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1200 N. Main Street, Gresham, OR 97030 PH: 503.674.5500 FX: 503.674.5549 GOOGLE + Albums: YouTube Channel (GreshamHSYB): Yearbook Email:

PRINCIPAL: John Koch ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS: Ayesha Freeman, Danelle Heikkila, Tim Collins; Student Enrollment: 1782, Licensed Staff 92, Support Staff 51, School Colors: Blue and White

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At least once, you probably have, or are going to, reflect over things that happened during high school: the four years where either everything mattered or you just didn’t care anymore.

High School

A time in our lives where we spend four years stressing over work, tests, relationships, and gossip. In these exact moments, while we are living and experiencing what seems to be a life or death situation is where we feel like we really can’t go on. No matter who you are, you have come face to face with one of these moments at some time. From pushing off doing your homework the night before and doing it between passing time, missing your bus and not knowing how you’re going to make it to school on time, running out of ink when your ten page research paper is due, not finding anyone to copy off of during an exam, worrying when you can’t contact your group project partner even though you called, texted, emailed, and Facebooked them, or freaking out when you still have not found a date to Prom two days before. These stressful situations and constant complications continue to escalade until we truly believe the world is going to end. In these precise moments of our high school career, everything seems impossible. It is in these life altering moments that we feel panic. This is just how high school works. In the moment, our high school problems seem devastating and world ending. So, for all of you out there; the athlete, the nerd, the journalist, the overworked, the class president, or the thespian. This here book is dedicated to YOU. Because, after all: “IT’S COMPLICATED.”

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. People may have said to you at some point,

“Why are you making this so difficult? It’s just high school!” But it’s not. We tend to complicate all of our choices with the multiple different decisions we can make. “If I take full IB then I have to say bye to my social life. Not to mention, if I take full IB, then I have to pay like 100 dollars per test, but what if I don’t pass all the IB exams? Then I just lost tons of money I could have spent while hanging out with friends… And if I don’t pass an IB exam than I don’t get my IB diploma… and if I don’t get my IB diploma I just wasted countless hours of my life.” No matter which road or pathways you choose to take here in high school, these are only the first few steps you take towards becoming successful in the future. It’s not just about hyperventilating about homework and exams, crying over failed relationships, and freaking out about what tomorrow will bring, even if that did take up most of your time. It’s about exploring new things, making decisions, learning to take a deep breath, and above all: getting ready for the next chapter in your life

Morgann Evans(9)

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2 | 3 I t ’ s C o m p l ic a t e d

Gurme Gurme (12), Micheak Muange(12)

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Nathan Friberg (9)

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year: You were the “fresh meat”; you heard the rumors of “freshman Fridays.” You were flooded with questions and concerns, “If I have to shower in PE, I am seriously going to die.” You were the small fish in the big pond. The school seemed gigantic, and the first time you walked through the halls everything looked the same. Walking through the crowded hallways you soon learned not to stop or stand at any time in the middle of the hallway. You were drowning in a sea of people while trying to remember what route you had to take throughout the day without getting lost or walking into the wrong classroom, and most of all learning this whole ‘White day’ and ‘Blue day’ stuff. You constantly worried about first impressions, meeting and getting

along with your once enemies from your former rival middle schools, and keeping up in your classes. You almost threw up when it came to your first sport try-outs but dreamed of making Varsity shining in the big games. Freshmen year was all about leaving behind middle school, adapting to new people and situations, and getting a taste of what lies Freshman year is where in front of them. There was you started your path, your first high school dance, it is in this time that and also the first year grades we first forecasted for classes; where you actually mattered. decided to take honors courses or the easier route instead.

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Charley Gromley (12) Mackenzie Hardgrove (12) Samuel Gandara (12)

4 | 5 I t ’ s C o m p lic a t e d

year: You realize that high school’s not all that bad. Freshman year is a thing of the past, and what you experienced during your first year of high school is nothing compared to this. You have so much more to worry about: Do I take Algebra 2 or Algebra 1.5? If I take Algebra 2, will I be able to take calculus as a senior…or I can just get it over with and not take a math class. You start to wonder if you have time for all the sports you want to do or what clubs to join. Also during your sophomore year you are pressured to get your license. But isn’t the driver’s test scary? For some of you, you had to worry about how you are going to pay for your car insurance, for others however your parents always covered it. This is also when you have to decide which path of education you’re going to take. Is it worth it to take IB? Which one is better: CAL or ACE? If my friends and I go to CAL we might get split up and go on totally different days…but then what if I never see Sophomore year is the time my friends again? What if I don’t know where we begin to define ourselves and discover what anyone? I’ll be forced to sit with people calling we have in life. It is from Barlow, Reynolds, and Centennial. here that we come to learn What if I want to do full IB and go to CAL? who our true friends are and is a chance for us to separate Is that possible? from the crowd and become our own unique selves.

Assembly Video

Natalia Martinez (11)

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Year: Nine more months. These nine months are some of the most stressful, busy and extremely long months ever. At the beginning, everything is exciting, everything you do is one of “Your Lasts” of high school. Your last homecoming parade, your last talent show, or your final act in the school musical. Most seniors have taken almost all the required classes and manage to have late starts or early releases daily. However, as time drags on, you begin to lose interest in school. Honestly, you could care less. Your are practically running on fumes during these final months. It is in these last months that getting out of bed every day is an extremely difficult task. “If I get out of bed, I can get myself coffee…or I can stay asleep and then get home before my mom to answer the phone before that call comes.” There is just never enough time in the day. We tell ourselves we don’t need to write down the day’s math notes because ‘I’ll remember this’ and when we get home, we’re on Google looking for answers. Senior year is a year of procrastination. We know about the ethics paper that is due in two weeks…but somehow manage to write something up within hours of it’s due date and turn it in at 11:58pm on Moodle. Homework is a joke. “I’m so tired, if I go to bed now, I can wake up early in the morning and do my homework as I’m brushing my teeth and straightening my hair…Yeah, that could work. *Lights out* The next morning my alarm clock doesn’t go off, I pull my hair back, forget to make a lunch and arrive at class with nothing…I guess I’ll go for the whole ‘I grabbed the wrong binder, can I show up after school’ trick.” With senior requirements, future plans, scholarships, college, and money problems, there just never seems to be enough time in a day. You really need to find a job, but if you get a job then you can’t run track, and if you don’t run track you won’t be eligible for a four year varsity award. Although it may not seem like it, it does come to an end. Your final moments arrive and pass you by in an instant, and before you know it, you are walking across the stage receiving your diploma and shaking the hands of your beloved teachers that have helped lead you to where you are today. Now, it is all over.

year: It’s your first year being an upper class man! Although the title of an upper-classmen is nice, education wise your junior year is said to be the most difficult of all. You’re in the middle, and are overloaded with school work, grades, sports, dances, work, and volunteer hours. You seem close to the end but are yet so far away. You begin to really define yourself and start considering your future career plans. College and Scholarships have to enter your mind, and the thought of college seems so far away. This is where you’re going to find out about the world of SATs and how important they really are. School seems so much more difficult, and schedules are loaded It is in your junior year that to the max. Although the number of getting your homework done is students that skip decreased from a lot more difficult-especially when facebook is right in sophomore year, the idea of skipfront of you, and you would ping class becomes more and more much rather creep on your prevelant as students begin to lose “frenemies” latest pictures. If you’re in CAL, ACE, or IB, sleep to stay up on their homework. the classes are harder, and Junior year is where “Scrubbing” it makes you think perhaps appears more and more often. sophomore year wasn’t that bad either...

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Top Left: Kevin Dunlap (12), Jon Treloggin (12); Bottom Lindsey Frilot(12), Emma Bird (12), Lauren Lasko (11)

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The pressure and stress may have been a lot, and when people asked you how it was going, you would sometimes fake a smile, or other times just sigh and say, “It’s kind of complicated,” and start your ranting. Twenty years from all of this though, you will have the daily challenge of making it as an adult. The keeping up with bills, working hard to find a job, start your career, and eventually, providing for your family, and all the complications of being the one in charge. It’ll be the new complicated stage, as things are only complicated in the moment. Looking back one day, everything will seem like a breeze, and high school will have been “not a big of deal.” We may not look back on things like stressing over who was in your prom group, or what people you didn’t like; instead we will think of how exciting prom was, and how easy we had it in classes compared to college. There may not be any memory of what so and so said, or what rumors your friends were spreading through the hall, it might be how much fun you had, who your true friends were, and the people that made a positive influence on you. When we look

back on high school twenty years from now, we may realize that these past four years weren’t all that bad. High school is not the end. it may seem complicated now, but it is the future, that will be the whole new “it’s complicated” story.

I t ’ s C o m p li c ated

Because in the end, Things aren’t really complicated. it’s just The next big thing.

6 | 7

Throughout all your years in high school, at some point you faced some complicated decision; whether dealing with friends or family, stressing about grades, adjusting to added responsibility from your parents, and putting pressure on yourself as you will soon be out of the house and off on your own in the ‘real world.’ You soared high over some expectations and sank way below others in crushing disappointment. During each and every complicated decision or dilemma you learned more and more about yourself and about others around you. Although certain times seemed awful and you couldn’t wait for them to be over, it was in these exact moments that you learned who you are and became the person you are today. Everyone fought the urge to doze off during class, sometimes not so successfully, put off homework until the last minute and regretted it when you found yourself staying up until 3 in the morning, and then still ended up begging for someone to let you copy their packet before you had to turn it in. You finally got your driver’s license and your first car and realized “That wasn’t as bad as I thought.” You watched the fights go down in the halls and talked about them with everyone else for the rest of the day, updated your Facebook status or tweeted about what you were doing and had to sort through all the he said, she said, stuff. You made excuses for your mistakes and reasons for skipping class, and everyday wondered what decision to make and if it was the right one, going through all the “what ifs” in your head.

Edgar Gutierrez (10) Dora Vargas (10) Annally Molina (12)

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We are

Gresham Written By: Belicia Castellano and Nicole Kobayashi

ABOVE: Charmaine Tano (12), T. J. Kitchen (12), Sierra Lindhorst (12), Jake Sundquist (12), Grant Warner (12) standing, and Jacob MacClanathan (12) cheering at the Gresham vs. Reynolds game. (09.30.11) BELOW: SuperFans celebrating a victory over Clackamas High School during the Blitz game. From left: Celena Nafarrate (12), Kyle Ackerman (12), Laura Phillips (12), Abby Bryant (11), Taylor Simms (12), Grant Warner (12), Jessica Donnelly (12), Haley Crouser (11), Savanah DeCourcey (12), Nicole Kobayashi (12), Anna Huber (11) and Charmaine Tano (12). (09.23.11)

008-009_2-13833_000.indd 8

SuperFan-ing is a way of life for many Gresham students. “SuperFaning doesn’t come easy. To be a REAL SuperFan you have to be loud, energetic, enthusiastic, and supportive of our teams,” shared Charmaine Tano (12). As our football scores continued to escalate, the number of SuperFans at all sporting events steadily increased. This year, there was a record of nearly 200 rowdy SuperFans in the screaming section, rooting on the team. “A true SuperFan has enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is highly contagious, it becomes a wildfire in the Superfan section,” claimed Kyle Ackerman (12). “The SuperFans are in the forefront of the audience participating with the cheerleaders... They scream louder. They lead all the chants. They are what riles the crowd up,” said Celena Nafarrate (12). Despite past losses and a small but loyal fan base, the football team broke out, taking home a second place conference title. The team depends highly on the support of their school, family and SuperFans. “Being a SuperFan and supporting our teams brings the school together as a whole, making this year one to remember for both the SuperFans, and the football team,” said Quinn Santangelo (11). Our

school spirit had been in a slump the last few years, yet rose to an all time high this year. The SuperFans felt it was their responsibility to support their team, win or lose. While some fans were devoted since the beginning, some chose to begin a little later, when the team began their reign as THE team to beat. This season we have made it to the big leagues. We have full confidence that we are going to get that win, no matter who or what gets in our way. This season has been considered the best in over 15 years, for both the team and Superfans. Gresham football has drastically changed with the guidance of Coach Todd Nagel. He has taken the football program back to its roots. In the past, Gresham players were known for being hard hitting, in-your-face players, which they are finally bringing back to the field. “We want to send a message to everyone that this is how Gresham should be, and that we are competitors who will give any team a run for their money,” Marcus Martinez (12) stated.

3/9/2012 7:50:53 PM


10/19/11 Jack Ramsdell (9) showing his SuperFan style.

8 | 9


Written by: Belicia Castellano and Nicole Kobayashi

SuperFans; that’s what kept KATU coming back this year. KATU called and asked if we would host them for their upcoming game of the week. “They specifically wanted Gresham High School because we brought out the biggest and the most enthusiastic crowd ever in Blitz history,” exclaimed Activities Director, Bill Chisholm. KATU’s High School Blitz has been to Gresham three times in four years! That’s more than any school in the Mount Hood Conference. They know we always have the juiciest games that keep the fans coming back.

008-009_2-13833_000.indd 9


Although Gresham was aware of the potential to achieve 30 minutes of fame as the highlighted team on KATU’s High School Blitz, they still performed as they normally would. “I didn’t play any differently. Even though I was under pressure, knowing Blitz was sitting in the back of my mind, I felt confident and unaffected by the hype of the game,” commented Martinez.

I t ’ s [ S u p e r f a n s ] C o m p l ic a t e d


Eduardo Ortiz (12) and Katie Brashear (12) (09.30.11)



COMPETE. 3/9/2012 7:50:56 PM

THE SKY IS 10.21.11 Devon Shields (10) passing the ball in the game against Barlow

A Show of Support:

Linebacker, Aaron Larson (11) supported Daniel Allen (11), who was in the hospital at the time, due to health issues. Larson showed his support to his close friend and team-mate by painting Allen’s jersey number on his calves during the Homecoing game vs. Barlow. (11.02.11)

Left: #11 Dwight Cameron (12) #15 Mackenzie Hardgrove (12) #1 Ethan Hamilton (11) line up for game against David Douglas. (10.7.11) Top: Marcus Martinez (12) is tackled by Glencoe. (09.09.11) Bottom: De’Vauntae Hoffman (11) runs for the end zone. (09.23.11)

010-011_2-13833_0001.indd 10

3/9/2012 8:42:56 PM

Y IS THE LIMIT written By: Belicia Castellano and Nicole Kobayashi



There’s nothing better than a “W” in the win column. This season the team earned more victories compared

10 | 11

to recent seasons. Understanding the potential for the team provided Friday nights a beckon of hope each week. “My main goal this season is to put an end to the losing seasons Gresham has had, and bring back the tradition of hard-hitting football. We want to send a message to everyone that this is how Gresham should be, that we are competitors and will give any team a run for their money,” commented fullback Marcus Martinez (12). This has been a season to remember; for the team, the school, and the City of Gresham. According to the Mt. Hood Conference coaches poll on Oregon Live, Gresham was predicted to place 5th out of the six teams in the conference for the 2011 season. Remarkably, Gresham placed second in the Conference for the first time in nearly ten years. This season was just a stepping stone for the boys. They now have bigger expectations leading up to the 2012 football season. “We got so close to that Mt. Hood Conference title and we won’t stop until it’s in our hands. Next year is going to be the year. We are gonna work harder than we ever had in the past, because we want it. The sky is the limit,” asserted quarterback Devon Shields (10).

I t ’ s [ F o o t b a l l ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Spencer Kelley (12) scores a touchdown late in the game vs. Clakamas (09.23.11)

Kaleb Crimp (11) penetrates the defensive line to sack the Sunset quarterback (09.02.11).

010-011_2-13833_0001.indd 11

Daniel Allen (11) tackles Central Catholic’s player (10.28.11)

3/9/2012 8:43:00 PM


TICKS AS STATE APPROACHES Written by: Hayley Lawer and Cason Xerxes

Varsity Cheer preparing for the big game against Central Catholic (10.13.11)

Our very own Gresham High School cheerleading team competes all around Oregon to see who reigns supreme in the cheerleading world. Competition season comes early every year, and the squad has been preparing since the summer. Tumbling coaches have been provided for the girls, and their tumbling has improved immensely since the first practice of the year. Many people have been able to do backhand springs, and experienced tumblers have been able to better their skills. Pressure is always on the girls to perfect the stunts, motions, jumps, and tumbling. The girls are doing their normal stretching, cheers, and stunts. However when the clock rolls around to the end of October, they will start to prepare for competition season by learning new stunts and dance routines. Practices are three to four days a week, and depending on how the squad is doing, the practices may vary in length.

The varsity cheer squad was very successful cheering for the varsity football team during the fall season, and also performed well in previous competitions. In years past, cheer has placed in the top ten for the state. Other than the varsity squad knowing that the competition season is coming just right around the corner, they have to worry about being cut. They may have to cut more girls than in the past because the new OSSA rule states that the team must have a maximum of 20 girls. “There are 25 girls on the team, in case of injuries or something else that may happen which could cost the competition,� said Coach Jenny Fryback.

Left to Right: Mayumi Eda (12) Encourages the Superfans to join her in a cheer. (9.30.11) Roya Bannister (10) Performs during the Fall Sports Assembly. (9.27.11) Alex Townley (12) Cheers on the varsity football team during the home game vs. Sunset. (9.23.11)


012-13_2-13833_000.indd 12

3/9/2012 8:47:04 PM


12 | 13

Kelsea Dahl (12) Runs through the routine at practice (01.06.12) Coach Jenny Fryback explains the proper technique for the State routine (10.2.11)

I t ’ s [ C h e e r ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Victoria McVay (12) practices her stag jump (10.04.11)

behind the


Taylor Westby (12)

012-13_2-13833_000.indd 13

Lauren Laakso (11)

Emma Bird (12)

In order for our GHS cheerleaders to be successful, they need to be in the best shape possible. They have to be able to run, jump, flip and do as many push ups as they can. That’s where practice becomes very important. “We practice about 6-8 hours a week,” said Lauren Laakso (11). When they prepare for state, practices tend to get more intense because they have to master each routine. “One dropped stunt can cost you a championship title,” explained Lily Cichon (10). The stunts they do may seem easy, but in fact they take a lot of time and effort to perfect. As the girls on the team move ahead and become better cheerleaders, so does the difficulty of their stunts. “I think the stunts have gotten more intense since Coach Jenny has become our coach. She has put high expectations on us that has made us a better team,” shared Keiko Downing (12). Some of the girls were nervous to try some of the stunts the first time, but when they did it allowed them to grow. “I love a new challenge and I’m always up for it,” smiled Emma Bird (12).

3/9/2012 8:47:12 PM

Seniors Dominate Class chant In a fierce battle between classes, the seniors led by Jake Sundquist (12) stood tall as the seniors over shadowed the Juniors in a vocal shouting match chanting “seniors, seniors. . . to close out the assembly.



Questions for The Court What went through your mind as you were Escorted down the track toward the stands

How did it feel to be chosen out of all of your class to become homecoming King? “I feel really blessed and I’m just fortunate to get that opportunity to represent the school in a positive way.” —Grant Warner (12)

“I feel like they chose me to prepare me for when I win Miss Universe.” —Eduardo Ortiz (12)

“It was pretty fun because it showed that the people around you chose you for something. It made me feel like I stood out.” —Devin Tapec (10)

014-015_2-13833_000.indd 14

“When I put my heels on: ‘don’t trip.’” —Quinn Santangelo (11)

“I was thinking how beautiful I was in the dark.” —Maleko Arango (9)

“I was excited and nervous.” —Olivia Sheehan (10)

3/9/2012 7:29:28 PM

Mikayla Monnie (12) 10.13.11.

Senior class float participants come together to rally the crowd as they finished their performance (10.13.11. )

Three classes of students left the homecoming game halftime festivities looking for lost time. Written by: Cason Xerxes, Hayley Lawer and Lauren Laakso

10.13.11. Alyssa Maslen (09) and Bryce Bakke (09)

014-015_2-13833_000.indd 15

in the middle of their routines, and the groups had to walk off the track for the next float in line. Jordan Linn (12), who was part of the seniors homecoming float said, “We knew from the past years, that the school’s sound system had its issues from time to time. We were fortunate to get a music store to donate a sound system for our float. The underclassmen are just in denial that we rock.” The stories will continue to go back and forth about who did what to whom. When it comes to this mystery of the cut music I guess we’ll never really know...

are just “ Thein underclassmen denial that we rock..

10.13.11. Rafael Castellanos-Welsh (10) and Kaitlyn Franklin (10)

It’s complicated... No one knows the right or wrong story to the homecoming devastation. What happened to the float music during the parade? Many different stories have been floating around the hallways of school. The seniors say it’s the fault of the underclassmen for not knowing what they were doing with the music for their float. And the story is flipped for the juniors, sophomores, or freshman. They say it was the seniors who sabotaged their floats so they would win their last homecoming battle for the Homecoming title. “I heard the seniors cut everyone’s music so they could have time for their own float,” Gabby Conner (10) stated. For the freshmen, whose theme was action, their dance/skit was cut by more than a minute. The same thing happened for the sophomores, as well as the juniors. The music suddenly stopped

It’s [ homecoming ] Complicated

What Really Happened?

14 | 15

TJ Kitchen (12) and Keiko Downing (12 (10.13.11)

—Jordan Linn (12)

10.13.11. Rebecca Harris (11) and Lane Nelson (11)

3/9/2012 7:29:33 PM

Are You kidding me? Maddie Statler (10) and Willie Blake (10) chatting before warm-ups at practice. (10.26.11)

Co-ed Training: A Distraction. . . “Written by: Catrina Kwong and Aliyah Valdez

Or Motivation?


State Championship Q u a l i f i e r s

Boys Team Dylan Hanson (12)

Girls Team Sierra Lindhorst(12) Diana Tovar (12) Hanna Kristensen (12) Kennedy Martin (11) Haley McDonald (11) Erica Keathley (10) Alicia Nunziato (10)

016-017 2-13833_000.indd 16

Although the majority of the workouts and races are all done separately, there are a few workouts that both the boys and girls cross country teams do together. During these special occasions, they all get along well... really well. Running long distances may not sound exactly like the most romantic thing, but one runner stated that about 12 out of the 30 runners were in a relationship. In September, the cross-country teams went on a road-trip to Boise, Idaho for the annual Bob Firman Invitational and spent a few days there. “Idaho is the state of love,” the anonymous runner said. Of course, not everyone responded this way. A lot of them think that it motivates them to work harder because: one, the practices are more difficult when both teams are together, and two, if someone of the opposite gender gets ahead of you even by an inch, there’s something that pushes you to get faster and beat them. The co-ed times have their pros and cons, according to coach Hutchins. “Girls run faster on runs to keep up with a boy, which in turn improves their endurance,” she said. For boys on recovery runs, it

is good for them to run at a slower pace with some of the girls. Sometimes the opposite gender can be more of a distraction. Boys could run to slow while running with girls or vice versa.” “We usually run faster and do harder workouts when we are running with the boys,” commented an anonymous runner. “I think when some of the slower boys see [some girls] pushing to go ahead of them, it lights a fire under them,” said William Blake (10). “I’m not really into strutting my stuff for girl runners. I just go.” Some people go slower when their boyfriend or girlfriend is there, according to Morgan Benson (12). Eric Johnsen (11) said, “You run with them all the time, so it all kind of blends. Co-ed training has its good points and also bad points, but everyone is pretty happy with it. Or, as Madison Statler (10) put it, they’re “a very close team.”

3/9/2012 3:50:00 PM


THINKING? As runners feet steadily hit the ground at a constant pace for miles and miles, what exactly goes through their mind? “Don’t freak out, you’ll do fine! Just do your best, that’s all that matters. If it doesn’t hurt, you’re not running hard enough!” — Kendra Taylor (10)

16 | 17

“When I run, all I think about is my swag and passing girls. Every girl I pass is just more reason to go faster and focus on finishing the race.” — Maria Yerkes (12)

It’s [ cross country ] Complicated

“If the course is monotonous, and I don’t have to focus on what pace I’m going, I conjugate French verbs or do simple math problems that have to do with distance and pace.” — Jacelyn Davis (10) “I just focus on the finish and getting through the race in one piece. Sometimes there’s a song stuck in my head playing over and over. This helps with the exhaustion.” — Clarice Terry (12) “I don’t think. I just say, “faster, faster.” — William Blake (10)

TOp: Warming up with strides at Gresham City Park, The girls cross country team practice on a nice sunny day. Middle Left: Off to the road run, Jackson Hysmith (9), Leah Ruff (10), Jacob Hillenbrand (12), Madison Statler (10). Bottom Left: Heading for the finish, state qualifier Dylan Hanson (12), placed fifth at districts. Middle Right: Kennedy Martin (11) state qualifier, placed second at districts. Bottom Right: Juan Fernandez (11) at finish line.

ALBUM Alicia Nunziato (10), Haley McDonald (11), Diana Tovar (12), Erica Keathley (10) (10.01.11)

016-017 2-13833_000.indd 17

3/9/2012 3:50:06 PM

“You know what to do, now

do it!”

After taking game one from the Bruins. the team found themselves in a ‘complicated’ situation, falling short in 3 of the next 4 games after leading by as many as 9 points in each of their 3 losses. 10.04.11 Gresham v. Barlow, (Time out, game 3).

“I am not sure why you are looking over at the bench each time you make a mistake, pull it together and play like we practice. You know what to do, now do it,” exclaimed Coach Lori Anderson-Cook. The fine line between motivating someone and holding them accountable for their actions is easier said than done. In game situations, keeping a positive and successful team dynamic is more difficult than it seems. “If my team mates are making the same mistakes over and over again I will tell them to step it up. If I am making the same mistakes





#8 5’6” Libero, Brandy Velasquez, 09.09.11 Gresham vs. Barlow

018-019_2-13833_000.indd 18



over and over again, it is nice if someone gave me the confidence to do better,” stated Alex Frazier (10). Telling each other to step it up is not always the best strategy for the team. It’s very easy to become tight and lose momentum during the course of a match. “At one point during the Reynolds match Coach Anderson-Cook was at a loss of words and asked us to sing before each touch of the ball. It really seemed to help,” commented Amanda Neffendorf (12). Teammates commented that when the team is playing well, their confidence is high and it’s easy to stay motivated and push each other to play better. However, it is the moments

when things don’t go well that the girls have to come together as a team. “I like to do something funny or dumb to make everyone laugh and have a good time, if we play loose, we play better,” said Claire Palmiter (11). Coaching is more complicated than merely teaching physical skills. Successful teams have to learn how to win, and play together in all phases of the game. “I guess it’s the motivation of us wanting to win. You have to set your mind to wanting to be competitive and wanting to win. It’s not easy; we work hard to keep our teammates and ourselves competitive,” added Anna Huber (11).


#10 5’8” RS Amanda Neffendorf 10.04.11 Gresham vs. Barlow

#13 5’9” RS Katelyn Steiner

10.25.11 Gresham vs. Central Catholic

#15 5’9” MID. Morgan Schwab 10.04.11 Gresham vs. Barlow

3/9/2012 3:43:29 PM


18 | 19 I t ’ s [ V o l l e y b a l l ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Serve receive, Alex Frazier (10) Prepares to pass a ball (09.08.11); Defense, Jade Folsom (11) Digs the hit down the line to kick-start the offense (10.04.11); Back row attack, Haley Crouser (11) takes a big swing out of the left back (09.08.11). ALBUM

018-019_2-13833_000.indd 19

3/9/2012 3:43:32 PM

Organized chaos; Assembling the Motor housing for the three dimensional printer, Katie Davis (12) works with just a portion of the approximately 3500 pieces needed to assemble the project. (03.06.12)

When the standard curriculum does not provide what you want, develop your own.

“3 dimensional printing is the future, and Katie is using open source education to take Gresham there.”

-John Walker

Information Technology Teacher


The small talk that once took place discussing the athletic contest from the night before, has been replaced by the murmurs of students inquiring about the status of a student’s “crazy” independent study project taking place in room 509. At the onset of the school year Katie Davis (12) was unable to attain her full IB status due to required IB alternative courses not being offered for a variety of reasons. One alternative was to take the IB class outside of school. This solution was unacceptable after looking at the complexity of her current course load. Making the most of her seemingly frustrated situation, she reached out to her IT teacher and mentor, John Walker. A selfdriven and highly academically motivated student, Davis was encouraged by Walker to undertake an independent study project with the goal of building a three dimensional printer. Her love for technology and digital media would provide her with a framework for the journey that lies in front of her. “The process for myself has really been hands off. Katie has taken this project on her own. She has gone through the process of selecting, acquiring, and now building a 3D printer from a kit purchased through the Make Project,,” said Walker. “3D printing is the future, and Katie is using open source education to take Gresham there. The experience and opportunity gained through this project will strengthen her understanding of engineering, prototyping, imagineering, science, and art.” Throughout the process, numerous setbacks occurred, challenging Davis to problem solve solutions for daily issues including: missing and faulty pieces (waiting as long as two weeks to get them replaced), lacking the necessary tools, decoding the instruction manual, and overall just finding time to work during second semester when she didn’t have a class dedicated to the project. Even with the frustrations that have ensued, throughout the process of the experience, Davis maintains a positive attitude. “It has been difficult and a bit frustrating at times, but it’ll be worth it in the end,” concluded Davis. “When the printer is finally assembled the printer will bring students design ideas from Animation, Film, Graphic Design, and Modeling classes to life,” added Walker. Project Resources Available @

020-021_2-13833_000.indd 20

3/9/2012 6:43:27 PM

03.06.12 Katie Davis (12) installs the motor for the 3D printer. (RM 509)

20 | 21 I t ’ s [ i n d e p e n d e n t s t u d y ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Beyond Books

020-021_2-13833_000.indd 21

3/9/2012 6:43:29 PM

B o y s

a n d

G i r l s




By Kendra Hammons and Lilibeth Vasquez

This year’s soccer program DEALT WITH unfortunate “complications” unlike last year. With the inability to score the ball, the girls team struggled defending the Mt. Hood Conference champion title. Likewise, the boys team acquainted themselves to a new coach, and experienced difficulties of their own. With numerous injuries throughout the season, the girls soccer team was unable to play as well as they wanted to out on the field. “It sucks. Especially when you know you can do something that can really contribute to the team, but you can’t because of something you can’t control. There are so many things that you see out on the field that you could have done, or been better at doing than someone else and all you want to do is play,” commented Amber Peschka (10).

The boys team also dealt with significant changes this year, involving position changes, and changes within the coaching staff. Mikey Downey (10) stepped up as the new goal keeper for Connor Cox. “It’s pretty fun, but it’s really different. Everyone always says that I must be out of shape because I’m playing goalie, as well as being the kicker for the football team.” In regards to the new coach, Rex Moffitt, he is doing the best he can to run a team that he has never been in charge of before. As a first year Varsity coach, Rex Moffitt was honored as the Soccer Coach of the Year for the Mt. Hood Conference. “He has a lot of different and new strategies and routines. He changed the line up a little,

Irene Medina (10) (9.22.11) Gresham vs. Reynolds.

022-023_2-13833_000.indd 22

Melissa Smith Gresham vs. Grant. (11) (9.08.11)

which made it better in games. But it’s not too hard to get used to him because he coached the JV team last year,” added Tanner Hockley (12). Even though it wasn’t their best season, all team members got something good out of it. Players learned that no matter what their results are, they can count on each other and cherish the precious memories they had as a team. “My favorite memory was when we only lost 0-1 to Grant after losing 0-7 last year in our last playoff game,” Jessica Donnelly (12). This year was just a building block for next year; they lost players and gained players, but in the end, it was a learning experience for the future years to come.

(9.08.11) Gresham vs. Grant. Varsity Girls Soccer Team

3/9/2012 8:57:21 PM

22 | 23 It’s [ Soccer ] Complicated

TOP TO BOTTEM: (9.27.11) Gresham vs. Barlow. #5 Jessie Stone (11) (9.13.11) Gresham vs. Clackamas. #5 Mikey Downey (10), #20 Alfredo Hernandez (12) Gresham vs. Grant. #7 Jake Young (12) (9.27.11) Gresham vs. Barlow. #12 Justin Linn (9)

022-023_2-13833_000.indd 23

3/9/2012 8:57:24 PM


Inside perspective written By Catrina Kwong and Lia Valdez

The boys water polo team has a few things they would like to clear up with everyone: BOYS ALBUM

“It’s harder than it looks,” James Palmiter (10) claimed. This sport gets really intense and violent. Being mostly an underwater sport, it’s really hard to tell what’s going on, and a lot of things go unnoticed by the refs. Kicking, scratching, punching, pulling, grabbing, and drowning are all a part of the game. “We try to space out and drown people when the refs aren’t looking. As long as the refs aren’t looking, you can do anything you want,” confided Jake Sundquist (12). “[Water Polo] is not basketball in water!” said Jakob Palmquist (10). “It’s nothing like basketball,” agreed Logan Colson (10). There are goals. Goalies can’t use two hands, and can’t touch the bottom of the pool. The passing and scoring concepts are the same except they’re played differently. It’s really more like wrestling in the water, rather than basketball,” Sundquist explained. Water polo is an extremely physical sport that is exhausting. You have to be aware of everything that is going on, while also avoiding being drowned by the opponent. Despite being a crazy difficult sport, the guys really enjoy it. “It’s a fun sport that’s hands-on and a little violent, but strategic as well,” explained Duncan Parsons (9). “Water polo is the most interesting and intense sport I’ve ever played, and it puts my swimming skills to good use,” Garrison Cox (12) stated. The challenge of the sport is really one of the main reasons why members of the boys water polo team enjoy playing it.

TOP TO BOTTOM: (10.06.11). Gresham v. David Douglas. Lucas Liebertz (10), Goal Keeper Michael Finnigan (11) (09.15.11), Gresham vs. Reynolds. (10.04.11) Coach Sean Taylor explains what he wants to see the team do in the second period against Reynolds.

