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There are 2 aspects to marketing smartphones: marketing and selling the device itself; and marketing via the smartphone. Apple and many other vendors have sewn up the marketing of the devices, which leaves the content side. Herein lays the bigger opportunity for marketers and entrepreneurs. Many of those with a technical slant have opted for developing Apps for iPhones and other smartphones. Some have done this well - those that apps ranking in the top 50. There is a broader opportunity, and that is by leveraging the full capability of these devices. Marketing smartphones will become the next era of marketing for those who can see this opportunity. Consider the basic functions of a smartphone: it can make and receive phone calls, it has a calendar, its web enabled - so it can browse the internet, send and receive email, it make and receive SMS messages. We would all know by now that the bulk of email, some say 75% of all email, is considered or treated as spam. Only 25% of all emails are opened. 95% of all text messages or SMS messages are opened. Imagine a customer, who has provided you or your client with their phone number, and is happy to be alerted of any new offers that pertain to them. Remember the cardinal rule of Internet Marketing: relevance. Remember the cardinal rules of Pay-Per-Click advertising: concise and to the point in as few words as possible for the most targeted audience, for the highest impact to convert sales. Imagine a Pay-Per-Click advertisement being sent, with the URL embedded, as an SMS to a smartphone, with a pre-qualified consumer on the end of that phone. Do you think this might have some relevance for local and small businesses? Marketing smartphones, may the key to generating increased and new sales for those small businesses who are currently struggling to keep their doors open. Whilst some economic commentator's spruik those consumers are shy of spending in retail stores, there's been an increase in online sales. The logic is simple: find out what they want specifically. Gain agreement for communication. Provide them a way to purchase what the customer wants. Add as much value as you, wherever you can. Thank the customer and remember what they bought - treat them well. The smartphone provides marketers and entrepreneurs with a direct, new medium, much like the advent of the internet and web 2.0 did. There's a new platform out there, and it's in the hands of millions of consumers, their eyes steadfastly fixed on the generous screen, watching for the next piece of magic this new device will offer them. If you can learn, or already understand what it magic for a specific niche market, then this new method will be simple for you to leverage. If you want to keep using it, you'll need to be ethical. The mobile phone has become an intimate object in many of our lives, and to abuse a consumer's trust through this device will mean reputation and business suicide. Consider the links: your website, or your client's website; the consumer(s), facebook, twitter, gone. Respecting a consumer's right to privacy, the trust they've placed in you with their mobile phone number, is paramount in the success of smartphone marketing or mobile marketing. Those that take advantage of this new wave of technology, and see marketing smartphones for

what it truly is, will develop significant new businesses, and the hearts and minds of consumers. If you'd like to be part of this new wave, please visit for more information.

Simon Froiland Assisting marketers and businesses to find new ways to survive and thrive in the new digital era.

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==== ==== What is the problem? Of the millions of websites out there, maybe yours included, the majority cannot be easily read on a Smartphone without pinching and squeezing the content. Most are not designed for a smooth mobile transition from pc/laptop compatible designed website, to Smartphone compatible website. Keep in mind, 80% of people on earth have mobile phones - and 51% of those expect a website to be easily read on their mobile device. Ask yourself...Can they read your company website on their Smartphone while mobile? So what is the solution? It's very simple - Convert your website for a low low payment with high quality results. ==== ====

Marketing to Smartphones  

What is the problem? Of the millions of websites out there, maybe yours included, the majority cannot be easily read on a Smartphone without...

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