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BizBox Creator Sees Community Renewal Possibilities ( November 25, 2011 ) Charles Sidi says he can see the new mobile, solar-powered, office-sized unit hes created helping to build renewed and thriving local and global communities. Charles is the founder and president of BizBox, a Phoenix, Arizona-based company about two months into its selling cycle and already facing overwhelming interest. He and others are seeing uses for the unit he never originally dreamed of, among those this idea of using them to entice (local) communities to get back to face-to-face discourse, and encourage people to trade again. We like to say BizBox is the bit between the click and the brick, between the Internet and the brick and mortar of traditional buildings, Charles tells Axiom News. He envisions creating farmers market-like set-ups on land that cant be used for anything else. People can go in, have ownership for their own BizBox, they can create a buzz, they can create excitement in an environmental way, because this is a solar-powered building, says Charles. And if we do this in infilled space, not in new land, but in infilled space, we can create thriving, local communities. He also envisions the units offering solutions in disaster relief situations. They can provide spaces for mobile medical services, or be booths offering information and connection to the rest of the world through their solar-powered satellite set-up. Theres also interest in using the unit as completely different, interactive, innovative way of teaching kids. For instance, a museum is considering doing school and community outreach through the units. And those are just some of the potential uses around community renewal. Theres a whole other side of opportunity around business transformation as well, says Charles. For him, the idea of the product being of world benefit and much beyond just a profit maximizer aligns completely with his original vision for the company. One of our core values of the company is for BizBox is for it to actually mean something, says Charles, noting hes never been driven by money in his work. What my focus has always been is growing a business and creating things that people can engage with and become excited by whether its a building Ive built, an award winning building, whatever its been, its not been driven by money, says Charles. He adds the antithesis of that has been the money has in fact come because weve created something great. Charles has been honoured by recognition from one news company citing his creation as something theyd expect to have come from the company Apple.

As someone who has long considered Steve Jobs a visionary worth emulating, having that kind of accolade was an amazing full circle, says Charles. Steve created what he called insanely great products that excited, inspired and connected people, and by all accounts thats what this BizBox unit is setting out to be and do as well, says Charles. ==== ==== Hi there. Maybe you know me, maybe you don't. My name is Greg Sheldon. By day I do marketing for all kinds of businesses online and offline. My partner and I just became sales representatives for the BizBox mobile showroom. BizBox is actually the pioneer and first ever sophisticated building which is highly transportable and will definitely transform your business into something different in just a matter of minutes. This is a press release about the product. Please visit out website to watch a video on how it works. ==== ====

BizBox Creator Sees Community Renewal Possibilities  

Hi there. Maybe you know me, maybe you don't. My name is Greg Sheldon. By day I do marketing for all kinds of businesses online and offline....

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