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ISFJs are calm, dutiful, practical, and considerate. ISFJs

are focused on the here and now and are often looking for practical and useful solutions to problems facing the people and organizations that they care about. ISFJs take their commitments seriously, and tend to favor procedure when accomplishing a task. They are sensitive to the needs of others and enjoy collaboration, when all are working towards the same goal. ISFJs use all of their senses to absorb details about their environment and the people around them. They process their observations internally, often accumulating a large amount of knowledge and experiences. ISFJs then call upon this stored knowledge to retrieve extremely detailed memories, which may amaze others. ISFJs are oriented toward present realities and facts, and respect tradition and experience. Often pragmatic, they may be reluctant to try new methods or ideas if they do not see an immediate usefulness. Once an ISFJ has carefully and thoroughly considered the facts of a situation and reached a conclusion, they often act decisively. Due to their careful decision-making process and their faith in practical and sensible analysis, ISFJs tend to form firm opinions, which they prefer not to change. ISFJs value structure and order, and tend to approach a role or project with discipline and dedication. They enjoy using their well-developed organizational skills to look after the needs of others, and tend to stay behind the scenes, providing gentle and considerate support.



This is my research book for OUGD505.