024-025_2-13833_000.indd 24

3/9/2012 3:26:30 PM

Adry Mendoza (09) Gresham vs. Parkrose. (09.15.11)

24 | 25


Jill Lauderback (11) Gresham vs. Parkrose. (09.15.11)

024-025_2-13833_000.indd 25

This year the girls water polo team had a new twist... One really small team. Usually with teams in the past, there have been two girls and two guys Water Polo teams, but not this year! Because of such few girls who wanted to join the team, the game got more difficult. “It is one of the hardest things to not have very many subs because it doesn’t take that long to get tired when you are constantly sprinting back and forth across the pool,” commented Sarah Triplett (12). Despite the struggle the team has experienced due to a limited amount of girls, there’s one good concept about a small team: no drama! “We bonded pretty quickly considering there are only 10 of us,” said Jill Lauderback (12). Usually, the teams have had a lot of drama, causing tension between the girls. Getting accustomed to being a small team was not the only change that the girls dealt with this year. In addition, they had to take on the new challenge of playing with the boys. “We have shared a couple games with the JV boys. It’s difficult in a way because they are definitely more aggressive than we are, but it’s a fun challenge, and we can keep up with them pretty well,” stated Heidi Pedersen (11). With the girls being a small team this year, they had the opportunity to became closer. “I think of my team as sisters. I love them all!” exclaimed Pederson

I t ’ s [ W a t e r p o l o ] C o m p l ic a t e d



3/9/2012 3:26:34 PM

Building a Program

by Providing Support and

Confidence By Lauren Laakso

With 270 members, Choir is one of the most popular activities Gresham offers. Only second to the Graphic Design program, Choir is the largest elective with five different classes: Treble Choir, Men’s Choir (GMC), Encore, Concert Choir and Overtones. The students involved treat the choir room like it’s their own. Even the choral director, Janine Kirstein’s, has an office with a homely touch. “I love it in there. It’s always so warm and inviting. I’ve even taken naps in there sometimes,” claimed Trent Pederson (11)! The people in choir are all influenced differently by the music they sing. “Choir has made me become an overall,

more confident and social person. I’ve met a lot of people and have had a ton of fun,” said Jasmine Thill (12). Another important aspect of choir is the closeness between members. “They have taught me a lot about who I am as a person and a musician. They’ve made me humble, but also have given me support and confidence,” revealed Taylor Johnson (12).as touched many lives. “Being in choir is a HUGE honor. It makes me very sad for the rest of the people in our school that don’t have this experience like we do. Before joining choir my freshman year, I never really had [much] confidence in my voice. Joining this program has really helped me improve my singing but also gain confidence in myself,” concluded Ify Onyima (12).

TOP TO BOTTOM: 10.26.11 FALL CONCERT SOLOIST, Justin Linn (9), Ashley Fray (9) Juan Fernandez (11) and Diana Alacron (12)


10.26.11 Fall Concert: TOP LEFT, Erin Chamberlain (12); ABOVE, Kaitlyn Walls (9)

TOP: 10.26.11 Fall Concert; Nicole Norton (12), Annie Nedelisky (12), Taylor Johnson (12) RIGHT: 10.26.11 Fall Concert;Maleko Arrango (9)

026-027_2-13833_000.indd 26

3/9/2012 9:11:55 PM

Accepting individuals


1 Band 1 Sound By Lauren Laakso

TOP TO BOTTOM: 12.12.11 WINTER CONCERT Drexel Grimes (11 - SAXOPHONE, Jacob Diaz (12) - SYMBOLS Dillon Moore (12) BASS; Jason Green (11) TENOR;


Every member of band is unique and because we play many different types of songs each of us is able to express themselves. Most members will say that blending their sounds and being somewhat the same as everyone else in band is a good thing. However, the ability to feel accepted for who you are is a comforting feeling. “When rehearsing and performing it is important to blend in as best we can,” explained Ellie Bohrer (12). While each individual’s goal is to create one sound from their section. Each member finds ways to express our selves, wether it’s in the instruments they play or the songs they perform.

026-027_2-13833_000.indd 27

It’s [ band | choir ] Complicated

“. . .the ability to feel accepted for who you are is a comforting feeling.”

26 | 27

A common interest and common goal goes a long way to help students develop new friendships and lasting memories. “Band is very different this year because Ms. Blanshan has brought a new and fresh appeal to the term ‘band’. It’s more fun and enthusiastic this year,” stated Ellie Wilson (10). Every year students must solve some of the same old problems. “For instance, many have a personal challenge of balancing [band] with other activities. “I’m struggling with practicing; I hardly have enough time for myself,” confessed Crystal Chau (11). Another issue facing band students is incorporating the new and inexperienced. “My greatest challenge this year was getting used to the younger students who were moved up,” confided Katelyn Steiner (12). “Though we all have our individual struggles each of us have a support team to adapt to the changes and continue on playing our music,” said Kaylee Barcroft (11). It doesn’t take long for new members to find their niche, as all high school students experience their trials and tribulations. Student’s ability to be their own person and associate themselves with others can be that lightning rod that gets them through these years.

3/9/2012 9:11:57 PM

Jon Kratz (12) as Captain Von Trapp and Shannon Bice as Gretl

Did You Know?

Nearly 100 children auditioned along side the high school students for “The Sound of Music.”


Under the leadership of theatre director Sarah Dempsey the theatre productions may seem like fun and games, but a lot of hard work goes into a production. In order to prepare for a performance everything has to be rehearsed over and over again until it is perfect. Even after everything has been practiced and seems ready, problems still find a way of coming up. “Your problems don’t fully go away until you

Nuns Cajsa Strommer (11), Nuns Erin Chamberlain (12) and Sarah Hull (11)

028-029_2-13833_000.indd 28

are done performing on the final performance,” said actress MacKenzie Wiechmann (10). Besides casting and rehearsing, there is a lot that goes into creating a successful production. The stage, scenery, props and costumes must be designed and crafted. Careful thought is put into lighting in addition to the sound. But, what really goes on prior to the final performance?

Ryan Leveque (11) as Daniel Truhitte and Annie Nedelisky (12) as Liesel

Wade Kimble (12)

3/9/2012 8:02:25 PM

You Have

no Idea


Theatre Director Sarah Dempsey chooses her staff. (Costume design and Stage craft)


Dempsey starts reading musicals.


Dempsey chooses the musical she wants to perform. (The Sound of Music) 28 | 29

Sept. 10

Auditions are held to choose the cast for The Sound of Music.

Sept. 12

Dempsey chooses her cast and calls them back. Annie Nedelisky (12) as Liesel Von Trapp and Shannon Bice as Gretl

Sept. 24

Stage crew begins building the set.

Oct. 31

Stage crew finishes the set.

Nov. 7

Costumes are fitted and completed.

Nov. 7, 8, 9

Dress rehearsals start, the actors are getting ready to perform.

Nov. 10

Everything is finally done. Now it is time to show off everyone’s hard work. Taylor Johnson (12) as Maria

Nov. 20

I t ’ s [ musical ] C omplicated

Sept. 14

The cast starts to learn their roles.

The last performance is completed and it’s time to celebrate.

Austin Joseph (11) as Hans Zeller

028-029_2-13833_000.indd 29

Kevin Miller (12) as Max Deweiler

Nicole Norton (12) as Baroness Elsa Schraeder

3/9/2012 8:02:29 PM


OBSTACLES “Like most challenges facing students today, you must prepare for your own obstacles.” ‑ Ms. Wolfer, Math Teacher Each subject creates different emotions in each of us. These emotions can be derived from our past and present experiences in the class. You might say Math is like a “Love,

Hate” relationship. It’s either extremely exciting and fun or it makes you want to bang your head against the wall. Recent budget cuts, increased graduation requirements, and a 50 plus percent failure rate amongst freshman Algebra students, have caused class sizes to increase immensely, from approximately 32-35 students have ballooned to over 44 students, stifling students in the already tight quarters of GHS. In addition to already large class numbers, the school district added several budget cut days into the math department’s equation. This put more pressure on teachers, motor through the prescribed content standards. “We all know that often the most valuable time we can get with a student is the few minutes of one-on-one time when they come for help outside of class, it is just not possible to get to each student during the course of a class period,” commented Alan Simpson. Teachers are doing the best they can to help their students, but these days a teachers best just isn’t good enough to meet the needs for every student. “It’s a lot harder to learn because there is little to none one-on-one time with your teacher,” commented Marissa Haide (11). While other students are embracing the new changes, “I like it, you can get away with more things in class,” Forrest Davis (11) added. Even with the issues that students currently faced in all of their classes, there are a number of different resources are available to assist students who are struggling. “We as teachers and students can only do what we can during the time we see one another in the classroom. Ultimately, it is the students responsibility to seek help outside class. Whether it be the Tutoring Center, Mathlab, Homework Club,online tutorials, family or friends. If a student is truly motivated to learn the material, there are support structures in place to see that they are successful,” stated Lori Cook, Algebra 1 teacher. With classes as large as they are, teachers like MaLynda Wolfer are going above and beyond of what they should be. “Like most students, we teachers are preparing for the challenges we face in mathematics, by evolving the curriculum we use to align it better to state requirements, familiarizing ourselves with new graduation requirements and seeking opportunities for students to familiarize themselves with state testing materials in math,” stated Wolfer.

LEFT TO RIGHT; Help, Chris Spitzengel (12) receives assistance to solve a problem (02.22.12.); Testing, Dalton Adams (11) (02.20.12.), Group work, Lauren Casto (11) and Caitlan Gibbs (11) (02.21.12)

030-031_2-13833_000.indd 30

3/9/2012 2:38:09 PM

“Teachers know that often the most valuable time we can get with a student is the few minutes of one-on-one time when they come for help outside of class, I AM ALWAYS THERE FOR THEM IF THE STUDENTS ARE WILLING TO ASK FOR HELP.”

‑ Alan Simpson

Math Teacher

30 | 31 I t ’ s [ M A t h ] C o m p l ica t e d

Stuck in the back; Students watch intently as Mr. Mark Jacobson delivers the review lesson in Algebra 2. (02.22.12)


030-031_2-13833_000.indd 31

3/9/2012 2:38:13 PM

Staying afloat 11.10.12 Gabrielle Cooley (9)

more complicated than it sounds

written By Ashley Cates-Erhart and Rachel Brokaw

The annual event boasted a variety of boat designs and materials used. With each year that passes the level expertise raises with the production of the boats. While not all boats make it across the pool, the viewing audience gets a kick out of the students who come up short. The most common material used for Gopher Boats this year was plastic bottles and cardboard, along with significant amounts of duct tape. Among the boats that stood out most was one with the entire outside of a box covered by a garbage bag, making it water tight. To top things off, this boat even had a windshield. The builders of the boat were so confident it wouldn’t sink that they chose not to wear bathing suits. To make a pool-ready boat, builders suggest using plastic, duct tape and creating a boat with equal weight distribution. They suggest staying away from cardboard, heavy wood, unequal bottles and odd shaped structures. Some contestants had balloons on their boat, which only seemed to get in the way, causing them to lose the race. Gopher Boats shouldn’t be too hard if you use your imagination and think outside the box. Boats that are unique seem to get much more attention from community members and judges, than designs they have seen in the past.

11.10.12 Taylor Sund (9)


11.10.12 Tahji Cutler (9)

032-033_2-13833_000.indd 32

3/9/2012 8:33:10 PM

Here today. . . But May be gone tomorrow

By Kendra Hammons and Lillibeth Vasquez

Double Nike Socks

Alex T


y (12) J


Linn (1


I t ’ s [ S t u d e n t L i f e ] C o m p lic a t e d

Yoga Pants

of hair or personality, but what is the whole point? “Everyone was doing it and I felt like being ‘in the crowd’, but I ended up hating them and ripping them out of my head.” stated an anonymous girl. As for older trends, they’re quickly coming back. Floral prints are one of the most common trends seen. Floral printed dresses, shirts, and scarfs can be dressed up or down, and can be worn with just about anything. Styles and trends come and go as time passes by, but they always seem to return in the later years. No matter who you are or what your fashion trend is it should reflect on your personality, comfort or style.

32 | 33

Styles come and go as the years pass by, but Gresham high school students have some pretty interesting ways of displaying their sense of fashion by the trends and styles they wear. What are some of these styles? Some of them include clothes, shoes and accessories while others involve hair and jewelry. Some have to do more with comfort while others have to do with style. Yoga pants are among a common trend for high school girls. There are various designs and brands that many girls wear, but why do they wear them? “They are so comfortable!” exclaimed Marilyn Hernandez (10). They’re not only comfortable, but they go great with boots, flats, or a pair of Nikes. Hair feather extensions are also typically seen roaming the halls. The different colored feathers can work with any type

Hair Feathers


sha Lu

cas (1


rd (11)

Danika Haza

032-033_2-13833_000.indd 33

3/9/2012 8:33:14 PM

Sadie WHO? With hundreds of high school dance cliches and traditions, the decision to try something differEnt can be a difficult one.

The winter formal tradition “Snoball” has always been a guy ask girl dance. Each dance is given a theme wHich controls the decor and style of the event itself. This year Gresham revitalized one of the most popular themes of the past, a formal Sadie Hawkins dance. Sadie Hawkins theme gave the girls an opportunity to take the initiative by inviting the guy of their choice as a date. Gresham hasn’t had a girls ask guy dance since 2009, but the students adopted this theme like it has always been apart of Gresham culture.


“I liked the girl ask guy because then I could ask who I wanted, instead of waiting for him to ask me,” said Keely Stevens (9).It was fun to try something new his year, and dance-

goers seemed happy with the change. “I really enjoyed the way things went, I didn’t have to worry about what I was gonna do or how I was gonna do it,” commented Tyler Jordan (11). Many of the people who participated in the “girls ask guys” theme said they were more than willing to try it once again. Snoball delighted many of Gresham’s students and left lasting memories for everyone as well as bringing back a tradition from the past.

Emma Bird (12) Trevor Dietz (12)

Stephen Madrosen (11) and date

Laura Phillips (12) Hannah Phillips (12)

034-035_1-23456_000.indd 34

5/1/2012 10:52:23 AM

“I LIKED THE GIRLS ASK GUYS BECAUSE THEN I COULD ASK WHO I WANTED, INSTEAD OF WAITING FOR HIM TO ASK ME.” —Keely Stevens (9) “How You Do’n”, Ethan Hamilton (11) stands tall as he dances amongst his friends (12.02.11)

Hayley Lawer (10) to Brett Olson (11]):

I made him a cupcake with a letter inside asking him to snoball, but Brett ate the letter! We laughed about it and he said yes!

Lindsey Frilot (12) to Aric Scholer (12) I filled his living room up with 75 balloons and I had a tie and a snow globe in a box. And inside the snow globe it said “snoball?” And had a picture of us!

I t ’ s [ S n o b a l l ] C o m p l ic a t e d

sometimes you just have to do it your self.

34 | 35

GIRLS GET IT DONE When you want it done right,

Jessie Stone (11) to Devin Hardgrove (10): After the day of announcements, Devin Hardgrove was at basketball and I took glow sticks and lined his porch and steps. Took a ton of army men and lined them up. And then on his porch there was a sign and candy. The sign said ‘not even an Army could stop me from asking you to snoball’

Olivia Sheehan (10) to Devin Corniel-Tapec (10) I gave him a Christmas ornament with a picture of us inside (it was a picture ornament) lol and on the ornament I wrote “Liv and Dev Snoball 2011” I put it in a cute bag with a balloon attached to it and put it on his doorstep. I chose to do the ornament because he can keep it forever!

Madison Miller (09) to Nathan Erickson (10) I went to his house when he was at work, and put Hershey kisses all over his floor that led to a sign saying “Now that I’ve kissed the ground you walk on...snoball? Savanah DeCourcey (12) Owen Murray (12)

034-035_1-23456_000.indd 35

5/1/2012 10:52:28 AM

“The movement has been diverted, to some degree, by hangers-oners and johnny-come-latelies who do not understand the issues or the purpose of the movement.”



- Brian Currier

Social Studies Teacher

not occupy

Written By: Ashley Cates-Erhart and Rachel Brokaw

STUDENTS VOICE CONCERNS WITH OCCUPY MOVEMENT Occupy Portland is affecting the lives of most ‘Portlanders’, but most don’t think about how it affects high school students. Some students who lives are affected are those whose parents are police officers who have had to handle the protesters. “My dad is a Portland Police officer, and he had to be out there to make sure the occupy Portland people did not get out of hand,” stated Mackenzie Wiechmann (10). Another students parent, who is also a Police Officer, responded to the Occupy movement by saying that his dad is a Portland Police officer and he has been down to the Occupy camps twice to break up a fight between some protesters who got in a disagreement. The majority of Gresham students have felt that their lives were not impacted by the Occupy Portland protest; many just didn’t care about the protest while some thought it was

036-037_2-13833_000.indd 36

a waste of time and money for the state. “It is ridiculous that the state had to pay $86,000 just to clean up the mess that people made,” stated MacKenzie Hogue (9). They aren’t even protesting for a cause anymore, they just want the attention.” Some felt the cause had been hijacked by the homeless. “A lot of the people in [the] Occupy Portland [encampment] are homeless and are sick of living under a bridge, so they act like they care about the cause so they have somewhere else to live,” Sarah Cummins( 10) commented. Some students felt that some people were participating for personal gain. “People just want to be seen on the news so they can tell their buddies that they were on TV,” voiced Robert Brokaw (10). Some teachers have been watching the Occupy movement and had some thoughts to add.

“The movement has been diverted, to some degree, by hangers-on and johnny-comelatelys who do not understand the issues or the purpose of the movement,” commented Social Studies teacher, Brian Currier. Although Occupy Portland has problems, it also has a good side to it. The Occupy Wall Street is a part of history, it is a world wide protest. Just in the US alone over 69 cities are participating in the Occupy movement. The United States isn’t the only country participating in the movement there are also five other countries. Occupy Portland is neither a good thing nor a bad thing, it will always have its ups and downs but will remain a part of history.

3/9/2012 2:56:02 PM





It’s [ occupy portland ] Complicated

036-037_2-13833_000.indd 37

3/9/2012 2:56:04 PM

2,3 Hugh 1,2,3 Hugh 1,2,3 Hugh 1,2,3 Hugh Hugh

Hugh 1,2,3 Hugh 1,2,3 1,2,3 Hugh

1,2,3 Hugh


1,2,3 Hugh

Athletes share their thoughts about their time spent staring at the lane lines beneath them.

Nicole Kemp (10)

“I’m almost done..... Just keep going!” Sophomore, Ryan Olsen tells himself as he is finishing up his last few laps.

“The swimmers have a great relationship between each other. I have been seeing much improvement in them,” Coach Sean Taylor mentions. “My swimmers have competed well and they won most of our meets” What goes through a swimmers mind as they stare into the bottom of the pool swimming from one side to the other. “Ya know, I really don’t know what I think about as I’m swimming,” stated Dalton Boyles (11). “During a race I shut off my mind as much as I can! I stop thinking about the pain and techniques because it’s too late to turn back. If I talk to myself, I over think it, I say I’m ready for this one, and then shut my brain,” revealed Nicole Kemp (10). “When I finish a race I’m too tired to even realize what’s going on, so I congratulate my competitors and leave the pool and just breath,” continued Kemp. “I entertain myself by listening to music. The pool has sound system and I like to listen to music with my teammates. I also like racing other swimmers to keep me going,” shared Ryan Jacobs (11). “ I also count my strokes, which helps me a lot, I also try to finish as fast as possible,” said Andrew Gillen (11). “Sometimes, practice can be really hard, but that is what makes me better at swimming in races and winning,” said Sina Lustig (12)

1, Team begins practices with a 1000 meter warming up swim. 11.29.12 (Gresham HS Pool)

038-039_2-13833_000.indd 38

3/9/2012 6:33:36 PM


38 | 39 I t ’ s [ S w i m m i n g ] C o m p l ic a t e d

way down (9) kicks his Jeremy Linch ting blocks, Nicole ps -u m War ar ing for the 1.29.11), st the pool. (1 lds on to the blocks wait go! Erik t, Kemp (10) Ho (01,12.12) Ready, se e pool for the , th horn to blow 2) sets himself to enter to the race, (1 Magistrado IN one last dive up prior night Sean or relay; DIVINGs (11) (01.12.12) seni l Rafalski nie Katrina Owen of the contributions Da t four years. ks las ea his sp ram og Taylor pr im sw the (12) made to (02.01.12)

3 , h g 2 h u , H 1 g u 3 , 2 H , 1 3 , 2 h , 3 , 1 g 2 u , 1 H 3 h , h g g 2 u h u , H H 1 g 3 u , 3 , 2 , 2 H , 1 1 h g h u 3 H g , 2 1,2,,23,H3uHHgu1,hu2g,31g,h21H,h,u231g,,3H2hu,H13gu,hHg21uh1,g,231h32,,H321,Hu,32,gH,33hHuHHguuhgughhghh 1,2 1 11,2,3 1u,g2h1, ,g12h,2,3,3 Hug 1,2,31,21H,,23,3HuH1u,g2h,31,2H,,u23g,3HhuHguhgh 1

038-039_2-13833_000.indd 39

3/9/2012 6:33:38 PM

ALBUM TOP LEFT: 02.16.12 Gurme Gurme (12) helps Micah Charlston (11) show off his break dancing talent . TOP RIGHT: Grant Warner (12) showing off his dance moves for the swim suit portion. MIDDLE RIGHT: Jake Sunquist (12), Owen Murray (12) and Jacob Diaz (12) display their killer dance skills while lip syncing to a mash-up of songs. BOTTOM LEFT: Grant Warner (12), Jake Sundquist (12), Aric Scholer (12), Eduardo Ortiz (12), and Micah Charlston (11) dance to their opening number of “Sexy and I know it” LOWER RIGHT: Eduardo Ortiz (12), Celena Nafarrate (12) and Quinn Santangelo (11) laughs as he is asked his fish bowl question.

040-041_2-138336_000.indd 40

3/9/2012 8:27:26 PM

ASB Officers and

40 | 41

contestants Jake Sundquist (12), Eduardo Ortiz (12), Aric Scholer (12), Micah Charleston (11) and Grant Warner (12) all competed for the crown in this years Mr. Gresham pageant.


Written by: Nicole Kobayashi and Lauren Laasko

Eight weeks prior to the contest, ASB officers (Associated Student Body) started the planning for what would be another much anticipated tradition here amongst the student body. The contestants on the other hand were a different story. The contestants entertained the audience in another thrilling night of laughs and unforgettable moments. What felt like quite the undertaking by the ASB officers was showcased by a group of guys who love to have fun and put in just enough time to make sure they didn’t forget what to do on stage. “I personally think we should have worked on our performances a lot more than we did...It wasn’t the most ideal way to rehearse, but I think that we still put on a pretty good show considering the practice times that we had,” commented Micah Charleston (11), the youngest contestant. With each year that passes the contestants have found that it is harder and harder to be original. Eduardo Ortiz (12) felt that coming up with new and fresh ways of entertaining the audience was very difficult.“The brainstorming took longer than the actual setup, coming up with ideas was hard,” said Ortiz. A requirement to being involved with the pageant each committee member and contestant is required to attend three rehearsals and a full dress rehearsal prior to the night of the contest. With the laid back attitudes of contestants row this

040-041_2-138336_000.indd 41

year, even with the seemingly redundant rehearsals the work was never tedious. “It was really fun working with all my buds. Sometimes it would get hard to get everyone on the same page though,” confessed Aric Scholer (12). The objective scoring challenge was bestowed on three qualified judges; George Palmiter (last years Mr. Gresham winner), Jennifer Wilson (Rhythmettes Coach), and Miss Oregon, Caroline McGowan had a front row seat to the show, but were tasked with the challenge of crowning a winner. Not unexpected, Grant Warner, being his normal flirty self, asked for Miss Oregon’s number. Jake Sundquist, showed off his amazing guitar skills with his band, and Aric Scholer treated the audience to a dance off between himself and our very own TJ Roebuck(12). All of which were definite highlights of the night. As the night came to a close, the judges had picked two finalists: Micah Charlston and Aric Scholer, with Scholer taking the crown. “Winning felt awesome. I’m just glad that the true winner was recognized. I mean, . . . I was born to be the Mr. of all of Gresham.” Aric Scholer said laughing.

I t ’ s [ M r . G res h am ] C omp l icate d

put on a show

3/9/2012 8:27:32 PM

“Mini-Coach” Senior team member leads from the corner. After 13 years of wrestling, a season ending surgery put a hold on a wrestlers hopes for a well deserved senior season. Little did he realize that his positive influence would have as an inspirational coach leading his peers from the mat side. After suffering a disappointing Junior season ending due to health problem, Taylor mental toughness would be tested once again as he found that he was going to have to received surgery on his knee prior to the 11-12 season for a pre-existing medical issue, once again sidelining him for the duration of his senor season. Understanding that his own successes would not be on the mat this year. Myers focused his attention on his teammates, doing all he could to help them achieve their goals for the year. “Taylor Myers has been the most influential person on the team by far; even though he can’t wrestle, he provides morale support, and kicks us in the butt when we need to step it up,” commented Lane Stickell (12) Myers willingly shows up to all practices, duels and tournaments, showing his support for the team and his passion for wrestling. The coaches gave him the title of a “Mini-Coach” for the season due to his devotion to the team. “He has become an influential coach to our entire team on off the mat,” added Kyle Ackerman (12).

SQUEEZE; Head Coach Zac Enoch, and Assistant Coach John Constien, coach up Justin Anderson (11) from the corner. (02.21.12) Cradled; Justin Anderson (11) Holds his David Douglas opponent in a cradle for near fall points. (02.21.12)

042-043_1-23456_000.indd 42

3/9/2012 5:50:56 PM

42 | 43 I t ’ s [ W r e s t l i n g ] C o m p l ic a t e d



In control; David Nelson (11) Bars up his opponent on his way to a fall. (12.04.11) He’s in trouble; Kyle Ackerman (12) get the pin from the official. (12.04.11) Here comes a crossface; Brady Dooley punishes his opponent. (12.07.11)

042-043_1-23456_000.indd 43

3/9/2012 5:51:00 PM

The Team’s final pose Kelsea Dahl [12] points to her teammates with a huge smile, proud of their performance.

execution wins... always written BY: SOFIYA POPOVA

What is the team missing? What is keeping them from that first place title that they have been SO close to for the last 4 years? The answer is simple and yet very complicated. EXECUTION.

At a competition, the teams get scored by a panel of judges based on three categories: content, overall effect and execution. There is ONE rule that every dance team in the state knows... “execution always wins”. As harsh as it may sound, no matter how difficult the routine is, no matter how much you cry on the dance floor, and no matter how beautiful the costumes are - if the routine isn’t immaculately clean, then you will never get that first place trophy. What makes winning even more complicated is that every score is subjective. It’s not the amount of baskets you shoot or touchdowns you score, there is no

044-045_2-13833_000.indd 44

set amount of points for a triple turn or split leap. At the end of the day, you don’t know who won, until the judges announce the scores. YOU may think you danced perfectly, but it all comes down to what each individual judge thought. This rule stands strong with this year’s competition as well, if not even stronger. There are fifteen teams in the 6A Small division this year, and only five trophies to be won. The difference between fifth and first place will be the angle of a head or the point of a toe. With their undefeated Fall season under their belts, will the Rhythmettes have what it takes to bring home that first place banner? Or will they be lucky enough to even get a trophy?

Team Captains: L2R - Anastasia Popova (11); Kelsey Dahl (12); Sofiya Popova (12); Monica Kemp (12)

5/1/2012 2:28:30 PM



opening their show, Kelsea Dahl (12), Alyssa Maslen (9), Makenna Moore (9), Alyssa Dodd (11) lift Captain Anastasia Popova (11) high into the air.

044-045_2-13833_000.indd 45

I t ’ s [ R h y t h m e t t e s ] C o m p l ic a t e d

The girls gave it their all, left everything on that dance floor. Every single girl walked off with absolutely no regrets. Unfortunately the judges didn’t think that was enough. Every team was tenths of a point away from the team ahead of them. Three out of the four judges placed the Rhythmettes into the top with scores in the 80’s and 90’s, but one gave scores that dropped them to the bottom and cost them a trophy. Even so, there were no tears from the girls, they knew that the performance was amazing, and they could not have done any better. They walked away with eighth place, and they were proud of it. They all knew that they did their best. And when it comes down to it, that’s what truly matters.

44 | 45

A Difficult end to a successful season

5/1/2012 2:28:30 PM

Why Not? Written By: Morriah GIfford and Kerri Ann Peetz

The use of technology is now embedded in all areas of our life, But the use of personal electronics in the classroom is still a cause for concern. One thousand, one hundred, and eighty-three. That is how many cell phones social studies teacher, Mr. Linblad, has confiscated in the past ten years. He keeps a running tally on the chalk board in his class room and now has zero tolerance for them in his class. Having a cell phone confiscated is a common dilemma on a daily basis. it is not a secret that technology has changed dramatically over the past few years, but has it gotten to the point where students can’t go as much as a school day without it? Everywhere you look you see cell phones, iPods, laptops, and games whatever it may be... it’s everywhere! Yet school rules state that phones may not be used during instructional hours, whether your “going to the bathroom” or a class room. “We think its annoying, but understandable because teachers don’t know what were doing.” Reasoned Andrea Monteblanco (10). However, Rigo Delacerda (12) and Max Tevs (10) argued that “They (phones) should be allowed, as long as the students don’t abuse the privilege.” Even so, its not likely students will be allowed to use them soon. “Cell phones are a very helpful technology, enhancing our ability to communicate. But like any tool, if not used correctly, cell phones can quickly hinder our communication.” Says Aaron Ingogolia, woods teacher. “if all people would turn off their phones at the right time, this tool would be nothing but help! Unfortunately, many adolescents abuse their tools.” Students complain of needing their phones for time, research, and calculators when in reality almost every class has a working clock, text books, and there is a library with computers. Still students complain of teachers only seeing cell phones as a disruption to learning. Nick Aicher (12) tells a different story. “My global teacher allowed us to use our phones for a poster we were making to research things, and the teacher walked past and saw several students texting instead. It only took one class period to have that privilege revoked.” There is no doubt technology will grow more and be even more important in our lives. And with that growth the schools will either grow increasingly more strict with their policies, or begin support the use of the new technologies that will be available. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

046-047_2-13833_000.indd 46

3/9/2012 9:57:47 PM

“My global teacher allowed us to use our phones for a poster we were making to research things, and the teacher walked past and saw several students texting instead. It only took one class period to have that privilege revoked.”

- Nick Aicher (12)

46 | 47 I t ’ s [ S t u d e n t L i f e ] C o m p lic a t e d

046-047_2-13833_000.indd 47

3/9/2012 9:57:50 PM

The last


Out-shines Season

Written By: Belicia Castellano and Nicole Kobayashi

“25 years from now, this will be the basketball game that I will remember most.” - Preston Korst (12). After leading for most of the second half, Gresham trailed 40-44. With 1:34 left on the clock, De’Vauntae Hoffman (11) hit a contested three pointer in the corner in front of the Barlow fans to trim the lead to one. As the clock ticked down to 30, Spencer Kelly (12) committed a quick foul to send the Bruins to the line. Converting one of two free throws, Barlow extended their lead 45-43. With momentum and the crowd on their side, the gophers quickly moved the ball up the court. Braking down the defense, Kelly got to the rim to convert a reverse lay-up to tie the game. Barlow inbounded the ball and begun bringing it up the court. Playing tough defense, Hoffman poked the ball out of a Barlow player’s hand, tipping it to Joey Constien (12). With the game on the line, Constien took the ball to the basket. Barlow closed quickly fouling him to deny the score but sending him to the line to decide the game. “While the loudest high-school crowd I have ever heard was screaming and trying to knock Joey’s concentration, he sunk both free-throws,” shared Trevor Dietz (12). Following the two made free throws, Barlow was left with just 4 seconds remaining to tie or win the game with a 3 point shot. After the in bounds pass the Bruins missed a desperation 30 footer at the buzzer. As the Buins walked off the court in disbelief, the Gophers rushed the court in hysteria celebrating their victory, . This win marked the first time in five years that the Gophers have beaten the Bruins. “I was happy for the kids, because we struggled all season long, and because of the fact that we had lost our last 8 games, it was nice to find some success against Barlow; they truly deserved it,” stated head coach Mike Melton. “This win was a dream come true. Beating Barlow on their court, and in the fashion that we did it, is something you joke around about at practice. This was one of the happiest moments of my life and I will never forget it. I could never have done it alone, and wouldn’t want to do it with any other teammates than mine. Our team pushed down the wall that was standing in our way. That game not only made our team better, but made us a family,” concluded Constien.

048-049_2-13833_000.indd 48

3/9/2012 7:18:05 PM





48 | 49 I t ’ s [ B a s k e t b a l l ] C o m p l ic a t e d

#13 Pearly Walton (11) Takes the ball to the basket late in the game vs. Barlow. (02.21.12) Team comes to the sideline after Barlow calls a time-out to slow down the momentum of the Gophers. (02.21.12) Abby Bryant (11) with the follow through from the right baseline over the opposing Bruin defender. (02.21.12)

Determined in Regulation

After a TRIPLE OVERTIME loss at Barlow the Written By: Lauren laasko lady Gophs settled the score in regulation “We took them into triple overtime the first time we played them earlier on in the season and we knew we were going to win this time,” added Pearly Walton (11). Both teams were ready for round two, Barlow hoping to stay on top, while Gresham was ready to redeem themselves. The crowd was rilled up and ready for a great game. “The whole game was so intense and the crowd definitely helped pump us up,” said Quinn Santangelo (11). The score was close the whole first half with the lead quickly switching back and forth. The second half was where the magic happened, “We went to the next half of the game with a lot of fight and ready to win,” beamed Hailee Trapold (11).

048-049_2-13833_000.indd 49

The defining moment was different for each player but for Walton, “The defining moment had to be when there was seven seconds left on the clock and Barlow’s only option was to foul and we got to shoot free throws so I knew we were going to win.” When the buzzer rang at the end of fourth quarter, the score board shined the final score, 41 to 39 with Gophers in the lead. “Beating Barlow meant everything to me. We have had a rough couple of seasons and haven’t beat Barlow for the past 3 years until now. Also by having the fans there, it allowed us to show our school that we are a new and improved team,” concluded Trapold.

