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Every year millions of us are lucky enough to consider an upgrade of our Smartphone, to keep in touch with the evolving technology, which nowadays moves at quite a pace. Through this time we can often get so wrapped up in the new phone we are going to receive that we don´t stop to think for a moment what to do with the old one. I would like to offer some advice that will lead to two great beneficiaries when you upgrade a Smartphone or cell phone to keep up to date with technology, yourself and the environment. Firstly, many people do one of the two greatest mistakes that can be done when you upgrade your Smartphone; put the phone in the drawer to gather dust and clutter you're a storage space, or even worse throw it to the trash. We will discuss the effect of the second of these shortly, but first it has to be said that when you upgrade to a newer Smartphone there is money to be made from the old phone, meaning a great benefit for you, and an upgraded Smartphone at a discounted price. The number of phones, including Smartphones that are dumped in to landfills each years is astonishing, and growing, however you can play your part in being green and helping the environment whilst getting paid for it and enjoy your Smartphone upgrade knowing you got your new phone for a great price and helped the planet - If everybody that upgraded their Smartphone was to do this we could make a tremendous impact on the e-waste issues with just this method, so please be sure to spread the word to your friends and colleagues. The process is simple and can be done before, or during your Smartphone upgrade, from the comfort of your own home you just visit a website, fill out some simple forms and they send you the packaging to return your old Smartphone - free of charge, they cover all costs of packaging, shipping and insurance (providing you select the correct company to trade with). I recommend a site that deals with just Smartphone trades, this way you know you are getting a dedicated service from a professional team, and this for sure, will make your Smartphone upgrade an easy and enjoyable experience.

So when you upgrade your Smartphone don´t let the old one sit and gather dust, or release harmful toxins into our planet, be constructive, be economic, be green, and most importantly, be paid for it. Visit and see just how simple it is to turn your old phone into cash to reimburse you for your recent or upcoming Smartphone upgrade.

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Tips For a Successful SmartPhone Upgrade  

What is the problem? Of the millions of websites out there, maybe yours included, the majority cannot be easily read on a Smartphone without...