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“Citizen Legislative Advocacy in Minority Communities” Professional Fellows from Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia in the USA October 1 - November 10, 2012 Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of the Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of Citizen Exchanges, Professional Fellows Division The Great Lakes Consortium – through WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc. – as Contract Agent and Manager – received a grant for a two-way exchange between September 2011 and May 2013 from the U.S. Department of State for the “Citizen Legislative Advocacy in Minority Communities” with 28 participants from four countries of Europe and for 17 U.S. mentors.

GREAT LAKES CONSORTIUM for International Training and Development (GLC) — GLC is a collaborative effort of the Bowling Green State University, Lourdes University, The University of Toledo, and WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc - Contract Agent and Manager. Established in 1999.

The overall goal of this exchange program is to provide a professional development opportunity for up-andcoming and mid-level professionals to gain knowledge of United States practices in engaging citizens and community leaders in collaboration to inform changes in legislation that make a difference in minority communities (including Roma, disabled, homeless, immigrant populations) and strengthen democracy. Foreign participants are exposed to diverse community organizing methods

October 2012

to engage citizens as active participants in solving problems in their own communities. They also gain hands-on experience at both public and civil society institutions in the U.S. and a deeper understanding of U.S. society, culture and people. They have an opportunity to examine the relationship between civil society and government and learn methods to fight public corruption and develop accountability. Through internship placements at national, state and local organizations across the U.S. participants gain knowledge and experience as well as adaptable approaches that they can implement after their return. U.S. mentors also have an opportunity travel for a reciprocal visit overseas. The U.S. participants of this exchange will have an opportunity to share professional expertise and gain a deeper understanding of the societies, cultures and people of other countries.

Dr. Elizabeth Balint Project Manager Barbara Dennis, Viktoriya Maryamova Program Coordinators GLC Toledo Office P.O. Box 352424 Toledo, OH 43635 Phone: 419-725-0440 Cell: 419-973-8007 Email: Website: Find us on

First U.S. Mentors delegation welcomed at Budapest City Hall, Hungary

Update on the Progress: The first round of exchange was completed during the spring and summer of 2012. The first European delegation with a total of 16 fellows from Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia visited the U.S. from March 26 - May 5, 2012. Thanks to the support of different U.S. hosting organizations the joint activities and the internship program were very successful and guests returned to their communities with many new ideas and an action plan to implement some of those and share with others as well. Some of them collected additional resources and in-kind support, others started to submit grants to attract outside resources to work on new projects. As a follow up 9 American mentors traveled for three weeks in July 2012 to Europe. They provided additional consultancy and made visits to learn more about the problems in the minority communities in Europe and assisted in additional training with the alumni. U.S. and foreign participants are involved in alumni activities through an alumni social network in each country. We established an online network for continued learning.

Next round of exchange: After completing the first round of exchange we will welcome another 16 member delegation from Europe from October 1-November 10, 2012. They will participate in group seminars, round-table discussions, site visits, and will have interactions with U.S.

First Delegation from Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia in Toledo, Ohio, with Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and Peter Ujvagi

leaders. As with the first delegation a tailored 3-week internship with mentoring, multicultural events, and participation in volunteer activities as well as in the Professional Fellows Congress in Washington, D.C. are also included in the 6-week professional fellows program. Participants will prepare a 6-9 month individual and group Action Plan for follow on activities. They will have an opportunity to experience the American family life and the diversity in the U.S. through staying with American host families during their internship in Chicago Normal and Bloomington in Illinois; New York, in New York; Charleston in West Virginia; Portland area in Maine; Toledo, Columbus and Cleveland area in Ohio; Wichita in Kansas, Portland, Oregon and Aurora in Washington.

The next group of U.S. mentors will travel to Europe from November 24December 15, 2012 and another after January 20, 2013 for a 3-week program. They will offer more joint workshops with the alumni and onsite consultation, engage media and conduct wider outreach programs.

This program is a collaboration between GLC and its overseas partners: CEGA in Bulgaria, Civil College Foundation in Hungary, CeRe in Romania and Center for Community Organizing in Slovakia as well as many U.S. partner organizations. This citizen civic exchange promotes mutual understanding, creates longterm professional ties, enhances the collaboration between GLC and its partners.


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“Citizen Legislative Advocacy in Minority Communities�

“Citizen Legislative Advocacy in Minority Communities” Participants of the Second European Delegation from Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia Bulgaria




The program is funded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of Citizen Exchanges, Professional Fellows Division Locally organized by Great Lakes Consortium for International Training and Development through WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc. – Program Agent and Manager

Professional Fellows program in the U.S. (October 1 - November 10, 2012)

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Bulgaria Full name: Republic of Bulgaria Head of state: Rosen Plevneliev (2012) Prime Minister: Boyko Borisov (2009) Population: 7,093,635 Capital: Sofia (1,192,000) Area: 42,823 sq. miles (110,910 sq. km) Major language: Bulgarian Major religion: Bulgarian Orthodox Main exports: clothing, footwear, iron and steel, machinery and equipment, fuels.

Hungary Full name: Hungary President: Janos Ader (2012) Prime Minister: Viktor Orban (2010) Population: 9,880,059 Capital: Budapest (2,597,000) Area: 35,919 sq. miles (93,030 sq. km) Major language: Magyar (Hungarian) Major religion: Roman Catholic Main exports: machinery and equipment, food product, fuels and electricity.

Romania Full name: Republic of Romania Head of state: Traian Basescu (2007) Prime Minister: Victor Ponta (2012) Population: 22,181,287 Capital: Bucharest (2,210,800) Area: 91,699 sq. miles (237,500 sq. km) Major language: Romanian Major religion: Eastern Orthodox Main exports: textiles and footwear, metals and metal products, machinery and equipment, minerals and fuels, chemicals, agricultural products.

Slovakia Full name: Slovak Republic President: Ivan Gasparovic (2004) Prime Minister: Robert Fico (2012) Population: 5,470,306 Capital: Bratislava (480,800) Area: 18,859 sq. miles (48,845 sq. km) Major language: Slovak Major religion: Roman Catholic Main exports: vehicles, machinery and electrical equipment, base metal, plastics.

