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ISTJs are independent, logical, practical, and responsible.

They are typically focused on the present, with an appreciation for the facts of a situation and excellent attention to detail. ISTJs respect tradition and order, and are extremely loyal to those who matter to them. They are dedicated to following the rules and fulfilling their obligations, and expect others to do the same. ISTJs absorb facts and data with a thoroughness and ease, often retaining an impressive amount of information. They trust experience, drawing upon knowledge gained from past experiences to understand the world and how it works. ISTJs are realistic and practical, often reluctant to experiment with new ideas or methods until they’ve determined that there is solid evidence that the change will be beneficial. ISTJs favor objective and logical analysis, and typically seek to organize their lives and others accordingly. After a careful internal consideration of the facts, ISTJs often act decisively and methodically to complete the task at hand. They will work hard to complete a project, as long as they believe its purpose is logical and useful. ISTJs enjoy working independently, often preferring to socialize only when necessary. Due to their affinity for logic and objectivity, and their need to stick to a schedule to accomplish a task, ISTJs may be seen as blunt or cold. Or some may feel as though the ISTJ ignores their feelings or needs, as the ISTJ has difficulty sensing the emotions of others if they do not fit into their logical and practical framework. Once the ISTJ realizes what is important to someone they care about, however, they will recognize the reality of the situation and integrate the information into their logical analysis.


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