3/9/2012 7:18:08 PM


to the unknown

Written by: Kendra Hammons & Lillibeth Vasquez

Overcoming large class sizes teachers work hard to ensure a positive learning experience for their students to uncover the mystery of science. Science classes range from Botany, the scientific study of plants; to Physics, the science of matter and energy and their interactions. In every science class, you have many different kinds of experiments; some have been known to get a little stinky, stinking up the whole west side of the school. Despite the stinky experiments, what do students think about science? When polled, students had many opinions about science classes. “For me personally it can be fun when we do labs, but doing all the math that comes with science... can be difficult,” explained Dominik Riskin (10). “It can be fun at times if the labs and experiments are fun” said Irene Medina (10) When you hear the word science, you might think it could be boring, but students had other experiences. “Making delicious peanut brittle has probably been the best experiment this year in my chemistry class,” stated Aliyah Valdez (10). By making the learning fun students are more likely to understand the concepts. “The [fun] experiments are much easier and more entertaining to do,” said Catrina Kwong.” Teachers’ feelings about their students and their experience in teaching science is very important. “I like seeing kids solve problems and use data to defend their ideas,” said science department chair Kathy Childress with excitement. When asked about what he liked about teaching science, chemistry teacher Cyrus Harshfield stated “I like] everything, the subject matter, the labs, the variety of topics, the kids, the grade level, the smells, the sounds, the mystery.” Just like with science experiments things can change unpredictably. When asked if here is a difference between this year’s science classes and last year’s, Kathy Childress said, “Class size! I am averaging 39, and it used to be 29.” Harshfield adds, “This makes lectures and labs difficult. There is limited space to move students, so talking is an issue which affects students learning. Students have to make more of an effort on their own, if they choose to not listen it is difficult for me to help them.” Teachers agree that they will work hard despite the problems and continue to do the stinky and fun experiments. Meanwhile when approaching the west side of the school always be prepared because you never know what you’ll hear, smell or see.

The Calorimeter lab. Alina Zavalina (9) Measures energy in calories by using fire to heat water in a can then measuring the amount of energy used. (03.04.12)

050-051_2-13833_000.indd 50

3/9/2012 9:52:48 PM



50 | 51

Air Pressure lab, Jacob Labato (9) inputs data into the computer to chart his results. (02.14.12) The Calorimeter lab, Gregonta Brown (10) Measuring energy in calories using fire to heat water in a can then measuring the energy used. (03.05.12)

Alkaseltzer+h20 lab, Garreick Heine (9) Students measure the amount of time it takes for a closed film canister filled with water and Alkaseltzer to explode. (03.04.12)

050-051_2-13833_000.indd 51

It’s [ Science ] Complicated

Dissection Lab, Haley Schaeffer (11) and Felisha Knori (11) discover the anatomy of a squid. (01.11.11)

3/9/2012 9:52:58 PM

“Making a GOOD poster is a lot harder than it looks...� Kyle Stevens (12)


052-053_2-13833_000.indd 50

Laura Phili[ps and Kyle Akerman hang a few informative posters for the annual Talent Show. (01.13.12) Charmaine Tano (12) and Claire Palmiter(11) peer over the monitor to finish a few last minute details before the night of Prom finally arrives (04.11.12) Nicole Kobayashi (12) Smiles in reaction to the student conversations during class. (04.14.12) Kellie Tripp (12), Eduardo Ortiz (12), Kyle Ackerman (12), Cassie Fellows (12), and Laura Phillips (12) hosting this years Talent Show (03.08.12)

5/1/2012 1:17:24 PM

an outsiders

Perspective Signs. Signs. Signs.


“Student council is just an excuse to get together, hang out, and color on some signs.”

Quinn Santangelo (11)

Quinn Santangelo (11) speaks to the students at the Homecoming Assembly. (10.14.11) Freshmen, Olivia Raines, Olivia Loftin, and Alyssa Maslen discuss what they think would look best to place in the Freshman corner during Homecoming week. (10.13.11)

052-053_2-13833_000.indd 53

I t ’ s [ S t u d e n t G o v e r n m e n t ] C o m p l ic a t e d

52 | 53

“We truly do everything that goes on. We give money to other clubs and support our sports teams along with other events. We bring the fun,”

It is unfortunate that these thoughts are said aloud by a large population of the student body in our school. “I, myself, spent a large amount of time tearing apart student council. I took for granted all the events put on by leadership and never accredited student council for anything. To me, student council was just a bunch of kids who sat around and did nothing, but now I can see from their perspective and see how the tables have turned,” remarked Senior Class President, Laura Phillips (12). Before the next school year even began, student council was immersed into endless plans for homecoming, floats, parades, dances, and skits. “We don’t think anyone has any idea how difficult a leadership position is. It is solely our responsibility that an event works out,” added Mikey Downey (10). A float doesn’t just appear overnight; there are multiple late night trips to the store, never-ending checklists, a wide range of job responsibilities, and above all: getting participation from the student body. Leadership spends hours upon hours outside of class coming up with ideas for the student body. Nothing we ever do is for ourselves, every event, every dance, assembly, and show is for our fellow student body who elected us to be their leaders.” Your words hurt. It is unbelievably difficult to spend so many days and hours of your life putting forth all your ideas and effort to make an event fun; when students around you only notice the negative things. Instead of a simple compliment, people find it easier to tear down student council. If the DJ plays a bad song at Snoball, all of a sudden the world is ending and it is all our fault. Students may think that the Student Council room is just a hang out room, but it is not. There has never been a dull moment. Even after a huge event like Mr. Gresham is over, we don’t have time to sit back and relax. We debrief an event and get straight to work on the next big thing.

5/2/2012 1:44:23 PM


will affect those who were never at the table By Harrison Braaksma

The teaching profession is not easy, and our teachers have had only a larger challenge teaching with these distracting negotiations. Thank you to every teacher who reads this. You don’t hear those words enough. It is time to end these negotiations and avoid a strike. The teachers union and school district cannot agree on eight items. Some of these items are money issues, which directly affect the district’s budget. Some of these items are language issues, which do not directly affect the budget. I realize that the district must meet certain deadlines in order to prepare for the next school year. Some of these deadlines include the budget process that starts in the next couple of months. With that said, I understand the district’s desire to have certainty regarding its projected balances. For that reason, I would like to see the Gresham-Barlow Education Association concede on some of the issues that affect the district’s bottom line. I know these are tough times for everyone, but I think this is necessary. On the other hand, a few items that cannot be agreed upon have no impact on the district’s budget. Take switching to a seven-period day, for example. Fixing the high school schedule will not, like we all once thought, have a budget impact. If it is not a money When it comes to instruction hours, the district should issue, it should be left to change another eliminate monthly late starts in the high schools. Many high time. After all, our district has gone all schools in our area use the block schedule. The district could this time without teacher collaboration do some collaboration of its own and find out how those distime every Wednesday. I believe the districts maximize instructional time with the block schedule. trict can survive without it. There’s simply I know many students who wanted to pursue a career in no valid reason to have staff collaboration education. Now, they are completely turned off at the thought between the different teaching levels. of teaching because of the events that have transpired these

Above: Local News capturing the atmosphere of the rally. Left: Antony Voroboyv interviews a union leader from Reynolds Elementary school following the rally.

054-055_2-13833_000.indd 54

past few months between the association and the district. The school district needs to look at what lesson they are teaching to the students it serves. This is not how you achieve compromise. I’m not putting all of the responsibility solely on the district, though. If teachers end up striking, it won’t be their fault, either. It would be the fault of everyone on both sides of the table. Nevertheless, the only people who will truly suffer are those who weren’t at the table at all – the students of this district. Regardless of the outcome, I, along with the students I represent, stand strongly behind our teachers. Community members, you can lend your voice to help students. We do not want to see a strike. No learning will be achieved during a strike, further reducing the amount of real instruction time we receive for this school year. Contact the board and express the views of all students: Avoid a strike, no matter what it takes. On another note, I would like to address those readers who have consistently bashed teachers (mostly online) as “greedy whiners” or something to that effect. I personally invite you to e-mail me, and we can arrange a tour of my school. I’ll show you just how wrong you are.

North Gresham elementary teacher Mrs. Thorne, proclaims her passion for the work the bargaining team has fought for over the past 40 years.


ASB President, Harrison Braaksma (12) of Barlow HS, was published in the east county newspaper, the Outlook, for his thoughts on how the “strike” will affect the students of the Gresham Barlow S.D..

5/1/2012 1:20:21 PM

KATU 2 Parent Video

KATU 2 strike plan Video

KOIN 6 tentative dEAL Video

kgw 8 tentative dEAL Video

54 | 55 It’s [ Teacher contract

- Brad Phearson (12)

“I think it could hurt the seniors because we are all hearing so many rumors on what is going to happen for us seniors, we need a solid answer on what this means for the seniors this year!” - Brandy Velasquez(12) “I feel like the teachers should just hold out, school’s almost over! The strike will affect us students because substitutes will have to teach us, and we all know how class goes when there’s a sub. pointless!” - Lauryn Hartung (12)

054-055_2-13833_000.indd 55

] Complicated

“It is very disappointing that it’s come down to this and how our schools are falling apart.”

“I think the teachers have valid reasons to go on strike. They aren’t getting the benefits they all deserve for the amount of extra work they put in for their students. The district should stop making so many cuts. The teachers have already agreed to have their pay cut and work more hours. The district is not being fair. I think if this is what the teachers need to do to get the point across, then by all means they have my support.” - Gabby Conner (10) “I think it would be really nice to have that many days off school. However being in full IB and being a softball player it will affect me a lot. If they go on strike for a great amount of time we will be given a coach that is not our normal one which will definitely affect how we play because most likely it will be someone we don’t know or trust as well as the coaches we have now. As for IB a lot of things are due towards the end of the year as well as the IB test and the strike will make things more stressful.” - Danielle Clifford(11)

Students attend the event. Teddy Alverson , Timmy Lucas, and Erik Magistrado attend the rally in support of their teachers. (03.20.12)

Photo album

5/1/2012 1:20:26 PM

It’s a game

within a game by nicole kobayashi and belicia castellano

Signals play a significant role in the game of baseball. A movement of a hand, touch of a hat or slide of an arm indicates to players which move to make; whether it be a steal, or to take a pitch. Baseball is a game with many maneuvers and strategies dictated through “signs” which are sometimes intricate and complex, while at other times quite simple. “We use signals so we can relay information with each other without letting other teams know what we are trying to say. It’s like our own sign language; a secret foreign language just for us to understand,” revealed Clay Mott (12). A good sign system will include “indicators” that alert the players that a “live” sign may be on its way, “wipe-offs” that negate every live sign that has been flashed to that point, “activators” that tell the player to proceed with the designated play (a green light) and “decoys” which are meaningless signs, at least in the context of the sequence that they appear.

056-057_1-23456_000.indd 56

Clay Mott (12)

“Signs are a part of the game. You gradually learn them as you get older, and you’re able to hold on to more. You are expected to know them. There is no playbook like there is in football,” voiced Devon Sheilds (10). Signs dictate how the game is played; the players watch their coaches give signs but they also watch their opponents coaches, to figure out their system. “We have signs for every play. Whether it be from catcher to pitcher, coach to player, or even player to player, there is a designated signal for what is happening at all times,” mentioned Brandon Fast (12). When in the dugout, the players and coaching staff are constantly watching their opponents for a breakthrough in their sign system. “It’s all part of the game, we watch them throughout the innings. We try and figure them out by checking their (the opponent) consistencies of signs, and the order that they are given,” answered Kadyn Nannini (12). Through the complications of trying to decipher opponents signs, or even just memorizing them yourself, baseball has been proven to be a complex sport. Overall, these boys have proven themselves to come out with a successful season from the success of winning their game within a game.

5/1/2012 1:24:02 PM

56 | 57 I t ’ s [ b a s e b a l l ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Dominate: Cody Janway (10), L2R: Brandon Fast (12), John Lilly (12), Mason McCoy (10), Travis Blanchard (12)


056-057_1-23456_000.indd 57

5/1/2012 1:24:06 PM




D ecreasi n g B u dge t s


Written by : Cason Xerxes

I n creasi n g Ta l e n t

Driven to make a future out of his talent, Building imagination and creativity, students strive to Daniel Rafalski (12) expresses his artistic ability make their art strong. Gresham offers a variety of art classes, in his drawings and paintings. In his last year of from sculpture and ceramics, drawing, all the way to IB art. high school Rafalski has made a name for himself, However with this years budget cuts, funding for supplies just by drawing. and teachers for every class has been cut dramatically. After high school Rafalski plans on either atIn sculpture and ceramics, when students create projtending Mount Hood Community College, and then ects such as the Oribe dishes they now have a limit to art school, or traveling for a very long time. the quantity of material used. Oribe dishes is a project Rafalski is extremely motivated when he enjoys that involves making Korean inspired dishes with what he is doing. Rafalski’s art is a mixture of differclay. In the past students could make as many as they ent styles. Emily Pratt, his drawing teacher, said that wanted around the Holiday season, and now they are Rafalski’s style is “romantic illustration, and dreamy limited to one or two clay dishes. realism, and he runs a sense of humor through his art.” Drawing classes are having the same problems. Rafalski’s art is “photo realistic …he pays so much attenSupplies used such as colored pencils and oil pastion to detail,” says Pratt. “Daniel is very committed to the tels have been used for many years, and have been arts. He is confident, but not boastful,” she added. Rafalski treated badly and are just poor quality. has a huge amount of talent, and a bright future ahead of Budget cuts haven’t just effected the stuhim, watch and see where he goes. dents, but the teachers as well. Art teacher Emily Pratt who used to be a full-time teacher, has been reduced to part-time.


FINE ART COLLECTION: Daniel Rafalski (12)

058-059_2-13833_000.indd 58

3/9/2012 7:05:18 PM

58 | 59


Written By Cason Xerxes

automotive coUrses provide career related learning experience Auto class is about building engines and taking them apart; this elective gives students mechanical skills they will use the rest of their life. This class is offered to all students, who have the option to take automotive classes ranging anywhere from the most basic skills to the most advanced where more technical aspects of automotive are taught. Even girls choose to sign up for these classes, “I would like to see more. Every year I get a few. This year is a good year and the girls that have signed up are out-performing many of the boys,” commented Michael Ruff, the Mechanical Tech Teacher. Automotive classes can give students many life skills, that countless students do use. “After taking Auto class, I know the importance of engines. Plus I’ll know what to do if my car breaks down,” asserted Jasmine Reynolds (10). “I could go on and on... but, to put it in a nutshell, students will fall into two categories. Students will use the skills they learned here to work on their own vehicles [and

058-059_2-13833_000.indd 59

other students will use these skills] to become an automotive or some other mechanically related technician,” added Ruff. The school has had several sources for the donated cars used in class. Unfortunately, they “have dried up completely” and “we are in dire need of newer vehicles.” The supplies are short, and the engines used in the class are getting old as well, states Ruff. “The money that comes from the district has been on a steady decline since I started teaching here eleven years ago. The money from the Federal Perkins grant is keeping the class afloat,” said Ruff

I t ’ s [ A rt C l ass | A ut o C l ass ] C o mp l icate d

Automotive Tech Cody Soule (12) in the process of working on a transmission. Marco Santos (12) looking in on installing a belt..Trevor Stephen (11) and Michael Ruff, mechanical tech teacher working together. (01.10.12)


3/9/2012 7:05:21 PM

Shaylin Smith (12), Dani Clifford (11), Taylor Carbone (11), Perrie Xerxes (9), Alyssa Vedus (10), Katlyn Krenzer (12).



Digging into the dirt, rounding third, the catcher comes into sight. She’s mean, big, and I don’t know how I’m going to get past her. I drop to the ground and slide into home. Safe. “Fate loves the fearless. We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat,” shared Dani Clifford (11). Softball isn’t just a little sissy sport; girls who live and breathe softball believe that it is an all or nothing sport. You can’t have one foot in and foot out of the door and expect not to get dirty or hurt. “...It only hurts for a minute,” stated Breanna Gibbins (9). Most girls in the league have metal cleats, so when people slide into you, it’s important for players to be aware of where they place their feet. These ladies have to have a tolerance of pain for any kind of situation. Rolling your

060-061_1-23456_000.indd 60

Written By: Cason Xerxes

ankle in a flooded out field, metal cleats to a shin, or the freezing fingers vibrating against the bat when you hit it just right. Remember it only hurts for a minute; deal with the pain and move on! We aren’t just a group of girls pushed together because we have no other sport to play. We play because we are strong and “love the feeling of winning,” Emma Bird (12) stated. “We are all tough and ready to play hard, slide hard, and get down. Ready to eat the grass, the dirt, breath the leather of the mitt and the metal of the bat. Loving the game.” said Cason Xerxes (10).

5/1/2012 1:27:04 PM

60 | 61 I t ’ s [ S o f t b a l l ] C o m p l ic a t e d Emma Bird (12) Slides into 3rd Base to beat the tag. (04.04.12)

060-061_1-23456_000.indd 61

5/1/2012 1:27:05 PM

This unique version of the Alice in Wonderland production was an opportunity for the audience to experience the odd features which overall defined the well put together show.

(04.05.2012, Auditorium) Top left: Ashley Frilot (9), Nathan Ludahl (10) practicing their dance. Top right: Xavier Caldwell (11). Bottom left: Angie Hahn (10), Arianne Melton (10) going over a scene. Bottom right: The cast being directed by Savanna Zelinka

062-063_1-23456_000.indd 62


5/1/2012 1:29:52 PM

Every Day Matters,

student preparation written by: lilibeth vasquez and aliyah valdez

Lights, Cameras, Secrets. . . Preparing

62 | 63 I t ’ s [ P l a y ] C o m p l ic a t e d

for a play that would amaze you takes hard work and a lot of determination. Weekends and free hours are spent preparing costumes, rehearsing lines, fixing last minute details such as lights and curtains, lugging around props to their appropriate places and trying not to faint on stage. Every show is different, each with their own style, quirks and uniqueness. This year, the fine drama department is going to perform Alice in Wonderland, a classic story known for its larger than life characters and the wacky imagination that comes with it. It gave rise to many adaptations, from famous cartoons to real live films that earned millions in the box office. Now, Gresham High is going to give this tale its own twist, directed by the one and only Mrs. Sara Dempsey. “To begin the production, we are writing the script. This is the very first time I have ever produced a full length play that is an original play written by a student. An alumni student and I are collaborating and creating the script,” she revealed. Preparation is key for the actors and actresses so they can make a wonderful experience for us in our seats while watching them perform. Austin Joseph (11), who landed the role of the White Rabbit, said with excitement, “Personally, I take a lot of time preparing, along with watching the movies, to figure out the interpretation we choose to take.” Many are proud to be a part of the cast and working the sets because its so well known. For Ashley Lloyd (12), it even fulfills a childhood dream, “I’m extremely excited to be doing “Alice in Wonderland” as the spring show because I grew up watching the movies and always dreamed of being in it,” she exerted. Most of the cast has performed in one acts, musicals or plays, but for one freshman girl, this will be the first time she performs in a play. Madison Ryder (9) voiced happily, “It feels great to be apart of ‘Alice’! Being one out of two freshman girls being cast is an honor.” Making it seem real is the biggest challenge. New tricks and special effects are always present in every show. We tried to dig in a little deeper to get more information about what they are trying to pull off but when asked, the cast said that it would be a surprise for the audience.

Amanda Brainard (10), Chris Parish (12), and Ashley Fray (9) rehearsing a skit.

062-063_1-23456_000.indd 63

5/1/2012 1:29:53 PM

Left: Sun instructor for breakdancing Below: Teddy Alverson (12)

Left: Mr.Jacobson, Middle: Brady Dooly(12), Right: Anna Huber(11)

SUPPORT SERVICES helpStudents Provide


By Charmaine Torvo

The SUN Community School, Credit Recovery and Step Up serve as support services at Gresham High School that contribute help to students. These support services offers a variety of classes, including credit recovery options, tutoring, arts, sports, and other recreational activities. SUN provides a great opportunity for youth to achieve academic success, gain new skills, and meet new friends. SUN is committed to providing quality extended day classes to students which gives students a chance to expand their talents in break-dancing, ukulele, drawing and many more. As well as maintaining the safety and fun that this comforting environment provides, students who enroll are also exposed to a vast amount of knowledge that could be previously non-obtainable. By processing these extra curricular activities, students are better molding the clay of their own thought and insight, thus becoming more comfortable with the ways college courses run in their near-approaching future. Step Up is another Support Service at Gresham High School where kids are free to express themselves and get help with identity development. Step Up offers leadership camps, which enhance better relationships with others and making a difference towards

064-065_1-13833_000.indd 64

a better community. Not only does this provide another safe environment for people to grow and learn a more depth understanding of one’s self, this can help create a more positive attitude throughout our student body. Step Up works to find out what a student’s dream is. “ We work with the student to build a path to connect them to the future they want,” stated Step Up coordinator Kathleen Paradis. Credit recovery is a great way for students to make up a credit in a quick and affordable way. “It’s a great way to give students a second chance where teachers and staff work with you and support you,” according to Maya Smith (10). Credit recovery is an absolutely required choice for some people, due to a previously failed class. It also helps gain a better understanding of whichever field they earlier failed, hearing it from a different view and teacher, who most likely has completely differing methods of teaching. These support services are more than just programs where you can get help on your homework but build a strong community and relationship with others.

5/2/2012 1:56:19 PM

64 | 65 I t ’ s [ S t u d e n t L i f e ] C o m p lic a t e d

Rolando Ceilio (11)

064-065_1-13833_000.indd 65

5/2/2012 1:56:23 PM

Athletes decide all

phases of the match Players are required to judge their matches which can effect the outcome of the contest. Written by: Catrina Kwong and Lia Valdez

Tennis is one of the few sports where you make the call who wins the point or not. The players themselves are the ones who decide whether their opponent’s shots are in or out and keep track of their own score. It might not seem like a big deal, but it can have an affect on how people play. In some cases, it makes the player focus better on the match, while other times, it can cause some complications. “I HATE calling my own shots,” exclaimed Brian Chin (12). “When the ball is hit back to me, it’s not my first instinct to decide whether the ball is in or out. It makes it complicated to keep score because players are more focused on calling the ball in or out than playing the game.” Calling the shots can also cause problems as it gives players opportunities to cheat, but usually this isn’t a problem. “A lot of people will call your serve out when really they just can’t get to it or hit it and it’s close,” stated Danika Hazard (11). “Most of the time if you just ask them nicely to stop cheating, and they get embarrassed and stop.” But come on, no one likes to be cheated. “It makes me really mad because we are just trying to have fun,” said Jeffrey Dezellem (10). If the

opponent does keep stealing points from you, you have the ability to call for a line judge who can overrule bad calls and help keep track of the score. “I have encountered a match where my opponent was making unfair calls,” recalled Aminah Khinnarath (11). “When I would hit shots that were close to the line, or clearly in, she would call them out. I ended up having to have a line judge watch our match. Since she continued to make bad calls, the line judge had to say, ‘You know that when the ball hits the line, it's in, right?’ I ended up winning this match, but without the line judge the result may have been different.” The need to call for a line judge is extremely rare, but many players still say they’d prefer to have a line judge since it would ensure that the match is fair. Coaches seem to have a different opinion though. “Players judging their own matches and keeping their own score is one of the things I like best about tennis - the sport teaches integrity and fair play in a way that most high school sports can't,” commented varsity girls coach Alan Simpson. “[It] shows the importance of character and sportsmanship,” agreed the boys’ varsity tennis coach, Todd Nagel. Being the judge of your own match might complicate the game and affect the mental game in tennis. However, it’s what makes high school tennis a more interesting and unique of a sport.

(03.20.12) Hunter Bus

066-067_2-13833_001.indd 66

5/2/2012 10:36:56 PM

Co-ED Album Boys and Girls video avalable on Multimedia DVD

66 | 67 I t ’ s [ T e n n i s ] C o m p l ic a t e d

T2B:Erik Bennet(12) (03.20.12), Kevin Miller (12) (03.20.12), Nick Wilkinson (12) (03.20.12), Jeremy Berndt (12) (03.20.12),

(03.20.12) Hunter Busse(12)

066-067_2-13833_001.indd 67

5/2/2012 10:37:00 PM

Image Resources:

stivka : Jessica La WRITTEN BY

Every person has a voice. Kony2012 P1

Kony2012 P2

scam EXPOSED p1

Jason Russel shared his idea to bring the world together through his video which premiered on March 5th, 2012.““Making Kony famous” can all bring us together if we all really try,” agrees Jacky Bertholomey (12). In just one week, the video reached over 80 million views. He brought the world’s attention to a severe issue happening in Uganda and other locations around South Central Africa. Over 30,000 children were being kidnapped by Joseph Kony, forced to kill their parents and join his rebel group, ”The L.R.A,” and also, kill their own parents. This movement blasted all over social networking sites, and by the following day, there were over 1 million pledging for the “Kony 2012 Cover The Night Event”, which encourages people to print out fliers and posters to get the word out there. But wait, is there an ulterior motive? Are they trying to get your support to start another war without you realizing it? Without the public support, where would they get the tax dollars to fund these wars? Are we being manipulated? What the video did not mention is that Joseph Kony hasn’t even been in Uganda for years. But, what has been in Uganda, and still is today, are oil reserves. Is this blind patriotism? Hmm, Kony or Oil? Just think about it...Here are a few reactions to the movement.


068-069_2-13833_000.indd 68

5/1/2012 1:40:29 PM

Jacky Bertholomey (12) “I think that Jason Russel is a great guy for what he is trying to accomplish. It is nice to know that people care not only about ourselves (America) but other countries too. I think “making Kony famous” can all bring us together if we all really try, I think Kony could be captured. I’m all for Kony 2012, but if these negative sayings about Kony are true, I don’t want to have anything to do with it.”

for against for THE mOVEMENT

Alex wright (10) “Kony 2012 makes it seem like Jason Russel is running for president.”


Ali Padilla (12) “I never watched the video because I was mad it was blowing up my feed and my twitter but it seems like a good cause.”

Anastasia Popova (11) “I am all for activist movements. But on the other hand I think people should realize blowing up their Facebook and Twitter feeds with #STOPKONY isn’t going to do anything proactive. It raises awareness that there is some kind of problem, but what that problem is, or who it pertains to isn’t being answered.”

068-069_2-13833_000.indd 69

HUNTER BUSSE (12) “I’m against it. I think that it will get nothing done in this measly world. I think that most people do not understand what they are trying to fight for. Most people have no clue about who Kony is, and what Kony does. Even though it does raise awareness to a terrible problem, nothing is going to get done.”

Austin SPICER (11)

I t ’ s [ K ony 2 0 1 2 ] C omp l icate d

“I have mixed emotions about Kony. I believe what he is doing and has done is very wrong and cruel. He should definitely be punished for what he has done. I think the program is a good thing but I have heard rumors that it is fake so it leads me to be undecided about it now.”

325 student polled

68 | 69

Hailey Shaw (9)

“Well I’m not for it because Kony has been dead for 5 years, if that is what we’re going on, then it would be a horrible thing that needs to be stopped, but he’s dead already so I feel it is an over-exaggeration right now.”

AUSTIN PEACOCK (11) “I think it’s terrible what’s happening in Uganda...But I think the motives for wanting to get involved by Americans isn’t for the kids, but the oil.”

5/2/2012 7:50:29 PM

(04.24.12) 110 HURDLES: Hunter Pattock (11) SHOT PUT: Jon Treloggen (12) 1500: Sadie Wierschke (12) LONG JUMP: Micah Tolai (11) HIGH JUMP: Pearly Walton (11)

070-071_1-23456_000.indd 70

5/1/2012 1:45:02 PM



Our weather

070-071_1-23456_000.indd 71

It’s [ Track ] Complicated

Melissa Smith (11) Justin Anderson (11) POLE VAULT: Daniel Allen (11)

70 | 71

is always unpredictable. It can be extremely cold at one point, and then the sun shining the next. For some, the weather affects them negatively, “I love high jump because it’s tight and I can show off my hops; but the extremely cold weather ruins my mood and my “A” game,” admits Micah Tolai (11). For others the freezing rain doesn’t affect them at all, “When it rains I feel like doing much better than I usually do because it gets me so pumped to do my triple jump,” said Chido Nmereole (10). “people get so worried about the rain, they don’t pay attention to what they came to do.” Nmereole continues. People handle the weather differently, most just wear layer upon layer. “I definitely put on more layers in the cold,” Gerry Garcia (11) admits. This year started out pretty rocky, with 2 meets being cancelled due to bipolar nature of our weather. It’s definitely very unlikely for a track meet to be cancelled. According to athletic director Rick Elsbery “In 40 years that I’ve been working, this was the first year that a track meet got cancelled”. The first track meet for this season was supposed to be at home but Gresham’s track was flooded due to a dysfunctional drain system. “We have endured this sort of issue before, it just wasn’t to the level that occurred to cancel the meet.” Stated by Elsbery. This weather makes it harder for people to practice, “Numb fingers, cold feet, it kind of sucks,” admits Tristan Girton (9). The weather may always a guessing game, but all athletes face the same elements in training and competition. The athlete who can prepare themselves to perform in all condictions and adapt to those conditions will have a greater amount of confidence when unfavorable weather conditions present themself each spring.

Unpredictable elements 5/1/2012 1:45:06 PM

181’ 2� THROW - VIDEO

Gresham High junior Haley Crouser celebrates with her parents after setting the national high school javelin record Friday at Aloha. Motoya Nakamura/The Oregonian

072-073_2-13833_000.indd 72

5/1/2012 1:47:27 PM

Haley Crouser

breaks javelin USR April, 13, 2012 By Doug Binder |



072-073_2-13833_000.indd 73


I t ’ s [ f i e l d ] C o m p l ic a t e d


scratched me out of them. I was pretty mad and when I came over (to javelin) I was frustrated and my dad calmed me down. I’m OK with (scratching the hurdles) now.” The number she had in mind all day: 181 feet. On her first attempt, Haley took it nice and easy and her form broke down in a couple of spots. Still, it was measured at 166-5. That measurement told her she was ready to do something much bigger. “I wasn’t sure if I’d get (the record) in this meet or further down to the end of the year,” Haley said. Now she has the remainder of the season, and all of her senior season, to put the record even farther out of reach. Dean Crouser, father of Sam and Haley (as well as their coach), said he didn’t know what to expect Friday – but figured it might be longer than 170 feet and less than 190. “It’s overwhelming,” he said. “I can’t even put it into words yet. I can’t. You had a hunch it was coming and she’s done all of the work. That’s the first thing I said to her: This is (for) all of that stuff that you’ve done. This wasn’t luck, at all.” A week of training in sunny Southern California during Spring Break also helped her get ready to throw far. In one workout she threw past 50 meters (164 feet) five consecutive times. After her throw was re-measured with a steel tape and her javelin was taken to be weighed and analyzed, Crouser still had two more attempts. But the emotion of the moment was too much to set aside and find focus again. She took a third attempt that went too low, and she voluntarily put her foot over the line to scratch it. She turned to her family and said she was done for the day. The next shot at the record, her own, will have to wait until the next competition.

72 | 73

BEAVERTON, Ore. – The idea that Haley Crouser is the most athletic member of her illustrious family isn’t a new one. The junior from Gresham (Gresham, Ore.) is an all-state volleyball player and a potential star some day in the heptathlon. On Friday, she joined her older brother Sam in the U.S. high school record book, throwing the javelin 181 feet, 2 inches on her second attempt at the Aloha Relays. It was one of the first sunny, reasonably warm days of the season in the Portland area and Crouser made the most of it. After the javelin struck pay dirt, Crouser glanced at the measuring tape and leapt into the air to celebrate the first prep throw over 180 feet. Avione Allgood of Legacy (North Las Vegas, Nev.) held the record of 176-8 for about nine months. “It was really exciting,” she said. “I’ve been training since November and it’s been a long buildup to this point.” Haley goes into the record books with Sam (255-4 in 2010) as the only brother-sister combination in history. Throw in cousin Ryan, who broke the indoor shot put and discus records last year, and it’s easy to see why the Crousers have become America’s First Family of Throwing. All three of the Crousers stand to make some noise at the Olympic Trials in June in their home state. “Since Sam has (the record) and I have it, it’s just an unreal feeling,” Haley said. “When I was younger I would have never expected this to happen.” The record throw changed what had been a frustrating hour at the Aloha Relays. She was entered in the shot put, 100-meter hurdles and javelin – three events bunched close together on the schedule. After a delay at the shot put for the competition to start, Crouser fired off three rushed attempts – all of them long enough to win the event. Meanwhile, she didn’t have enough time to warm up for the hurdles so her coaches made the decision to pull her out of the event less than 10 minutes before it was due to start. That left her with a bit more time to prepare for the javelin, where she knew she was ready for a big throw. “I was really frustrated,” she said. “I wanted to run the hurdles. I was looking forward to good competition, but my coach

article available:

College Decision

5/1/2012 1:47:29 PM

Above: Hayley Lawer (10) 10th hole, Gresham Golf Course (04.23.12), Emily Smart (10) Practicing on the putting green, Gresham Golf Course (04.23.12), Olivia Sheehan (10) 4th hole, Gresham Golf Course, Megan McBride (10) Driving Range, Gresham Golf Course (04.23.12),

Tee Time for 4 - Austin Spicer, Kevin Dunlap, Joseph Constien, Andy Robertson, Parsimmons County Club (04.23.12) Coach Scott Sheilds works with Magen McBride, Meaghan Allison, and Olivia Sheehan on the green.

Below: Boys Practice -Persimmon County Club, Gresham OR.

074-075_1-23456_000.indd 74

5/1/2012 1:50:16 PM

76 | 75

Team members Deal with the pressures of the depth chart.

You would think that the opportunity to be selected to represent the team as the number one player would be an honor that most would strive for, however this title is not always coveted by all. With five competitive varsity spots up for grabs, the players that fill these spots can vary week to week. “The coach decides who plays number one by having a qualifying match, which is where we go on the course and play a match against our teammates. Whoever gets the best score gets to play as number one,” explains Zoey Talent (12). The pressure to be the top player can be too much for some and just what others need to play to their full potential. Though some players don’t enjoy playing number one, everybody has an ideal number they like playing. For Joey Constien (12), that number is three. “I like playing three, because I feel less stressed playing there compared to one or two,” said Constien. Golf takes a lot of dedication to get where you want to be, like any sport or activity it requires year long practice to improve your score.