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“Citizen Legislative Advocacy in Minority Communities�

Participants from Bulgaria

education to young people and children, without any reference to their differences. NART is an accredited organization of the European Volunteer's Service /EVS/ and in this capacity Mr. Damyanov is also a Mentor of several young volunteers from Spain and France. Mr. Damyanov teaches at Trakia University – Stara Zagora, lecturing and making research on the following academic subjects: Supporting environment and its impact on the inclusion of different students as well as social and legal protection of people with disabilities, anti-discrimination

practices, etc. He has several publications in scientific magazines and presentations at conferences both in Bulgaria and in Europe. Kaloyan is visiting the U.S.A. for the first time. Mr. Damyanov would like to get acquainted with different representatives and leaders of NGO, public authorities, politicians, engaged with the integration and submission of public services to children and youths with disabilities as well as to inclusive education and social work. Kaloyan also expect to have an opportunity to meet university professors working on programs for training of professionals in the area of social work, the legal protection and training of children and youths with different needs. Especially important for him will be the possibility to learn about specific operating practices focused on the work with families of children and youths with disabilities and on different activities, organized together with them. Mr. Damyanov is also interested in the opportunity to make contacts with professional organizations of teachers and social workers. In his free time, Kaloyan likes to go to the cinema, to go for walks with friends and to be occupied with sports activities.

young people with risk behavior. Project “Days of Youth Alternatives” focused on given advice and counseling on health and legal issues the same young people from the region of Sliven. The objective of project “My Town” is to discuss the problems of Sliven Municipality and the opportunities for civil society participation in its management. Project activities include series of discussions on the problems of Sliven and civil society. Preparation of analysis based on consultation with the citizens of the major problems in the city. Ms. Taneva holds Master’s Degree in Medicine from Thracian University Stara Zagora. She is fluent German, and has excellent language skills in English and Russian. During last three years Nedka visited Greece, Turkey, Romania, Austria

and Germany. In addition she visited U.S.A. twice – in 1998 and 1999. She resided and worked in the U.S. as a student under the program “Work and Travel” While in the USA, Ms. Taneva would like to gain experience in working with U.S. minority groups with future goal to use these established U.S. practices in Bulgaria. Nedka wishes to make contact with organizations working with minority groups. She would like to exchange ideas and collaborate on future projects. Ms. Taneva would like to gain further knowledge of the human rights of minority groups and particularly in the area of political rights, rights to health, rights to education and work. She is interested in the rights of detainees for crimes, would like to exchange skills and ideas with organizations working in the field of guaranteeing the right to work, health and education of minority groups, and visit organizations in preventing the spread of AIDS and HIV. Furthermore, Ms. Taneva wants to visit important places in the U.S. related to the history and culture of this country and other landmarks, and to meet with the experience of leading U.S. experts in the field of medicine. In her free time Ms. Taneva interested in photography, gardening and spend much time with her family. Very often her family travels to different places in Bulgaria and Europe.

Kaloyan Damyanov Stara Zagora, Bulgaria E-mail: Kaloyan Damyanov has been Director of the Resource Centre for assistance of the integrated training of children with special educational needs in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, since 2007. Previously Mr. Damyanov has worked in the system of children's protection and social work. The Resource Centre is a state institution within the structure of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, which carries out the governmental policy for integration and inclusion of children and students with special educational needs in the general comprehensive schools and daycares. In 2011 as recognition of his work at the Resource Centre, Mr. Damyanov was elected as Chairman of the National Association of Resource Teachers (NART). NART unites over 900 resource teachers and specialists from the whole country. The main goal of the organization is to promote the professional profile of this profession, yet new for Bulgaria as well as to afford the opportunity for equal access to

Nedka Taneva Sliven, Bulgaria E-mail: Dr. Nedka Taneva works in the Hospital for Active Treatment Queen Ioanna Sliven, Bulgaria and is a Doctor-specialist in clinical laboratory. Her responsibilities include management and organization of work in the hospital clinical laboratory, control over the laboratory staff, directing, controlling and understanding of the laboratory results obtained. Since 2008 Ms. Taneva is a Chairman of the "European Youth Alternatives". She is in charge of training persons from minority groups in health care and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Ms. Taneva was actively involved in several projects: (1) “Together” (2009-2011), (2) “Days of Youth Alternatives” (2010) and (3) “My Town” (2010-2011). The target group for the first two projects was young people from the Roma minority in the Sliven region. Project “Together focused on training two groups (total 40 people) in the field of human rights and freedoms and their ways to protect and guarantee under national and international law, to support and enable young people trained in a business to put into practice their skills among their community, and assist its members in their dealings with institutions, and health and legal advice in the field of human rights of

Professional Fellows program in the U.S. (October 1 - November 10, 2012)

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Participants from Hungary Balint Vojtonovszki Budapest, Hungary E-mail: Balint Vojtonovszki started working as an activist in 2005 while learning at a local university in Budapest, Hungary. He worked with his fellows on homeless peoples’ rights in a voluntary advocacy group. Besides his voluntary activity, Mr. Vojtonovszki participated in several other projects (Roma, Green, Alterglob, etc.) as well. On August 2009, he participated in the foundation of “The City is for All” which is a grassroots homeless advocacy group including homeless, formerly homeless activists and their allies who fight for a society based on equality and justice. The group is based on voluntary work and it’s aim is to create an opportunity for homeless people to stand up for their dignity and fight for the right to housing. Homeless people play a leading role in all the group’s activities, so the group implements several tools of community organizing, which is considered quite unique in Hungary. After finishing his studies in 2007 and receiving his MA in Sociology, Balint worked for small foundations as Project

Coordinator, and also for six months as a Peer Mentor for juvenile offenders. In 2008, he worked in a public foundation, a governmental background organization as an Associate in a 4-year long European Union funded program to develop the homeless care system. More then 3 years passed, until he got totally fed up with the mechanisms of the governmental system and the hierarchy between the interests of service providers and the possibilities of service users. In February 2012 he managed to become a Community Organizer working for the Hungarian Anti Poverty Network (HAPN). At the present time he is working on organizing a group of public workers (people living on public assis-

Henriett Dinok Budapest, Hungary E-mail: Henriett Dinok is working as Junior Researcher at Institute for Legal Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2010. Her research focuses on the national criminal law, especially notion of violence, violence in the field of criminal law and criminology, violent crimes, hate crimes, hate speech. Besides the criminal law, Ms. Dinok is involved in legislation affecting Roma people, mainly in field of education. In addition to her employment, Henriett is a volunteer and student at Romaversitas Foundation, a training and scholarship program for Roma youngsters in higher education. The Romaversitas Foundation not only gives scholarships and various services, but also tries to create space for vibrant social life since 1997. In addition, she is member of the

