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Green Road Show ( November11, 2011 ) BizBox is a new, green, portable way for companies to market on the road. Similar to a pop-up shop, the BizBox can be transformed from a perfect mobile branded box to a state-of-the-art office, showroom, retail store, or display center. Created by Charles Sidi, a green construction and sustainability consultant, the BizBox is powered by green technology that integrates natural light, three-inch-thick insulation and solar energy, BizBox is both energy efficient and nearly self sufficient. The BizBox, with its built-in Onan, is capable of operating up to 65 hours without refueling and the solar produces up to 1,000 watts/day that is stored in the built-in batteries. BizBox can store up to five days of power (depending upon power use and conditions) without connecting to external power sources. ==== ==== Hi there. Maybe you know me, maybe you don't. My name is Greg Sheldon. By day I do marketing for all kinds of businesses online and offline. My partner and I just became sales representatives for the BizBox mobile showroom. BizBox is actually the pioneer and first ever sophisticated building which is highly transportable and will definitely transform your business into something different in just a matter of minutes. This is a press release about the product. Please visit out website to watch a video on how it works. ==== ====

Green Road Show