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Scottsdale-based BizBox lets you take your business on the road ( October 19, 2011 ) After driving 2,500 miles, a Scottsdale entrepreneur introduced his company to the world at the Business Franchise Expo in Toronto, Canada. Charles Sidi has developed a way for you to take your business to your customers anywhere, any time. Its called BizBox and a Canadian television station said it looks almost like a product you could expect from Apple. The modern design of the BizBox redefines the idea of a movable trailer. The BizBox isnt just a way to take your business on the road. Its a solar-powered, green, portable solution for companies to take their products and services to their customers. Sidi brought a BizBox to 3TV to show Scott Pasmore. The BizBox can be whatever you need it to be a state-of-the-art office, a showroom, a medical station, a food shop, a retail store or a display center. ==== ==== Hi there. Maybe you know me, maybe you don't. My name is Greg Sheldon. By day I do marketing for all kinds of businesses online and offline. My partner and I just became sales representatives for the BizBox mobile showroom. BizBox is actually the pioneer and first ever sophisticated building which is highly transportable and will definitely transform your business into something different in just a matter of minutes. This is a press release about the product. Please visit out website to watch a video on how it works. ==== ====

Scottsdale-based BizBox lets you take your business on the road