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When it comes to reality search, American Idol is one of the pioneers. It started in June 11, 2002 with the original title American Idol: The Search for a Superstar on its first season. American Idol is a talent search that is open to all people from different walks of life through its nationwide auditions. It has opened a door of opportunities to all Americans who want to showcase their singing talents. The show is a well acclaimed talent search that scout for only the best talents and potential superstar quality and becomes the ticket to fame and fortune of most American Idol winners. The show can be considered as a three-way process of bringing out the best not only on the contestants and their family but that of the judges and the followers or viewers as well. It is not only a talent search launched to search for the next singing sensation but it is also subconsciously a challenge to the judges as well. What makes American Idol more interesting is the most awaited part of the judges' turn to make a comment. Oftentimes the judges can be outrageously funny or sometimes they can be so blatantly frank with their comments. Of course people who dreamed or hoped to proceed to the next level would be hoping against hope to get a "Yes" or "You're moving on..." once they are on the auditions of the American Idol. It seems like when people took their chances they surely expect to bring out the best in themselves knowing that they will be auditioning to a very prestigious talent search, where only the brightest star shines. The show perks up the spirits of Americans to attain the brightest future in the music industry. The prestige, fame and fortune they can attain can be too glamorous and exhilarating that even their families feel proud to their loves ones who just made it to the audition. The thrilling winning moments are highly enigmatic and can immediately magnet fame and fortune to the American Idol winner. In American Idol only the best performer has the shining moment of being the American Idol. The other performers though are all winners in their own merits and some even managed to sign a recording contract. American Idol is there not only to bring out the best in a person but American Idol is there to inspire Americans to dream big. it has become a stepping stone for an American dream to come true.

You can watch Kelly Clarkson's American Idol performances - how Kelly went from a small town girl to an international superstar. It's quite a fascinating thing to witness, so watch American Idol and relive the excitement of the first shows.

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American Idol - Building An American Dream  

America Idol is #1 primetime reality show gave us some of the nations most memorable performances and inspiring personal journeys. Man I lov...