Written by: Hayley Lawer

Golfers must be able to self-evaluate themselves to know what part of their game needs the most improvement. “I like working on my driving because it feels good to smack the heck out of it,” revealed Meaghan Allison (9). Every aspect of the game is important, but some are more important than others. “I try to work on my putting a lot, because it is the most important and can make a big difference in your final score,” affirmed Jessie Stone (11). For those who play golf understand the benefits of playing a lifelong sport, and most were raised on the game. “I have played golf ever since I could walk and I enjoy it a lot. I have always played golf so it’s really just a part of my life,” shared Austin Spicer (11).

I t ’ s [ G o l f ] C o m p l icate d

WhatsyaNumber? “I have always played golf, so it’s really just a part of my life.” - Austin Spicer

074-075_1-23456_000.indd 75

5/1/2012 1:50:19 PM

Cindi Acott

Peggy Adams

Kate Allen

Lori Anderson-Cook

Zhenya Antonov

Wendy Armstrong

Main Office

Special ServiceS

SOcial WOrker




Rick Bartha

Emily Blanshan

Laura Blaser

Cara Burkamp

Lisa Cavanagh

Kathy Childress


Band directOr



WOrld language


Bill Chisholm

Angela Christman

Tim Collins

Brad Cook

Barbara Cooke

Sara Dempsey

activitieS directOr


vice principal

integrated Media

career center


Joanie DeWitz

Robin Drews

Caleb Elliot

Ric Elsberry

Zac Enoch

Susan Fields

frOnt Office

tutOring center

educatiOnal aSSiStant

athletic directOr



Christopher Forrester

Jim Gardenhire

Mayra Gomez

Ty Gonrowski

Doug Goodwin

Armando Gonzales







076-079_2-13833_000.indd 76

4/10/2012 11:38:19 PM

Pat Gray

Olivia Green

Ellie Hakala

Jenny Halley

Cyrus Harshfield

Kevin Hart

Business & iB



special services



Tara Hieggelke

Teresa Hubbard

Aaron Ingoglia

Mark Jacobsen

Suzanne Johnson

vice principal

World language




educational assistant

Janine Kirstein

John Koch

Kathy Kowaleski

Brandi Kruse

Jay Lehr






social studies

Sarabeth Leitch

Katrina Levin

Michael Linblad

Scott Lipner

Kendra Maddox

Tori Maehara


social studies

social studies


career center

social studies

Brian Malan

Rosa Marquez

Donna Matteson

Damon Messer

World language


principal’s secretary

World language

Mike Melton

Mike Molony


pe & health

076-079_2-13833_000.indd 77


Tracey Kent

76 | 77

Danelle Heikkila

4/10/2012 11:38:22 PM

Carmen Moore eduCational assistant

Kristin Nagel

Todd Nagel

Danna Nelson

Catherine Newberry

MaryAnn Peterson

speCial serviCes

soCial studies


World language

netWork teChniCian

Jennie Richard

Stephen Rouffy


attendanCe monitor

Vala Plate

Emily Pratt

Carol Quarles

Tim Ramstad

speCial serviCes

Fine arts



Mike Ruff

Steve Scannell

Iris Schaffer

Re’nice Siefer

Alan Simpson

Chris Smith



speCial serviCes




Julianne Standish

Carol Sweere

Wendy Switzer

Moe Tauilo

Sean Taylor

Hoan Tran

Child development

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76 | 79

Teresa Anderson Bob Beaver Eric Benvenuti Terri Boothby Karen Boston Alison Brink Tim Brink Christopher Buehler Elizabeth Cannon Heather Carney RJ Connell Alan Crasper Brian Currier Sandy Dornfeld Darlene Frashour Ayesha Freeman Karen Ford Tonia Gebhart

076-079_2-13833_000.indd 79

Cathy Gibbs Losef Girdan Gustavo Godoy Mitchell Henderson Amy Hill Joanne Hohnstein Chip Holton Kylee Hutchins Becky Kilgore Chris Koenig Tina Kuchinki Linda Kue Christine Lotz Adrian Mashia Sandy Maynard Jeff Miller Nadine Moonihoawa Cara Olson - Sawyer

Kathleen Paradis Julie Rowell Rebecca Ryberg Ed Sage Kerry Smith Ryan Smith Willie Smith Carol Tingley May Wallace Chad Waples Kristen Warren Linda Wood Neil Wong


Shy Staff

4/10/2012 11:38:25 PM

Alyssa Maslen (9) enlightens the crowd with here screechy voice during the “Dating Game” skit. 10.19.2011 (Fall Pep-Assembly Gresham HS Main Gym) Stephen Madrosen (11) sings and plays guitar. 10.8.2011 (Gresham HS Auditorium) Bryan Guardiola gives the camera a grin while drawing in the art room. 11.11.2011 (RM 502; Mrs. Pratt’s Art Room)

080-081_2-13833_000.indd 80

4/10/2012 11:55:13 AM


080-081_2-13833_000.indd 81

80 | 81

Coach Mike Melton talks to the team during a time out in the 42-20 home win against David Douglas. 10.07.2011 (Stapleton Field) Davin Baley (11) and Austin Joseph all decked out in Super Fan gear. 10.18.2011 (Stapleton Field Grandstands) Olivia Loftin (9) Participates in the “Dating Game” 10.19.2011 (Fall PepAssembly Gresham HS Main Gym) Ken Onyima (10) and Madison O’Connell (10) work hard to win the four way tug-of-war, but fall short to the Seniors. 10.19.2011 (Gresham HS Main Gym) Trent Pederson (11) sits on some mattresses during the annual concert choir retreat. (10.08.11) Justin Anderson (11) and Casse Holmes prepare for their presentation. 1.10.2011 (Gresham HS) Kaitlyn Franklin plays Sandy from Grease in the assembly homecoming skit. 10.18.2011 (Gresham HS Main Gym)

4/10/2012 11:55:18 AM

At first sight, overwhelming thoughts are rushing through your head. “Did I wear the right “FIRST” outfit?” “What is it going to be like to have to start the whole social status ladder over again?” This initial year of high school brings the opportunity to be involved in new experiences, and meet new people. It’s important to realize that while the seemingly complicated “first” we will experience, they’re just the next big “things” in our life.

Left: 11.10.11 Gopher Boat Race; Emilie Steeblum (9) and Michelle Kasimi (9) paddle their gopher boat. Bottom: 10.24.11, Emilee Nicholson (9) and Maleko Arango (9) perform at the homecoming assembly.

[Freshmen] Ceara Abrahamsz Allie Accuardi Luis Aguilar-Vazquez Jose Aispuro-Lopez Jerick Akuna

Hannah Albrecht Bailey Allen Meaghan Allison Alberto Alvarez Juliza Alvarez Maria Amador Hernandez Hunter Anderson Antonio Antuna Austin Apon Maleko Arango Alicia Arriaga-Magdaleno Brandon Bailey Bryce Bakke Daniel Barajas-Cisneros Victoria Barcroft Vince Barry Claudia Bautista Cody Becker

082-091_2-13833_000.indd 82

3/6/2012 2:08:13 PM

Josiah Beiersdorf Yulia Belik Paul Benancio Santana Benavidez Zac Bernabo Erika Bildsoe William Billings AnnaMaria Billy Ryan Blake Victoria Blanger Parker Blankenship Bailee Bonneville Kaila Bowen Riley Boyles Eddie Brambila Julia Brenner Kordell Brestel Jordan Bures Jake Burgwin

Morgan Chavez Benjamin Cheredayko Brody Christian Hudson Christopher Juli Colin Tinoco Jason Conklin

I t ’ s [ f r e s h m a n ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Alex Carr Adam Casteel Colin Caton Esequiel Cecilio Liliana Cervantes-Jasso Mo Chancey

82 | 83

Alexis Burns Yulissa Camara Ricky Campos Andrew Carkhuff Jake Carl

Isaac Conrow Gabrielle Cooley Zachary Coombs Alexa Cooper Dylan Corniel-Tapec Angela Cortes Armando Cortes-Pena Rachel Cortese Hunter Crenshaw Samantha Cuevas Emily Custer Tahji Cutler

082-091_2-13833_000.indd 83

3/6/2012 2:08:16 PM

Brian Dahl Caleb Dalzell Martha Damian Aleksandr Danyuk Josahlyn De la Cerda Olivia Decklar Elizabeth Declet Andrew Delgado Elizabeth Delozier Timothy Delozier Jonathan Destin Jake Detles Jade Diaz Joel Diedrich Qian’Tae Dixon Angela Do Emilee-Ann Dominiak Katelynn Eccleston Kaytlynn Edmonds Suzy Eide Mckensie Ellis Marco Estrada Drake Evans Morgann Evans Sean Farley Danielle Farrington Eric Fast Horse Kennedy Fleming Cresencio Flores Jonathan Flores Yulissa Flores-Lopez Miranda Floyd Mitchell Ford Ashley Fray Miranda Fretz Nathan Friberg Jacob Frison Kevin Fryar Joaquin Garcia Janet Garcia-Ramirez Ruben Gastelum Tara Gehrlein Damon Gerton Breanna Gibbons Tresjunae Girouard Tristan Girton

082-091_2-13833_000.indd 84

3/6/2012 2:08:18 PM

Andrei Gladun Colin Goldberg Amy Gomez Victoria Gomez-Ramirez Anthony Gonzalez

Kellie Gorman Seth Grenawalt Sabastian Grimes Bryan Guardiola Matthew Guerrero Jesus Gutierrez Raul Gutierrez Shaun Hadeler Kamila Hadley Donavyn Haley Madison Hammel Justin Hanson Elisabeth Harrington

Jordan Holland Victor Homsanith Jaden House Aidan Huddleston Jackson Hysmith Iolanta Ilinich

I t ’ s [ f r e s h m a n ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Ingrid Hernandez Lizbeth Hernandez Osiel Herrejon Tinoco Brian Herrera Sirgeo Hoffman Olivia Holevas

82 | 85

Ashley Harris-Wick Timie La’Rae Heard Garrick Heine Hannah Held Amanda Hendrickson

Teresa Inclan Chase Jackson Anthony Johnson Gunnar Johnson Lenaya Jones Taylor Jongkind Michelle Kasimi Grace Katzke Tanner Kaufman Omar Kester Katie King

082-091_2-13833_000.indd 85

3/6/2012 2:08:20 PM

Jessica Kochubey Kaleb Krenz Logan Kromer Brian Lacatus Jakob Lamb Jenny Landon Oscar Langarica Hernandez Anna Lebedev Jeremy Linch Justin Linn Spencer Livermore Olivia Loftin Austun Long Josao Longoria Morgan Loomis Azalea Lopez Roberto Lopez Alma Lopez-Xahuentitla Alan Louie Tyler Lowe Richard Lowry Simon Luengas-Ubaldo Jessica Luna-Rendon Ricardo Luna-Rendon Sierra Lyons Jennifer Maldonado Ernesto Marin Vazquez Jesus Marquez Maritza Martin-Camara Emilyn Martinez Jennifer Martinez Alyssa Maslen Kalie Maxfield Megan McBride Joshua McFelt Miley McLaughlin Cady McLean Vanessa Medina Gabe Melendez Arriaga Jayleen Melendez-Montes Adry Mendoza Brandon Meyer James Mick Madison Miller Michelle Molina Nikki Monda Jeffrey Montague Gem Moore

082-091_2-13833_000.indd 86

3/6/2012 2:08:23 PM

Makenna Moore Timothy Moran Jamie-Lynn Mortenson Tiffany Mosher

Deidre Moss Braden Mullan Sergi Muntian Sam Myers Alex Nadeau

Chad Navarrette Raichael Newman Emilee Nicholson Gabrielle Norman Maria Nunez-Cuaya Cecilia Nunez-Rojas

Craig Peoples Kenzie Peoples Daniel Perez Katelyn Perez Juan Perez-Torres Ebony Peterson

I t ’ s [ f r e s h m a n ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Brett Parsons Duncan Parsons Merari Paz-Romero Jordan Pechin Andre Peck Andy Peoples

82 | 87

Andrew Olmos David Ostapenko Rachel Owens Gabriel Page Ethan Parker Brandon Parsons

Carly Petesz Hanna Pettina Christian Phillips Aaron Pilcher Keith Poon Estera Pukay Olivia Raines Amanda Ramage Moctezuma Ramirez Mulato Jack Ramsdell Esmeralda Rangel Taelyr Rathke

082-091_2-13833_000.indd 87

3/6/2012 2:08:25 PM

Noah Ratliff Samantha Reed Rhianna Rees Karla Reyna Austin Rezendes

Gillian Rhinevault Cassidy Richardson Heidi Ritchie David Rivas Bryce Roberts Markel Robinson Rico Rodriguez Collin Rogers Daisi Rogers Ricardo Rogue Ali Rojas Cirilo Romero Emily Rose Doug Rosenfield Brayde Rothe Hailey Roulst David Rovira Vladimir Rudomanov Adriana Ruiz Soriano Anna Rumley Troy Ryals Madison Ryder Danny Sackett Emily Saechao Megan Saeteurn Adrianna SanLuis-Cervantes Anthony Sanchez Anayeli Sanchez-Camacho Darlene Sandoval-Romero Karinna Sanjines Misael Santos Katie Schance Emily Schnepp Serena Schwartz Carter Schwenk Justin Sharpe Madeline Sheehan Tyler Sheirbon Jordan Sheldon Christine Sherrell Yessica Sierra Sawyer Sievert

082-091_2-13833_000.indd 88

3/6/2012 2:08:28 PM

Kamara Simpson Shayla Singleton Justice Smith Kaylynn Smith Carolina Sokol Naomi Solano John-Carlo Soto Jonatan Soto Andrei Spelciuc Timmarica Spellman Olivia Stanley Alex Staples Hailey Stebbins Derick Steele Emilie Steinblums Austin Stephen Christopher Stephen Brandon Stephens Keely Stevens

Knox Trapa Jacob Trapold Krystal Turk Aaron Turner Yesenia Ubaldo Mitchell Ulman

I t ’ s [ f r e s h m a n ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Madison Taylor Gonzalo Texcahua-Aldama Keyshawn Thomas Jt Thompson Megan Thompson Alecia Tinkle

82 | 89

Hailey Stowe Laurel Strobel Ali Sumano Taylor Sund Bailee Sveen

Bailey Uptain Brian Urzua Shania Vang Jose Vazquez David Velasco Richard Velasco Sotchil Velazquez Idione Villasenor Jonas Volk Robert Walker Audrey Wallis Kaitlyn Walls

082-091_2-13833_000.indd 89

3/6/2012 2:08:30 PM

Jessica Washington Travis Weaver Floyd Wellmaker Liberty Wells Sean Wenner Jesse Wescott Sydney West Riley Whitworth Evelina Williams Kalie Williams Samuel Williams Cole Williamson Logan Wisniewski Olivia Wix Kenneth Woolen Perrie Xerxes Jazmyn Xiong Megan Yacapin David Yager Dolores Yanez Nancy Yang Tj Yates Matthew Young

Edgar Zamudio Clara Zurita

082-091_2-13833_000.indd 90

3/6/2012 2:08:32 PM

camera shy: Nicholas Abbs Amanda Anderson Reagan Estrada Ronnie Framer Figueroa Manuel Cruz Flores Tomas Grover Otoniel (Tony) Hernandez Yulisa Hernandez-Hernandez Mackenzie Hogue Trey Huff Edgar Ibarra-Inclan Rondrae Jefferson Danielle Jensen Samuel Leontescu Slava Mednikov

Ivan Melgarejo Mariah Nicholson Jesus Prez Phelan Duncan Heaven Roberts Diego Rodriguez De’Ariese Sadberry Antonio Sanchez Hellen Suarez-Rosales Noah Tramposh Jordan Weber Carter Williams Anthony Young Daniil Zabrodchenko

82 | 91 I t ’ s [ f r e s h m a n ] C o m p l ic a t e d

082-091_2-13833_000.indd 91

3/6/2012 2:08:32 PM

[ Sophomores] You’re neither on the top or the bottom. Sophomore year is the “in-between” year for most. Not yet a junior, but not even close to the wide-eyed freshman you might have been a year ago. You’ve begun to establish your character and what life is all about; the good, the bad, and how “it” can be a little complicated.

Top: 01.26.12, Brianna Kjenslee(10) perform at the Fall Spirit Assembly; Left: 01.20.12 Angelina Macca (10)

Chelsea Abdelmalek Jeremy Acre Eutiquio Aguirre Oscar Aispuro

Maria Aispuro-Lopez Gabrielle Alfonso Taylor Allen Brandon Alvarade Trynity Alvarez Blaine Anderson Amy Angeles Bernardo Antano-Bernal Oleg Antipov Shannon Applegate Luis Archila Iridian Avalos Ben Bachman Renee Bacon Devin Bailey Matt Bailey Shiloh Baker Roya Bannister

092-101_2-13833_000.indd 92

3/6/2012 1:56:42 PM

Blaine Barlow Michael Bartley Max Barton Afton Bastendorff Trayia Beals Mai Becker Kylie Bell Madison Billings Addie Blanchard Angelica Blanco Austin Blank Marissa Boetel Erika Braden Amanda Brainard Jonathan Bravo Sarah Brodesser Rachel Brokaw Robert Brokaw

Jacob Casteel Alex Castelan Madison Castellanos Rafael Castellanos-Welsh Ashley Cates-Erhart Austin Cha

I t ’ s [ S o p h o m o r e s ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Sophia Busse Marissa Buyas Raena Cabine Scott Cage Makinzy Cagle Jhobanny Carrillo-Chavez

92 | 93

Cody Brown Gre’gonta Brown Madison Brown Andrew Burkholder Gabby Burnham Cody Burns

John Christopher Chan Yami Chanocua Calvin Chanthanouvong Kellie Chao Savannah Charette Sky Chau Nickolas Chervinka Luis Chonteco Lily Cichon Andy Cisneros Raheem Clayton Amber Cochran

092-101_2-13833_000.indd 93

3/6/2012 1:56:45 PM

Ryan Coddington Logan Colson Katie Conklin Gabrielle Conner

Jose Contreras Kyle Copp Devin Corniel-Tapec Carlos Cortes Connor Cox Mack Crabtree Aileen Amy Cruz-Velasco Sarah Cummins Erin Cunningham Morgan Custer Nick Davidson Jacelyn Davis Michael Daye Christian De Jesus Taylor DeCosta Cheyenne DeCourcey Zack Dean Payam Derakhti Ryne Deyoe Jeffrey Dezellem Victoria Diemer Tylor Dillard Jimmy Do Lorena Dominguez Aaliyah Dorsey Mikey Downey Erika Dugan William Dunlap Kryssynda Duong Daniel Eckhardt Samantha Elwess Jessica Emoto Nathan Erickson Melissa Estrada Jenni Euan-Moo Sabrina Farley Taylor Farris Rebekah Fast Kaitlyn Felix Amber Fenwick Tara Fery Monika Fitzgerald

092-101_2-13833_000.indd 94

3/6/2012 1:56:48 PM

Christian Flores Juan Flores Samantha Folsom Joey Forrer Marco Franco-Archundia

Kaitlyn Franklin Chasitey Frasieur Alex Frazier Freddy Galindo Elias Galindo-Rodriguez Erika Garcia Denise Gastelum Tucker George Evan Giblin Miguel Gil Yamilet Gil Lydia Girdan

Jason Green Sharnae Greene Crystal Grisham Brandon Grissom Alicia Grovom Edgar Gutierrez

I t ’ s [ S o p h o m o r e s ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Mayte Gonzalez-Rodriguez Brannon Gordon Katie Gorman Levi Gormley Nicholas Goss Anthony Graciano

94 | 95

Leroy Girouard Ashlee Gjesdal Jose Gomez Ileana Gonzalez Leslie Gonzalez Wendy Gonzalez

Jessica Guzman Angie Hahn Kendra Hammons Bola Hanna Nicholas Hanset Samantha Hanson Devin Hardgrove Demond Hart Justen Haskett Darius Hay Tristin Heartley Ryan Heath

092-101_2-13833_000.indd 95

3/6/2012 1:56:50 PM

Jacob Heick Larry Hendrickson Claudia Hernandez Marilyn Hernandez Sara Hernandez Teilah Heston Caitlyn Higgins Vanessa Higuera Clay Hoffman Rachel Hohbach Sabrina Hua Mckenzie Huff Whitney Hull Austin Humphrey Tylor Hurwitz Breanna Hval Cody Ingram-Moore Mariah Jackson Cody Janway Cara Johnson Zachariah Johnson Austin Jones Ashlee Jorgensen Eli Justice Sanoe Kaaumoana-Kaliloa Gabriel Kaufman Erica Keathley Alexander Keesee Marilynn Kelly Nicole Kemp Harley Kimball Brianna Kjenslee Alisha Kovacich Brenden Krenzer Catrina Kwong Paige Lambert Rene Langarica Isabel Lara Hayley Lawer Kiera Layton Ngoc Tran Le Maria Ana Leon Abby Lian Lucas Liebertz Tanner Lindsay Zack Lingle Kyle Long Leah Long

092-101_2-13833_000.indd 96

3/6/2012 1:56:53 PM

Jay Lopez Raul Lopez-Cruz Nathen Ludahl Luis Luna Javier Luna-Cruz Viviana Luna-Santos Viviana Luna-Santos Pavel Lupanov Angelina Macca Tomas Malanche Emma Malloy Kyle Mandzij Antonio Manley Simon Marble Willy Mariano Deiondre Marks Forrest Martin Kate Martin

C.j McLean Logan McVay Michael Medel Irene Medina Leslie Medina Konnor Meigs

I t ’ s [ S o p h o m o r e s ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Mason McCoy Dacey McCrae Courtney McDermott Heather McDonald Garrett McGowan Jordan McKenzie

96 | 97

Ana Martinez Hugo Martinez Justin McBride Kaelin McCarty Sarah McCaslin Shauna McClung

Arianne Melton Rudy Mendioro Brenyen Merriman Hector Meza-Ramirez Ryan Michael Roman Michaels Tristan Millar Yuichiro Mizuno Rachel Mohr Mikey Monda Jeffrey Monk Andrea Monteblanco

092-101_2-13833_000.indd 97

3/6/2012 1:56:55 PM

Erik Morales Patricia Morgan Rodrigo Morote James Morris Paige Moss Michelle Mua Kyle Mueller Jose Murphy Kyle Myers Vanessa Myers Garrett Nash Phillip Nekrashevich Chidozie Nmereole Kailey Noyes Alicia Nunziato Madison O’Connell Kayla O’Ree Kamrin ORoke Ryan Olsen Ken Onyima Ryan Paden Amelia Page Mackenzie Page James Palmiter Jakob Palmquist Cody Partridge Matt Patterson Nathaniel Patterson Veronica Pedro Bryanna Perry Amber Peschka Diana Pesetskaya Cole Petersen Brittany Petty Derek Phillips Alex Pohrman Dakota Price Wayra Quinchiguango Maria Ramirez-Campos Jake Ratliff Jj Raugust Genesis Real Sanabia Marissa Reisen Lucia Resendiz Contreras Marcos Restrepo Jasmine Reynolds Timber Rice

092-101_2-13833_000.indd 98

3/6/2012 1:56:58 PM

Nicole Rickerson Moises Rios Dominik Riskin Mario Rivas Delaney Roberts Marcus Robinson Allyson Robirts Crystal Robles Leticia Robles-Olvera Karla Rodriguez Okxana Rodriguez Ashley Ross Tommy Round Anna Rudomanov Leah Ruff Irlanye Ruiz Samuel Salazar David Salazar-Kachel

Kaylee Shepherd Devon Shields Robert Singleton Zachary Sitzman Emily Smart Joel Smith

I t ’ s [ S o p h o m o r e s ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Jordyn Scholer Matthew Schuman Dylen Scott Chance Scroggins Jacob Shaw Olivia Sheehan

98 | 99

Brian Salgado Jacob Saling Connor Samson Paul Sarinana Brooke Schlipf Chris Schofield

Jordan Smith Kelly Smith Paige Smith David Snyder Torin Sockey Austin Speck Chase Spittal Rachel Spooner Mackenzie Sprauer Madison Statler

092-101_2-13833_000.indd 99

3/6/2012 1:57:01 PM

Patrick Stauffer Hannah Stiner E.j Stinson Anthony Sutherland Derek Swanson

Alex Sypher Christopher Tacker Madison Talent Taylor Talent Nickolas Tang Staci Tatum Hannah Tavera Austin Taylor Kendra Taylor Hanna Temple Max Tevs Osvaldo Texcahua-Aldama Tiara Thill Casey Tolvstad Austin Trickel Nguyen Truong Lia Valdez Jorey Vallejo Megan Varcoe Dora Vargas Lilibeth Vasquez Laura Vazquez Alyssa Vedus Rosa Villalobos Alina Vinokurova Belle Vinsonhaler Maxwell Vitale Alik Vlad Dmitriy Voloshko Grady Walker Sarah Walker Anastasia Wallis Wyatt Warner Michael Weaver Michael Webb Cheyenne Wells Wyatt West Andrew White MacKenzie Wiechmann Amber Williamson

092-101_2-13833_000.indd 100

3/6/2012 1:57:03 PM

Elijah Wilson Justin Wilson Lindsay Wilson Andrew Wise Elliot Wolsborn Taylor Wood Alex Wright Cason Xerxes Tanner Yamada Amber Ybarra Alina Zavalina Eduard Zhyryada

camera shy: Andrew Ostrom Jose Perez John Phillips Miyah Probst Elijah Rebensdorf Levi Rebensdorf Hennessey Robbins Jose Ruiz Amy Salisbury Brady Saats Ardy Vaeono Alison Zeggert

I t ’ s [ S o p h o m o r e s ] C o m p l ic a t e d

092-101_2-13833_000.indd 101

Branden Fornos Lily Guzman-Zavala Alma Hernandez Franco Hernandez Abdenago Herrejon-Tinoco Dustin Hoff Jing Jaima Diana Linares Kyntrell Lomax Anique Lopez Hannah McQeen Ana Maria Morales Vasquez Jiseall Nicholson

100 | 101

Jose Aguilera Valerie Almont Dusty Anderson Nick Anderson Kyrra Baker Willie Blake Benito Cruz-Santiago Renee Dent Reece Duckett Nathaniel Espinoza Ramon Estrada Gary Fenske Alyssa Fitzpatrick

3/6/2012 1:57:04 PM

You know you’re a Junior when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your past academic successes now directly affect your current course load. Some students find themselves stressed out with a schedule full of IB classes, while others are making a mad dash to get back on track before their senior year. You now realize how to strategically procrastinate, how to study for those proficiency based tests, become involved as you so desire, and most of all, that the social seen can either be your best friend, or your biggest enemy. Congratulations, you are now next in line to the top of the social ladder.

[ Juniors ]

10.06.11 CATION It’s Game Time; Kalie Anderson (6) Sophia Busse (11), Gary Garcia (11), Devauntae Hoffman (11), David Nelson (11), Ethan Hamilton (11), (Gresham vs. Central Catholic Varsity Volleyball)

Kaylee Aalbers Brian Accuardi Deandre Adams Devin Adams Luke Aguon Mathew Akre

Daniel Allen Makayla Allmaras Darius Alston Justin Anderson Ana Angel-Mercado Jessica Apodaca Marquis Arango Kaeli Arenas Ana Argueta Jason Artz Tyler Augur Ryan Baisden Jocie Balonzo Nicole Barbar Kaylee Barcroft Kevin Barrera Taylor Bauer Casey Beals Mariah Beegle Jasmine Beeson Joshua Beiersdorf Hunter Bell Zac Benefiel Beau Black

102-109_2-13833_000.indd 102

3/6/2012 1:19:27 PM

Meagan Boete Nick Bonneville Alex Bosso

Dalton Boyles Leslie Bravo Kendra Brestel Christina Brown Markese Brown-Rushing

Abby Bryant Alex Bump Maggie Burgess Lolo Burns Tyleah Cain Xavier Caldwell

Chloe Charpentier Crystal Chau Gloryann Chilson Kendall Chilson Vanessa Chittock Lee Chung

I t ’ s [ J u n i o r S ] N o t C o m p l ic a t e d

Peyton Cartmill Lauren Casto Taylor Castro Jennifer Cecilio Rolando Cecilio Micah Charleston

102 | 103

Alin Calina Yareni Camacho Lorraina Campos Taylor Carbone Cecilia Cardoso-Bustamante Danielle Carrithers

Carrie Chupp Kalusha Churchon Danielle Clifford Henry Cobb Cheyenne Connell Hollyann Cornelius-LePoidevin Brian Cortes Orozco Alexandra Crane Andrew Crapser Chelsea Crapser Mikayla Crimmins Kaleb Crimp

102-109_2-13833_000.indd 103

3/6/2012 1:19:30 PM

Haley Crouser Adriana Cruz Maria Damian Sophia Damiani Claudia Dandrea

Alla Danyuk Forrest Davis David DeJesus Emily Declet Teresa Diaz Alyssa Dodd Jordan Dodge Brady Dooley Christy Dorr Chloe Douglas Manuel Dzul-Hernandez Jordan Ellis Shannon Ernst Daisy Escobedo Nicholas Estibar Leonel Estrada-Valentin Colen Evans Michael Farmer Bailey Ferguson Maximiliano Figueroa-Alvarez Jacob Fletcher Jayde Folsom Dillon Fornos Shanna Foss Rebecca Fravel Troy Frediani Sonia Fuentes Miranda Gallagher Gary Garcia Tatyana Garcia Tony Garthe Devin Gaspard Carmella Gemmato Teagun Gentry Caitlin Gibbs Willie Gibson Victoria Giddings Emily Gilson Brody Gines Nathan Girdan Gerry Gomez Lety Gonzalez

102-109_2-13833_000.indd 104

3/6/2012 1:19:32 PM

Jessica Gonzalez-Diaz Brittany Good Chad Gordon

Drexel Grimes Ashley Grogan Leticia Guardiola Taylor Gummerson Marissa Haide

Ethan Hamilton Mikayla Harding Rebecca Harris Autumn Hartley Hailey Hasbrook Nicole Haskins

Jake Holland DJ Holmes ** Lara Horine Katie Howard Anna Huber Ashley Huff

I t ’ s [ J u n i o r S ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Lucia Hernandez Uriel Hernandez Oscar Hernandez Lopez Jazmin Herrejon Kyle Hoeft De’Vauntae Hoffman

104 | 105

Zachary Haworth Danika Hazard Hope Headings Zach Hedeen Basky Heldart Gage Hernandez

Sarah Hull Tyler Huntwork Emily Huston Jacob Jackson Ryan Jacobs David James-Luna Kyleigh Jandro Alina Jantz Jessica Jensen Jonathan Jimenez Samantha Jimenez Eric Johnsen

** Graduating early with the class of 2012

102-109_2-13833_000.indd 105

3/6/2012 1:19:34 PM

Samer Jordan Tyler Jordan Austin Joseph Alberto Juarez Jasmin Kennard

Kyle Khamchanthavisouk Aminah Khinnarath Hannah Kim John King Brandon Kirby Tyler Klink Felisha Knori Julian Kousol Jose Kuder Lauren Laakso Arianna Lacey Gerardo Lara Aaron Larson Greg Lawrence Ryan Lazaro Spencer Ledford Delaney Lewis Miles Lewis Cole Lindhorst Alex Linstad Jake Logsdon Morgan Lopez Mary Lor Eric Louie LaKyta Lovan Taneesha Lucas Megan Luckenbach Elizabeth Luna Cory MacKay Stephen Madrosen Christopher Malloy Itzury Martinez Natalia Martinez Tyler Maxfield Kelsea McNaughton Kaela Meixner Delissia Melgarejo Alex Mendez Corey Merchant Ashley Meredith Taya Mick Kelsey Miler

102-109_2-13833_000.indd 106

3/6/2012 1:19:37 PM

Matthew Mills Daniel Mitchell Kyle Moore Jaime Mora Dorcas Muange Lindsay Nastav Conrad Naydiuk Lane Nelson Brenna Newman Ashley Nguyen Kirsten Nichols Jack Nielsen Vastine Niyomwungere Adam Nobes Molly Mae O’Halloran Michael O’Shea

Heidi Pedersen Trent Pederson Deseray Perez Brett Peterson Paul Pham Brandon Pitts

I t ’ s [ J u n i o r S ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Lydia Palmquist Austin Parker Melissa Parra Hunter Pattock Austin Peacock Kylee Pearson

106 | 107

Paulo Ochoa Cabrera Jordyn Olofson Brett Olson Katrina Owens Jacob Palmer Claire Palmiter

Anastasia Popova Tristan Press Alicia Ramage Enrique Ramirez Alvarez Juan Carlos Raya Claire Rehmke Savannah Reimer Sawyer Rhinevault Danny Rice Dacia Rincon Edgar Rivera-Bautista Paul Roberts

102-109_2-13833_000.indd 107

3/6/2012 1:19:40 PM

Jorge Rojas Adylene Romero Melissa Romero Luis Romero Zamora Austin Rose Sean Royse Nicholas Rumley Bianka Salazar Luis Salgado Jaime Salmeron Favio Sanchez Gutierrez Quinn Santangelo Salvador Santos Kais Saradi Jessica Saray Haley Schaeffer Sara Seid Austin Siliang Thomas Simon Amanda Smith Maya Smith Melissa Smith Alex Sobolevskiy Yaroslav Sokol Remy Somsanith Austin Spicer Alexis Stamp Jeff Stanton Kelcey Stauffer Sarah Steinbrugge Macey Steketee Trevor Stephen Jessie Stone Shelby Strand Paige Sturdavant Tori Sturgill Austin Talbot Meranda Taylor Marisol Tello Tanya Tevs Abigail Thompson Randy Thompson Paige Thurman Micah Tolai Taylor Tramposh Hailee Trapold Tierra Treloggen Whitney Turcol

102-109_2-13833_000.indd 108

3/6/2012 1:19:43 PM

Cristian Ubaldo Cristian Urzua Brayan Valencia Cody Van Dyke Hannah VanBrunt Kameryn Vandehey Charlie Vang Chelsie Vaughn Abner Vazquez Jennifer Velazquez Sally Veunnasack Delilah Villegas Austin Vinsonhaler David Vorobets Jake Wagner Pearly Walton Tyler Warneke Eden Wasmer

Alyssa Wilson David Wilson Dj Wilson Ellie Wilson Ben Wolsborn Alexis Wright Tiffany Yang Melissa York Vanessa Zapata-Gonzalez Dayana Zaragoza Katarina Zarate Silvia Zurita

I t ’ s [ J u n i o r S ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Alicia Welsh Dusty Wheeler Randi Wicht Abbie Williams Dea’Montae Willingham

108 | 109

Rebecca Weathers

camera shy: Itan Altamirano Caleb Anderson Chris Anderson Cindy Aranda Ivette Avalos Lizzy Babicz Jonas Benoit Boetel Meagan Tyler Burt Ruby Busch Austin Dellarosa Betty Euan Dzib Robert Esparza

Joshua Farley Juan Frenandez Michael Finnigan Derek Galarza Emery Galindo Andrew Gillen Howard Hagen Alicia Halvorson Samie Harris Jesse Jones Ashley Kibbe Citlaly Leon Darby Lockamy

102-109_2-13833_000.indd 109

Haley McDonald Alin Mihaltan Anthony Morales David Nelson Willie O’Ree Haley Parker Allan Parson Cindy Peinado Sawyer Rhinevault Javon Robinson Hector Rodriguez Vilga Sanchez Nicole Stein hauer

Kayla Stuva Sergio Villegas-Paz Brandon White Jamee Wilkendorf Brittanie Wilson Jesse Winkler Darya Zabrodchenko Javon Robinson Hector Rodriguez Vilga Sanchez Nicole Steinhauer Kayla Stuva Sergio Villegas-Paz

Brandon White Jamee Wilkendorf Brttanie Wilson Jesse Winkler Darya Zabrodchenko

3/6/2012 1:19:45 PM

110-111_2-13833_000.indd 110

5/1/2012 1:51:12 PM

110-111_2-13833_000.indd 111

5/1/2012 1:51:13 PM

seniors You know you are a senior when you’re hit with the sudden realization that the real world is near. This is the end of the four years of being involved in after school activities, IB courses, and social events. This is the point where all of your hard work has paid off; where you feel proud to accept the diploma that is near. With the complications of our lives, it is hard to balance everything, which strikes most seniors with senioritis: a crippling illness that leads to most seniors suffering from symptoms such as comatose behavior, unrestrained wearing of sweatpants, old T-shirts and sweatshirts, a lack of studying, skipping classes, and an uninterested attitude. The only known cure for this crippling disease is the miracle known as graduation.

