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Typically warm and energetic, enjoy serving the needs of others. They strive to keep their commitments and make practical decisions that they feel are best for everyone. ESFJs appreciate tradition, trusting experience over abstract ideas. They are organized and responsible, and excel at creating structure to help keep others focused. ESFJs prefer to help people in practical ways, with tangible results. They may not have patience when others engage in extensive discussion and theorizing, preferring to act decisively. ESFJs are adept at recognizing the realities of a situation, and are quick to sense what is needed to solve a problem. ESFJs are often excellent at organizing people, and are particularly skilled at understanding which tasks are best suited to each person. ESFJs are efficient and conscientious, and can always be counted on to follow the plan and carry out their obligations. They prefer to accomplish tasks in an orderly fashion, typically choosing to follow procedure, rather than searching for new methods. ESFJs appreciate clearly defined roles, and expect everyone to fulfill their responsibilities. ESFJs are friendly and love getting to know people. Genuine and enthusiastic, they connect easily with others. ESFJs tend to be extremely observant, and pride themselves on remembering detailed personal information about the people they encounter. Sensitive and compassionate, ESFJs enjoy getting and giving positive feedback, and are often uncomfortable with criticism. ESFJs prefer to avoid conflict and appreciate supportive and harmonious environments, often taking care that everyone feels comfortable and accepted.



This is my research book for OUGD505.