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Malicious programs or a virus attacks your computer system when an infected website on the internet is browsed, grimy software is downloaded or a tainted e-mail message is accessed and so on. It is only the installation of updated antivirus software on your computer system that can save it from being affected. Anti virus software tenders computer security and protection from malicious programs like virus, worm, Trojan horse and other harmful things. The function of an anti virus is to check all the files for presence of viruses or any malicious program. In case it detects any viruses, it will suggest suitable action to remove them from your computers. Once installed the anti virus software should be updated whenever a new update is available. If the latest anti virus program is installed in your PC you will be able to identify the newly discovered viruses and the potential security threats. An antivirus program should be selected depending upon the usage of Computer and Internet. Further, while downloading anti virus software, one should always look for the source and authenticity of the same. In case the source is not legitimate you may end up installing some viruses along with the software causing harm for the health of your computer. Such software detects a bug in ways, some of which may include: Signature based Detection, Heuristic based Detection, and many more. In the signature based detection, anti virus software compares the content of files with virus signature. Heuristic based approach is used to identify unknown viruses. Once your PC is protected with antivirus software you need not worry about anything else other than upgrading it from time to time. Antivirus software not only prevents virus infection onto the computers but also protects them from compliance violations, data loss, identity theft, lost productivity and network downtime. It also gives a wide-range security to protect all types of endpoints in your system. So, protect your system today, from unwanted foreign elements that can potentially harm your computer and pose considerable danger to your work and personal information. Install the latest anti virus software as soon as possible for keeping your valuable data safe and unharmed.

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==== ==== The new and improved XoftSpySE is the most powerful anti-spyware program yet. Check it out below: ==== ====

Importance of Anti Virus Software  

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