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ADVOCACY BEGINS WITH Quality Programs and Proven Results

Collaborative Partnerships

Broad Base of Community Support

Key Champions • Citizens who support and understand your work. • City Mayors and/or City Council members • Representatives & Senators of the SC General Assembly

Support From School Administrators • Regular communication. • Invitations to visit and participate in your program. • Special program activities are ways your program can begin to build relationships with school administrators.

Building Key Champions Keep It Local. •

You should write to the local legislator in your district or where you operate the program. In fact, you can do both.

Building Key Champions Keep It Personal. •

Personal forms of communications indicate a great amount of effort and the more obvious the effort, the more seriously the communication is taken.

Building Key Champions Keep It Concise. •

Your letter should be no more than one typed single-spaced page.

Building Key Champions • Invite your KCs to your facility. • Lunch & Learn • Plan a tour to showcase outcomes, successful programs, and where needs exist.

Building Key Champions • You can locate information about your Legislators at:

South Carolina Budget Process • August: Budget Guidelines sent to Agency. • October: Agency Requests Submitted to Governor. • January: Governor Submits Budget to Legislature. • June: Legislature Adopts Budget. • July: New Fiscal Year Begins.

Funding Sources To Consider • 21st Community Learning Centers via SCDE • School District funding – Straight or SES

• Contributions from parents • Private donors

Preparing to Take Advantage of Advocacy • • • • • •

Think Strategically. Build On Success. Secure Help. Collaborate. Get Information. Prepare and meet.


Advocacy for youth programs

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