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==== ==== Hi, since I am a such a Justin Bieber fan, I just wanted to share this with my fellow fans :) ==== ====

I wanted to write an in depth article on all Justin Bieber songs but I feel that the article may go on for too long. I will aim to include a lot of information on all of the songs that have been popular, and can be readily associated with him. I suppose you would call it all of his big hits. All of us who are true fans have our own favourite songs anyway, and I guess it's possible that some of you reading out there may not find your favourite song listed here. Don't worry, I'm not forgetting about how awesome all of his songs are on their own - I just want you to realise that if they don't make the list here that is only because it's just not a song that I consider as one of his biggest hits. I'm not attempting to grade songs here, or create an entire JB song list. I just plan add some information about his most popular hits. A Justin Bieber song list that focuses on his greatest hits so far, should take into account the commerciality of the song as the primary rating method, while also considering the critical response to the song. These are the two elements I have chosen to rate the songs on, and I'm not saying this is the best way to do it, but it is a logical way to assess them. So, let's take a look at the big Justin Bieber hits. We have 2 albums to work off. My World & My World 2.0 My World - "One Time" This track was the lead single from My World and was generally well received by the critics and charted sufficiently well, reaching the top 20s. My World - "One Less Lonely Girl" Was a little stronger on the charts than "One Time", and made the Top 15 in the US and rose as high at #10 in Canada. Critically the song was received positively, and has proven to be a huge favourite at concerts. My World - "Love Me" The first promo single from the album, did not perform as well as the other two songs above, reaching a top of #12 in Canada and #27 in the US. Having a more electro feel, the song was another highlight on the album My World - "Favourite Girl"

Charting with similar strength to "Love Me", this song reached top 15 in Canada, but stalled at #26 in the US. It managed to chart internationally but not significantly. A catchy song, and one of my favourites. My World 2.0 - "Baby" A monster hit, and a brilliant pop song co-written by Justin Bieber, "Baby" was a worldwide smash peaking at #3 in Canada and #5 in the US. #3 in Australia and #1 in France and charted very strong in other parts of Europe. It is the biggest hit so far of all Justin Bieber songs. The song showed off Justin's range and voice quality, and was aided by a guest lyric from label mate Ludacris. An essential in any Justin Bieber song list. My World 2.0 - "Somebody to Love" An up-tempo, rhythmical track that charted reasonably well, but couldn't compare to the pulling power of "Baby" as it was released a full 3 months after it. My World 2.0 - "U Smile" Another favourite at the live shows, this song charted well digitally and was featured in the Justin Bieber documentary "Never Say Never". Was the third single from the album but failed to make the top 10. Although not an extensive list of all Justin Bieber songs, the above songs make up the strongest offerings from Justin Bieber and give the uninitiated a chance to check out some of the best of the best. A good place to start would be to plug the song titles into YouTube.

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==== ==== Hi, since I am a such a Justin Bieber fan, I just wanted to share this with my fellow fans :) ==== ====

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Hi, since I am a such a Justin Bieber fan, I just wanted to share this with my fellow fans :)