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ESTPs are action-oriented, logical problem solvers.

Energetic and social, they prefer not to be stuck inside working at a desk, and enjoy working with their hands, rather than abstract ideas. ESTPs are often excellent at promoting their ideas and energizing others. They usually find change invigorating, performing well when required to adapt to swiftly-changing environments. ESTPs are focused on the moment, and quickly absorb the details of situations and the people around them. They are stimulated by their environment, and prefer to stay active and social. ESTPs value rich experiences, often drawing others to them with an infectious appreciation for life’s pleasures. They tend to be assertive and competitive. ESTPs often love to challenge others, as they enjoy being challenged in return. ESTPs prefer to make rational and objective decisions, often processing information internally. At time they may appear blunt or cold, due to their preference for critical analysis and decisiveness. ESTPs are bored by theory and abstract ideas, and learn best by jumping into a project, rather than by study or discussion. They are sometimes so quick to take action that they forget to inform others of their intentions. ESTPs are particularly motivated by any project that makes practical use of their mechanical skills, attention to detail, and logical mind. ESTPs enjoy spontaneity and variety. When given a schedule or explicit instructions, they may simply figure out a way to work around them, as they perform best when allowed the freedom to follow their own rules.


This is my research book for OUGD505.