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Board of Trustees of Chance for Children Foundation (CFCF). Founded in 2004, CFCF has been fighting for equal rights in education for Romani and marginalized children, focusing on school desegregation. Henriett graduated from the Károli Gáspár University Faculty of Law in 2010. The same year, she has begun her Ph.D. studies at Pázmány Péter Catholic

tance) in Budapest. Mr. Vojtonovszki is visiting U.S.A. for the first time. He expects that this program will help in his professional advancement in HAPN. Balint wants to gain knowledge, methods, approaches and fresh ideas at his U.S.A. hosting organization as well as the technical, practical informations he will be using in the HAPN campaign about some issue related to public work by the time he gets back to Hungary. While in USA, Mr. Vojtonovszki is interested in how to involve low-income people in campaign building, in new methods in holding trainings, in efficient and creative reach-out techniques and the different types of databases built up from the infos aquired while doing recruiting. Balint is sure that present program will help him to identify and to be able to use the community organizing methods more thoughtfully and more thoroughly, as well as to implement new methods and think about existing dilemmas in a different approach. In his free time, Balint tries to find balance between activism and spending quality time with his girlfriend. He likes to read and do some sports, and used to play drums in a rock band.

University, Doctoral School of Faculty of Law and Political Sciences. She has also attended various short-term academic and training programs including a European Training Program for Roma Mediators organized by the Council of Europe. She speaks fluently English and beginner in German. This is her first trip to the U.S. Henriett is interested in learning more about issues related to ethnic minorities in the U.S. as well as best practices in involving them in community organizing. Ms. Dinok would like to visit organization that work with school segregation and see both local and national organizations dealing with minority issues, especially working with youths. If she gets the opportunity, she would like to know more about the legislation of the U.S.A. about the hate crimes. In her free time Henriett likes reading, spending time with friends and her pets (5 dogs, 2 cats and a rabbit).

“Citizen Legislative Advocacy in Minority Communities”

Krisztina Hegymegi Molnar Budapest, Hungary E-mail: Krisztina H. Molnar works for ESZA Social Service Nonprofit Ltd as EU Expert. She started working for homeless people in 2000 after she and her husband visited a Christian foundation what works for homeless people in the United States, which made big impression on them. Since 2001 Krisztina is Project Manager, Youth Worker and Mentor at the Human Integra Foundation (HIA) in the North-Hungarian region. This civil organization has been established as a result of a private initiative the original purpose of which is to promote the reintegration of people and groups floated to the periphery of the society owing to the circumstances beyond their control. The aim of Human Integra Foundation is to make the activity of individuals and civil organizations more fruitful by realizing the projects organized in partnership. Krisztina’s role includes organizing projects and trainings, consultative assistance, orientations and mentoring

for the civil organizations. Ms. Molnar helped to establish 7 new organizations for local minority communities in last 5 years. In the region she lives, the rate of unemployment has been raised to high levels after 1989, and Roma people have significantly suffered from it. She meet their problem of racism and xenophobia every day and she would like to get experience how to treat the question of minorities. Ms. Molnar has been participant in some international programs as coach and trainer (Youth in Action, EUROMED). Krisztina has a Teacher’s Degree in History and Hungarian Language, and also Degree in EU

Zsolt Peter Fugg Szeged, Hungary E-mail: Zsolt Peter Fugg has been working as a Project Manager at NGO called DARTKE (Southern Great Plain Social Research Association) in Szeged for five years. Besides overseeing the implementation of various international projects and researches Zsolt’s tasks include the preparation of project reports and writing grant proposals to different European Institutions. One of the projects he is currently managing aims to provide information training and career advices for disadvantaged young people in the Szeged area. He is also responsible for international relations at the association. In addition to this employment, Mr. Fugg is a Chairperson of the Board of a Foundation established by DARTKE called Agora Foundation. The main goal of the Agora Foundation is to help young

social scientific researchers through special scholarships and internships. Agora Foundation’s current flagship project is titled “Integration through mentoring”. The project goal is to assist in the integration of children from nonEU member states with the help of university students (mentors). In addition to all his responsibilities, Mr. Fugg is the Manager of the first

Economics. She would like to know more about community organization too so she will use in her Civil and Community Studies (MA) at Eötvös Lóránd University, in Budapest Hungary from September 2012. This will be her second trip to U.S. During the present fellowship program Ms. Molnar hopes to be able to improve her skills and competencies such as the intercultural communication, English language knowledge, community development and organizing, how to increase tolerance and acceptance – techniques, best practices. She would like to gain skills in motivating peoples. Krisztina would like to visit organizations (both governmental and nongovernmental) that deal with issues related to ethnic minorities and civil leaders. Ms. Molnar states: “Although I am Christian who feel it necessary the moral reform in Hungary, I also strongly believe that the education is that we can provide to our target group too. The aim of our organization is preparing leaders to serve their local communities and who have strong identity, know well the circumstances and try to find solutions for problems.”

charity thrift shop opened in Hungary. The shop is operated in the form of a social cooperative and as such it is unique in the country. Mr. Fugg graduated from the University of Szeged in 2002 as an English and History Teacher with focus on teaching civic competences. He is fluent in English and knows a little Spanish. Zsolt has never been to the U.S.A. before. Within the frame of this fellowship program, he wishes to learn about community organizing, methods and strategies on motivating volunteers at NGOs, learn about different projects aiming to assist minorities and immigrants, especially projects focusing on young people. Zsolt would also like to visit a couple of thrift stores in the U.S. in order to get some ideas to be implemented back at the store in Szeged. In his free time Zsolt enjoys cooking, travelling and watching American TV shows.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT TO DAVID GUSTAFSON, PROGRAM OFFICER AT THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE Professional Fellows program in the U.S. (October 1 - November 10, 2012)

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Participants from Romania Anda Marina Lupusor Timisoara, Romania E-mail: Anda Marina Lupusor works at Timisoara City Hall, as Counselor for Roma people. Her main responsibilities include offering support and information to Roma people in need, and proposing solutions about how to improve their lives and include them on the labor market through professional classes, professional reconversion and so on. In addition, Ms. Lupusor is a teacher at some classes as well. She enjoys the trust in her community and she established good relationships with the people she is working with. Anda’s job is part of a project named “Barrabarripen”, which in Romani language means “Pride”. In this project the Timisoara City Hall is partner with four other municipalities around the country.

