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Internet marketers create websites, lots of websites, but what is the best way of creating them? Years ago we sat there and coded the websites by hand, using notepad or a basic HTML editor. Life changed when WYSIWYG editors arrived and we could create our websites quicker with these advanced tools. Recently, the landscape of website creation changed again with an advanced piece of software called Wordpress. Originally a simple blogging platform, Wordpress has developed to become the software of choice for many a marketer to run their website on. Why have so many marketers moved so many of their websites to Wordpress? What on earth can be so special about Wordpress for it to have become so popular? There are a lot of reasons why Wordpress has become so popular... let's outline some of them now. Wordpress Benefit 1 The first benefit is the ease of use and installation. Wordpress can be installed in just a few clicks of a mouse, with no technical skill involved. In fact, Wordpress allows people with absolutely no technical skills to create great looking websites with ease! If you can point and click then you can install, configure and use Wordpress. Wordpress Benefit 2 You can make Wordpress look fantastic very easily through the use of themes. A theme basically changes the layout of your website. With just a couple of clicks you can completely change how every page on your website looks. Whether you want your site to look like a magazine, a squeeze page, a sales letter or whatever, you can easily do this with Wordpress. With thousands of free themes available and many more paid themes, you can easily make your website look unique. Wordpress Benefit 3 Another huge benefit of Wordpress is that it is incredibly easy to extend the functionality. With a click you can add Adsense adverts. With another click you can add Google Analytics tracking and more. There are hundreds of plugins available which extend the functionality of Wordpress and makes it do almost anything! Best of all, you don't need any technical skill to do this, all you need to do is click on a few buttons and there you are - new functions added. Beautiful! Wordpress Benefit 4 Ranking well in the search engines is vital for anyone who wants to make money online. Wordpress is a program that has been specifically designed with the search engines in mind and is much loved by them. With search engine friendly URL's, plugins to make it even more search engine friendly, built in RSS feeds and the ability to add XML sitemaps through plugins, you have a very search engine friendly website ready very quickly. No more spending hours messing around with your website, it's ready for the search engines as soon as it comes out of the box. If you are considering setting up a website then perhaps the best piece of software you can use is Wordpress. You can create any type of website from a membership site to a sales page and beyond. These are just four of the major benefits of Wordpress and as you start to use it you will

realise there are many, many more.

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Why on Earth Use Wordpress For Your Website  

Are you looking for fresh Wordpress Training or Wordpress Tutorials? Are you unsure of how to build a website. Do you want to spend as littl...

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