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ENTJs are logical, assertive, conceptual, and organized. ENTJs enjoy new ideas and planning for the future. They are decisive and efficient, and have a natural ability to lead. ENTJs often take charge of a situation, confidently coordinating people and tasks. They appreciate challenging issues and always push themselves to learn more about the world and its systems. ENTJs are forward-thinking, constantly working to bring efficiency and organization to the world. Logical and rational, they are inspired by using their intellect to create innovative solutions for improving processes. They are often competitive, driven to achieve their goals and increase their knowledge. Critical thinkers, ENTJs are always questioning ideas and theories for faulty logic and unsound reasoning. They enjoy discussion, happy to explore new ideas and concepts and often energized by interacting with people. ENTJs are direct, and may challenge others. They typically feel no need to spare people from their critique, and expect the same treatment in return. ENTJs are independent and assertive, often eager to take control of a group or project, confident that they will be able to coordinate people and tasks effectively. ENTJs appreciate order, and are excellent at delegation. When they give direction, they expect it will be followed, and may be seen as forceful or intimidating. ENTJs are often competitive, eager to demonstrate their abilities and talent. They care more for being known as capable, rather than for being well-liked. ENTJs prefer to be around others who share their capability and skill, and have little patience for incompetence.



This is my research book for OUGD505.