Ms. Lupusor has a Social Worker Degree since 2008, but she works in this social field since 2000. Her first job was at the National Roma Agency, Romanian Government. Anda has been working with prisoners, refugees, youth and unemployed persons. Every experience helped her to approach people and to find solutions with

Andreea Buzec Bucharest, Romania E-mail: Andreea Buzec is working as a Project Coordinator and a Trainer with Partners Foundation for Local Development, Romania from 2006. Since 2010 she is an Associate Professor with the University of Bucharest, Faculty of European Studies, delivering the Project Management course to 1st year students and the Cultural Programs course to Master students. At the same year, Ms. Buzec become a member of the National Network of Trainers for the European Commission’s Youth in Action Program, being responsible for designing and delivering training courses to youth workers and youth NGOs, in order to improve the quality of their projects, on the following topics: project writing, project management, how to start an NGO, methods and instruments of non-formal education, management of volunteers and youth participation. Ms. Buzec is deeply committed to participatory processes of planning in terms of community development, having facilitated the elaboration of local economic development strategies at community and county level in Romania and

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Tajikistan, by bringing together at the same table community members, NGOs and decision makers and facilitating a participatory process of need analysis and long term strategy planning that is accepted by all actors involved and that has real chances of being implemented because it has been planned and agreed upon in a participatory way. Thi belongs to the collaborative approach in advocacy, where the capacity of vulnerable groups and their representatives is built in order to work together with decision makers and identify long term solutions to their problems. In the communities where Andreea has facilitated the elaboration of socioeconomic development, the Roma minority was involved in the process through

them for their problems. Anda holds a Master’s Degree of Social Assistance on Social Reintegration in Criminal Justice. This year Anda received a Master Degree in Social Economy, a domain that she feels much attached. All Anda’s studies are made at West University from Timisoara City. She received her diploma from Ministry of Labour and recognized as Social Economy Promoter in Romania. So her passion received a name. It will be her first visit to the United States. While in the U.S.A., Anda would like to gain experience in the diversity of social services, their non-formal activities and their solutions for common problems so later she can use this experience also in Romania. Ms. Lupusor likes reading and painting but her hobbies are on the 2nd order because her priority is her three year son named Andy.

the participation of Roma NGOs. In the same way, she has facilitated the elaboration of strategies focused on intercultural development at county level, improving living conditions for Roma people and fighting corruption within local government. In terms of formal education, Ms. Buzec holds the University Degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures of Portuguese and Greek, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, a Master’s Diploma in International Relations, Faculty of Political Sciences, and a Master’s Diploma in Intercultural and Inter-religious Dialogue, UNESCO Department. During the fellowship experience in the U.S.A., Ms. Buzec would like to learn more about instruments and approaches that can be used to mobilize citizens around ideas, to build their capacity to efficiently identify their problems and design and implement processes that bring them together with public administration in participatory manner. She would like to gain experience on how to create sustainable changes through formal and informal policies, especially for minorities. In her free time, Andreea enjoys badminton, reading, traveling and drawing.

“Citizen Legislative Advocacy in Minority Communities”

tation on labor market, professional trainings and finding jobs for 250 people. Ms. Grigoriu has five years of experience working with European projects, developing social projects, “to get in contact with different people from different backgrounds, to create, to develop and also to help and to learn”. Previously, Ms. Grigoriu has worked as an Expert within the Romanian Ministry of Education for 5 years. Ms. Grigoriu

earned her Bachelor Degree in Public Administration from “Al.I.Cuza” University in Iassy, Romania. She also holds a Master’s Degree in European Integration from the “Al.I.Cuza” University. Mihaela is fluent in both written and spoken English and has a Diploma of French Translator. This is her first trip to U.S. Ms. Grigoriu would like to learn innovative methods used for the integration of minorities in the society and on the labor market. She would also like to understand how these minority communities learn about their rights. She would like to gain skills in motivating people, in negotiating with decision makers. Mihaela would like to know how the citizens of minority communities were integrated at the same time keeping their own identity but also accepting that they have to change. Mihaela's hobbies are socializing, reading, watching good movies and travelling.

habitants, with special focus on the ghetto area (Roma people, low income inhabitants). The social research conducted during “Neighborhood is how I’m called” project financed by Youth in Action and AFCN, has facilitated CeRe’s community organizing intervention in Pantelimon neighborhood in Bucharest. Previously Mr. Catuna has collaborated with different NGO’s and institutions (ATU – Association for Urban Transition, British Council, ICCV – Research Institute for Quality of Life, MTR – Mu-

seum of Romanian Peasant, Urban 2020, CCCDC – Center of Research and Consultancy in Cultural Area) on quality of life, education, development, urban and cultural issues. Mr. Catuna has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Master’s Degree in Anthropology and Community Development. Both Degrees obtained at the Bucharest University, Faculty of Sociology of Romania. Vlad is fluent in English, and has good understanding of spoken French. This is his first trip to U.S. Mr. Catuna would like to learn more about how to analyze and influence legislation or policies regarding fracking process. Also he would like to improve skills involving the negotiation and mediation for organizational and minority community change. Vlad also is interested in learning more from organizations that work to build widespread citizen awareness and advocacy for the protection of natural environment and public health. Mr. Catuna’s hobbies are pinhole photography, long-board, and music. Generally he likes to listen to jazz, funk, soul, and bossa-nova.

