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Greta_Berli n Portfoli o

Gret a_ Berli n 13. 08. 1988 gr et a1613@gmai l . com Educ at i on

20022003Eur opeanSchool ofEduc at i onbyCor r es pondence,I nt er i orDes i gnc our s e 2005-201 1MHPI( Mosc owAr tandI ndus t r yI ns t i t ut e) ,Des i gnf ac ul t y ,Rus si a

Sk i l l s

3dSt udi oMax +Vr ay ,Aut oCAD,Ar c hi CAD,AdobePhot os hop

Ex hi bi t i ons&compet i t i ons


2008-“ Vobl aVoobr az eni y a”Ex hi bi t i oni nt heMay akovs k y’ sMuseum,Mos c ow 2009-“ TheSt ar ' sHous e”I nt er nat i onal st udentar c hi t ec t ur ec ont es t andwor k ’ sex hi bi t i on,Mos c ow 2010-“ 2010”Ex hi bi t i on i nt heMay ak ov s k y ’ sMus eum,Mosc ow -“ Sohr ani m”Cont es tandwor k’ sex hi bi t i on,Mos c ow ” Mos cowt hr oughy oungey es ”ex hi bi t i on,CHA,Mos cow " 90y ear soft heGOELRO pl an"c ont es tandex hi bi t i on,Mos c ow ( Gr anpr i andt he1s tPr i zei nt he“ 90year soft heGOELRO pl an”nomi nat i on) 201 1f ur ni t ur edes i gnc ompet i t i on«NEXT+»,Mos c ow.

Russi an, Engl i s h,Ger man

Thi st i meweneededt odecor at east andar dbui l di ngwi t houtc ar di nalc onst r uc t i v ec hanges. Thef ac ades houl ddi s pl aybui l di ngf unct i onar chi t ect ur albur eaui nt hi scas e.

Sketchi ng

Thepl ay gr oundands kat epar kpr oj e c t . Al s ohav ebe e nc r e at e dac ol ourde c or at i onofabui l di ng andbanne r sf ort hes kat ez one .

Di ploma work

Thi swor kwasmadef ort heci t ypost ercompet i t i on" Sohr ani m" andwasexposedonChi st opr udnypar kway ,Moscow.

Ar tObj ec tf or“ 2010”ex hi bi t i on, May akov skyMuseum

“ Bat t l ef orKadas hi ” CHA,Kr i msk yVal ,Mos c ow

“ Moscow.Opposi t i on”

“ 19202010 90y ear soft heGOELRO pl an”

“ Notenoughl i ght ?Saveel ect r i ci t y ”

“ Saveel ec t r i ci t ydon' tl ett hewor l df ade”

“ Mor el i ghtwi t hus ! ” Depar t mentofEner gy ,Moscow G. M.Kr zhi zhanov s k yMuseum,Mosc ow

“ 19202010 90y ear soft heGOELRO Pl an”

Drawi ngs & Pai nti ngs Berli n Phi lharmoni c

Techni cal pen watercolour

St.Loui s church,Muni ch

I saaki evsky cathedral,St. -Petersburg

St. I saac' s Cathedral 1 3X1 9,watercolour

I nk,watercolour


A1 , watercolour

A3,penci l


oi l on canvas,25. 4x1 7. 5

Oi l on canvas,20x30


Red earri ngs.Ni ght. À3, gouache


Haystacks,morni ng 20X30,oi l on canvas

Moscow,Arhangel skoe A4,pastel

Kazansky Cathedral A4,watercolour




i nk,watercolour

Photoshop works

Greta_Berlin Portfolio  

Some of my works during studying design in MHPI, Moscow.

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