112-113_2-13833_000.indd 112

4/8/2012 12:50:43 PM

Allen, Brodie

Alacorn, Diana

Aicher, Nick

Ahl, Monica

Ackerman, Kyle 112-113_2-13833_000.indd 113

“FAAAAAAA-C-T, R.I.P. Mr. Snow”

Becker, Tyler

“Hope for the best, expect the worst.”

Bernabo, Tony “Shine your light before men, so that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” -Matthew 5:16

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“The key to immortality if first living a life worth remembering.” -Bruce Lee

Berndt, Jeremy

“Life is short, there’s no messing around. Live life to the fullest until the day you go down.” - J. Boog

Benson, Morgan

Bennett, Erik “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away.” -Maya Angelou

Beach, Sarah

Balonzo, Jayna

Baker, Julian

Baird, Matthew Benancio, Marina

“People who think they know everything are annoying to those of us who do.”

“There is a lot of pressure put on me, but i don’t put a lot of pressure on myself. I feel if I play my game, it will take care of itself.”

It’s [ Seniors ac-be ] Complicated

“I already am, always was and still have time to be.”

Austin, Chris

Armstrong, Cody

Angeles, Cris

Alter, Sam

Allen, Conner

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

112 | 113


“Bro, dey bomb ma house.” -Lee Chung

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you.” -Matthew 7:7

“Hope for the best, plan for the worst.”

“How do you expect a man who’s warm to understand a man who’s cold?”

4/8/2012 12:50:48 PM

114-115_2-13833_000.indd 114

“Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser.”

Burgwin, Mason “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”

Carr, Caleb

Casteel, Lorena

Brummel, Amanda

Burchell, Evan

“Lord, protect me from my friends, I can take care of my enemies.”

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Cameron, Will

“If you don’t want a sarcastic answer, don’t ask a stupid question.”

Brashear, Katie

Boyd, Kyle



“Chrispopger P.P.P.C. off topic alive.” -GBK

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” -Martin Luther

“if you dont stand for something, you will fall for anything” -Malcolm X

Cameron, Dwight

busse, Hunter

“I love these pretzels, they make me wetzels.”

“All you need is love. That, and good reflexes.”

“Stay humble, stay hungry, stay dedicated.”

Brown, Nicole

Brown, Annie

“Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.”




Bielawski, Courtney

Bertholomey, Jacky bLANCHARD, tRAVIS

“Screws fall out all the time, the world is an imperfect place.”

“It’s not the years in your life but the life in your years.”

“Live life to the fullest.”

4/8/2012 9:17:03 AM

Chin, Brian

Chase, Cara

Chamberlain, Erin

Castellanos, Maria

Castellano, Belicia “What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.”

“If you really want to change the world - really change the world become an engineer.”

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.” -Philip-

Courtney, Cory “To get through the hardest journey, we need to take one step at a time, but we keep on stepping.”

Cummins, Daniel

Councilman, Danielle

cROMOGA, Athena “Get through high school before having a kid.”

“live everyday like it’s your last, because you don’t know when your last one will be”.

Cromoga, Hailey

Copeland, Baily

Cooke, Tim Cramblett, ashley

Cox, Garrison

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened and always remember.” -Baily Copeland

It’s [ Seniors Be-cu ] Complicated

Constien, Joseph

“Never regret. If it’s good it’s wonderful. If it’s bad it’s an experience.”

“I just want to say hi from 18 year old Joey. Young Joey lives forever.”

114-115_2-13833_000.indd 115

114 | 115

“Obstacles are put in our way to see if we really want to reach our goals, or if we just thought we did.”

Conner, Victoria

Cole, Whittney

Cochran, Aaron

Clemenson, Grace

Clements, Erin

pians 2:3

“Living life without fear is easier said than done.”

4/8/2012 9:17:10 AM

“You have to spend money to make money.”

116-117_1-23456_000.indd 116

“Don’t start none, won’t be none.”

“I’ll trade y’all a pack of Busch an a bag o’ fries for that their truck, ya hear?”

DeCourcey, Savanah dietz, trevor

diaz-hernandez, juanita

eda, mayumi

“R.I.P. Mr. Snow”

“Doesn’t matter how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can get hit and still get back up.”

“Smile, it makes people wonder what you are thinking.”

fellows, cassie

“Sorry bro, just trying to boost my rep!” Prrt.

“Lead me to the truth and I will follow you with my whole life.”

“It’s a Juan-derful world!”

earley, trevor

dunlap, kevin

“This week your lucky day is Saturday. Enjoy the fun!” -Fortune cookie

farrer, michael

“We do not remember days we remember moments”

eva ns, colton

eska, Brandon

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” -Japanese Proverb

“ is an improvisation. You have no idea what’s going to happen next and you are mostly just making things up as you go along.” -Stephen Colbert

fast, brandon

de la cerda, Rigo “Tastes like heaven, burns like hell.”

downing, keiko

donnelly, jessica

“Don’t be a crouton.”

“When life gets rough, never give up.”

dezellem, eric

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass... It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”

Davis, Katie

Dahlke, Krista

Dahl, Kelsea

D’Agostino, dilynn Dela cruz-diaz, tiannah

“Just smile.”

Freshman Year: “On...IB won’t be your life” Senior Year: “Life? Is that some sort of novel?”

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart; lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” - Proverbs 3:5-6

4/10/2012 12:54:09 AM

garriot, andria gonzales, yancy

gjesdal, taylor

Carrasco-gomez, gio gubchak, arnold

“I’ll be back.”

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”

“Love the life you live, live the life you love.” -Bob Marley

hill, sarah

“When nothing goes right, go left.”

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

hardgrove, mackenzie

“Good is the enemy to great.”

hill, abby

hazard, kaia

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” -Taylor Gjesdal

gould, nicole

gordon, josh hartung, lauryn 116-117_1-23456_000.indd 117

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”

“I live through words, not metaphors.” - Scott Muscudi

I t ’ s [ S e n i o r s d a - h i ] C o m p l ic a t e d

gormley, cj

“The only thing to fear is fear itself” -FDR

“And the Lord said unto John, Come fourth and you shall receive eternal life...But John came fifth, and won a toaster.”

“If you’re gonna regret it in the morning, sleep in!”

“Just doin’ it live!”

hernandez, Diana

gifford, morriah

girdan, elizabeth

“AARRHHHHUNNNGH!!!” -Chewbacca

116 | 117


garcia, leo

gandara, sam

gabrielson, marcus

frilot, lindsey “Slowly but soon we can be together again.” -Lisa Frilot

“Take time to love, to hear, to see. But most of all take time to be.” - Crystal Fannon

4/10/2012 12:54:13 AM

“Do, or do not. There is no try.”

118-119_2-13833_000.indd 118

Huggett, Trey Kemp, Monica

“Truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth suffering for.”

Klym, Alex

Kitchen, TJ “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

“Nur wer gegen den Strom schwimmt, kommt an die Quelle.”

“Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Kobayashi, Nicole

Kaufman, Kevin

Kelley, Spencer

“I’m winning!”

“When I can see my own breath, that’s when I know it’s too cold to just wear my underwear.”

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” -Michael Jordan

Joeris, Sarah

jiron, justin

Hunter, Cody “Our greatest fear isn’t that we are inadequate, it is that we’re powerful beyond measure.” -Dr. Anton Armstrong

Kimble, Wade

Kennard, Chris

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

“When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back: get mad! I don’t want your lemons, what am I supposed to do with these?!” -Cave Johnson

“Change is inevitable. Know that nothing ever stays the same.”

Johnson, Taylor

Johnson, Ashley

“You will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” -Spongebob Squarepants

“You don’t know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.”

jaurigue, Aylah

“You cannot beat death. But you can beat death in life, sometimes, and the more you do that the more light you will spread in the world.”

Horgan, Natasha

Holmes, Kassee

Hockley, Tanner

Hillenbrand, Jacob humphrey, Megan

“A is for ‘airborne’, I is for ‘in the sky’, R is for ‘rough and tough’, B is for ‘born to die’, O is for ‘on the go’, R is for ‘ranger’, N is for ‘never quit’, E is for ‘every day’. I want to be an airborne ranger. Live a life of guts and danger.”

“Time you enjoy wasting is never wasted time. - John Lennon

It’s not talent, it’s desire. If you want it, you’ll get it. Nothing happens unless you believe in yourself.

4/8/2012 9:25:46 AM

118-119_2-13833_000.indd 119

“It’s astounding, time is fleeting, madness takes it’s toll. Let’s do the time warp again!” -Riff Raff

Lane, Nikole Linares, Rebeca

Lilly, john

Lucas, Timmy

“You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still, like air, I rise.” Maya Angelov

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Mandzij, Corbin

“Keep moving forward.”

Magistrado, Erik

“No matter what you do, your heart will forever be at home on the endless road.”

MacClanathan, Jacob

Lustig, Sina “Live every day in your life, like it would be the last for you.”

Louie, Gregory

Lloyd, Ashley

Linn, jordan “Put a bird on it!”

Lutz, Sabreena

“Party like it’s 1999!”

“Have you ever wondered if there is more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?” -Derek zoolander

I t ’ s [ S e n i o r s H i - M a ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Lindhorst, Sierra

“Love, before it’s too late. Smile, because you can.” - Jill Lauderback

“Life is like photography. We develop from negatives.”

118 | 119

“A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous.” -Coco Chanel

“You are stronger than you seen, braver than you believe, and smarter than you think.” -Winnie the Pooh

Laxton, Briana

Lauderback, jillian

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” - Albert Einstein

Kveton, Kurtis

Kristensen, hanna

Krenzer, Kaitlyn

Korst, Preston Lastivka, Jessica

“I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger.”

“He who is not courageousenought to take risks will accomplish nothing in llife.”

4/8/2012 9:25:54 AM

120-121_2-13833_000.indd 120

McAllister, Samantha Miller, Kevin

Miller, Brittany

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you . If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. - Michael Jordan

“Always remember you are unique... just like everyone else.”

Moore, Taylor

“People don’t cause accidents, accidents cause people.”

“Believe in your dreams... they are ready and waiting to come true.”

McVay, Victoria

McMurray, Dani

McKenzie, Aly

“You can dream what you become and, you can become what you dream.” Nela Center

Molina, Annaly

Mitchell, Ryan “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that.” ~ Albus Dumbledore

Monnie, Mikayla

Mejia, Cinthya “One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching.”

“Be perfect and life won’t suck.”

Moody, Kirsten

“Goodnight, and if there’s an apocalypse, good luck. Bazinga!”

Merritt, Josh

McGill, Heidi

“May the force be with you.”

Mendez, Maria

“Live it up!”

Masterson, Kyle

Martinez, Marcus

Martin, Reed

mann, Macie McCauley, Sami

“Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.” -Holly Golightly

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

4/8/2012 9:26:32 AM

120-121_2-13833_000.indd 121

Myers, Taylor “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

Parkinson, Kendra

Palmquist, Alex “Well behaved women never make history.”

“Nothing in the world is perfect. You have to find your own perfection.”

Norton, Nicole

Nguyen, Gia Huy

Nguyen, Gia Han

“A smile is the universal welcome.” -Max Eastman

“Success starts with believing in yourself.”

Padilla, Ali “Tell me I’m pretty.”

“Look at this.”

nedelisky, Annie

Nead, Anya

Narro, Gabe

Nannini, Kadyn nelson, Hannah Ortiz, Eduardo

neffendorf, Amanda O’Brien, Savannah “When nothing goes right, go left.”

“Let the word go forth.... that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans.” -John F. Kennedy

“Don’t go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path... and leave a trail.”

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve had memories.”

I t ’ s [ S e n i o r s M a - P a ] C o mp l ic a t e d

“I believe that life is a prize, but to live doesn’t mean you’re alive.”

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” -Isaiah 54:17

120 | 121

“Look at that.”

“For I know the plans I have for you.” declared the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plance to give you hope and a future.” - Jeremiah 29:11

Murray, Owen

Mott, Clay

Morris, Paige

Morris, Joelle Celena, Nafarrate

“Success comes best when it is what you love and believe in.”

“Dude stop, prrt.”

“I am so excited about Canadians ruling the world.” -John Diefenbaker

4/8/2012 9:26:38 AM

“Fall down six times, stand up seven” -Japanese Proverb

phearson, Brad

pham, peter

rafalski, daniel

“Just good ol’ boys having a dang good time.”

“Someone once said ‘if you love what you do for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life’”

“That was not a waste of time!”

rekdahl, logan

reid, morgan

“Whatcha know ‘bout super fast.. super slow?”

reese, tiara

ramirez, jenny

reed, raistlin

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass...It is about learning to dance in the rain.”

“Dance is to express, not to impress.”

pukay, vasiliy

petersen, anthony

phillips, laura

phillips, hannah

“I don’t remember how to fail!”

polon, menni

parrish, christian

peetz, kerri ann “I’m hoping for a zombie apocalypse in 2012, I’m fairly sure I can survive that.”

“Whatever doesn’t break you only makes you stronger.” -Chris Brown

“It’s been real, it’s been fun. But it hasn’t been real fun.”

“I put the ‘pro’ in procrastination.”

“Never give up on it, just work hard on it.”

122-123_2-13833_000.indd 122

“Unless someone like me cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

roque, dulce

roebuck, thomas

robertson, andy

rice, taylor

rezayee, suhiba

Jenny Ramirez

“Carrit the car puncher. prrt.”

“Don’t give up because of a little rain and wind. Instead use an umbrella and embrace the storm.”

4/10/2012 12:56:35 AM

sparks, ali

schwab, morgan

sprando, danielle

“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

“Shh! Don’t tell my diet!”

“It’s better to cross the line and suffer the consequences than just stare at the line for the rest of your life.”

sitthisakuldej, chalita SMITH, Shay

“Sometimes life stops you when you’re too small to do big things, but even the impossible is possible.”

“I intend to live forever. So far, so good.”

statler, alex

simms, taylor SMITH, ricky

SMITH, ashley souza, alyssa

“Nothing in this world is random; Everything is purpose.”

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called present.”

“Don’t try to change the world, but don’t let the world change you.” -JS

“Blondes have more FUN!”

I t ’ s [ S e n i o r s P a - S t ] C o m p l ic a t e d

SMITH, cole

“No path is darker than when your eyes are closed.”

“Life moves too fast to not slow down and enjoy it once is a while.”

“BH till we die. Prrt.”

122 | 123

smart, ashley

“James 5:13-20”

shephard, sydney

sewall, katie

“Believe that dreams come true everyday.... because they do.”

“Mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

sorensen, kaitlyn

scholer, aric

schofield, riley

sause, david

rosales, daniel segura, cristal

“Life is a struggle, you have to work to put a smile on it.”

“It’s not the circumstances that determine who you’re going to be, but how you deal with these problems and pains that come your way.”

Alyssa Souza

122-123_2-13833_000.indd 123

4/10/2012 12:56:42 AM

“My friends (you know who you are), graduation isn’t the end for us.”

Stickell, Lane

Stevens, Kyle Talent, Zoey

Tano, Charmaine

“There are three types of baseball players: those who watch it happen, those who wonder what happens, and those who make it happen. I’m the latter.”

Thelander, Braden

Thill, Jasmine

“Everything is so beautiful”

“Beauty is an essence that is give to every woman at her creation.”

Tolvstad, Brent

Tovar, diana

townley, Alex

“I am not afraid...I was born to do this.” - Joan Of Arc

Tinkle, Allen

Thom, Heather 124-125_2-13833_000.indd 124

“Chunder free is the way to be.”

“Avoid the clap.”

Terry, Clarice

“What man is a man who does not try to make the world better?”

“Have fun, play well with others, and make good decisions.” -Bruse Tarbet

“You like to see hobo’s naked, that’s cool.”

Sundquist, Jacob

Stout, Josh

“An artist is nothing without a muse, let your love shine and inspire the world.”

Taylor, Jared

Tarbet, nathan

“Forget your age, remember your birthdays.”

Stevens, Dylan

Stephens, Alex

Steiner, Katelyn Stinson, Ciara

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”

“You Can’t Regret it if you were trying.”

“Hold past to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly” - Hughes

“Take Every chance, drop every fear”

4/10/2012 1:02:05 AM

Turpen, Kaitlyn

Turner, Michaila

Vega, Laticia Walls, Ashley “Be water, my friend.”

Wierschke, Sadie

“Remember why you are here and why you are alive. Have faith in your dreams no matter how far they might seem.”

“If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.”

“If i had a dollar for every brain you didn’t have, I’d have one dollar.” -Squidward

Wilkinson, Nick

Vorobyov, Anthony

Volk, tori

“Life is a game. Most people play to win, I play for fun. LOL.”

West, Bryce

Velasquez, Brandy Warner, Grant

Velasco, Santiago Walton, Sarah 124-125_2-13833_000.indd 125

“If you don’t want people to find out, don’t do it.”

“Life is hard only if you make it that way.”

I t ’ s [ S e n i o r s s t - w i ] C o m p l ic a t e d

“Whatever you end up doing, make sure you are happy doing it.”

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12

“The path to Paradise isn’t always paved.”

124 | 125

“11:11, make a wish!”

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

“To look at the world through the underside of a glass bottom boat.”

Vasquez, Endy

Vang, Emily

“I’m glad we had those times together, just to laugh and sing a song. It seems we just got started but now, our time to be together, is gone.”

Vanveen, Tabitha

Tripp, Kellie

Triplett, Sarah

Treloggen, Jonathan U’Ren, Lauren

“You going to eat that?”

“Uh, there’s a half-dead-fat-man eating a dead-fat-man... Am I the only one who realized?.. Oh, okay.”

4/10/2012 1:02:11 AM

you might miss the chance to be successful.”

“The boss knows what he’s doing.” -Ronaldinho

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“Remember the past and honor the future!”

“Roll a reflex save...”

Hanson, Dylan

“Ever tired? Ever failed? It doesn’t matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

Francois, Trevor

Young, Jo

Young, Jacob “You have to want to be successful more

than you want to sleep, because if you sleep

Yeakle, Clark

Yanez, Jorge

Yacapin, Amanda

Woodring. Kira

Wilson, Andrew Yerkes, Maria

“Laugh as much as you breath and love as long as you live.”

“Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it.” -Pre

Camera Shy Abshire, Trevon Aguirre Carrasco, Jessica Alverson, Teddy Baez-Duarte, Luis Edgar Ballantyne, Colleen Beegle, Kehrsten BenderJR, Dannell Berkey, Jonathan Bernard, Ozieanna Bonifacio, Joshua Bruce, Darryn Bubnova, Veronika Butler-Stroughter, Alex Calkins Kromer, Matt Campbell, Jeffrey Carrasco-Gomez, Alex Ceja Ramirez, Adrian Cha, Vicky Chacon, Jason Chan, John Christon Choa, David

126-127_2-13833_000.indd 126

Chism, Amy Clark, Na’Vaellie Cook, Ryn Cord, Andrea Cortes, Paola Crainic, Eddie Cundy, Samantha De Jesus, Adair DeJesus, Rebeca Decair, Christopher Delgado, Jesus Delgado, Luis Delgado, Maria Diaz, Jacob Dominguez, Yeni Duenas, Crisol Dzib, Cat Enriquez, Kiah Equihua, Chaudia Escutia, Jordan Estrada, Brisa

Fisk, Michael Floyd, Jonathan Foix, Jory Fuller, Alex Gibson, Calvin Gonzalez-Lopez, Pedro Graham, Jorgen Gurme, Gurme Guzman, Luis Hagen, Rhiannon Hamilton, Dekwandre Hardy, Chris Harrison, Alex Hathaway, Nikkita Hauck, Brandon Hemblyuk, Inna Hernandez, Alfredo Hernandez, Monica Hernandez-Sanchez, Jose Hoard, Cole Hofmann, Teddy

Holland, Adam Huff, Tiffany Hunt, Jacob Krakowski, Clayton Kratz, Jonathan Kunda, Veronika Lamberton, Jaedon Lazar, Rebeca Leathers, Stephen Leete, Eric Lewis, Vincent Li, Jialun Lopez, Alina Lopez, Osvaldo Lor, Xo Lovan, Lakoda Lovan, Lathanyol Luna, Eric Lupanov, Anna Maceda De Jesus, Victor Majeski, Nicole

4/10/2012 1:03:24 AM

Spencer, Lonnie

Popova, Sofiya

Pettigrew, Leslie

higgins, SAge

Oniyima, Ifunanya


“I remember the little things that happen in life because later down the road those are the memories that matter the most.”

“If you walk into a room and nobody’s head turns, you’re doing something wrong.”

126 | 127

Marin, Xiomara Martinez, Laura Martinez, Maria McCoy, Angelo Mednikova, Natalya Mejia, Christain Menera, Cynthia Merino, Alma Million, Mitch Moore, Dillon Moreno, Itzayana Muange, Micheal Ndayishimiye, Adeline Newell, Corey Ngo, Kelly Olmos, Miguel Osegueda, Isabel Page, Jacob Palmer, Andrew Pauker, Talon

126-127_2-13833_000.indd 127

Pech, Jennifer Perez, Erika Perez, Joseline Pineda, Pedro Pipchenko, Andrey Poon, Michelle Radocchia, Emalie Ramirez, Eddie Ramsden, Courtney Raya-Figueroa, Lizeth Real Sanabia, Roxana Reddy, Naivan Reed, Amanda Remsen, Robert Rendon, Paloma Resendiz, Eduardo Reyes, Noe Rivera, Johnathan Roberts, Bianca Robinson, Arie

Robles, Monica Saetern, Tommy Salazar-Lemus, Luis Sanchez, Kimberly Santos Avendano, Marco Santos, Lourdes Scott, J.T. Sek, Vitou Shaw, Tyler Showalter, Brent Sierra, Yuvi Simmons, Andrew Smith, Christopher Soule, Cody Spitzengel, Chris Stewart, Dustin Stilwell, Nick Studer, Zach Travis, Maya Turk, Angelique

Ubaldo, Dianet Vandenbroeke, Kit Vasquez, Alvaro Villano, Cesar Walker, James Webber, Emily Weber, Crystal Westby, Taylor White, Khalyl Wickham, Brandy Williams, Brittiny Williams, Robin Wingler, Christopher Zacarias, Jesus Zhyryada, Radion

I t ’ s [ S e n i o r s w i - z H ] C o m p l ic a t e d


“Some people spend a lifetime wondering if they made a difference, marines don’t have that problem.”

4/10/2012 1:03:26 AM

Diana Alarcon

Brodie Allen

To my loving dear Diana, Congratulation! I’m very proud of you. May you have the courage to go after the things you want, and the perseverance to keep working until you get them. Your beautiful voice has filled my heart with joy. Sweetie, I will always be there for you. Follow your dreams.

Brodie, We are so very proud of you! We have truly enjoyed watching you grow up. Love you Brodie, Mom, Dad, Emily, Grandma and Grandpa

I love you always, Mom

Tyler Becker

Connor Allen

Dear Tyler, We are very proud of you. You will succeed in whatever you do.

Connor, it’s hard to believe that our last child is graduating and leaving home. You have been a joy to us and it has been fun watching you mature. We know that you will be successful in whatever you choose because you have proven it many times. Remember who you are and to call home occasionally.

We love you, Mom, Dad and Cody

Love, Mom and Dad

Matthew Baird Dear Matthew, You did it! From the first day of Kindergarten till your last day of High School it has been fun to watch you learn and grow into the fine young man you have become. Always remember that learning doesn’t stop just because you aren’t in school anymore. Strive to become a better person every day and you will have a wonderful life. The future is yours, go get it. Keep imagining and creating. Love, Dad, Mom, and Savanna

Morgan Benson Dear Bubba, You have brought us so much joy. High school has been a journey marked with some challenges, but you allowed God to work through those challenges and mold you into the man you are becoming. Continue to run the race God has marked before you, at the finish awaits your great reward. Love, Mommy and Daddy

Tony Bernabo Dear Tony, Now that you are about to graduate and move on with your life, we wanted to tell you something: you are not ours. Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Bernabo

128-129_2-13833_000.indd 128

4/10/2012 1:13:59 AM

Courtney Bielawsky

Katie Brashear

Katie, You have grown into a beautiful, strong woman. I don’t know where the time has gone. It seems just like yesterday you were starting Kindegarden, and now you are graduating high school. I am so proud of you and I know you will do great things.

Courtney, You’re an adventurous girl who is never afraid to try new things. You stand up for your beliefs, and are determined to reach every goal you set. These qualities will take you far in life and bring you success. We are very proud of the woman you are. You are absolutely “fun and exciting”! We love you, Courtney!

All our love, Mom and Your #1 Fan Club: Ashley, Granny, Grumpy, Aunt Shelly and Uncle Tim, Aiden, Granny K, Dad, Papa, Ariel and Max and your 3 Guardian Angels: Grandma, Sissy and Mimi

Mason Burgwin

Aleck Blanger Aleck, You were such an easy child to raise and it’s been a joy to watch you mature into a handsome young man. You have a generous kind heart, a strong work ethic, and are determined and passionate. Stay true to yourself and may all of these qualities help you to succeed in all your endeavors.

Love, Mom and Dad

Love, Mom and Eidar

Baby Emma, You’re beginning the next chapter of your life. We’re proud of you for accomplishing your high school dreams and goals. It’s been fun riding with you through your journey! Softball, Cheer leading, Choir, ASB, Homecoming float building, Dances... you enjoyed every second of high school. How quickly the years went! Each “First Last Time” your senior year

128-129_2-13833_000.indd 129

has led you to walk toward your diploma and your future. Cherish each experience you had and the friendships you gained. We admire you for being a true light in this world, loyal friend with a contagious laugh, and of course... an awesome softball player. You’re ready for the world. Go get your dreams baby......PLAY BALL! We love you, Mama and Papa

I t ’ s [ B aby G o phe r s ] C o mplicated

Emma Bird

128 | 129

Mason, We will always be proud of you in all that you do. Believe in yourself and you will succeed in life. You are our heart and soul, our reason for being. We love you baby. Congratulations.

4/10/2012 1:14:00 AM

Hunter Busse

Annie Brown


Dear Annie,

We have loved you from the moment you were born. With every passing year, you grew into the bright, confident man that we love today. Your composure, sportsmanship, loyalty, sense of humor, creativity, compassion and optimism make you our pride and joy. With a bright and wonderful future, we wish you a life of adventure, love and happiness that is so deserved.

You made it! We are so proud of you. On with the future. May you reach the goals you always dreamed of. Love, Mom,Dad and Jake

Love, Mom and Dad

Maria Castellanos

Cara Chase Dear Cara: You have grown from our precious little ballerina into an incredible young woman. You have the kindest heart in the world and bless us with wonderful music, graceful dance and your beauty inside and out.

Maria Tortilla Quesadilla Nicole Castellanos (a.k.a. Beans) We are so very proud of the young woman you are becoming! Reach for the stars baby and if you fall along the way, pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes! Wisdom cannot be bought, only acquired through

living life. With wisdom comes strength, courage, and ever increasing peace. Your family is here for you always! We love you to the moon and back and more!

We are more proud of you than you know and your future is a gift to the world.

Love, Dad, Mom, and Madison

Love, Mom, Dad, and Kristin!

Erin Clements Still cute as a button! Enjoy the world and everything it has to offer. Love, Mom and Dude

130-131_2-13833_000.indd 130

4/10/2012 11:51:37 AM

Victoria Conner Dear Victoria,

130 | 131

We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. From the moment you were born you have always given us so much joy and happiness. Now that you are graduating from high school and becoming an adult, we know that you will continue to be successful in anything that you choose to do. Stand firm in your convictions, be true to yourself and always look to find your strength in God. Love always, Mom and Dad

“...and this is my prayer: That your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight.” Phillippians 1:9

Joey, we are so very proud of you and your accomplishments. We love you with all of our hearts. Mom and Dad


Joey Constien

Danielle Councilman “To our baby girl” who has grown into a beautiful woman. Daddy and I are so blessed to have such a great daughter but, most of all, a best friend. You are going to do so many great things in life so remember and cherish them all. You were the greatest birthday gift. Forever and Always Love, Dad and Mom

Krista Dahlke Krista Rae Hooray, Hooray, What a wonderful day! We have a granddaughter named Krista Rae. She’s so cute its plain to see, God has blessed this family. Her eyes are bright, as bright as can be. Just take one look and you will see, We all love this baby named Krista Rae. Love, Mom and Grandpa

130-131_2-13833_000.indd 131

4/10/2012 11:51:38 AM

Dear Trevor, Watching you grow into the amazing young man you are has been a wonderful adventure. From the day you were born, we knew time would pass too quickly, and it has. We have enjoyed watching you compete in many sports throughout the years, especially the one you have devoted most of your life to, basketball. What a strong, smart, hard working and unselfish team player you are! Your work ethic has carried over to the classroom this year as well, you’ve exceeded every

Trevor Dietz expectation we’ve had for you. We are very proud of you and know you will have a bright, successful future. Now go take care of business! With love always, Mom and Dad ---Trevor, I can’t believe my little Pumpkin is old enough to graduate! Congratulations! Love ya, “Sister” :)

Taylor Gjesdal Taylor, We are so proud of you, and all you have accomplished in your life so far, and even greater things are yet to come. You have worked so hard to be successful, and have done it all with gracefulness, determination, dedication, humor, poise and confidence.

With these remarkable qualities, you will always have the ability to accomplish your goals and dreams. You are an amazing daughter and sister! We love you very much! Mom, Dad and Ashlee

Eric Dezellem Eric, Happy Senior Year! We’re very proud of you. We enjoy your sense of humor and admire you for your diligence in pursuing your goals and loving loyalty to your friends, family and God. Thanks for being an awesome son! Love, Dad and Mom

Mackenzie Hardgrove Mackenzie, We love you always and forever. You are a strong individual with a great sense of humor. Let no one change you and “make way for the positive day.” Never lose that beautiful, crooked smile. Love, Mom and Dad, Quintin and Devin

132-133_2-13833_000.indd 132

4/10/2012 11:29:04 AM

Lindsey Frilot Dear Lindsey, Words cannot express how proud we are of all your accomplishments. Your hard work, determination and dedication will help you succeed in college and in the career path that you choose. Follow your dreams and we know that you will accomplish great things! Love, Grammy and Grandpa

“You hold a bright star in your hand…Now, go hang it in the waiting sky!”

132 | 133

Congratulations!! I’m so proud of you.

Lindsey, It’s hard to believe you are graduating from high school. You have grown up so fast! You are my amazing little girl that has worked so hard. Keep up the hard work. Always remember how much I love you and how proud I am of you. CONGRATULATIONS! Love, Dad

Sage Higgins Sage, Words can not describe how proud we are of the driven young man you have become. We know, from watching you thrive with integrity through hardships and challenges only to come out stronger, that you will succeed in every aspect of life Congratulations, Love always, Mom and Dad

132-133_2-13833_000.indd 133

I t ’ s [ B aby G o p h e rs ] C om p licat e d

Love, Mommy

4/10/2012 1:18:17 AM

Abby Hill

Cole Hoard

Abby girl, Abracadabra, Mouth, You continue to awe us as you grow into the woman you will be. Your talent, kindness, determination, and self awareness will help you as you prepare to embark on life’s next journey. Hold on tight to your memories and friendships and continue to be as self confident, determined and gracious as you have always been.

Cole, Congratulations! We are so proud of you. We know you will be a huge success in whatever you do! Lots of love, Mom, Dad and Ethan

Lots of Love, Mom, Jess, G and G Hodges

Trey Huggett Congratulations to our Little Tater did it! We are proud of all your hard work. Your great sense of humor and loyalty will lead you on many great adventures. Love you forever, Mom, Sean, Jordan, and Emmy Congratulations! You can do anything you set your mind to.