Mihaela Grigoriu Bucharest, Romania E-mail: Mihaela Grigoriu is a Project Manager for COLFASA Association in Bucharest, where she coordinates the implementation of a strategic project named “Integration of vulnerable people on the labor market”. This project was implemented in two regions of Romania, financed by the European Union. The project,aims to integrate vulnerable people, mostly Roma people, single-parent families and families with more than two children on the labour market. Within this project she works with 20 people (psychologists and social workers) who are doing counselling, orientation and trainings for unqualified persons, trying to integrate them on the labour market. Their target group is 500 people. Ms. Grigoriu activities include the coordination of projects activities, orien-

Vlad Catuna Bucharest, Romania E-mail:, Vlad Catuna is a Researcher in Anthropology at Unlock Market Research, where he is currently managing the Consumer Panel on household expenses and consumption. He takes part in studies in which different human communities and groups are studied for identifying the cultural context, codes, values and mentalities. Currently Mr. Catuna coordinates an informing campaign regarding shale gas exploitation in Barlad area (in 3 villages and one city). The campaign is developed by VIRA Association. The NGO was formed in 2007, and financed by the Foundation for Development of Civil Society (FDSC). Since 2011, Mr. Catuna is in charge of the social research department of the “Make a Point” NGO. The main purpose of the NGO is to enlarge the opportunity space of Pantelimon neighborhood in-

THANK YOU TO THE UNITED STATES EMBASSIES in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia for your support! Professional Fellows program in the U.S. (October 1 - November 10, 2012)

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Radu Raileanu Bucharest, Romania E-mail: Radu Raileanu is a Project Assistant in the Antidiscrimination Department of ActiveWatch – Media Monitoring Agency. Besides the mostly administrative duties his job title implies, he is also involved in the rapid response activities that take place each time the organization learns of potentially damaging statements or draft laws put forth by local or national authorities. Also, Mr. Raileanu is part of the newly created Communication Department, a support department where protest planning is made and where concepts for the organization’s participation to events are designed. The main vulnerable

groups with which Mr. Raileanu is working are persons with disabilities and Roma. Whenever he finds the time, Mr. Raileanu participated in an informal citizen action group from his neighborhood. Within this group, he started as one of its

Nicu Dumitru Bucharest, Romania E-mail: Nicu Dumitru is a PR Specialist at the K Consulting Management and Coordination (KCMC), where he is coordinating the communication campaign for Romano Cher – House of Roma project. This project aims to bring the Roma traditional craftsmen back on the market, and organizing them into social economy cooperatives. He also runs a campaign aiming to improve the work related issues of Roma women. In the past, Mr. Dumitru has worked for 7 years at an NGO called Media Monitoring Agency – ActiveWatch, and helped establish the Antidiscrimination Department, tackling mainly Roma, disabled and hate speech issues. Nicu also collaborated and worked with National Agency

for Roma, British Embassy in Bucharest and the European Commission (DG Enterprise) in Brussels. Nicu has hosted a TV program called “European Roma”, broadcast on national television (TVR1), where he presented the situation of Roma to the public and authorities, using an investigative approach, in a niche that

leaders, but, over time, he has become more of a PR consultant. Mr. Raileanu has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Studies form the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, a Trainer Diploma, a Project Manager Diploma, and is enrolled in a Master’s Program in Project Management at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest. This is his first visit to the United States. Mr. Raileanu would like to learn advocacy skills at community level. Also he would like to learn how public policies and legislative information can be “translated” so that the members of the community can understand and use it. In his free time, Mr. Raileanu likes watching films, reading, traveling and going to underground rock and punk rock concerts.

was usually covered by entertainment and music. Mr. Dumitru holds a Degree in Foreign Languages, as he graduated in 2010 the Foreign Languages Faculty, University of Bucharest. At the present time, Nicu is attending a Master’s Program on Public Communication. He has very good understanding in written and spoken English and French and good knowledge of Spanish and Romani. Mr. Dumitru has visited Europe intensively, but this is his first trip to the U.S. During the program he would like to learn here further methods of integration of minority and community organizing, that can be adapted and used in Europe and Romania. In his free time, Mr. Dumitru’s interests are in snowboarding, botany and riding bikes.

Special Thanks to the U.S. Mentors and their organizations for working with the European Fellows in October 2012: Don Carlson & Dawn Dannenbring, Mary Tarullo & Hannah Gelder Jennifer Hadlock & Monique “Mo” George, Jade Souza & Meta Hogan, Michael Tierney, Genevieve Lysen, Louis Goseland & Sulma Arias Ramon Perez, Bill O’Brien, Luke Allen, Rachid Elabed Vanessa Pesec, Gwen Fisher, Dan Phillips and Melanie Houston Page 10

“Citizen Legislative Advocacy in Minority Communities”

Participants from Slovakia Jolana Natherova Banska Bystrica, Slovakia E-mail: Jolana Natherova currently works as a Program Manager. In 1998 together with her husband, Mrs. Natherova established a non-profit organization called “Hope for the children” which main objective is to help marginalized families with steady personal development of their children in what concerns physical, mental and spiritual aspects of their lives. The target group is children, youth and their families in Banska Bystrica and its close neighborhood, through social work and educational programs. Mrs. Natherova created two community centers in her hometown and

helps to run other community centers for Roma people in other cities in Slovakia. In recent years Jolana worked as a Trainer of Parenting Skills of the professional parents and people that plan

Marcela Beresova Presov, Slovakia E-mail: Marcela Beresova is working as a Social Worker in the Community Center in Petrovany (Eastern Slovakia) established by NGO – People in Need (PiN) since September 2011. Marcela works in Low Threshold Program with children, young people and their families and with students of universities in volunteering program. She would like to learn how to motivate socially excluded people and include them in community organizing, because usually they are discouraged and don´t see a way out from their actual situation. Marcela wants to teach them to look for their own resources for change not just to wait for help from others. Previously she cooperated with PiN during two years as volunteer. Also Ms. Beresova is a Coordinator of volunteers and some projects in that organization. As a student Marcela worked

as a Librarian in the Feminist library in EsFem´s (NGO) project. Ms. Beresova and her colleagues work with Roma minorities in rural areas of Eastern Slovakia, where problems of education, labor market, and housing are concentrated. Slovak social policy teaches people to wait for help without their own contribution. She states: “It is difficult to change system of social policy; therefore we try to cooperate with authority of municipalities and schools and try to change

to adopt children. Mrs. Natherova graduated from the Academy of Business School of Economics. This year Jolana will start her study at the University of Matej Bel in Social Work. While in the U.S. Mrs. Natherova would like to learn new methods and skills, and also to improve her leadership and language skills. Mrs. Natherova was born in a Roma family. Together with her husband have raised three children, and one adolescent child was adopted into the family. Now she is a proud grandmother of three granddaughters. In her free time Mrs. Natherova likes hiking and reading books. Jolana’s hobbies are taking care of her family, music, traveling, and history.

local conditions.” Recently Ms. Beresova graduated with Master’s Degree is Social Work from University of Presov. During one semester she was an exchange student at Masaryk University in Brno – Czech Republic, and then took part in Intensive Program Erasmus at Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Iisalmi – Finland. Marcela has not been to U.S. yet. Ms. Beresova would like to learn how to empower young people from ethnic minorities to change their lives and motivate them to study and work. She also would like to gain more information and practical skills in community organizing which she could use in establishing a new Community Center in other areas in Slovakia. Ms. Beresova is interested in ecological and alternative ways of life and tries to connect them with solving social problems. Empowerment for women and women’s rights in Eastern Europe are also interesting topics for her. Marcela´s hobbits are hiking, gardening and bicycling.


