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American Idol is the biggest audition for all contestants for every record producer to watch for talent. American Idol is broadcast to over 100 nations outside of the United States, including many with their own version of Idol; however, it is not a live broadcast and may be tape delayed by several days or weeks (excluding Pakistan, India, Israel, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates in which it is also aired live). American Idol is positioned as a contest to find the best undiscovered young (amateur) singer in America, thereby "discovering" them and making them into a star. American Idol Contest Idol fans just can't wait to hear the harsh criticism Simon has in store for the aspiring talent. Idol will be what we will be watching. Idol raised close to 70 million dollars. The winner receives a one million (US) dollar record deal with a major label, and is managed by American Idol-related 19 Management. Top ten finalists participate in a post-season American Idol promotional concert tour. Thats all there is to singing in American Idol. American Idol Contestants Contestants are not permitted to have any current record deals or talent management agreements (though they may have had one at some point in the past). Contestants are required to sing a short one-minute a cappella snatch. Contestants have been mocked for cross-dressing, lack of talent, strange attire, dressing/acting sexy, and general physical appearance. The contestants sing a song of their choice based on a theme each week and the two with the least public votes exit from the competition. Once in the top 5, the contestants sing two songs each. And, as has been said again and again, the audience would love to see more of the contestants stories. American Idol is the biggest audition for all contestants for every record producer to watch for talent. Learning how to learn from coaching and criticism can be a challenge — and, ultimately, the most successful contestants (like successful students) do just that and improve notably in the course of the season or semester. American Idol Talent The talent gets worse every year -- or, they are putting through the worst so the rating drop and FOX cancels it before his contract is up. Unfortunately, the consistancy with which the less talented is winning certainly does smack of something underhanded. There are more talented singers out there that don't have the money to tryout or make it big. Even worse, it makes us gleefully watch as the no-talents, the lesser talents, and even the really good talents are cut down like chaff. But the wealth does not trickle down to contestants of the top-rated talent show. It's always a popularity contest, it's never been all about the talent in singing. American Idol Star We all want to think we've invested in making a star. Being a star has always been about popularity since it is the public who adores them and buys their records/tickets to their shows. American Idol has to learn to allow those winners to sing on their level, then they will have a array of stars. And it doesn’t start or stop with the annual winners. American Idol's Season 5

stars are topping the Charts and selling records like crazy. The amazing thing about American Idol is that it gets tens of millions of people to watch it two months before it really starts. Everybody is a star, not just a star of fame of the musical arts, but also joyful and celebrated stars. American Idol Winner American Idol has to learn to allow those winners to sing on their level, then they will have a array of stars. Although the finale starred contestants and past winners, the best moments featured established stars who’ve been around long before anyone of note heard of Simon Cowell. Obviously, American Idol is a show for the public and the public has the right to choose the winner based on talent as well as their personal opinion. Many winners and runners-up have gone on to become true pop stars, proving that the show's formula -- as unforgiving as it can be -- really does work. American Idol is supposed to be about finding the next great musical legend, not finding the next group of backing singers. American Idol is supposed to be this way. For more information about how to become American Idol and what tools and techniques could help to pass audition - visit []

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America Idol is #1 primetime reality show gave us some of the nations most memorable performances and inspiring personal journeys. Man I lov...