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INFJs are insightful, creative, compassionate, and

dedicated. INFJs have a unique ability to understand the emotions of those around them, and enjoy using this emotional sensitivity to create warm and supportive environments for growth. INFJs excel at recognizing the possibilities for personal development in others, and often have a plan for how others can achieve their goals. Deeply intuitive, INFJs process ideas and information internally, always working to improve their understanding of people and relationships. They often have a talent for recognizing patterns and hidden meanings in the people and world around them, and often have learned to trust their insights. INFJs typically only share their innermost thoughts with those they trust, and may appear reserved or mysterious to others. INFJs have strong personal values and typically have a vision for how to bring out the best in their selves, those they care about, and often humanity itself. They are excited about the future and possibilities, and enjoy using their organizational skills and imagination to create plans to achieve their grand visions. Once they have fully considered a situation, INFJs often act decisively, and are committed to accomplishing a task or fulfilling their responsibilities. Typically, INFJs lead with a quiet persuasion, inspiring others to follow them by their example and with their faith in their vision. At times, however, an INFJ can become pushy or controlling in their drive to guide others along the path they have chosen. Loyal friends, INFJs value authentic relationships, often sensing insincerity and duplicity. INFJs take time to appreciate others, offering positive feedback and making sure everyone’s needs have been considered. Although INFJs are often more focused on the needs of others, and may neglect their own, they do not hesitate to speak up if they feel their personal values are being disregarded.


This is my research book for OUGD505.