Megan Humphrey

Megan, Seems like yesterday we brought you home from the hospital. You had your days and nights mixed up and still do. You have grown into a beautiful, strong-willed woman, with a wicked sense of humor. I am looking forward to the next chapter of your life. Be happy. Love, Mom

Love, G’ma Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. Harriet Tubman

Megan, I wish you good health and much happiness. Good luck in achieving your dreams. Life goes by very fast, hang on and enjoy the ride! Love, Grammy

134-135_2-13833_000.indd 134

4/8/2012 10:39:16 AM

Ashley Johnson Ashley, It seems like yesterday you brightened the world with your arrival and now you are graduating from high school. I’m confident you will accomplish all you set your mind to. You are beautiful, creative, smart and one of the strongest people I know. Dream big, baby girl! You will make a difference in this world. Keep God close and remember I will always be one of your biggest fans and supporters. I could not be more proud!


Taylor Johnson

Our bright shining star, our Broadway Baby! We are so proud of you and all you accomplish with such grace, kindness and style! You never cease to amaze and prove that faith, hard work, positive attitude and determination can get a person far. Embrace life with that same passion and energy that you’ve applied to everything you’ve already accomplished. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING you set your mind to. Baby, you’re a firework! Love you with all our hearts, Mom, Dad, and Fletch!

Love, 134 | 135


I t ’ s [ B aby G ophers ] C omplicated

Preston Korst

T.J. Kitchen

It seems like just yesterday you were born. Now our “baby” is graduating from high school. You are an amazing person, Preston. We are so very proud of you. You will succeed in all that you set out to accomplish. Always keep your faith. Jesus will guide you.

Son, I can’t believe this day is here. You have truly grown into an amazing young man. We could not be more lucky to call you our son. You make us so proud. We love you, Mom and Dad

We love you so much! Mom, Dad, Krista and Stockton

Nicole Kobayashi Dear Nicole, You have brought so much joy and happiness in our lives. We are very proud of your accomplishments, your integrity, and your faith. Your drive and ambition will carry you to achieve anything you choose. Nicole don’t cry for what you are leaving behind, but smile for what lies ahead for you!

Nikole Lane From the first moment I saw you, I knew that you were special and as the years passed, I knew that to be true. I know that you will be successful in life with whatever you choose to do. I am so proud of you and always will be. Love, Mom

Love, Dad, Mom, Ashley and Princess-Kimo too

134-135_2-13833_000.indd 135

4/8/2012 10:39:17 AM

Erin Chamberlain

In just a blink of an eye, here we are. There is no measure of my love, joy and support for you as you move to the next chapter and beyond. I am so very proud of you and the person you are. It will be one of my greatest privileges to witness your successes! I love you with all my heart. Mom

Kurtis Kveton

Kurtis, Time never seems faster than a parents youngest child graduates. Raising you, being a part of your life and watching you grow and mature into the terrific person you are today has been such a great pleasure. You have brought so much happiness and laughter into our home. As you move onto the next phases of your life, there are going to be so many tremendous opportunities for you. Just remember to keep looking forward. Love, Mom

Amanda Neffendorf

Amanda. You are a beautiful and caring daughter, sister, and friend. We’re so proud of what you’ve accomplished so far and we’re excited to see what life has in store for you, as we know you will succeed in whatever it is you choose to do. Love, Your Family

136-137_2-13833_000.indd 136

Hanna Kristensen

Dear Hanna, We are very proud of your accomplishments. You have determination, intelligence, and a great sense of humor. You have an exciting future ahead of you and a family there for support. We’ll love you always. Dad, Mom, and Erika “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you have imagined.” Henry David Thoreau

4/8/2012 12:22:05 PM

Mikayla Monnie

Joshua Merritt

Mikayla, It seems like just yesterday, when you sat at the piano and performed for us. We will always cherish the memories of you on stage in multiple venues over the years, those times on the volleyball court, in Girl Scout activities, and choir, to mention a few. We have watched you grow into the beautiful, amazing person you are today. You will make an incredible teacher with your caring and giving ways. Go make your dreams come true. Love, Mom and Dad

Love, Mom, Dad and Felicia

Jill, Your Dad and I are having the most Wonderful time watching you Grow and learn everything life brings your way. We are very Proud of you and who you’ve become. Enjoy chasing your Dreams. Live, Laugh, and Love every single minute Life has to offer... …. And write it all down!!! We Love you JillyBean!! XOXO Your Biggest Fans!! Mom and Dad

136-137_2-13833_000.indd 137

JiJi, I Love You So Much!!! I’m going to miss you tons when you go off to college. Your stories are so great! And remember to make new friends. Laugh hard and write soon!! Love your Sissy - JoJo <3

I t ’ s [ B aby G op h e r s ] C omplica t ed

Jill Lauderback

136 | 137

Josh, You are an exceptional person. You have brought us much joy throughout these years. We are not only proud of your accomplishments, we are proud of the person you have become. Congratulations.

4/8/2012 12:22:07 PM

Marcus Martinez-DuBois Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll land among the stars. - Les Brown Marcus, You gave your family the most wonderful gift of our lives December 2, 1993. It has been an absolute joy watching you grow into the most amazing, talented, caring, well rounded young man. As this chapter of your life ends, we are so looking forward to share with you many more great chapters of your life. You are so special to so many, in so many ways, and you have made us more proud than you could ever imagine. Continue being the best you can be, and you will have no regrets in life. You have brightened my life. Love, Mommy.

Marcus, From the moment you were born, there was always something very special about you, and I know thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why I start to tear up thinking about that day. I can remember the first step you took, your first time riding a skateboard, bike, hitting a home run, your first touchdown, and the first time you tried to fly wearing your Batman costume. All those memories bring tears to my eyes. I just hope you continue to be blessed in life, by working hard and never giving up. Someday you will know how we feel as beyond proud parents of the best son anyone could have ever dreamed of. Love you son, Dad.

138-139_2-13833_000.indd 138

4/10/2012 12:03:45 PM

Macie Mann

Annaly Molina

Macie, We are all so proud of you. You are my first born. I did not know what to do with you or what to expect from you. I’m so lucky to have you as my daughter. You have gone from an adorable little girl to a beautiful young woman.

Dear Daughter, Watching you grow has been a blessing to us all. We are so proud of you. And always believe in yourself like we all believe in you. Congratulations!

Love, Mom

Love, Dad, Mom, Michelle, Jennifer and Tito

Anya Nead

138 | 139

Is it “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” or “A joy forever is a thing of beauty”? Either way you are both to us--a pretty baby, now a beautiful young woman beginning the next chapter in life; and a joyous child remaining a source of delight to her family. Go get ‘em!

Kyle Masterson

Taylor Myers

Kyle, You are the youngest of four and the only boy - you grew up adored, not just by your parents, but by your sisters too. You developed your wonderful sense of humor and a passion for photography, and we have enjoyed both greatly. I hope in your lifetime you continue to grow and learn. We love you, Mom and Dad


Love, Mom, Dad, Tyson, and Jake

Paige Morris Paigey baby, you have grown up fast. You should follow your heart and dreams.We know that no matter what you do, you will be good at it. Just remember that wherever you go or whatever you do that we will always love you. Take care of yourself and do your best. Enjoy life to its fullest. Love you baby.

Our Dear Taylor, You always keep us laughing. We are so proud of the young man you are becoming. We love you. You can do all things through Him who gives you strength! Love, Dad, Mom, Derek and Sam

138-139_2-13833_000.indd 139

4/10/2012 12:03:46 PM

Clayton Mott Clay, On the day you were born we envisioned a kind, loving and talented son. We had many dreams and expectations for you and you have never disappointed us. Now it is time for you to make your own dreams come true! We Love You! Dad, Mom and Blain

Celena Nafarrate

Leslie Pettigrew My Dearest Leslie, From the moment I saw your chickmunk cheeks till today, your smile brightens my world. Love you so much and always remember life is worth the fight. Do well at whatever you do. First, and far most, love yourself and be proud of every step you take. Always remember Uncle Troy will always be right beside you. You can achieve anything you put your mind to. So proud of my little girl! Love, Mom and Dad

Celena, You have given me such joy through the years. How I enjoyed your butterfly kisses and our bedtime prayers! Your little hand in mine and you saying “guess what Mama?” Always so fun and so sweet! I will miss you as you go off to college, but I know that God has big plans for you! I love you, Mom Celena, When I first saw you my heart melted! God has blessed me with such a beautiful baby! And now I am blessed again as you’ve turned into a wonderful young lady. I love you so much, Dad Celena, I thank God every day for the joy and love you have brought into my life. God has shown me so much about forgiveness and love through you. I will miss you, but I will always cherish the memories. Love you, Jonathan

140-141_2-13833_000.indd 140

4/8/2012 12:29:08 PM

Kadyn Nannini

Kendra Parkinson Dear Kendra, Such a gift you have given us by sharing these last eighteen years. You brighten the day for so many people. As you travel forth remember that everyone in your path was placed there for you to learn from. Remember always the strength of having family and friends. Enjoy!

Kadyn, It has been so much fun watching you grow into such an amazing young man. We couldn’t be more proud of you. Mom and Dad

We love you ever so much, Mum and Dad

Ashley Smart

Granddad, Marmie, Dave, Rachel and Ayden

Christian Parrish ChristianCongratulations to a fantastic son, grandson, nephew and cousin. Our wish for you is to continue to find Peace,Love, Charity, Health and Happiness. You have it in you. Believe in yourself as we believe in you. We are so proud of you and love you Whole Heart! Mom, Dad, Alyssa, Grandma, Uncle Jeff, Auntie,Chase and soul mate Jaiden

140-141_2-13833_000.indd 141

I t ’ s [ B aby G ophers ] C omplica t ed

Love you, Mom and Dad

Ali, we are so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished so far. We look forward to watching who you will become and what you will do in the future. You are such a blessing in our lives and we love you so much!

140 | 141

Our Ashley, You’ve grown from a sweet little girl to a beautiful young women. We are so proud of the person you have become and look forward to watching you blossom even more as an adult. Make the most of your college experience at Oregon State. Go Beavs!!

Ali Sparks

4/8/2012 12:29:09 PM

Hannah and Laura Phillips Hannah and Laura,

Andy Robertson Dear Andy,

Twins have strength in each other that is in comprehensive. With this strength, we know you will excel and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you. It is such a pleasure to watch you grow and express your individualities. Remember your honesty, integrity, and trust the Lord in all you do. We love our Pookie and Tootle so very much!

I cant believe my baby is graduating from high school. You have grown into a special young man. You are soooo funny. I think you can handle anything life throws at you, You can become anything you want to be if you apply yourself. We are all so proud of you!!!! Love, Mom, Dad, Megan,TJ, Kaitlyn and Brody

Mom, Dad, Ethan and Miles Taylor,

Taylor Simms

You’ve finally grown into those big, beautiful eyes! You’ve also grown into a confident, self assured young women that stands up for herself. We are sure that you will succeed in whatever you choose as your life’s path. Go and have a blast in creating your future. We can’t wait to see where it takes you! Love, Mom, Dad, and Kyle

Sofiya Popova Sofiya, From the little girl so very small, how and when did you get so tall? We are so proud of what a beautiful, creative, intelligent young lady you have become!! Your journey in life just begins. We hope your dreams will take you to the highest of your hopes and the window of opportunities. No matter what you do, there’s something you can take from the situation and use for your advancement. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined! We all wish you the best! Your Loving Family

Dear Nyoka Pova, Despite the countless times I’ve been a little devil to you, youre my homie for life. I’ll love you forever and a day. Carpe Diem, Nyanya

142-143_2-13833_000.indd 142

4/8/2012 12:33:30 PM

Rick Smith Congratulations Rick!!! We can still remember the first time we saw you. There were no words to express how happy and proud we were of you. The same holds true today. Our little boy has grown in to an amazing young man and we are so proud of the person you have become. You have a wonderful future ahead of you and we know you will succeed in all you do. Love, Dad, Mom, Shianne and Sweetie

142 | 143

Nelle, It amazes me how fast time flies by and you are graduating from high school and ready to move on to a new chapter in your life. We remember holding your hand as you took your first steps and watching you grow through the years full of wonder and constantly questioning everything. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve always been a strong willed child now grown into a young women full of spirit and character all your own and we are so very proud of you. Congratulations!!! Love you always and forever, Mom, Dad and Carley

142-143_2-13833_000.indd 143

I t â&#x20AC;&#x2122; s [ B a by g o p h e rs ] C om p lic a t e d

Danielle Sprando

4/8/2012 12:33:30 PM

Clarice J. Terry

Kyle Stevens Kyle, From the day you were born (2 months early) you have continued to amaze us. We always knew you would do great things. You are strong, smart, independent, and have such a big heart. We are so proud of you! We love you with all our hearts and know your future is full of success! XOXO Dad, Mom and Keely GPA 3.94

C - courageous, challenging, curious, compassionate, creative, caring, considerate

L - loving, learning, leading A - amazing, always asking, accepting, alternatives R - religious, real, reader, responsible, reliable I - intelligent, insightful, inspirational, imaginative, C - cross country team member E - ethical, empathetic, educator, expecting excellence

Baby nickname: Bud and Punkin Post Graduation: OSU

Clarice, You are our pride and our joy. We love you always. Mom, Dad, and Jacob

Kellie Tripp As I write this letter, I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t help but shed a few tears. To think of my baby graduating and heading for college is almost more than I can bear. You have become such a beautiful, delightful, funny young lady and I am beyond proud. You

144-145_2-13833_000.indd 144

Nathan Tarbet

make parenting incredibly easy, and for that I thank you. Your dad would be immensely proud of you! May you always be happy and never forget how much you are loved. Mom

4/10/2012 11:30:20 AM

Katelyn Steiner Katelyn, It is hard to believe how fast you have grown up, you were just that little girl who loved talking on the telephone and now you’ve grown up to be such an amazing woman. We are so proud of you and know you will accomplish great things in your future. Love you always, Mom and Dad

Jake Sundquist Dear Jake, We are so proud of the person you have become. You are smart and talented and funny and kind. You make us SO happy. Now go take on the world and let the WORLD KNOW YOU! Love, Mom and Dad

Brent Tolvstad

Sarah Triplett Dear Sarah, you are the best thing that ever happened to us. We hope you will love being a veterinarian and gave much happiness in your future. Love, Mom and Dad

Michaila Turner Life is our most precious gift. It is given to us to live but once. So live without regrets, believe in yourself and accept and welcome wisdom. We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. Congratulations, a new chapter awaits us all! Love, Mom and Dad

Leticia Vega To our lovely daughter Leticia, who has been a great blessing to our lives. As this time comes and goes you will experience many changes in your life. Be strong and positive. This will carry you through. Make college what you want it to be. We are always here for you. We love you very much. Love, Dad and Mom

Tori Volk To our Baby Girl, We’re so proud of you for all that you’ve accomplished in your young life. You have grown into a responsible young women! We are proud of you for doing very well in school and learning so much from what was offered to you that we could not. Congratulations! Your proud parents, Mom, Fred, Dad and Jana


We love you, Mom and Dad

144 | 145

Brent, You have been such a joy and blessing from the moment you were born! We are so proud of you. Remember to believe in yourself, continue to make good choices and follow your dreams - the future is yours to create. Always remember that we love you and will always be here for you.

Taylor Westby I have watched you grow up in leaps and bounds, I am looking forward to watching you become all you are meant to be. I will always be on your side to support, nurture and love you. The beauty that lies in your soul is yours and yours alone.. Be patient, be kind and always stay true to who you are. I am so proud to call myself your mom. I Love you with all my heart. Mom

144-145_2-13833_000.indd 145

4/10/2012 11:30:21 AM

Cassie Fellows Congratulations peanut… We love you with all our heart. You have grown into such a wonderful, thoughtful young lady. Your bright smile and contagious positive energy will inspire so many more as you touch their lives like you have filled ours. We are all so proud of the woman you have become. Love, Mom, Darrin and all your family

You’re so very precious. It’s wonderful to find, your loving spirit, and your inspiration, my sweet girl so very kind. I am proud to be your grandmother. Love You Always, Grandma Cheryl

The years have gone by so fast; you are such a joy and a positive inspiration. We are very proud of you and love you bunches. Love, Grandpa Mark and Val

Katie Sorensen Katie GirlYou are graduating from high school! Now it’s time to follow your heart and dreams, and start a new chapter in your life. Just remember to always follow your yellow brick road, as it will lead you anywhere you choose! We are very proud of you, now click your heels together three times! Love always, Mom, Dad and Carly

Sadie Wierschke Clothing conscience as a baby, Sadie appreciated the day when she could choose her own outfits. We love you D, keep being a perfectionist. Have fun and work hard at college. Love, Dad, Mom and Emma

Nicholas Wilkinson Congratulations “Nicodemus”! All our love forever and always, Dad and Mom

146-147_2-13833_000.indd 146

4/10/2012 10:31:46 AM

Lauren U’Ren The most amazing daughter any parents could hope for. You are a great joy in our lives. As you begin your new journey into adulthood know we love and cherish you. It’s a blank book for you to write your story. We’re very proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad

Amanda Yacapin

Jacob Young

Lauryn Hartung Oh, now we know why you have always wanted to be the gopher mascot! You were such a ham and loved all the attention. We are so proud of you and love you with all our hearts. You will succeed at anything that you put your mind to. Just follow your heart and chase your dreams. We know you will make us proud. You will always be our little girl. Love, Mom and Dad

Aylah Jaurigue To our daughter all beautiful and grown. Gone is the tiny baby girl. Standing before us is a visionary. A child we love transformed into a stunning young woman. We are so proud of you Aylah! May your adventures be grand. May God’s love be with you. Love Always Your Wisconsin Family, Nick, Mom, Garrett and April. Jeremiah 29:11


love you! Love, Dad, Mom and Cori

146 | 147

Dear Jacob, You have given us so much joy and happiness over these past 18 years, and we are so proud of the young man you have become. Never lose your sense of humor and your kindness and compassion for others. Best of luck in the next chapter of your life - work hard in the classroom and on the soccer field, and have fun. Congratulations! We

Amanda, You’re really easy- going, gentle natured, and kind hearted person. Your steadfast determination, and desire to follow Christ, will help you face any challenges that come your way and achieve every goal set before you. We are so very proud of the women you’ve become. “To know me is to love me”... So very true! We love you Panda Bear!

Corbin Mandzij

146-147_2-13833_000.indd 147

4/10/2012 10:31:47 AM

Alex Townley

Alex, You are simply the light of our lives. We have been so proud of you from the first minute that you were born and have loved sharing the special moments of your high school life. You are beautiful on the inside and the outside, but more importantly, you believe in yourself, have confidence and are not afraid to do whatever is the best for you. You are our treasure. Your future is exciting and promising and it’s just beginning!! Love, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Paul, Aunt Pammie and Jordan Shout Out from Aunt Pammie to Alex’s Kah-Nee-Ta Peeps: “I’m Just Sayin’!” Love you guys! We love you baby sister! Thank you for ALWAYS sharing your opinions with us and never failing to tell us how you REALLY feel. Love, Brandon, Josh, and Sean

Gresham HS yearbook Patrons Bill and Marica Chisholm Going out with the class of 2012

160-163_1-23456_000.indd 146

5/1/2012 2:11:09 PM

146 | 147 I t â&#x20AC;&#x2122; s [ y e a r b o o k s u p p o r t e r s ] C o m p l ic a t e d

Make sure to check out the Gopher Hole, supplying students with the latest Gresham HS apparel and Superfan gear, in addition to food, coffee, snacks, and school accessories.

Brought to you by the Business Departmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Entrepreneurship class.

160-163_1-23456_000.indd 147

5/1/2012 2:11:10 PM

160-163_1-23456_000.indd 148

5/1/2012 2:11:10 PM


148 | 149

Gresham High School Main Gym

Please support these Wall of Support(ers) by shopping at their store, using their service, or recommend them to a friend. You can honestly say, “they support Gresham High School”.

Sports Management Worldwide 4th Street Ale Merchants Bank Bumpers Grill Resolutions Honke Heating Linette Landis CPA PC All About Automotive General Sheet Metal Works, Inc. Maid Brigade North Pacific Physical Therapy, LTD Senior All Night Party - 2010 & 2011 Home Video Library Electronics

Gresham Sanitary Services, Inc. Medford & Myers, Inc. LaCarreta of Gresham, Inc. Stegmann Insurance Agency - Lori Stegmann Cleveland Auto Repair Frenzi Yogurt Springwater Jewelers Kiwanis Club EastSide United FC Cascade Athletic Club Les Schwab J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co Heinz Mechanical, Inc

Independent Welding Supply Industrial Sand Supply, Inc. Dr. Dan Ries Gresham Alumni Women’s Soccer Pacific Continental Bank Minuteman Press Mt. Hood Swim Team Cornerstone Disaster Repair Jazzy Bagels KMO


160-163_1-23456_000.indd 149

I t ’ s [ Y e a r b o o k s u p p o r t e r s ] C o m p l ic a t e d

the Wall of Support is Located in the

Purchase a Sign (PDF)

5/1/2012 2:11:12 PM


Varsity Football Front Row: Alberto Juarez, Tony Bernabo, Sawyer Rhinevault, Brayan Valencia, Lee Chung, Kevin Barrera Second Row: Issac Diaz- Hinojosa, Taylor Tramposh, Dwight Cameron, Remy Somsanith, Daniel Allen, Lane Stickell, Devon Sheilds, Micah Tolai, Cole Lindhorst, Luke Aguon, Devantae Hoffman Third Row: Aaron Larson, Trevor Stephen, Jesus Delgado, Vince Lewis, Coach Mike Melton, Coach Brian Currier, Coach Kurt Simmons, Coach Mike Palmer, Coach Todd Nagel, Justin Anderson, Gerry Gomez, Dillon Fornos, Jaedon Lamberton Fourth Row: Kaleb Krimp, Thomas Roebuck, Miles Lewis, Brent Tolvstad, Jon Treloggen, Ethan Hamilton, Spencer Kelley, Caleb Carr, Kevin Dunlap, Mackenzie Hardgrove, Hunter Busse Back Row: Julian Baker, Kyle Boyd, Marcus Martinez, Samuel Gandara, Rudy Busch, Deandre Adams, Mikey Downey, Charley Gormely, Michael Muange, Hunter Pattock

JV Football Front Row: G G Brown, Rodrigo Morote, Anthony Graciano, Scott Cage, Nathaniel Patterson, Devin Tapec, Chido Nmereole, Robert Singleton Second Row: Daniel Eckhardt, Jose Contreras, Bryan Salgado, Coach Dooley, Coach Jim Gardenhire, Coach Ty Gonrowski, Garrett McGowan, Ken Onyima, Gabriel Kaufman Back Row: Justin Mcbride, Alex Portman, Brandon Grissom, Ben Bachman, Taylor Talent, Ryne Deyoe, Mason McCoy, Devon Hardgrove, Logan McVay, Mathew Bailey

Freshmen Football Front Row: Zac Bernabo, Dylan Tapec-Corniel, Sirgeo Hoffman, Joshua McFelt, Carter Williams, Brody Christian, Joel Diedrich, Jose Vazquez, Jesse Wescott, Qianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Tae Dixon, Sam Williams Second Row: David Velasco, Damon Gerton, Cirilo Romoro, Miranda Floyd, Coach Chad Waples, Coach Chris Koenig, Coach Greg Hocker, Erika Garcia, Brian Dahl, Marco Estrada, Collin Rogers, Thomas Keyshawn Third Row: Hunter Crenshaw, Justin Hanson, James Mick, Aaron Turner, Caleb Dalzell, Nicholas Abbs, Maleko Arango, Markel Robinson, Timothy Moran, Brandon Meyer Back Row: Morgan Chavez, Jordan Weber, Joaquin Garcia, Josao Longoria, Christian Cason, Chad Navarrette, Anthony Johnson, Aaron Pilcher, Noah Tramposh

152-165_2-13833_0002.indd 152

Aalbers, Kaylee 102, 154, 160, 164 Abbs, Nicholas 91, 152, 159 Abdelmalek, Chelsea 92 Abrahamsz, Ceara 82 Accuardi, Allie 82 Accuardi, Brian 102 Ackerman, Kyle 8, 110 Acott, Cindi 76 Acre, Jeremy 92, 155, 163 Adams, Deandre 102, 152, 158 Adams, Devin 102 Adams, Peggy 76 Aguilar-Vazquez, Luis 82 Aguilera, Jose 101 Aguirre, Eutiquio 92 Aguon, Luke 102, 152 Aispuro-Lopez, Jose 82 Aispuro-Lopez, Maria 92 Aispuro, Oscar 92 Akre, Mathew 102, 158 Akuna, Jerick 82 Alacron, Diana 26 Albrecht, Hannah 82 Alfonso, Gabrielle 92 Allen, Bailey 82, 156, 159, 160 Allen, Brodie 160 Allen, Conner 160 Allen, Daniel 10, 11, 102, 152, 160 Allen, Kate 76 Allen, Taylor 92, 161 Allison, Meaghan 44, 82, 154, 163, 164 Allmaras, Makayla 102, 163, 164 Almont, Valerie 101 Alston, Darius 102 Altamirano, Itan 109, 158 Alvarade, Brandon 92 Alvarez, Alberto 82 Alvarez, Brenda 160 Alvarez, Enrique Ramirez 107 Alvarez, Juliza 82 Alvarez, Trynity 92 Alverson, Teddy 55 Anderson, Amanda 91 Anderson, Blaine 92 Anderson, Caleb 109 Anderson, Chris 109 Anderson, Coach Dave 162 Anderson-Cook, Lori 76, 153, 162 Anderson, Dusty 101 Anderson, Hunter 82 Anderson, Justin 102, 152, 158, 160 Anderson, Kalie 102 Anderson, Madison Statler Back Row: Justin 158 Anderson, Nick 101 Angeles, Amy 92, 158 Angel-Mercado, Ana 102 Antano-Bernal, Bernardo 92 Antipov, Oleg 92 Antuna, Antonio 82, 156, 157 Apodaca, Jessica 102 Apon, Austin 82 Applegate, Shannon 92 Aranda, Cindy 109 Arango, Maleko 14, 26, 82, 152, 159, 160 Arango, Marquis 102 Archila, Luis 92

Arenas, Kaeli 102 Argueta, Ana 102 Arriaga, Gabe Melendez 86 Arriaga-Magdaleno, Alicia 82 Artz, Jason 102 Augur, Tyler 102 Avalos, Iridian 92 Avalos, Ivette 109

b Babicz, Lizzy 109 Bachman, Ben 92, 152, 158 Bacon, Renee 92 Bailey, Brandon 82 Bailey, Devin 92 Bailey, Mathew 92, 152 Baisden, Ryan 102 Bake, Bryce 156 Baker, Julian 152 Baker, Kyrra 101 Baker, Shiloh 92 Bakke, Bryce 15, 82 Balonzo, Jocie 102, 159 Bannister, Roya , 92, 12 Barajas-Cisneros, Daniel 82 Barbar, Nicole 102 Barcroft, Kaylee , 27 Barcroft, Victoria 82, 153 Barlow, Blaine 93 Barrera, Kevin 102, 152, 156 Barry, Vince 82 Bartley, Michael 93 Barton, Max 93 Bastendorff, Afton 93 Bauer, Taylor 102, 164 Bautista, Claudia 82, 157 Beals, Casey 102 Beals, Trayia 93 Becker, Cody 82, 161 Becker, Mai 93 Beegle, Mariah 102 Beeson, Jasmine 102 Beiersdorf, Joshua 102 Beiersdorf, Josiah 83 Belik, Yulia 83 Bell, Hunter 102 Bell, Kylie 44, 93, 164 Benancio, Paul 83 Benard, Ozieanna 164 Benavidez, Santana 83 Benefiel, Zac 102 Bennett, Erik 67, 162 Benoit, Jonas 109, 155 Benson, Morgan 16, 110, 155, 160 Bernabo, Tony 152 Bernabo, Zac 83, 152, 160 Berndt, Jeremy 67, 110, 162, 164 Bertholomey, Jacky 68, 69 Bildsoe, Erika 83 Billings, Madison 93 Billings, William 83 Billy, AnnaMaria 83 Bird, Emma 6, 13, 34, 60, 61, 154, 162, 164 Bishop, Stephanie 154 Black, Beau 102 Blake, Ryan 83 Blake, Willie 16, 17, 101, 155, 158 Blanchard, Addie 93, 157 Blanchard, Travis 57, 161 Blanco, Angelica 93

5/1/2012 2:20:04 PM

Cabine, Raena 93, 153 Cabrera, Paulo Ochoa 107 Cage, Scott 93, 152 Cagle, Makinzy 93, 162 Cain, Tyleah 103, 154 Caldwell, Xavier 103 Calina, Alin 103 Camacho, Yareni 103 Camara, Yulissa 83, 153 Cameron, Dwight 10, 152 Campos, Lorraina 103 Campos, Ricky 83, 161 Carbone, Taylor 60, 103, 162, 164 Cardoso-Bustamante, Cecili 103, 157 Carkhuff, Andrew 83 Carl, Jake 83 Carr, Alex 83

152-165_2-13833_0002.indd 153

Varstity Volleyball Front Row: Haley Crouser, Morgan Schwab, Abby Bryant, Alex Frazier, Katelyn Steiner, Anna Huber, Coach Brad Cook, Coach Lori Anderson-Cook, Coach Matt Hartner, Hannah Kim, Jade Folsom, Brandy Velasquez, Pearly Walton, Jordyn Olosfen, Amanda Neffendorf, Claire Palmiter

JV Volleyball Front Row: Becca Harris, Rachel Hohback, Madison Castellanos, Raena Cabine, Olivia Loftin, Cassidy Richardson, Sophia Busse, Meranda Taylor, Courtney McDermott, Erika Dugan

I t â&#x20AC;&#x2122; s [ I ndex / gro u p pict u res ] C omplicated


Carrasco-Gomez, Giovanny 164 Carr, Caleb 152 Carrillo-Chavez, Jhobanny 93, 156 Carrithers, Danielle 103 Cartmill, Peyton 103 Cason, Christian 152 Casteel, Adam 83 Casteel, Jacob 93, 162 Castelan, Alex 93 Castellano, Belicia 8, 9, 11, 48, 56, 158, 164, 165, 167 Castellanos, Madison 93, 153 Castellanos, Maria 130, 160 Castellanos-Welsh, Rafael 15, 93 Casto, Coach Kory 161 Casto, Lauren 30, 103 Castro, Taylor 103 Catchell, David 158 Cates-Erhart, Ashley 64, 93, 165, 167 Caton, Colin 83 Cavanagh, Lisa 76 Cecilio, Esequiel 83 Cecilio, Jennifer 103 Cecilio, Rolando 103, 165 Cerda, Josahlyn De la 84 Cervantes-Jasso, Liliana 83 Cha, Austin 93 Chamberlain, Erin 26, 28, 136 Chancey, Mo 83 Chan, John Christopher 93 Chanocua, Yami 93 Chanthanouvong, Calvin 93 Chao, Kellie 93, 154 Charette, Savannah 93 Charleston, Micah 103 Charlston, Micah 40, 41 Charpentier, Chloe 103 Chase, Cara 130 Chau, Crystal 27, 103, 164 Chau, Sky 93, 157 Chavez, Morgan 83, 152 Cheredayko, Benjamin 83 Chervinka, Nickolas 93 Chilson, Gloryann 103 Chilson, Kendall 103 Chin, Brian 66, 162, 164 Chittock, Vanessa 103 Chonteco, Luis 93 Christian, Brody 83, 152, 161 Christopher, Hudson 83 Chung, Lee 103, 152 Chupp, Carrie 103 Churchon, Kalusha 103 Cichon, Lily 13, 44, 93, 154, 164 Cisneros, Andy 93 Clayton, Raheem 93 Clements, Erin 130 Clifford, Amanda 60 Clifford, Danielle 55, 162, 164 Cochran, Amber 93, 157 Coddington, Ryan 94 Colson, Logan 24, 94, 155, 157 Conklin, Jason 83 Conklin, Katie 94 Connell, Cheyenne 103, 154 Conner, Gabrielle 15, 55, 94 Conner, Victoria 131, 163 Conrow, Isaac 83 Constien, Coach John 158 Constien, Joseph 48, 131, 158, 163, 164 Contreras, Jose 94, 152, 158 Contreras, Lucia Resendiz 98 Cook, Brad 153, 165, 167, 168 Cooley, Gabrielle , 32, 32

152 | 153

Blanger, Victoria 83, 160 Blank, Austin 93, 161 Blankenship, Parker 83, 155, 161 Boetel, Marissa 93 Boetel, Meagan 103 Bohrer, Ellie 27 Bonneville, Bailee 83 Bonneville, Nick 103 Bosso, Alex 103, 161 Bowen, Kaila 83, 160 Boyd, Kyle 152 Boyles, Dalton 38, 103, 155, 157 Boyles, Riley 83, 155, 157 Braaksma, Harrison 54 Braden, Erika 93 Brainard, Amanda 93, 164 Brambila, Eddie 83 Brashear, Katie 9 Bravo, Jonathan 93 Bravo, Leslie 103 Brenner, Julia 83 Brestel, Kendra 103 Brestel, Kordell 83 Brodesser, Sarah 93 Brokaw, Rachel 64, 93, 165, 167 Brokaw, Robert , 36 Brown, Annie 130 Brown, Christina 103 Brown, Cody 93 Brown, G G 93, 152, 160 Brown, Madison 93 Brown, Markese 164 Brown-Rushing, Markese 103 Bryant, Abby 8, 49, 103, 153, 159, 163 Bump, Alex 103 Bures, Jordan 83 Burgess, Maggie 103 Burgwin, Jake 83 Burkholder, Andrew 93 Burnham, Gabby 93 Burns, Alexis 83 Burns, Cody 93 Burns, Lolo 103 Burt, Tyler 109 Busch, Rudy 109, 152 Busse, Hunter 69, 130, 152, 158, 162 Busse, Sophia 44, 93, 102, 153, 164 Butler, Alex 164 Buyas, Marissa 93, 159