Page 11

socially excluded neighborhoods she is working with. ETP Slovakia-Center for Sustainable Development is a non-profit organization based in Eastern Slovakia supporting regional development and focusing specifically on the disadvantaged regions with a high population of marginalized Roma.

Milena Kacmarcikova Kosice, Slovakia E-mail: Milena Kacmarcikova has been working in ETP Slovakia – Center for Sustainable Development - since 2010. She is involved in a number of projects dealing with provision of comprehensive services to marginalized Roma and refugees in transit living in Eastern Slovakia. Ms. Kacmarcikova has been working as a Project Coordinator in Kosice-Saca neighborhood in cooperation with other project partners – local municipality, local primary school and private sector. Besides that Milena works as a Lecturer of Financial Education for children and young people living in marginalized Roma communities and a lecturer of cultural orientation for refugees, who are living in the Evacuation Transit Center in Eastern Slovakia. Ms. Kacmarcikova holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and

Public Policy obtained from the Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, graduating in 2010. She is a proficient English speaker. Milena’s desire is to see young Roma leaders rise and stand up for their cause and for their community and most of all show the majority that they are able to be self-sufficient and independent with only a little help and support at the beginning. She would like to learn new leadership development techniques and strategies and implement them in the

Monika Bandurova Povazska Bystrica, Slovakia E-mail: Monika Bandurova works as Pro Bono Consultant for the Pontis Foundation (NGO) since 2011. She is providing consultation services to a halfway home which is a youth shelter house offering work therapy to young men leaving institutional children´s home at the age of 18. Also Ms. Bandurova volunteers in providing advocacy and services to deaf entrepreneurs with starting and running their own business. Her main duties are to train the prospect deaf entrepreneurs, advice them with business plan preparation and consultation and advocacy during development of their business. In addition, Ms. Bandurova is an Assistant Teacher giving lectures on Social Policy at Comenius University, which is a part of her duties as a part-time Ph.D. student. During the last four years Monika worked as Business Consultant

for American consulting company Accenture. Her responsibility included to work closely with client in mapping of existing processes and definition of streamlined processes. Ms. Bandurova holds a Master´s Degree in Public Policy obtained from Public Policy Institute at Comenius University, Slovakia. At the present time she is working on her Ph.D. diploma at the same University.

Milena states: “We provide comprehensive services that include education, healthcare awareness, housing and vocational counseling as well as social counseling to minorities in order to improve the quality of their life and help them reach their full potential.” This will be Milena’s second visit to the U.S. Ms. Kacmarcikova previously participated in an internship program aimed at organizing leisure time of young people in one of the Chicago suburbs with a local church. This time she is hoping to acquire new skills and knowledge in the area of developing young leaders coming from disadvantaged environment.

While in the U.S.A., Monika’s main interest is to meet with other locally involved people both from Central Europe and U.S.A., to share the knowledge and their best practice models in community work, review her ideas with people that have experiences in managing projects in different methods for other target groups. Furthermore she expects to widen her perspective about community organizing programs. Ms. Bandurova would like to be able to set up a project that will ensure the sustainability of the program even if the donors/other external parties will leave the community. Monika hopes to be able to strengthen her organizational and leadership skills and widen skills in public policy analysis and problem solving in community work. In her free time, Ms. Bandurova is interested in the modern art, public policy, reading and painting. Monika’s hobbies include hiking, traveling, skiing and cycling.

OUR SPECIAL THANKS TO Viktoriya Maryamova for Computer Assistance and Art Design! Page 12

“Citizen Legislative Advocacy in Minority Communities”

Thank you to the every host family and leaders and mentors from the U.S. hosting organizations in 9 states for your hospitality and all generous assistance to this delegation: Illinois (IL):

New York (NY):

Michigan (MI):

Ed & Cristina Deutsch from Bloomington; Juergen & Meredith Schroeer and Orlyn & Jana Edge from Normal; Lois & Clayton Parr, Kathy & Tom Moore, and Mary Tarullo from Chicago

Fran Rolan, Ian William and Rob Rodriguez from Brooklyn

Bill Obrien and Vicky Kovari from Detroit, and Rachid Elabed from Dearborn

West Virginia (WV): Linda Elliott, Michael Tierney & Marcelle St Germain from Charleston

Maine (ME): Genevieve Lysen, Susann Pelletier & James Lysen from Lewiston

Oregon (OR): Lucy Davenport from Portland

Washington (WA): Meta Hogan & Bread and Roses House of Hospitality from Olympia

Kansas (KS): Mark Gurrola, Louis Goseland & CJ Schoch, Emira & Yadira Palacios and Bill & Teri Kitchen from Wichita

Ohio (OH): Julia Bertalan & Calvin United Church from Toledo, Dorothy & Dolph Faller from Olmstead Falls, Dan & Kathy Philipps from Painesville, Gwen & Stan Fisher from Hiram, Deb Martin from Fremont, and Melanie Houston from Columbus.

OUR SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR U.S. PARTNERS AND INTERNSHIP HOSTING ORGANIZATIONS: Community Voices Heard (New York, New York) Lakeview Action Coalition (Chicago, Illinois) Illinois People’s Action (Bloomington, Illinois) Step by Step (Charleston, West Virginia) Families for Justice/Resurrection Café & Sisters of the Road (Portland, Oregon), Bread & Roses (Olympia, Washington) Maine People’s Alliance (Portland, Maine) Sunflower Community Action (Wichita, Kansas) One Village Council (Toledo, Ohio) Harriet Tubman Center (Detroit, Michigan) ACCESS (Dearborn, Michigan) Neogap (Lake County, OH), Concerned Citizens of Ohio (Portage County) Ohio Environmental Council (Columbus, Ohio)

Professional Fellows program in the U.S. (October 1 - November 10, 2012)

