LEARNING COMMONS role: I created a series of prints based around the topic of transcending duality using 2 main colors. These are a select few patterns from the group. (designed with illustrator)

project: HOME REMODEL client: SELF role: I purchased and renovated this 1952 ranchelo with the help of contractors, subcontractors and landscape designer (I worked directly with them). I completed this during my time in graduate school to help with my school + life expenses.

project: HYDROLOGICAL STUDIO SECOND YEAR client: UNIVERSITY OF OREGON GROUP PROJECT role: I worked with 2 other classmates to design this 4 - story apartment building with retail on the groud level which included a wool cooperative (carding, spinning dyeing and weaving) plus a wool products store. The use of water was explored on a district scale. (created with cad, sketchup, illustrator, photoshop, hand sketches)