Freshmen Volleyball Front Row: Yulissa Camara, Yessica Sierra, Megan Mcbride, Maritza Martin-Camara, Timmarica Spellman Back Row: Alyssa Fitzpatrick, Josahlyn Delacerda, Victoria Barcroft, Coach Brad Cook, Alyssa Maslen, Breanna Gibbons, Lydia Girdan

5/1/2012 2:20:06 PM

Varsity Cheer Front Row: Mayumi Eda, Roya Bannister, Samie Harris, Kellie Chao, Abby Lian, Cheyenne Connell Second Row: Erin Cunningham, Daisi Rogers, Emma Bird, Victoria McVay, Kylee Pearson, Marissa Haide, Lindsay Nastav Third Row: Alex Townley, Lauren Laasko, Kelsea Dahl, Taylor Westby, Ashlee Gjesdal, Olivia Sheehan Back Row: Kassee Holmes, Keiko Downing, Lily Cichon, Makenna Moore, Megan Thompson

JV Cheer Front Row: Hailey Roulst, Natalia Martinez, Morgan Evans, Tyleah Cain, Hanna Pettina, Rachel Cortese Back Row: Daisy Escobedo, Keely Stevens, Madeline Sheehan, Kamila Hadley, Evelina Williams, Meaghan Allison, Madison Miller, Okxana Rodriguez, Kelly Smith, Brianna Kjenslee,

Girls Cross Country Front Row: Madison Statler, Hannah Phillips, Kennedy Martin, Morriah Gifford, Kendra Taylor, Diana Tovar Second Row: Haley McDonald, Stephanie Bishop, Erica Keathley, Keisha Macias, Maria Yerkes, Kerri Ann Peetz, Alicia Nunziato Back Row: Jacelyn Davis, Clarice Terry, Kaylee Aalbers, Sadie Wierschke, Coach Kylee Hutchins, Coach Lonnie Wells, Olivia Raines, Sierra Lindhorst, Hanna Kristensen, Cassie Fellows

152-165_2-13833_0002.indd 154

Coombs, Zachary 83, 161 Cooper, Alexa 83, 156 Copp, Kyle 94 Cornelius-LePoidevin, Hollyann 103 Corniel, Keali’li 161 Corniel-Tapec, Devin 35, 94 Corniel-Tapec, Dylan 83 Cortes, Angela 83 Cortes, Carlos 94 Cortese, Rachel 44, 83, 154, 164 Cortes-Pena, Armando 83 Cortez, Brian 156 Cortez, Carlos 156 Councilman, Danielle 131 Cox, Connor 94, 156, 158 Cox, Garrison 24 Crabtree, Mack 94 Crane, Alexandra 103 Crapser, Andrew 103 Crapser, Chelsea 103 Crenshaw, Hunter 83, 152, 161 Crimmins, Mikayla 103, 157 Crimp, Kaleb 103 Crouser, Dean 73, 160 Crouser, Haley 8, 72, 73, 104, 153, 160 Cruz, Adriana 104, 157 Cruz-Santiago, Benito 101 Cruz-Velasco, Aileen Amy 94, 157 Cuevas, Samantha 83 Cummins, Sarah 36 Cunningham, Erin 94, 154 Currier, Brian 152 Custer, Emily 83 Custer, Morgan 94, 158 Cutler, Tahji , 83, 32 D’Agostino, Dilyn 157 Dahl, Brian 84, 152, 159 Dahlke, Krista 131 Dahl, Kelsea 13, 44, 45, 154, 164 Daiberl, Carol 1 Dalzell, Caleb 84, 152, 159, 160, 163

d Dalzell, Coach 163 Damiani, Sophia 104, 155 Damian, Maria 104 Damian, Martha 84 Dandrea, Claudia 104 Danyuk, Aleksandr 84 Danyuk, Alla 104 Davidson, Nick 94 Davis, Forrest 30 Davis, Jacelyn 17, 94, 154, 160 Daye, Michael 94 De La Cerda, Rigo 163, 164 Dean, Zack 94 Decklar, Olivia 84 Declet, Elizabeth 84 Declet, Emily 104 DeCosta, Taylor 94 DeCourcey, Cheyenne 94 DeCourcey, Savanah 8, 35 DeJesus, Adair 164 DeJesus, David 104 Delacerda, Josahlyn 153 Delgado, Andrew 84 Delgado, Jesus 152, 162 Dellarosa, Austin 109

Delozier, Elizabeth 84 Delozier, Timothy 84 Dempsey, Sara 63 Dent, Renee 101 Derakhti, Payam 94, 156, 158 Destin, Jonathan 84 Detles, Jake 84 DeWit, Joanie 76 Deyoe, Ryne 94, 152, 158, 161 Dezellem, Eric 132 Dezellem, Jeffrey 66, 94 Diaz, Jacob 27, 40 Diaz, Jade 84 Diaz, Teresa 104 Diedrich, Joel 84, 152 Diemer, Victoria 94 Dietz, Trevor 34, 48, 132, 158, 164 Dillard, Tylor 94 Divon, Keke 164 Dixon, Qian’Tae 84, 152 Do, Angela 84 Dodd, Alyssa 45, 104 Dodge, Jordan 104 Do, Jimmy 94 Dominguez, Lorena 94 Dominiak, Emilie 84, 157 Donnelly, Jessica 22, 156, 158 Dooley, Brady 104, 158 Dooley, Coach 152 Dorr, Christy 104 Dorsey, Aaliyah 94 Douglas, Chloe 104 Downey, Mikey 22, 23, 53, 94, 152, 156, 158 Downing, Keiko 13, 15, 154, 158, 164 Drews, Robin 76 Duckett, Reece 101 Dugan, Erika 94, 153 Duncan, Phelan 91 Dunlap, Kevin 6, 152, 163, 164 Dunlap, William 94 Duong, Kryssynda 94, 157 Dyke, Cody Van 109 Dzib, Betty Euan 109 Dzul-Hernandez, Manuel 104 Eccleston, Katelynn 84 Eckhardt, Daniel 94, 152, 161 Eda, Mayumi , 12, 154 Edmonds, Kaytlynn 84 Eide, Suzy 84

e Elkins, Coach Darren 161 Elliott, Caleb 76 Ellis, Jordan 104 Ellis, Mckensie 84 Elwess, Samantha 94 Emoto, Jessica 94, 163, 164 Enoch, Zac 77, 156, 158 Erickson, Nathan 35, 94 Ernst, Shannon 104 Escobedo, Daisy 104, 154 Esparza, Robert 109 Espinoza, Nathaniel 101 Estibar, Nicholas 104, 158, 160 Estrada, Marco 84, 152 Estrada, Melissa 94 Estrada, Ramon 101

5/1/2012 2:20:08 PM

Estrada, Reagan 91 Estrada-Valentin, Leonel 104 Euan-Moo, Jenni 94 Evans, Colen 104 Evans, Drake 84 Evans, Morgann 84, 154 Farley, Joshua 109 Farley, Sabrina 94 Farley, Sean 84 Farmer, Michael 104 Farrington, Danielle 84


Galarza, Derek 109 Galindo, Elias 156 Galindo, Emery 109

152-165_2-13833_0002.indd 155

Front Row: Juan Fernandez, Parker Blankenship, Eric Johnson, Austin Trickel, Jackson Hysmith, Jonas Benoit Back Row: Morgan Benson, Dylan Hanson, Coach Kylee Hutchins, Coach Lonnie Wells, William Blake, Tucker George

Boys Water Polo Front Row: Andrew De La Paz, Clay Hoffman, Jeremy Acre, James Palmiter, Michael Finnigan, Noah Ratliff, Duncan Parsons, Lucas Liebertz Back Row: Dmitriy Voloshko, Dalton Boyles, Logan Colson, Ethan Parker, Jake Sundquist, Ryan Jacobs, Kyle Stevens, Jared Taylor, Jakob Palmquist

I t â&#x20AC;&#x2122; s [ I nde x / gr o u p p ict u res ] C o m p licated


Boys Cross Country

154 | 155

Farris, Taylor 94 Fast, Brandon 56, 57, 161 Fast, Rebekah 94, 163, 164 Felix, Kaitlyn 94 Fellows, Cassie 146, 154, 158 Fenske, Gary 101 Fenwick, Amber 94 Ferguson, Bailey 104 Fernandez, Juan , 110, 26 Fery, Tara 44, 94, 164 Figueroa-Alvarez, Maximiliano 104 Finnigan, Michael 109, 155 Fitzgerald, Monika 94 Fitzpatrick, Alyssa 101, 153 Fleming, Kennedy 84 Fletcher, Jacob 104 Flores, Angelo 161 Flores, Christian 95 Flores, Cresencio 84 Flores, Cruz 91 Flores, Jonathan 84 Flores, Juan 95 Flores-Lopez, Yulissa 84 Floyd, Miranda 84, 152 Folsom, Jade 153 Folsom, Jayde 18, 104 Folsom, Samantha 95 Ford, Mitchell 84 Fornos, Branden 101 Fornos, Dillon 104, 152 Forrer, Joey 95 Foss, Shanna 104 Framer, Ronnie 91 Franco-Archundia, Marco 95 Franklin, Kaitlyn 15, 95 Frasieur, Chasitey 95 Fratz, Miranda 162 Fravel, Rebecca 104 Fray, Ashley , 26 Frazier, Alex 18, 60, 95, 153, 162 Frediani, Troy 104 Frenandez, Juan 109 Fretz, Miranda 84 Friberg, Nathan 4, 84 Frilot, Lindsey 6, 35, 133 Frison, Jacob 84 Fryar, Kevin 84 Fuentes, Sonia 104

Galindo, Freddy 95 Galindo-Rodriguez, Elias 95 Gallagher, Miranda 104 Gandara, Samuel 5, 152 Garcia, Erika 95, 152 Garcia, Gary 102, 104 Garcia, Joaquin 84, 152 Garcia, Jose 159 Garcia-Ramirez, Janet 84 Garcia, Tatyana 104 Gardenhire, Coach Jim 152, 158 Garthe, Tony 104 Gaspard, Devin 104 Gastelum, Denise 95 Gastelum, Ruben 84 Gehrlein, Tara 84 Gemmato, Carmella 104 Gentry, Teagun 104 George, Tucker 95, 155, 160 Gerton, Damon 84, 152 Gibbons, Breanna 60, 84, 153, 162 Gibbs, Caitlan 30 Gibbs, Caitlin 104 Giblin, Evan 95 Gibson, Willie 104 Giddings, Victoria 104 Gifford, Morriah 154, 164, 165 Gillen, Andrew 38, 109, 157 Gil, Miguel 95 Gilson, Emily 104, 163 Gil, Yamilet 95 Gines, Brody 104 Girdan, Lydia 95, 153, 159 Girdan, Nathan 104 Girouard, Leroy 95 Girouard, Tresjunae 84 Girton, Tristan 84 Gjesdal, Ashlee 95, 154 Gjesdal, Taylor 132 Gladun, Andrei 85 Goldberg, Colin 85 Gomez, Amy 85, 160 Gomez, Gerry 104, 152, 160 Gomez, Jose 95, 156 Gomez-Ramirez, Victoria 85 Gonrowski, Coach Ty 152, 159 Gonzalez, Anthony 85 Gonzalez-Diaz, Jessica 105, 164 Gonzalez, Ileana 95, 157 Gonzalez, Leslie 95 Gonzalez, Lety 104 Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Mayte 95 Gonzalez, Wendy 95 Good, Brittany 105 Goodwin, Doug 77 Gordon, Brannon 95 Gordon, Chad 105, 165, 167 Gorman, Katie 95 Gorman, Kellie 44, 85, 164 Gormely, Charley 152 Gormley, Levi 95 Goss, Nicholas 95 Graciano, Anthony 95, 152 Graham, Tyler 161 Greene, Sharnae 95 Green, Jason 27, 95 Grenawalt, Seth 85 Grimes, Drexel 27, 105 Grimes, Sabastian 85 Grisham, Crystal 95 Grissom, Brandon 95, 152, 161 Grogan, Ashley 105 Gromley, Charley 5 Grover, Tomas 91 Grovom, Alicia 95 Grovom, Alley 159

Girls Water Polo Front Row: Jill Lauderback, Sarah Walker, Heidi Pedersen, Delaney Lewis, Adry Mendoza, Sophia Damiani Back Row: Hannah Stiner, Riley Boyles, Sarah Triplett, Jasmin Kennard, Brooke Schlipf

5/1/2012 2:20:11 PM

Guardiola, Bryan 85 Guardiola, Leticia 105 Guerrero, Matthew 85 Gummerson, Taylor 105 Gurme, Gurme 3 Gutierrez, Edgar 7, 95 Gutierrez, Favio Sanchez 108 Gutierrez, Jesus 85 Gutierrez, Raul 85 Guzman, Jessica 95 Guzman-Zavala, Lily 101

h Varsity Boys Soccer Front Row:Samuel Salazar, Brian Cortez, Santiago Velasco, Jorge Yanez, Cole Hoard, Dominik Riskin, Justin Linn, Elias Galindo, Erik Morales Back Row: Tanner Hockley, Jake Young, Alfredo Hernandez, Coach Rex Moffit, Connor Cox, Mikey Downey, Brandon Hawk, Jose Gomez

Varsity Girls Soccer Front Row: Kyleigh Jandro, Laura Phillips, Alexa Copper, Megan Luckenbach, Ali Zeggert, Irene Medina, Jessica Donnelly Back Row: Bailey Allen, Melissa Smith, Taylor Simms, Bianca Salazar, Jessie Stone, Amber Peschka, Dani McMurray, Staci Tatum, Tahji Cutler

Jv Boys Soccer Front Row: Roberto Lopez, Carlos Cortez, Jhobanny Carrillo , Knox Trapa, Jesus Guitteriez Second Row: Ernesto Marin Vasquez, Bryce Bake, Antonio Antuna, Favio Sanchez, Payum Derakhti Back Row: Juan Perez-Torres, Jesus Marquez, Christian Urzua, Coach Zac Enoch, Jing Jaima, Kevin Barrera, Brian Urzua, Ryan Olsen

152-165_2-13833_0002.indd 156

Hadeler, Shaun 85 Hadley, Kamila 85, 154 Hagar, Hanna 105 Hagen, Howard 109 Hahn, Angie 44, 95, 164 Haide, Marissa , 105, 30 Haley, Donavyn 85 Halvorson, Alicia 109 Hamilton, DeKwandre 164 Hamilton, Ethan 10, 102, 105, 152, 158 Hammel, Madison 85 Hammons, Kendra 22, 95, 157 Hanna, Bola 95 Hanset, Nicholas 95, 160 Hanson, Dylan 16, 17, 155 Hanson, Justin 85, 152, 158 Hanson, Samantha 95 Hardgrove, Devin 35, 95, 152, 158 Hardgrove, Mackenzie 5, 10, 132, 152, 158 Harding, Mikayla 105 Harrington, Elisabeth 85 Harris, Rebecca 15, 105, 153 Harris, Samie 109, 154 Harris-Wick, Ashley 85, 162 Hart, Coach Kevin 162 Hart, Demond 95 Hartley, Autumn 105 Hartner, Coach Matt 153 Hartung, Lauryn 55, 147 Hasbrook, Hailey 105 Haskett, Justen 95 Haskins, Nicole 105 Hauer, Nicole Stein 109 Hawk, Brandon 156 Haworth, Zachary 105 Hay, Darius 95 Hazard, Danika 33, 66, 105, 157, 163 Hazard, Kaia 158, 164 Headings, Hope 105 Heard, Timie Laâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Rae 85 Heartley, Tristin 95 Heath, Ryan 95 Hedeen, Zach 105, 160 Heick, Jacob 96 Heikkila, Danelle 1 Heine, Garrick 85, 161 Heldart, Basky 105 Held, Hannah 85 Henderson, Larry 157 Hendrickson, Amanda 85 Hendrickson, Larry 96 Hernandez, Alfredo , 23 Hernandez, Alma 101 Hernandez, Claudia 96 Hernandez, Franco 101

Hernandez, Gage 105, 158 Hernandez-Hernandez, Yulisa 91 Hernandez, Ingrid 85 Hernandez, Lizbeth 85 Hernandez, Lucia 105 Hernandez, Maria Amador 82 Hernandez, Marilyn 33, 96 Hernandez, Oscar Langarica 86 Hernandez, Otoniel (Tony) 91 Hernandez, Sara 96 Hernandez, Uriel 105 Herrejon, Jazmin 105 Herrejon-Tinoco, Abdenago 101 Herrera, Brian 85 Heston, Teilah 96 Higgins, Caitlyn 96 Higgins, Sage 133, 158 Higuera, Vanessa 96 Hill, Abby 134 Hillenbrand, Jacob , 17 Hinojosa, Issac 152, 160 Hoard, Cole 134, 156 Hocker, Coach Greg 152, 158 Hockley, Tanner 22, 156, 160 Hoeft, Kyle 105 Hoff, Dustin 101 Hoffman, Clay 96, 155, 157 Hoffman, Deâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Vauntae 10, 48, 102, 105, 158, 160 Hoffman, Gabe 160 Hoffman, Sirgeo 85, 152, 159, 160 Hogue, MacKenzie 36, 91 Hohbach, Rachel 96, 153, 163, 164 Holevas, Olivia 85, 157 Holland, Jake 105 Holland, Jordan 85 Holmes, Dj 105 Holmes, Kassee 154 Homsanith, Victor 85 Horine, Lara 105 Horse, Eric Fast 84 House, Jaden 85 Howard, Katie 105 Hua, Sabrina 96 Huber, Anna 8, 18, 105, 153 Huddleston, Aidan 85 Hudson, Coach Marcus 158 Huff, Ashley 105 Huff, Mckenzie 96, 163 Huff, Trey 91 Huggett, Trey 134 Hull, Sarah 28, 105 Hull, Whitney 96 Humphrey, Austin 96 Humphrey, Megan 164 Hunter, Cody 164 Huntwork, Tyler 105 Hurwitz, Tylor 96 Huston, Emily 105 Hutchins, Kylee 154, 155, 160 Hval, Breanna 96 Hysmith, Jackson , 85, 17, 155, 161

i Ibarra-Inclan, Edgar 91 Ilinich, Iolanta 85 Inclan, Teresa 85 Ingram-Moore, Cody 96 Inman, Taylor 161

5/1/2012 2:20:13 PM


Kaaumoana-Kaliloa, Sanoe 96, 164 Kasimi, Michelle 82, 85 Katzke, Grace 85, 163 Kaufman, Gabriel 96 Kaufman, Tanner 85 Keathley, Erica 16, 17, 96, 154, 159, 160 Keesee, Alexander 96 Kelley, Spencer 11, 48, 152, 158 Kelly, Marilynn 96 Kemp, Monica 44, 164 Kemp, Nicole 38, 39, 96, 157 Kennard, Jasmin 106, 155, 157 Kester, Omar 85 Keyshawn, Thomas 152 Khamchanthavisouk, Kyle 106 Khinnarath, Aminah 66, 106, 163, 164 Khron, Coach Jason 161 Kibbe, Ashley 109 Kimball, Harley 96 Kimble, Wade 28 Kim, Hannah 106, 153, 163, 164 King, John 106 King, Katie 85 Kirby, Brandon 106 Kitchen, TJ 8, 15, 135

152-165_2-13833_0002.indd 157

l Laakso, Lauren 6, 13, 15, 26, 49, 106, 165 Lacatus, Brian 86 Lacey, Arianna 106 Lambert, Paige 96 Lamberton, Jaedon 152 Lamb, Jakob 86 Landis, Coach Sara 157 Landon, Jenny 86 Lane, Nikole 135, 164 Langarica, Rene 96 Lara, Gerardo 106 Lara, Isabel 96 Larson, Aaron 106, 152, 161 Lastivka, Jessica 68, 165, 167 Lauderback, Jillian 25, 137, 155, 162 Lawer, Hayley 12, 15, 35, 96, 163, 165, 167 Lawrence, Greg 106 Layton, Kiera 96 Lazaro, Ryan 106 Lebedev, Anna 86 Ledford, Spencer 106 Leitch, Coach Patrick 159, 160 Leitch, Coach Sarabeth 159 Le, Ngoc Tran 96 Leon, Citlaly 109 Leon, Maria Ana 96 Leontescu, Samuel 91 Leveque, Ryan 28, 106 Lewis, Delaney 106, 155 Lewis, Miles 106, 152, 158, 160 Lewis, Vince 152 Lian, Abby 96, 154 Liebertz, Lucas 24, 96, 24, 155 Lilibeth 167 Lilly, John 57, 161 Linares, Diana 101 Linch, Jeremy 39, 86, 157 Lindhorst, Cole 106, 152, 160 Lindhorst, Sierra 8, 16, 154, 160, 164 Lindsay, Tanner 96 Lingle, Zack 96

Boys Swimming Front Row: Jake Ratliff, Andrew De La Paz, Slava Mednikov, Antonio Antuna, Jeremy Linch, Jakob Palmquist, Erik Magistrado, Larry Henderson, Patrick Stauffer, Clay Hoffman, Noah Ratliff, Lucas Liebertz, Andrew Gillen, Duncan Parsons Back Row: Ryan Olsen, Joshua McFerran, Eric Johnsen, Daniel Rafalski, Brennan Norwood, Ryan Jacobs, Ethan Parker, Jared Taylor, Alex Pohrman, Dalton Boyles, Logan Colson, Sky Chau, Dmitriy Voloshko

I t ’ s [ I nde x / gro u p pict u res ] C omplicated


Jv Girls Soccer Front Row: Cecilia Cardoso, Claudia Bautista, Serena Schwartz, Aileen Cruz Second Row: Olivia Holevas, Dakota Price, Leslie Medina, Kryssynda Duong, Ileana Gonzalez, Mikayla Crimmins, Sam Reed Back Row: Timber Rice, Ali Rojas, Coach Sara Landis, Coach Becket Wright, Kendra Hammons, Emilee Nicholson, Emily Smart

156 | 157

Jackson, Chase 85 Jackson, Jacob 105 Jackson, Mariah 96, 162 Jacobs, Ryan 38, 105, 155, 157 Jaima, Jing 101, 156 James-Luna, David 105 Jandro, Kyleigh 105, 156 Jantz, Alina 105 Janway, Cody 57, 96, 161 Jaurigue, Aylah 147 Jefferson, Rondrae 91 Jensen, Danielle 91 Jensen, Jessica 105 Jesus, Christian De 94 Jimenez, Jonathan 105 Jimenez, Samantha 105 Joeris, Sarah 164 Johnsen, Eric 16, 105, 157, 160, 164 Johnson, Anthony 85, 152 Johnson, Ashley 135, 158 Johnson, Cara 96 Johnson, Eric 155 Johnson, Gunnar 85, 161 Johnson, Taylor 26, 29, 135 Johnson, Zachariah 96, 158 Jones, Austin 96 Jones, Jesse 109 Jones, Lenaya 85, 164 Jongkind, Taylor 85 Jordan, Samer 106 Jordan, Tyler 34, 106, 158 Jorgensen, Ashlee 96, 160 Joseph, Austin 29, 63, 106 Juarez, Alberto 106, 152 Justice, Eli 96

Kjenslee, Brianna 44, 92, 96, 154, 164 Klink, Tyler 106 Knori, Felisha 106 Kobayashi, Nicole 8, 9, 11, 41, 48, 53, 135, 158, 164, 165, 167 Kochubey, Jessica 86 Koenig, Chris 152, 160 Kony, Joseph 68 Korst, Preston 48, 158 Kousol, Julian 106 Kovacich, Alisha 96 Kratz, Jon 28 Krenzer, Brenden 96 Krenzer, Kaitlyn 60, 158, 162 Krenz, Kaleb 86 Krimp, Kaleb 152 Kristensen, Hanna 16, 136, 154, 160, 164 Kromer, Logan 86 Kuder, Jose 106 Kveton, Kurtis 136 Kwong, Catrina 16, 24, 96, 163, 164, 165, 167

Girls Swimming Front Row: Anna Rudomanov, Adriana Cruz, Emilie Dominiak, Brenna Newman, Danika Hazard, Addie Blanchard, Deidre Moss, Haley Schaefer Back Row: Nicole Kemp, Emilie Steinblums, Kelsey Stauffer, Dilyn D’Agostino, Riley Boyles, Heather McDonald, Jasmine Kennard, Tiffany Mosher, Brooke Schlipf, Sina Lustig, Hannah Stiner, Amber Cochran, Shelby Strand

5/1/2012 2:20:16 PM

Wrestling Front Row: Amy Angeles, Belicia Castellano, Nicole Kobayashi, Cory MacKay, Austin Taylor, Austin Taylor, Vladimir Rudomanov, David Velasco, Jesus Perez, Kate Martin, Brandy Velasquez, Kaia Hazard Second Row: Macie Mann, Raichael Newman, Coach Eddie Sifuentes, Brady Dooley, Kyle Ackerman, Itan Altamiran, Austun Long, David Catchell, Austin Parker, Jacob Palmer, Sage Higgins, Kaitlyn Krenzer, Cassie Fellows, Celena Nafarrate Third Row: Jessica Donnelly, Alex Townley, Keiko Downing, Coach Statler, Coach Jim Gardenhire, Brian Salgado, Alex Statler, Santiago Velasco, Collin Rogers, Zacharia Johnson, Payam Derakhti, James Palmiter, Jose Contreras, Tyler Jordan, Lane Stickell, Coach John Constien, Coach Zac Enoch, Ashley Johnson, Danna Nelson, Madison Statler Back Row: Justin Anderson, Justin Hanson, Miles Lewis, Gage Hernandez, Morgan Custer, Justin McBride

Varsity Boys Basketball Front Row: De'Vauntae Hoffman, Nicholas Estibar, Chris Parrish, Preston Korst, Austin Spicer, Joseph Constien Back Row: Hunter Busse, Mackenzie Hardgrove, Ethan Hamilton, Coach Mike Melton, Coach Marcus Hudson, Spencer Kelley, Trevor Dietz, Deandre Adams

JV Boys Basketball Front Row: Conner Cox, Hunter Pattock, Mikey Downey, Grady Walker, Devin Hardgrove, Devon Shields,Austin Trickel Back Row: Mason McCoy, Ryne Deyoe, Jacob Saling, Coach Greg Hockert, Coach Darryl May, William Blake, Ben Bachman, Matt Akre

152-165_2-13833_0002.indd 158

Linn, Jordan 15, 33, 165, 167 Linn, Justin , 26, 86, 23, 156 Linstad, Alex 106, 160 Livermore, Spencer 86 Lloyd, Ashley 63 Llyod, Coach 162 Lockamy, Darby 109 Loftin, Olivia 53, 86, 153 Logsdon, Jake 106 Lomax, Kyntrell 101 Long, Austun 86, 158 Long, Kyle 96 Long, Leah 96 Longoria, Josao 86, 152 Loomis, Morgan 86 Lopez, Anique 101 Lopez, Azalea 86 Lopez-Cruz, Raul 97 Lopez, Jay 97 Lopez, Morgan 106 Lopez, Oscar Hernandez 105 Lopez, Roberto 86, 156 Lopez-Xahuentitla, Alma 86 Lor, Mary 106 Louie, Alan 86 Louie, Eric 106 Lovan, LaKyta 106 Lowe, Tyler 86 Lowry, Richard 86 Lucas, Taneesha 106 Lucas, Timmy 55 Luckenbach, Megan 106, 156 Ludahl, Nathen 97 Luengas-Ubaldo, Simon 86 Luna-Cruz, Javier 97 Luna, Elizabeth 106 Luna, Luis 97 Luna-Rendon, Jessica 86 Luna-Rendon, Ricardo 86 Luna-Santos, Viviana 97 Lupanov, Pavel 97 Lustig, Sina 38, 157, 163, 164 Lyons, Sierra 86

m Macca, Angelina 92, 97 MacClanathan, Jacob 8 Macias, Keisha 44, 154, 164 MacKay, Cory 106, 158 Maddox, Kendra 78 Madrosen, Stephen 34, 106 Magistrado, Erik 39 Magistrado, Erik 55 Malanche, Tomas 97, 161 Maldonado, Jennifer 86 Malloy, Christopher 106 Malloy, Emma 97 Mandzij, Corbin 147 Mandzij, Kyle 97 Manley, Antonio 97 Mann, Macie 139, 158 Manuel, Figueroa 91 Marble, Simon 97 Mariano, Willy 97 Marin, Ernesto 156 Marks, Deiondre 97 Marquez, Jesus 86, 156 Martin-Camara, Maritza 86, 153, 160 Martinez, Ana 97 Martinez, Emilyn 86

Martinez, Hugo 97 Martinez, Itzury 106 Martinez, Jennifer 86 Martinez, Maira 164 Martinez, Marcus 8, 10, 11, 138, 152, 161 Martinez, Natalia 5, 106, 154, 160 Martin, Forrest 97 Martin, Kate 97, 158 Martin, Kennedy 16, 17, 154 Maslen, Alyssa 15, 44, 45, 86, 153, 164 Maslen, and Alyssa 53 Masterson, Kyle 139 Maxfield, Kalie 86 Maxfield, Tyler 106 May, Coach Darryl 158 McBride, Justin 97, 152, 158, 161 McBride, Megan 86, 153, 163 McCarty, Kaelin 97 McCaslin, Sarah 97 McClung, Shauna 44, 97, 164 McCoy, Mason 97, 152, 158, 161 McCrae, Dacey 97 McDermott, Courtney 97, 153, 162 McDonald, Haley 16, 17, 109, 154, 160 McDonald, Heather 97, 157 McFelt, Joshua 86, 152 McFerran, Joshua 157 McGarity, Coach Rudd 163 McGowan, Garrett 97, 152 McKenzie, Aly 163, 164 McKenzie, Coach 161 McKenzie, Jordan 97 McLaughlin, Miley 86 McLean, Cady 86 McLean, C.j 97 McMurray, Dani 156 McNaughton, Kelsea 106 McQeen, Hannah 101 McVay, Logan 97, 152 McVay, Victoria 13 Meagan, Boetel 109 Medel, Michael 97 Medina, Irene 22, 97, 156, 159 Medina, Leslie 97, 157 Medina, Vanessa 86 Mednikov, Slava 91, 157 Meier, Stefani 160 Meigs, Konnor 97 Meixner, Kaela 106 Melendez-Montes, Jayleen 86 Melgarejo, Delissia 106 Melgarejo, Ivan 91 Melton, Arianne 97 Melton, Mike 48, 152, 158, 161 Mendez, Alex 106 Mendioro, Rudy 97 Mendoza, Adry 86, 155 Merchant, Corey 106 Meredith, Ashley 106 Merriman, Brenyen 97 Merritt, Joshua 137 Meyer, Brandon 86, 159 Meza-Ramirez, Hector 97 Michael, Ryan 97 Michaels, Roman 97 Mick, James 86, 152, 159, 160 Mick, Taya 106, 160 Mihaltan, Alin 109 Miler, Kelsey 106 Millar, Tristan 97 Miller, Kevin 67, 29 Miller, Madison 35, 86, 154 Mills, Matthew 107

5/1/2012 2:20:18 PM

Nadeau, Alex 87 Nafarrate, Celena 8, 15, 40, 110, 140, 158, 164 Nagel, Todd 66, 152, 162 Nannini, Kadyn 56, 57, 141, 161 Nash, Garrett 98 Nastav, Lindsay 107, 154, 162 Navarrette, Chad 87, 152 Naydiuk, Conrad 107 Ndayishimiye, Adeline 164 Nead, Anya 139 Nedelisky, Annie 26, 28, 29 Neffendorf, Amanda 18, 110, 136, 18 Nekrashevich, Phillip 98 Nelson, Danna 158 Nelson, David 102, 109 Nelson, Lane 15, 107, 161 Newman, Brenna 107, 157 Newman, Raichael 87, 158 Nguyen, Ashley 107 Nguyen, Gia Han 164 Nichols, Kirsten 107

152-165_2-13833_0002.indd 159


Freshmen Boys Basketball Front Row: Braden Mullan, Brandon Meyer, Jose Garcia, Carter Schwenk, Samuel Myers, Sirgeo Hoffman Back Row: James Mick, Maleko Arango, Nicholas Abbs, Coach Alan Simpson, Coach Gene Munuy, Caleb Dalzell, Aaron Turner, Brian Dahl

O’Connell, Madison 98, 160 Olmos, Andrew 87 Olofson, Jordyn 107, 153 Olsen, Ryan 38, 98, 156, 157, 162 Olson, Brett 35, 107 Onyima, Ifunanya 26, 160 Onyima, Ken 98, 152, 160 O’Ree, Kayla 98 O’Ree, Willie 109 ORoke, Kamrin 98 Orozco, Brian Cortes 103 Ortiz, Eduardo 14, 40, 41 O’Shea, Michael 107 Ostapenko, David 87 Ostrom, Andrew 101 Owens, Katrina 39, 107 Owens, Rachel 87

p Paden, Ryan 98 Padilla, Ali 69, 164 Page, Amelia 98 Page, Gabriel 87 Page, Mackenzie 98 Palmer, Coach Mike 152 Palmer, Jacob 107, 158 Palmiter, Claire 18, 53, 107, 153, 162 Palmiter, James 24, 98, 155, 158, 161 Palmquist, Alex 165, 167 Palmquist, Jakob 98, 155, 157 Palmquist, Lydia 107 Paradis, Kathleen 64 Parker, Austin 107, 158 Parker, Ethan 87, 155, 157 Parker, Haley 109 Parkinson, Kendra 141, 164 Parra, Melissa 107 Parrish, Christian 141, 158 Parson, Allan 109 Parsons, Brandon 87 Parsons, Brett 87 Parsons, Duncan 24, 87, 155 Partridge, Cody 98

Varsity Girls Basketball Front Row: Sara Seid, Melissa Smith, Pearly Walton, Hailee Trapold, Emily Smart, Bailey Allen, Jocelyn Balonzo Back Row: Quinn Santangelo, Jessie Stone, Coach Patrick Leitch, Coach Sarabeth Leitch, Coach Ty Gonrowski, Abby Bryant, Amber Peschka