Page 13

ITINERARY * Monday, October 1, 2012 Detroit, MI 1:25PM & 2:00PM: Arrival at Detroit Metro Airport in two groups; Welcome by Elizabeth Balint check in to hotel for 1 night Afternoon: Distribution of the orientation materials and orientation; time to rest, enjoy the pool, getting to know each other in the hotel. 6:00PM: Meet at the lobby for dinner outside the hotel Tuesday, October 2, 2012 Detroit, MI 7:30AM: Check-out from hotel and travel to downtown Detroit (2727 2nd Avenue, Detroit 48201, 1st floor conference room). 8:15AM: Welcome to the U.S – breakfast with community organizers at the Harriet Tubman Center (HTC) 9:00-10:00AM: Topic “Become a Community Organizer” Meeting with: Bill O’Brien, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Harriet Tubman Center and other organizers 10:15-11:15AM: Topic “Organizing Institutions” - challenges and successes in church organizing Meeting with: Luke Allen, Lead Organizer of the Metro Coalition of Congregations 11:30AM-1:45PM: Visit Capuchin Soup kitchen (4390 Conner, Detroit 48215) Discussion topic: “Success stories of community organizing in the homeless community”. Lunch and meeting with Detroit Action Commonwealth leaders: Professor Greg Markus, Executive Director and Founder, Molly Anne Sweeney and leaders of DAC 3:30pm-4:30PM: Attend YOUTH VOICE chapter meeting at Henry Ford High School and Central Collegiate Academy (20000 Evergreen, Detroit, MI). Meeting with: Kayla Mason, Lead Community Organizer of Youth Voice 4:45PM: Travel to Maumee hotel 6:00PM: Check-in to hotel for 6 nights

6:00PM: Light dinner & social hour Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Oregon & Sylvania, OH 8:30AM: Depart form hotel and visit “Food for Thought” (3540 Seaman Rd. Oregon, OH 43616) 9:00AM: Topic “How to feed people with thought” Meeting with: Sam Melden, Executive Director & Chief Though Officer. 11:00AM-12:00Noon: Team building exercises and games! Each participant suggest a game idea. Travel to Sylvania to Lourdes College (6832 Convent Blvd. Sylvania, OH 43560) 1:00PM: Lunch at the Main Dining Hall of Lourdes University. 2:00-4:30PM: “Making Change with People Power” Meeting with: Cris Doby, Program Officer and Charles Stewart Mott Foundation 4:45PM: Returning to hotel; preparing tri-fold posters for display next morning; getting ready for the Congress poster show in Washington, D.C. Thursday, October 4, 2012 Toledo & Oregon, OH Morning: Set up Poster Show in the Staybridge hotel meeting room. 9:00-10:30AM: Morning activities with Dave Beckwith; presentation of the posters. 10:45AM-12:30PM: Reporting on the one-on-one interview experience from home. 12:30-1:10PM: Joint pizza lunch in small groups to learn more about each other. 1:30-2:00PM: Discussion and planning of one-on-one interviews as rehearsal for the evening 2:00-3:00PM: Action Planning I. Plan A: Why and how you can start doing community organizing after your return. Plan B: Why and how to improve training in community organizing after your return.

Titles for the Posters Slovakia: Marcela Beresova: “Work with Roma children in Community Centers in Eastern Slovakia” Jolana Natherova: “Work with Roma youth in Banska Bystrica – with support from Sister City Charleston, West Virginia”. Milena Kacmarcikova: “The change is possible” Monika Bandurova: “Listen to us, we want to work!” Romania: Andreea Buzec: “Building a culture of participation worldwide” Vlad Catuna: “In villages, in towns we keep the gas inside the shale” Anda Lupusor and Mihaela Grigoriu: “The social inclusion of Roma Minority in Romania” Nicu Dumitru: “Social entrepreneurship: Minority craftsmen in the spotlight” Radu Raileanu: “Communicating about Minority Communities in Romania” Hungary: Henriett Dinok: “All Different All Equal?” Krisztina Molnar: “Together for Another” – Human Integra Foundation Zsolt Fugg: “Working with minority communities – Szeged, Hungary & Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A.” Balint Vojtonovszki: “Organizing against the national workfare system in Hungary” Bulgaria Kaloyan Damyanov: “Inclusion Education in Bulgaria – Myth or Reality” Nedka Taneva: “Alternative for All”

* Itinerary as of October 1, 2012 — subject to change without further notice Page 14

“Citizen Legislative Advocacy in Minority Communities”

ITINERARY * 3:00-4:00PM: Preparing for the evening program; Finalizing discussion and planning of one-on-one interviews 4:15PM: Depart to Hungarian Club of Toledo (224 Paine Ave, Toledo, OH 43605) International 5:00-8:00PM: Friendship Night – welcome dinner and program in the Hungarian Club of Toledo. 8:30PM: Return to the hotel Friday, October 5, 2012 Toledo, OH 8:30AM: Departure from the hotel and drive to downtown City of Toledo Conference room 1st Floor. 9:00-9:45AM: Topic “Transparency and Accountability in Local Government & Citizens involvement” Meeting with: Patrick McLean, Director of Finance City of Toledo 10:00-10:45AM: : Topic “The Success Imperative – A Toledo Story on Youth Development and Engagement” Meeting with: Tracee Ellis, City of Toledo Mayors Office 11:00-12:00AMProgram Assessment with Elizabeth Balint 12:30-1:30PM: Lunch at the Government Center Cafeteria 1:30PM: Topic “The U.S. governance system & the role of local governments in the U.S.” Meeting with: Wade Kapszukiewicz, Lucas County Treasurer and Peter Ujvagi, Lucas County Administrator 2:00-4:00PM: A sample organizing campaign in a Toledo neighborhood Meeting with: Ramon Perez, Community Organizer, One Village Council 4:30PM: Return to hotel, dinner on your own 7:00PM: Departure to Toledo Museum of Art “Its Friday” for those who interested. 7:30PM: Departure to Valentine Theater, La Boheme performance (starts at 8:00PM) for those who previously requested tickets to the Toledo Opera. Pick-up will be arranged for each group and drive back to hotel.

