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Promoted primarily as an online business and training company, YourNetbiz was co-founded and currently headed by a man named Rob Hannley as its CEO along with Forrest Blankenship as the VP for sales and promotions. The company was initially known as MyInternetBusiness prior to reorganizing itself to YourNetbiz in line with their efforts to maximize profit and address the needs of its members. YourNetbiz prides itself in its integration of social networking sites. So does this mean that it is worth looking into? Let's take a closer look. As an Internet Entrepreneurship system, here are a couple of things that it currently offers its members: · Training and coaching resources through various mediums which includes live conversations, audio and video recordings. · Wide array of digital goods which includes eBooks, software, videos and articles written in more than 88 niches accompanied by a vast library exceeding a thousand digital products · Eligibility to avail of travel discounts as a YourNetbiz member Having mentioned a couple of things that YourNetbiz can offer, you're probably wondering how much the total program would actually cost. Well you won't find this information on the site directly and you'll have to provide a valid e-mail address before accessing more details about the program including its cost and the sign up process through a set of detailed instructions. The membership fee for YourNetbiz can go as high as $2995 which covers the platinum option although you can still sign-up as an associate subscription fee worth $59. This is in addition to the $49 membership fee for associate accounts. Now how exactly do you earn an income using YourNetbiz? Well your membership with this particular online business program is essentially an investment that provides you with your very own site which you will use to sell the products provided which will generate your commissions. Income potential as an associate is rated at $300 per successful transactions. Those who invested higher on the program are entitled to larger commission rates which can go as high as $2000. Now these commission rates may seem attractive to most people but one must always keep in mind that they can only be achieved through effective marketing strategies.

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