I t ’ s [ I nde x / gro u p pict u res ] C omplicated


Nicholson, Emilee 82, 87, 157, 160 Nicholson, Jiseall 101 Nicholson, Mariah 91 Nicholson, Shay 159 Nielsen, Jack 107 Niyomwungere, Vastine 107, 160, 164 Nmereole, Chido 152, 160 Nmereole, Chidozie 98 Nobes, Adam 107 Norman, Gabrielle 87, 160 Norton, Nicole 26, 29 Norwood, Brennan 157 Noyes, Kailey 98 Nunez-Cuaya, Maria 87 Nunez-Rojas, Cecilia 87 Nunziato, Alicia 16, 17, 98, 154, 160

158 | 159

Mitchell, Daniel 107 Mizuno, Yuichiro 97 Moffit, Coach Rex 156 Mohr, Rachel 97, 162 Molina, Annaly 7, 139 Molina, Michelle 86 Monda, Mikey 97 Monda, Nikki 86 Monk, Jeffrey 97, 164 Monnie, Mikayla 15, 137 Montague, Jeffrey 86 Monteblanco, Andrea 44, 97, 164 Moore, Dillon 27 Moore, Gem 86 Moore, Kyle 107 Moore, Makenna 44, 45, 87, 154, 164 Mora, Jaime 107 Morales, Anthony 109 Morales, Erik 98, 156, 162 Moran, Tim 160 Moran, Timothy 87, 152 Morgan, Patricia 98 Morote, Rodrigo 98, 152 Morris, James 98 Morris, Paige 139 Mortenson, Jamie-Lynn 87, 164 Mosher, Tiffany 87, 157 Moss, Deidre 87, 157 Moss, Paige 98, 163 Mott, Clayton 56, 140, 161 Mott, Coach Jim 161 Mua, Michelle 98 Muange, Dorcas 107, 164 Muange, Michael 3, 152 Mueller, Kyle 98 Mulato, Moctezuma Ramirez 87 Mullan, Braden 87, 159 Muntian, Sergi 87 Munuy, Coach Gene 159 Murphy, Jose 98 Murray, Owen 35, 40 Myers, Kyle 98 Myers, Sam 87, 159 Myers, Taylor 139, 163 Myers, Vanessa 98

JV Girls Basketball Front Row: Jocelyn Balonzo, Irene Medina, Lydia Girdan, Marissa Buyas, Sara Seid Back Row: Emily Smart, Alley Grovom, Madison Talent, Coach Ty Gonrowski, Erica Keathley, Shay Nicholson , Kayla Stuva

5/1/2012 2:20:21 PM

Freshmen Girls Basketball Front Row: Estera Pukay, Megan Saeteurn, Victoria Blanger, Kamara Simpson, Kaila Bowen, Samantha Reed, Maritza Martin-Camara Back Row: Gabrielle Norman, Ali Rojas, Kaitlyn Walls, Coach Patrick Leitch, Shayla Singleton, Oliva Raines, Emilee Nicholson

Boys Track Front Row: Zach Bernabo, Robert Singleton, Brandon Pitts, Gre'gonta Brown, Sirgeo Hoffman, Chido Nmereole, David Velasco Second Row: Jay Lopez, Santiago Velasco, Aaron Piltcher, Tanner Hockley, Brian Salgado, Brodie Allen, Justin Linn, Brian Urzua, Zach Hedeen, Third Row: Daniel Allen, Devauntae Hoffman, Sawyer Rhinevault, Eric Johnsen, Ken Onyima, Jacob Hillenbrand, Remy Somsanith, Issac Hinojosa, Alex Linstad, Cole Lindhorst, Gabe Hoffman Fourth Row: Morgan Benson, Dylan Hanson, Nico Estibar, Justin Anderson, Conner Allen, Tim Moran, James Mick, Hunter Pattock, Gerry Gomez, Tucker George Back Row: Miles Lewis, Nicholas Hanset, Jon Treloggen, Coach Kylee Hutchins, Coach Dean Crouser, Coach Chris Koeing, Coach Stouts, Spencer Kelley, Caleb Dalzell, Meleko Arrango

Patterson, Matt 98 Patterson, Nathaniel 98, 152 Pattock, Hunter 107, 152, 158, 160 Paz, Andrew De La 155, 157 Paz-Romero, Merari 87 Peacock, Austin 69, 107 Pearson, Kylee 107, 154 Pechin, Jordan 87 Peck, Andre 87 Pedersen, Heidi 25, 107, 155 Pederson, Trent 26, 107, 165 Pedro, Veronica 98 Peetz, Kerri Ann 154 Peinado, Cindy 109 Peoples, Andy 87 Peoples, Craig 87 Peoples, Kenzie 87 Perez, Daniel 87 Perez, Deseray 107 Perez, Jesus 158 Perez, Jose 101 Perez, Juan 156 Perez, Katelyn 87 Perez-Torres, Juan 87, 156 Perry, Bryanna 98 Peschka, Amber 22, 98, 156, 159, 160 Pesetskaya, Diana 98, 165 Petersen, Cole 98 Peterson, Brett 107 Peterson, Ebony 87 Petesz, Carly 87 Pettigrew, Leslie 140 Pettina, Hanna 87, 154 Petty, Brittany 98 Pham, Paul 107 Phearson, Brad 55 Phillips, Christian 87 Phillips, Derek 98 Phillips, Hannah 34, 142, 154 Phillips, John 101 Phillips, Laura 8, 34, 53 Pilcher, Aaron 87, 152, 160 Pineda, Pedro 164 Pitts, Brandon 107, 160 Pohrman, Alex 98, 157 Polon, Menni 44, 164 Poon, Keith 87 Popova, Anastasia 44, 45, 69, 107, 163, 164 Popova, Sofiya 44, 110, 142, 164 Portman, Alex 152 Pratt, Emily 58 Press, Tristan 107, 161 Prez, Jesus 91 Price, Dakota 98, 157 Probst, Miyah 101 Pukay, Estera 87, 160

q Quinchiguango, Wayra 98

Girls Track Front Row: Evelina Williams, Charmaine Tano, Kendra Taylor, Madison Statler, Vastine Niyomwongere, Brenda Alvarez, Kamara Simpson Second Row: Leah Ruff, Ashlee Jorgensen, Stefani Meier, Haley McDonald, Amy Gomez, Jacelyn Davis, Alicia Nunziato, Natalia Martinez, Dora Vargas, Yadira Corona-Gomez Third Row: Bailey Allen, Madison Taylor, Erica Keathley, Maria Castellanos, Sierra Lindhorst, Amber Peschka, Sadie Wierschke, Madison Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connell, Kennedy Martin, Pearly Walton, Melissa Smith Back Row: Hanna Kristensen, Olivia Raines, Taya Mick, Coach Kylee Hutchins, Coach Dean Crouser, Coach Chris Koenig, Coach Stouts, Haley Crouser, Ifunanya Onyima, Kaylee Aalbers

152-165_2-13833_0002.indd 160

r Rafalski, Daniel 39, 58, 157 Raines, Olivia 53, 87, 154, 160 Ramage, Alicia 107 Ramage, Amanda 87 Ramirez-Campos, Maria 98 Ramsdell, Jack 9, 87 Rangel, Esmeralda 87 Rathke, Taelyr 87 Ratliff, Jake 98, 157 Ratliff, Noah 88, 155, 157 Raugust, Jj 98 Raya, Juan Carlos 107 Raze, Genevieve 79 Rebensdorf, Elijah 101 Rebensdorf, Levi 101 Reed, Samantha 88, 160, 162 Rees, Rhianna 88 Rehmke, Claire 107 Reimer, Savannah 107 Reisen, Marissa 98 Renice, Siefer 79 Restrepo, Marcos 98 Reyna, Karla 88 Reynolds, Jasmine 59, 98, 162 Rezendes, Austin 88 Rhinevault, Gillian 88 Rhinevault, Sawyer 107, 109, 152, 160 Rice, Danny 107 Rice, Sam Reed Back Row: Timber 157 Rice, Timber 98, 157, 162 Richardson, Cassidy 88, 153 Richardson, Coach Kenny 162 Rickerson, Nicole 99 Rincon, Dacia 107 Rios, Moises 99 Riskin, Dominik 99, 156 Ritchie, Heidi 88 Rivas, David 88 Rivas, Mario 99 Rivera-Bautista, Edgar 107 Robbins, Hennessey 101 Roberts, Bianca 164 Roberts, Bryce 88 Roberts, Delaney 99 Roberts, Heaven 91 Robertson, Andy 142, 163 Roberts, Paul 107 Robinson, Javon 109 Robinson, Marcus 99 Robinson, Markel 88, 152 Robirts, Allyson 99 Robles, Crystal 99 Robles-Olvera, Leticia 99 Rodriguez, Diego 91 Rodriguez, Hector 109 Rodriguez, Karla 99 Rodriguez, Okxana 99, 154 Rodriguez, Rico 88 Roebuck, Thomas 152 Roebuck, TJ 41 Rogers, Collin 88, 152, 158 Rogers, Daisi 88, 154 Rogue, Ricardo 88 Rojas, Ali 88, 157, 160 Rojas, Jorge 108 Romero, Adylene 108 Romero, Cirilo 88, 161 Romero, Melissa 108 Romoro, Cirilo 152

5/1/2012 2:20:22 PM

Rose, Austin 108 Rose, Emily 88 Rosenfield, Doug 88 Ross, Ashley 99 Rothe, Brayde 88 Roulst, Hailey 88, 154 Round, Tommy 99 Rovira, David 88 Royse, Sean 108 Rowell, Julie 164 Rudomanov, Anna 99, 157, 163 Rudomanov, Vladimir 88, 158 Ruff, Leah 17, 99, 160 Ruff, Michael 59 Ruiz, Irlanye 99 Ruiz, Jose 101 Rumley, Anna 88 Rumley, Nicholas 108 Russel, Jason 68, 69 Ryals, Troy 88 Ryder, Madison 63, 88


JV Baseball Front Row: Devin Keali'i Corniel Tapec, Tristan Press, Steven Smith, Daniel Eckhart, James Palmiter, Brody Christian, Taylor Allen Back Row: Lane Nelson, Austin Blank, Taylor Talent, Coach Mike Melton, Coach McKenzie, Ryne Deyoe, Brandon Grissom, Justin McBride

Freshmen Baseball

I t ’ s [ I nde x / gro u p pict u res ] C omplicated

152-165_2-13833_0002.indd 161

Varsity baseball Front Row: Alex Bosso, Grant Warner, John Lilly, Lane Stickell, Kadyn Nannini, Travis Blanchard Second Row: Devon Shields, Marcus Martinez, Taylor Inman, Clay Mott, Lane Nelson, Aaron Larson, Cody Janway Back Row: Mason McCoy, Thomas Malanche, Coach Jim Mott, Coach Jason Khron, Coach Travis Vetters, Coach Kory Casto, Brent Tolvstad, Brandon Fast

160 | 161

Saats, Brady 101 Sackett, Danny 88 Sadberry, De’Ariese 91 Saechao, Emily 88 Saetern, Tommy 162 Saeteurn, Megan 88, 160 Salazar, Bianka 108, 156 Salazar-Kachel, David 99 Salazar, Samuel 99, 156 Salgado, Brian 99, 152, 158, 160 Salgado, Luis 108 Saling, Jacob 99, 158 Salisbury, Amy 101 Salmeron, Jaime 108 Samson, Connor 99 Sanabia, Genesis Real 98 Sanchez, Anthony 88 Sanchez, Antonio 91 Sanchez-Camacho, Anayeli 88 Sanchez, Favio 156 Sanchez, Vilga 109 Sandoval-Romero, Darlene 88 Sanjines, Karinna 88 SanLuis-Cervantes, Adrianna 88 Santangelo, Quinn 8, 14, 40, 49, 53, 108, 159, 162, 164 Santos, Marco 59 Santos, Misael 88 Santos, Salvador 108 Saradi, Kais 108, 164 Saray, Jessica 108 Sarinana, Paul 99 Schaeffer, Haley 108, 157 Schance, Katie 88 Schlipf, Brooke 99, 155, 157 Schnepp, Emily 88 Schofield, Chris 99, 162 Scholer, Aric 35, 41 Scholer, Jordyn 44, 99, 164 Schuman, Matthew 99 Schwab, Morgan 18, 153 Schwartz, Serena 88, 157 Schwenk, Carter 88, 159 Scott, Dylen 99 Scroggins, Chance 99 Sean Taylor 39 Sechao, Emily 154 Seid, Sara 108, 159, 163

Sharpe, Justin 88 Sharp, Justin 161 Shaw, Hailey 69 Shaw, Jacob 99 Sheehan, Madeline 88, 154 Sheehan, Olivia 14, 35, 99, 154, 163 Sheilds, Coach Scott 163 Sheirbon, Tyler 88 Sheldon, Jordan 88 Shepherd, Kaylee 99 Sherrell, Christine 88 Shields, Devon 10, 11, 99, 152, 158, 161 Sierra, Yessica 88, 153 Sievert, Sawyer 88, 161 Sifuentes, Coach Eddie 158 Siliang, Austin 108 Simmons, Coach Kurt 152 Simms, Taylor 8, 110, 142, 156 Simon, Thomas 108 Simpson, Alan 66, 159, 163 Simpson, Kamara 89, 160 Singleton, Robert 99, 152, 160 Singleton, Shayla 89, 160 Sitzman, Zachary 99 Smart, Ashley 141 Smart, Emily 99, 157, 159, 163 Smart, Sara Seid Back Row: Emily 159 Smith, Amanda 108 Smith, Joel 99 Smith, Jordan 99 Smith, Justice 89 Smith, Kaylynn 89 Smith, Kelly 99, 154 Smith, Maya 64, 108, 164 Smith, Melissa 22, 108, 156, 159, 160 Smith, Paige 99, 163 Smith, Rick 143, 163 Smith, Shaylin 60, 162 Smith, Steven 161 Snyder, David 99 Sobolevskiy, Alex 108 Sockey, Torin 99 Sokol, Carolina 89 Sokol, Yaroslav 108 Solano, Naomi 89, 164 Somsanith, Remy 108, 152, 160 Sorensen, Katie 146 Soriano, Adriana Ruiz 88 Soto, John-Carlo 89 Soto, Jonatan 89 Soule, Cody 59 Sparks, Ali 141 Speck, Austin 99 Spelciuc, Andrei 89 Spellman, Timmarica 89, 153 Spicer, Austin 69, 108, 158, 163, 164 Spicer, Coach Jim 163 Spittal, Chase 99 Spooner, Rachel 99 Sprando, Danielle 143 Sprauer, Mackenzie 99 Stamp, Alexis 108 Stanley, Olivia 89 Stanton, Jeff 108 Staples, Alex 89, 161 Statler, Alex 158 Statler, Coach 158 Statler, Madison 16, 17, 99, 154, 160 Stauffer, Kelcey 108, 157 Stauffer, Patrick 100, 157

Front Row: Ricky Campos, Alex Staples, Jackson Hysmith, Gunnar Johnson, Sam Williams, Brody Christian, Garrick Heine, Zachary Coombs Top Row:Justin Sharp, Parker Blankenship, Sawyer Siever, Hunter Crenshaw, Coach Darren Elkins, Angelo Flores, Cirilio Romero, Cody Becker, Tyler Graham

5/1/2012 2:20:23 PM

Varsity Softball Front Row: Alyssa Vedus, Jillian Lauderback, Courtney McDermott, Emma Bird, Shaylin Smith, Kaityln Krenzer, Jasmine Reynolds, Breanna Gibbons Back Row: Danielle Clifford, Claire Palmiter, Tori Volk, Coach Kenny Richardson, Coach Dave Anderson, Coach Kevin Hart, Coach Llyod, Quinn Santangelo, Alex Frazier, Taylor Carbone

Jv Softball Front Row: Rachel Mohr, Bailey Uptain, Lindsay Nastav, Miranda Fratz, Timber Rice, Emily Rose Back Row: Mariah Jackson, Samantha Reed, Cason Xerxes, Coach Lori Anderson-Cook, Coach Paul Trutman, Ashley Harris-Wick, Perrie Xerxes, Makinzy Cagle

Boys tennis Front Row: Tommy Saetern, Chris Schofield, Kevin Miller, Brian Chin Second Row: Eric Morales, Jeremy Berndt, Kyle Stevens, Nick Wilkinson, Ryan Olsen, Jeffrey Dezellem Third Row: Jesus Delgado, Jacob Casteel, Jacob Young, Todd Nagel, Hunter Busse, Mikey Downey,

152-165_2-13833_0002.indd 162

Stebbins, Hailey 89 Steeblum, Emilie 82 Steele, Derick 89 Steinblums, Emilie 89, 157, 164 Steinbrugge, Sarah 108 Steiner, Katelyn 18, 18, 27 Steinhauer, Nicole 109 Steketee, Macey 108 Stephen, Austin 89 Stephen, Christopher 89 Stephens, Brandon 89 Stephen, Trevor 59, 108, 152 Stevens, Keely 34, 35, 44, 89, 154, 164 Stevens, Kyle 144, 155, 162 Stickell, Lane 152, 158, 161 Stiner, Hannah , 100, 25, 155 Stiner, Hannah 155 Stinson, E.j 100, 163 Stone, Jessie , 35, 108, 23, 156, 159, 163 Stouts, Coach 160 Stowe, Hailey 89 Strand, Shelby 108, 157 Strobel, Laurel 89 Strommer, Cajsa 28 Sturdavant, Paige 108 Sturgill, Tori 108 Stuva, Kayla 109, 159 Suarez-Rosales, Hellen 91 Sumano, Ali 89 Sundquist, Jake 8, 14, 24, 40, 41, 145, 155 Sund, Taylor 32, 89 Sutherland, Anthony 100 Sveen, Bailee 89 Swanson, Derek 100 Sypher, Alex 100

t Tacker, Christopher 100 Talbot, Aryn 108 Talbot, Austin 108 Talent, Madison 100, 159, 164 Talent, Taylor 100, 152, 161 Tang, Nickolas 100 Tano, Charmaine 8, 53, 160, 164, 165, 167 Tapec-Corniel, Dylan 152 Tapec, Devin 14, 152, 161 Tarbet, Nathan 144 Tatum, Staci 100, 156, 163 Tavera, Hannah 100 Taylor, Austin 100, 158 Taylor, Jared 155, 157 Taylor, Kendra 17, 100, 154, 160 Taylor, Madison 89, 160 Taylor, Meranda 108, 153 Taylor, Sean 38, 39 Tello, Marisol 108 Temple, Hanna 100 Terry, Clarice 17, 144, 154, 164 Tevs, Max 100 Tevs, Tanya 108, 163 Texcahua-Aldama, Gonzalo 89 Texcahua-Aldama, Osvaldo 100 Thill, Jasmine 26 Thill, Tiara 100 Thomas, Keyshawn 89 Thompson, Abigail 108 Thompson, Jt 89

Thompson, Megan 89, 154 Thompson, Randy 108 Thorne, Mrs. 54 Thurman, Paige 108 Tinkle, Alecia 89 Tinoco, Juli Colin 83 Tinoco, Osiel Herrejon 85 Tolai, Micah 108, 152 Tolvstad, Brent 145, 152, 161 Tolvstad, Casey 100 Tovar, Diana 16, 17, 154 Townley, Alex , 33, 154, 158, 165, 12 Tramposh, Noah 91, 152 Tramposh, Taylor 108, 152 Trapa, Knox 89, 156 Trapold, Hailee 49, 108, 159 Trapold, Jacob 89 Travis, Maya 164 Treloggen, Jon 152, 160 Treloggen, Tierra 108 Trickel, Austin 100, 155 Triplett, Sarah 25, 145, 155 Tripp, Kellie 144 Trosper, Alex 164 Truong, Nguyen 100 Trutman, Coach Paul 162 Turcol, Whitney 108 Turk, Krystal 89 Turner, Aaron 89, 152, 159 Turner, Michaila 145

U Ubaldo, Cristian 109 Ubaldo, Yesenia 89 Ulman, Mitchell 89 Uptain, Bailey 89, 162 Uâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Ren, Lauren 147 Urzua, Brian 89, 156, 160 Urzua, Cristian 109, 156

v Vaeono, Ardy 101 Valdez, Lia 16, 24, 63, 100, 164, 165 Valencia, Brayan 109, 152 Vallejo, Jorey 100 VanBrunt, Hannah 109 Vandehey, Kameryn 109 Vang, Charlie 109 Vang, Shania 89 Varcoe, Megan 100 Vargas, Dora 7, 100, 160 Vasquez, Ana Maria Morales 101 Vasquez, Lilibeth 22, 63, 100 Vaughn, Chelsie 109 Vazquez, Abner 109 Vazquez, Ernesto Marin 86 Vazquez, Jose 89, 152 Vazquez, Laura 100 Vedus, Alyssa 100, 162 Vega, Leticia 145 Velasco, David 89, 152, 158 Velasco, Richard 89 Velasco, David 152

5/1/2012 2:20:23 PM

Velasco, Santiago 156, 158, 160 Velasquez, Brandy 18, 55, 153, 158 Velazquez, Jennifer 109 Velazquez, Sotchil 89 Vetters, Coach Travis 161 Veunnasack, Sally 109 Villalobos, Rosa 100 Villasenor, Idione 89 Villegas, Delilah 109 Villegas-Paz, Sergio 109 Vinokurova, Alina 100 Vinsonhaler, Austin 109 Vinsonhaler, Belle 100 Vitale, Maxwell 100 Vlad, Alik 100 Volk, Jonas 89 Volk, Tori 145, 162, 164, 165, 167 Voloshko, Dmitriy 100, 155, 157 Voloshko, Lucas Liebertz Back Row: Dmitriy 155 Vorobets, David 109 Voroboyv, Antony 54

152-165_2-13833_0002.indd 163

Front Row: Anna Rudomanov, Sara Seid, Jessica Emoto, Victoria Conner, Catrina Kwong, Mayumi Eda, Amina Khinnarath, Aly McKenzie Second Row: Emily Webber, Danika Hazard, Rachel Hohbach, Paige Moss, Anastasia Popova,Rebecca Fast, Hannah Kim, Paige Smith Back Row: Stacie Tatum, Grace Katzke, Amanda Neffendorf, Emily Gilson, Coach Rudd McGarity, Coach Alan Simpson, Tanya Tevs, Abby Bryant, Sina Lustig, Makayla Allmaras

xyz Xerxes, Cason 12, 15, 58, 59, 60, 101, 162, 165, 167 Xerxes, Perrie 90, 162 Xiong, Jazmyn 90 Yacapin, Amanda 147 Yacapin, Megan 90 Yadira Corona-Gomez 160 Yager, David 90 Yamada, Tanner 101 Yanez, Dolores 90 Yanez, Jorge 156 Yang, Nancy 90 Yang, Tiffany 109 Yates, Tj 90 Ybarra, Amber 101 Yerkes, Maria 17, 154 York, Melissa 109 Young, Anthony 91 Young, Jacob 147, 162 Young, Jake 23, 156 Young, Matthew 90 Zabrodchenko, Daniil 91 Zabrodchenko, Darya 109 Zamora, Luis Romero 108 Zamudio, Edgar 90 Zapata-Gonzalez, Vanessa 109 Zaragoza, Dayana 109 Zarate, Katarina 109 Zavalina, Alina 101 Zeggert, Alison 101, 156 Zhyryada, Eduard 101 Zurita, Clara 90 Zurita, Silvia 109

I t â&#x20AC;&#x2122; s [ I ndex / gro u p pict u res ] C omplicated

Wagner, Jake 109 Walker, Grady 100, 158 Walker, Robert 89 Walker, Sarah 100, 155 Wallis, Anastasia 100 Wallis, Audrey 89 Walls, Kaitlyn 26, 89, 160 Walton, Pearly 49, 109, 153, 159, 160 Waples, Coach Chad 152 Warneke, Tyler 109 Warner, Grant 8, 14, 40, 41, 161, 164 Warner, Wyatt 100 Washington, Jessica 90 Wasmer, Eden 109 Weathers, Rebecca 109 Weaver, Michael 100 Weaver, Travis 90 Webber, Emily 163 Webb, Michael 100 Weber, Jordan 91, 152 Wellmaker, Floyd 90 Wells, Cheyenne 100 Wells, Coach Lonnie 154, 155 Wells, Liberty 90 Welsh, Alicia 109 Wenner, Sean 90 Wescott, Jesse 90, 152 Westby, Taylor 145, 154 West, Sydney 90 West, Wyatt 100 Wheeler, Dusty 109 White, Andrew 100 White, Brandon 109 Whitworth, Riley 90 Wicht, Randi 109 Wiechmann, MacKenzie 28, 36, 100 Wierschke, Sadie 146, 154, 160 Wilkendorf, Jamee 109 Wilkinson, Nick 67, 146, 162 Williams, Abbie 109 Williams, Carter 91, 152 Williams, Evelina 90, 154, 160 Williams, Kalie 90 Williamson, Amber 100

Girls Tennis

162 | 163


Williamson, Cole 90 Williams, Samuel 90, 152, 161 Willingham, Deaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Montae 109 Wilson, Alyssa 109 Wilson, Brittanie 109 Wilson, David 109 Wilson, Dj 109 Wilson, Elijah 101 Wilson, Ellie 27, 109 Wilson, Justin 101 Wilson, Lindsay 101 Wingler, Christopher 165, 167 Winkler, Jesse 109 Wise, Andrew 101 Wisniewski, Logan 90 Wix, Olivia 90 Wolsborn, Ben 109 Wolsborn, Elliot 101 Wood, Taylor 101 Woolen, Kenneth 90 Wright, Alex 69, 101 Wright, Alexis 109 Wright, Coach Becket 157

Girls Golf Front Row: Olivia Sheehan, Hayley Lawer, Meaghan Allison, Coach Scott Sheilds, Jessie Stone, Emily Smart, Megan McBride

Boys Golf Front Row: Andy Robertson, Rigo De La Cerda, Austin Spicer, Ricky Smith, Joseph Constien, Caleb Dalzell, E.J. Stinson Back Row: Taylor Myers, Kevin Dunlap, Coach Dalzell, Coach Jim Spicer, Jeremy Acre, Mckenzie Huff

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Rhythmettes Dance Team Front Row: Brianna Kjenslee, Sophia Busse, Rachel Cortese, Keisha Macias, Sofiya Popova, Makenna Moore, Angie Hahn, Anastasia Popova, Kelsea Dahl. Middle Row: Meaghan Allison, Raichael Newman, Andrea Monteblanco, Angelina Macca, Monica Kemp, Jamie-Lynn Mortenson, Alyssa Maslen, Tara Fery, Kylie Bell Back Row: Jordyn Scholer, Lily Cichon, Jennifer Wilson, Kellie Gorman, Meredith Holman, Keely Stevens, Menni Polon, Megan Robertson, Alyssa Dodd, Emilie Steinblums, Maddie Beland, Mary Ellen Cook

Score Club Front Row: Jessica Gonzales, Dorcas Muange, Maya Smith, Julie Rowell Second Row: Adeline Ndayishimiye, Vastine Niyomnungere, Pedro Pineda, Ozieanna Bernard Back Row: Maya Travis, Bianca Roberts, Keke Divon, Alex Butler, Sanoe Kaaumoana-Kaliloa, Dillion Moore Not Pictured: Jeffrey Monk, Markese Brown, Lenaya Jones, DeKwandre Hamilton, Adair DeJesus, Maira Martinez, Naomi Solano

Key Club Front Row: Hannah Kim, Celena Nafarrate, Nicole Kobayashi, Aminah Khinnarath, Taylor Bauer, Crystal Chau Second Row: Taylor Carbone, Lia Valdez, Jessica Emoto, Rebekah Fast, Rachel Hohbach, Megan Humphrey, Tori Volk, Danielle Clifford, Nikole Lane, Kaia Hazard, Morriah Gifford, Dick Vaughn Third Row: Sierra Lindhorst, Charmaine Tano, Giovanny Carrasco-Gomez, Jeremy Berndt, Joseph Constien, Rigo De La Cerda, Brian Chin, Clarice Terry, Belicia Castellano, Catrina Kwong, Sina Lustig, Gia Han Back Row: Cody Hunter, Austin Spicer, Emma Bird, Trevor Dietz, Kevin Dunlap, Danielle Clifford, Zach Hedeen, Santiago Velasco, Jessie Stone, Eric Johnsen, Leah Long, Sarah Joeris

International Club Front Row: Monica Kemp, Nicole Kobayashi, Charmaine Tano, Aminah Khinnarath, Belicia Castellano, Morriah Gifford Second Row: Hanna Kristensen, Madison Talent, Aly McKenzie, Kaylee Aalbers, Eric Johnsen Third Row: Kendra Parkinson, Gia Han Nguyen, Amanda Brainard, Jessica Emoto, Brian Chin, Kais Saradi Back Row: Anastasia Popova, Sofiya Popova, Ali Padilla, Emma Bird, Makayla Allmaras, Crystal Chau

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Yearbook Front Row: Diana Pesetskaya, Hayley Lawer, Cason Xerxes, Jordan Linn, Alex Townley, Brad Cook Second Row: Jessica Lastivka, Lauren Laakso, Nicole Kobayashi, Charmaine Tano, Belicia Castellano, Aliyah Valdez, Lilibeth Vasquez Back Row: Rachel Brokaw, Ashley Cates-Erhart, Catrina Kwong, Tori Volk, Trent Pederson, Christopher Wingler, Chad Gordan, Alex Palmquist

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ASB officers

Front Row: Stephanine Bishop, Courtney Bielawski, Taneesha Lucas, Junanita, Juanita Diaz Hernandez, Tyleah Cain, Nikole Lane, Megan Humphery Jillian Lauderback Second Row: Colton Evans, Victor Maceda De Jesus, Kaitlyn Krenzer, Kassee Holmes, Danielle Councilman, Kaitlyn Turpen Third Row: Cody Van Dyke, Micah Charleston, Hunter Busse, Rick Smith, Brad Phearson, Kyle Masterson Not Pictured: Jayde Folsom, Braden Thelander

Front Row: Charmaine Tano, Nicole Kobayashi, Quinn Santangelo, Grant Warner, Keiko Downing, Emma Bird, Celena Nafarrate Not Pictured: Kevin Dunlap

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s [ Index / group pictures ] Complicated

Production Photography

group pictures album

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Expanding our Reach Staff sets new precedents for the program

To say this was “just another year” in room 508 would be an understatement. A year filled with change, uncertainty, turmoil, and chaos, still boasted an annual we are all proud of. Our “complicated” journey began in early September with the goal of producing the first spring delivered yearbook in more than 50 years. A fairly “green” class, we initially lacked the resolve to undertake this monumental adjustment to meet the publisher’s deadline schedule. Even while knowing the clock was ticking a little faster than recent years; the students progressed slowly through the fall season with the deadlines seeming so far off. After developing the design concept and initiating the coverage of the fall content pages, the students were saddled with the realization that I [their advisor] was going to be on paternity leave for a staggering three months. While the long term substitute did the best job she could to see that the program continued in a positive direction, the staff had their own ideas and pushed her to see that she keep them on pace. I was welcomed back to school in late January with a great deal of stress as the first round of proofs were due the next day. As the year continued, the students began to realize the urgency of the looming deadlines. Getting the work done in the crunch, the staff worked towards completing all three deadlines projected by Walsworth. Spring showers arrived and the student’s pressed ahead to complete the book prior the pending teacher strike on April 25. With the uncertainty of the future, the class scrambled to collect the remaining pictures, quotes, and stories needed to meet to final publishing deadline to complete the book on time.

Even with the award winning status of the Gresham HS yearbook program, the sales of the yearbook have declined in total by nearly 40 percent over the last 6 years. In an effort to battle the decline in student support, the class worked hard to create a buzz for the upcoming yearbook that now reaches beyond its pages. The process of creating Google + and YouTube accounts to host the additional multimedia content was an innovative storage solution to providing the increased amount of pictures and video the student body desires. The creation of the supplemental DVD is another first for the class. These extensions, though seemingly complicated in their inception, were not difficult to incorporate. In addition they add so much to the experience of reading the book. Although I know my “kids” took advantage of the days I was on leave, sick, at a convention, or district meeting, etc. . . . and, didn’t always want to make time to work outside of class. . . they got it done, and for that, I am so proud of this year’s staff. Making a spring delivery is practice that is concurred by most programs around the country. For us it is an enormous achievement. Let’s just say for us, “It’s just the next big thing.”

Brad Cook GreshamHS Advisor

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5/2/2012 9:17:14 PM

Brad Cook

Belicia Castellanos

Nicole Kobayashi

Alex Townley


writer / index Copy Editor

writer / index Copy Editor

Designer Design Editor

Jordan Linn

Tori Volk


Lilibeth Vasquez

Chris Wingler

Catrina Kwong

writer / Baby Gophers

Multimedia DVD Production

Lauren Laasko

Rachel Brokaw writer /Designer


Diana Pesetskaya


writer /Designer

Chad Gordon

Production / Index



Cason Xerxes Writer/DESIGNER

Amanda Neffendorf Whatever needed

I t â&#x20AC;&#x2122; s [ y earb o o k s ta f f ] C o m plicated

Alex Palmquist

Hayley Lawer

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writer / production

writer / Baby Gophers

Ashley Cates-Erhart


Jessica Lastivka

Lia Valdez

Photographer / Photo Editor

Charmaine Tano

writer / Baby Gophers

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Trent Pederson


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Yearbook Name: Munhinotu Issue Title: “It’s Complicated” Issue: 96 Yearbook Staff 20 Number of Pages 168 Number of copies printed 700 Price per copy $40.00 Digital Media DVD $5.00 Publisher Walsworth Publishing Co. Marceline, Missouri Walsworth Representative Matt Holmes Software Used: Adobe CS5 Additional Oneline Resources Used: Google Apps Google + YouTube Dropbox Type Usage Body Copy: Caption Headline: Caption Body: Headline:

Font Name Roto Univers Condensed Med. Universe Condensed Light BigNoodle, Rotor

Cover Design Multimedia DVD Designer/Creator

166-168_2-13833_000.indd 168

Size: Leading: 9pt. 11pt. 7pt. 7pt. 7pt.

Brad Cook Chris Wingler

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2012 GreshamHS Yearbook (High Quality)  

Gresham HS Yearbook, "It's Complicated" (Gresham, OR. USA) Even with the award winning status of the Gresham HS yearbook program, the sales...