Saturday, October 6, 2012 Toledo, OH 10:00AM: Departure from hotel and drive to the Imagination Station in Downtown Toledo. 10:30-12:00Noon: Enjoy the Imagination Station 12:00Noon-3:00PM: Drive to the Toledo Zoo; Lunch on your own 3:00-7:00PM: Dinner around the hotel on your own 7:00PM-12:00Midnight: An International Disco Night at the Hungarian Club (224 Paine Ave, Toledo, OH 43605) – this program is open to the public ($5.00 fee for nonmembers of the Hungarian Club) 12:00Midnight: Drive back to the hotel Sunday, October 7, 2012 Sandusky, OH Group A (those who requested go to Cedar Point): 10:00AM: Departure from hotel. Day of fun at Cedar Point; Lunch and dinner on your own. 10:00PM: Return to the hotel Group B (not go to Cedar Point): Day for rest, shopping on your own at Fallen Timbers Mall Monday, October 8, 2012 Chicago, IL 9:00AM: Travel to Chicago 1:00PM: Store the luggage in the hotel and sightseeing – visit to the Hancock Building Signature Lounge, Magnificent Mile; shopping opportunity, look around in the Millennium Park—as weather permits 4:00PM: Check-in to hotel for 3 nights; Dinner on your own. Evening: Free time to rest Tuesday, October 9, 2012 Chicago, IL 8:30AM: Departure from the hotel to NPA office (810 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago) 9:00AM-12:00Noon: Visit National People’s Action (NPA); Meeting with: Jeff Pinzino, Development Director; Discussion topics: (1) History of the

Professional Fellows program in the U.S. (October 1- November 10, 2012)

community organizing in the U.S.; (2) Challenges and opportunities in national organizing, and youth organizing in Chicago. 12:00-1:30PM: Lunch around the NPA on your own 2:00-4:00PM: Visit the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum (The University of Illinois in Chicago) at 800 S. Halsted, Chicago 4:30PM: Drop off materials at the hotel 5:00PM: Visit the Navy Piers – enjoy a 30 minutes boat ride on Lake Michigan– if weather permits, sightseeing in downtown Chicago. Evening: Dinner on your own Wednesday, October 10, 2012 Chicago, IL 8:15AM: Depart from hotel to Anshe Emet Synagogue (3751 N. Broadway, Chicago ) 9:00AM-1:00PM: Workshop with organizers from Lakeview Action Coalition & Illinois People Action; Meeting with: Mary Tarullo, Organizer LAC and Dawn Dannenbring, Organizer IPA Discussion topics: (1) How to turn a big problem into an issue for a campaign (this includes small group work); (2) Learning about statewide organizing effort and collaboration among community organizers & organizations (Dawn – Illinois People Action); (3) Action Planning II: Barriers or opportunities to bringing what they have learned in the U.S. to their countries. 2:30-4:00PM: Meeting at UIC Institute of Policy and Civic Engagement (IPCE) at the College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs.(412 S. Peoria St. 400, College of Urban Planning Chicago, IL 60607 Meeting with: Joseph Hoereth, Ph.D., Director Evening: Open for sightseeing and nightlife in Chicago Thursday, October 11, 2012 Travel day: Check-out from the hotel and travel to your internship site.

Page 15

ITINERARY * October 11-November 1, 2012 3-weeks Internship at the U.S. hosting organizations, learn and stay with local host families. Thursday, November 1, 2012 New York, NY Morning: Travel to New York and check-in to hotel for 4 nights Afternoon/Evening: Free time for sightseeing and dinner on your own; Suggested program: Enjoy visiting Carnegie Hall, Rockefeller Center, Sony Wonder Technology Lab, Time Square and Broadway Friday, November 2, 2012 New York 8:00AM: Depart together from hotel to “Community Voices Heard” (CVH) office conference room.) 115 E. 106th St. 3rd Floor, New York) 9:00-11:00AM: Topic “Changing People, Places and Policy through Community Organizing” - small group discussions on internship experience; Meeting with: Jennifer Hadlock, Mo George, CVH organizers 11:15AM-2:00PM: Joint Pizza lunch and discussion “Community organizing success stories”. Meeting with: Mr. James Mumm, Staff Director 2:15-4:00PM: Action Planning III Discussion and presentation of ideas that the delegation would like to implement after return, and planning of joint actions by countries.

5:00PM: Return to the hotel Evening: Free time for sightseeing and dinner on your own; Suggested program: Greenwich Village and Empire State Building Saturday, November 3, 2012 New York, NY 9:00AM: Sightseeing – boat ride to the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, Visit the 9/11 memorial; China town Sunday, November 4, 2012 New York, NY Time to rest, sightseeing Suggested program: Metropolitan Museum, Central Park, Soho Monday, November 5, 2012 Washington, D.C. 8:45AM: Check-out from hotel and departure to Washington, D.C. Check-in to hotel for 2 nights 2:00-4:00PM: Meeting with Elizabeth Balint; Discussion topic: “Story plus Action Equal Change”; Report & evaluation of the program and presentation of the joint action plans; Finalizing the U.S. mentors visit to Europe Tuesday, November 6, 2012 Washington, D.C. ELECTION DAY: Tour of the Congress and visit to the Library of Congress.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 Washington, D.C. 8:00-11:00AM: Check out from hotel and store luggage Sightseeing in Washington, D.C. downtown around the White House and White House gift store, monuments etc. 12:00Noon: Moving to another hotel for the Professional Fellows Congress 2:00-4:00PM Meeting at the Romanian Embassy (for the Romanian delegation) 4:00PM: Check-in for 3 nights; and registration for the Congress 6:30-8:30PM Orientation & Networking, light refreshments Thursday, November 8. 2012 Washington D.C. Congress continues Friday, November 9, 2012 Washington D.C. Congress continues Evening: Farewell & JOINT Birthday celebration with our delegation Saturday, November 10, 2012 Washington D.C. Morning: Evaluation of the Congress; Meeting with U.S. State Department program officers, Presentation of the certificates 12:00Noon: Check-out of hotel, travel to the airport with group transportation organized by the administration of Congress.

* Itinerary as of October 1, 2012 — subject to change without further notice

SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR COLLABORATING OVERSEAS PARTNERS AND IN-COUNTRY DIRECTORS: Emil Metodiev Liuba Batembergska Creating Effective Grassroots Alternatives Foundation CEGA Bulgaria

Oana Preda Nicoleta Chirita CeRe Romania

Mate Varga

Milan ‘Kajo’ Zboril Chuck Hirt

Civil College Foundation Hungary

Center for Community Organizing Slovakia

GLC Newsletter  

Newsletter about the Exchange Program financed by the US Department

GLC Newsletter  

Newsletter about the Exchange Program financed by the US Department