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==== ==== Oprah! Need I say more. We have all watched her and have been amazed at her outlook on life. We I know I have. So I just wanted to share this to all her fans, including myself. ==== ====

It was a week or so ago, that I watched the Oprah show from Macon, Georgia. Being from the northern US myself, I have fallen in love with southern hospitality when, as the Beach Boys say, 'I'm down there.' As the world becomes smaller, faster, and more and more alike, one can't help but hope for the survival of southern charm, manners, and yes even chivalry. Being a large, fit male I had never been offered a seat on the city bus before a trip to New Orleans. The fact that this particular Oprah show was taped in Macon, is most likely irrelevant. And perhaps so is the fact that Macon is the market that best supports Queen Oprah. Actually as far as blow hardy women who make their money from the support of housewives go, Oprah is well, all right. She isn't stupid, hell she blew former day time talk host Phil Donahue right out of the water. I know, I know, good old Phil, not to be confused with today's version Dr. Phil, actually retired. But tell me what would you do, if you had enough bank to last two lifetimes, and were de-throned by a large black woman? There is not much more than the average ego of a white American male can take. Oprah even had the brains, and the nads to start her own production company, she owns her own show, take that Phil. Enough Phil bashing, actually I thought he was all right too, even though that episode when he wore the pregnancy suit, came during my ex-wife's first pregnancy, and nothing I ever went through physically or emotionally could ever emote sympathy or empathy, because after all I had never been pregnant. Phil couldn't stand it for one hour, imagine nine months. Phil, even the ladies can see blatant pandering. Except apparently my ex-wife. So this particular Oprah episode was apparently an annual event where Oprah gives away all her favorite things. She gives them away to every studio audience member, and there was a tidy sum to be sure. There were cupcakes, mixing bowls, kitchen mixers, and a Planet Earth DVD. These were Oprah's favorite things of the year? A Target gift certificate? Or were these sponsors of the show? Were these just major retailers and manufacturer's trying to buy some of that Oprah clout? Who wouldn't pony up tidy sums for the reward of having Oprah loving their wares to her minions for thirty seconds? One thing is for sure the stamp of approval from Oprah is worth something. She is synonymous for good taste. Oprah book club selections provide immediate sales. Being featured in her magazine does too, and usually even I can appreciate her selections, while I'm standing in line at the check out that is. Which brings me to my puzzlement, one certain item I cannot get out of my head, and it is bringing my estimation of Oprah down. There was a refrigerator with a TV in its doors. When thinking of my kitchen schematics, I can't think of a worse place to put a TV, I guess if I wanted to sit on the

counter across from the frig, that might work, but since the TV looked to be about waist high, my guess is I would be too high. I suppose I could pull the huge side by side out and turn it towards the dining table, but that seems like a lot of effort, considering from the dining table I can plainly watch my big screen. So I thought about past kitchens, and in none of them would this thing be very useful either. Not even the nice four thousand square foot home, with the custom kitchen, that is now solely owned by my ex-wife. Not even there would this appliance be very useful. In that spacious kitchen there was plenty of room to have a countertop TV, or to hang one from the cupboards. The frig actually was in the corner, and did not provide very much in the way useable viewing square footage. But, oh the audience loved it. They danced, they hugged, they cheered, and they cried, and they grabbed their heart. They shook like revivalists that had seen the Lord. I really thought one lady was going to need an ambulance, dudes wiped tears from their eyes while hugging their wives. I know they were thinking tonight they might finally get some. In short the whole studio was ecstatic. And I thought, huh, can all these people have kitchens set up for this thing? All the architects of their homes, thought, you know we need the kitchen built for a side by side refrigerator, and we need to place it for optimum TV viewing. How would they know this was going to be one of Oprah's favorite things in 2007? I consider myself a pretty good predictor of human behavior. I can see whey the Ipod is so darn popular. Or why cell phones are never very far from human hands. But I never would have guessed the TV in a side by side was going to take off, was going to be in such high demand, I just never saw it coming. But wait a minute maybe it isn't. Just maybe it is only popular in Macon, maybe it is a geographical thing. Which would be good, because that would mean the South is maintaining its charming ways. I mean there is nothing very charming about this appliance, but if only the South has it, then the South will only have other things, like pretty bartenders who call me 'baby'.

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Oprah! Need I say more. We have all watched her and have been amazed at her outlook on life. We I know I have. So I just wanted to share this to all her fans, including myself. ==== ====

Oprah and Her Refrigerator  

Oprah! Need I say more. We have all watched her and have been amazed at her outlook on life. Well, I know I have. So I just wanted to share...

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