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ENTPs are enthusiastic, inventive, logical, and

spontaneous. They are excited about the future and the many possibilities it holds. ENTPs are rational and objective when making decisions, and are at their best when faced with a challenging and complex problem. ENTP enjoy using their intellect and constantly strive to increase their understanding of the world and how it works. ENTPs are fascinated by new ideas and theories and are often searching for new solutions to improve systems. They enjoy debate, and tend to be precise with language and meaning. ENTPs are likely to play devil’s advocate, always analyzing every aspect of a situation logically. For this reason, ENTPs are sometimes seen as negative and argumentative. They tend to be quite optimistic, however, and simply strive for continuous improvement. An ENTP is likely to see a setback as an opportunity and adapt easily in chaotic fast-paced environments. ENTPs are often able to articulate their complex ideas and conclusions with ease, and can be quite charming and persuasive when so motivated. They are resilient and resourceful, and may not have patience for others who do not share their independent spirit. They value competency, and appreciate working with individuals who are as forwardthinking and innovative as they are. ENTPs prefer flexible work environments, where they are given the freedom to work at their own pace. They often plunge enthusiastically into a new project, confident that they possess the skills, abilities, and intelligence to solve any problem.



This is my research book for OUGD505.