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Asiatic Lions and Herpetofauna Safari Herping in Sasan Gir National Park Transfer to Ahmedabad Fly home

Wildlife of Gujarat Group Tour

Gujarat Wildlife Tour This herpetological experience takes in the deserts and forests of Gujarat, West India. Travel with India’s top herpetologists in search of Indian star tortoises, mugger crocodiles, Indian pythons, Russell’s vipers and the giant 65cm saw-scaled vipers to be found in the region. In addition this tour will take in opportunities to see Asiatic lion, leopard, wild boar, crested serpent eagle, tawny eagle and many more. Gerry Martin (see profile at bottom of itinerary) and Soham Mukherjee will be your expert guides for the trip.




Depart for Ahmedabad


Arrive, transfer to Bajana


Exploring for Desert Reptiles


Falcons, Royal Snakes & Scorpions


Transfer to Hingolgadh


Treks in search of herpetofauna


Indian Pythons & Star Tortoises


Transfer Sasan Gir National Park


Asiatic Lions and Herpetofauna Safari


Herping in Sasan Gir National Park


Transfer to Ahmedabad


Fly home

09th October - Depart for Ahmedabad (flights not included in cost please enquire for further details). 10th October Transfer to Bajana, Little Rann of Kutch Arrive in Ahmedabad. Upon arrival in Ahmedabad you will be met by Gerry Martin and Soham Mukherjee and be transferred to Royal Camp Safari, Bajana. After a chance to freshen up you will have a chance to go birding in the late afternoon. In the evening you will go out for the first of many nocturnal herping excursions.

11th October Desert reptile spotting After an early breakfast you will head out in search of spiny tailed lizards, common trinket snakes, Leiths sand snakes, and common sand boas amongst many other reptile species. At night we will drive into the desert to look for the many species of reptiles as well as mammals including Asiatic wild ass, Indian wolf, jackal, Indian fox, black buck and chinkara (Indian gazelle).

12th October - Falcons, Royal Snakes and Scorpions After an early morning spent spotting falcons and a hearty breakfast you will be driven to prime Royal snake habitat to look for the many species of desert herps to be found there including: including common cat snakes, saw-scaled vipers, common kraits, common Indian monitors, termite hill geckos and spectacled cobras. After dinner you will go out for some nocturnal herping and Hottentota scorpion spotting.

13th October Transfer to Hingolgadh In the morning you will transfer to Hingolgadh and after settling in you undertake a preliminary survey of the fort. After lunch you will be taken on a tour of the historic fort. Later in the afternoon and evening you will have the chance to go on a herping trek to the nearby Lili Nariyeli hill returning at sunset. At night you will be able to look for nocturnal herps found around the fort. Species include: Indian rat snake, red sand boa, glossy-bellied racer, Indian python, fan-throated lizard, bronzeback tree snake and the big four Indian venomous snakes (spectacled cobra, common krait, saw-scaled viper and Russells viper) 14th October Herping in Hingolgadh After breakfast there will be a walk to a nearby dam and back, obviously there will be plenty of herping opportunities along the way. Upon return Gerry and Soham will explain basic reptile identification and demonstrate snake handling of non-venomous snakes. This will give you the opportunity to increase your field handling skills with some of Indias finest herpetologists. After sunset there will also be the opportunity to partake in nocturnal surveys of the surrounding area for reptiles such as west-Indian leopard geckos, common kukri snakes, common cat snakes, banded racers and termite hill geckos. 15th October Indian Pythons and Indian Star Tortoises

Today you will have the chance to photograph the individuals the individuals that have been found so far in Hingolgadh as well as the chance to see Indian pythons and the endangered Indian star tortoises. Gerry and Soham will also demonstrate safe handling of venomous snake species. Gerry will be leaving your company the following morning (13th) so there will be an opportunity for farewell drinks in the evening. Soham Mukherjee will be your guide for the remainder of the trip.

16th October Transfer to Sasan, Gir National Park You will transfer to Sasan in the Gir National Park early this morning. After a chance to freshen up and settle in you will be able to take a walk to the nearby Hiran river, herping along the way. This will give you the chance to spot various riparian herp species including Indian flapshell turtles, Indian softshell turtles and mugger crocodiles. After a spot of lunch you will be taken on a trek in the buffer zone of the National Park and visit the local mugger crocodile breeding facility. Species found in the area include Indian chameleon, common Indian monitor, striped keelback, checkered keelback, and the big four medically important venomous snake species. 17th October Asiatic Lions, Birds and Herpetofauna Today you will be taken on a safari in the National Park buffer zone in search of the rare Asiatic lion and numerous other species of mammal and bird including leopard, striped hyena, Indian wolf, Indian fox, jackal, wild boar, hanuman langur, jungle cat, honey badger, sambar deer, tawny eagle, changeable hawk-eagle, crested serpent eagle, and eagle owl. You will also have the chance to look for herps along the way. 18th October Herping in Sasan Today you will another chance to go herping in the buffer zone of Gir National Park, or maybe just relax at the guest house should you choose. 19th October Transfer to Ahmedabad Today you will be transferred to your hotel in Ahmedabad where you will have the chance to relax and freshen up before your flight home tomorrow. 20th October Transfer to airport for return flight home

Tour Includes: • Airport pick up and drop off India • Overnights as mentioned • Excursions as mentioned • Transportation in private vehicle • English speaking guide • Meals are provided throughout the trip (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner excludes drinks) with the exception of the last day of the tour where breakfast only is provided. • Public liability insurance • All taxes Tour Excludes: • All International flights & Visa fees, • • •

Meals, unless mentioned differently Beverages and personal expenses Other excursions and entrance fees

Williams Brothers Surf School 1234 Main Street Anytown, State ZIP

£1475 per person sharing Subject to change & Availability. Single Supplement TBC

To register a place or for more information contact: Greig Smith Travels Ltd / Tel: 07414 00 66 03 / 078886 99537

Wildlife Of Gujarat  

This incredible wildlife experience takes in the deserts and forests of Gujarat, West India. Travel with India’s top herpetologists in searc...

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