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Hey guys, I just want to put you straight and advise you why you see things like YourNetBiz SCAM and Don't Join YourNetBiz, these are just marketing tactics that people use, let me explain. YourNetBiz is a home business opportunity with lots of people promoting it. (or trying to promote it). So in turn that means that 1000's of people on a daily basis are trying to research YourNetBiz to see if it is actually a genuine business opportunity. The number 1 place for this is Google and the other search engines. People promoting YourNetBiz want to have their websites seen by people that are researching YourNetBiz in the hope that they will partner with them. If most people are doing their research using the Google search engine then this gives YourNetBiz associates 2 options. 1. SEO and Organic Search Results. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, this is all about knowing how to produce a quality website that has the keywords in it so when people search for these keywords their site is displayed. The Organic search results appear on the left hand side of the Google results page. 2. Paid Google AdWords. This is where the YourNetBiz associate will set up an advert that will appear on the right hand side of the Google results page, these links when clicked cost the person that has set-up the advert. This is the easiest way to appear on the front page of Google if you don't understand SEO. People that are now promoting YourNetBiz have at one time been in the position where they were researching it themselves. So they know if you are considering anything with a financial commitment you will be drawn to reading anything that suggests it could possibly be a scam. It can be a very successful way to get your website seen but can sometimes lead to potential YourNetBiz prospects being scared off the business opportunity. In addition to YourNetBiz Associates using these tactics there will also be people Cross Recruiting. Cross Recruiting is where someone that promotes a similar business opportunity will try and steal the traffic that is researching YourNetBiz, they will use terms like YourNetBiz is a SCAM etc to get the persons attention and then present them with an alternative business opportunity. So these are some of the reasons you will see the word SCAM associated with the YourNetBiz business opportunity. I am an independent associate of YourNetBiz and can advise with confidence that this is not a SCAM but is in fact a genuine business opportunity providing full training to make a successful home business.

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==== ==== Hi. My name is Kris Sheldon. I reside in a small, rural community in Ontario, Canada, just outside Ottawa (the nation’s capital). I come from a background of little formal education but was fortunate enough to have been blessed with a good strong work ethic and an ongoing desire to try new ventures to succeed. After a great deal of consideration and research I came to the conclusion that online marketing did indeed fit the bill. I proceeded to search for an online company that had structure, integrity, above average support, and great products at reasonable prices. To learn more about how I did it, visit my site by clicking the link below. Thanks. ==== ====

YourNetBiz Truth About Don't Join Tactics  

Hi. My name is Kris Sheldon. I reside in a small, rural community in Ontario, Canada, just outside Ottawa (the nation’s capital). I come fro...