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PETA, an International non-profit group that promotes animal protection and contests animal abuse, has found its new endorser in the form of American Idol judge Simon Cowell. The infamous judge will be promoting a public service awareness campaign that deals with animal welfare, specifically pertaining to the cruelty of leaving dogs in a vehicle on a hot day. Cowell strongly asserts his sentiments over the subject matter he previously experienced firsthand. He also realized that not a lot of people are aware that leaving dogs inside a car might cause danger or even kill the animal. And while this is just one crusade, he explores other animal issues, which need to be addressed such as the fur trade with dogs. Cowell, a 47-year old British artist, is an executive for Sony BMG. Apart from being a judge on American Idol, he is responsible for music themes of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Zig and Zag, and the World Wrestling Federation. Previously, he was also a judge on Pop Idol, The X Factor, and Britain's Got Talent This endorsement of Cowell surprises most people, especially avid fans of the reality talent show American Idol where he depicts a stern and rough judge, often uttering straightforward and harsh remarks in auditions and during the show. He maintains that treating people is very different with treating animals. He also attributes his good karma on his behavior towards animals. Cowell said, "Everyone should love animals. If you're good to animals, your life will be good. And my life is good because I've been good to animals. If I see a baby, it's a baby. If I see a puppy, it's a whole different ball game. He also emphasized on the importance of loving animals on American Idol. He added, "The people I work with, they're all animal lovers. It's part of the criteria for judging the show: you've got to like animals."

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American Idol's Notorious Judge Supports PETA  

America Idol is #1 primetime reality show gave us some of the nations most memorable performances and inspiring personal journeys. Man I lov...

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