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The Real Author of Harry Potter 24-4-11

My name is Gregory Ronald Simcock. I am the original creator of the Harry Potter story, that Joanne Rowling has ‘Brazenly’ written-up and published as her story... which I had previously formed as story-boards of stories with the same seven title names! The book; ‘The Tales of Beedle The Bard’ was of my origin and ‘Willy The Wizard’ was a short story I formed when a visitor to my home asked about my story-board drawings! In this article I will claim to be the author of stories people around the world have grown to believe are by other authors. If you believe the facts I tell you then you will begin to realize there is more to the origins of stories claimed by a foreign author who is mentioned in this article. My stories were developed over ~17 years, beginning construction in 1978, until the theft of my stories in the 1990’s. They were formed as story-boards and written notes that showed graphically the theme, the scene settings, the animals, the characters, and their names. In a series of stories about a boy wizard named Harry Potter, my characters, their names, and stories titles, have appeared in the stories and film productions that have been titled with the same seven titles I created to present my stories about a wizard boy I named Harry Potter! In addition to the mentioned wizard stories being of my origin, I designed the book of short stories and its five stories set between the covers, which I named; 'The Tales of Beedle The Bard'! Much of my artwork was code marked and some marks have appeared in productions and in and on books. The publications by Jo Rowling carry some of my marks and so I have no hesitation to make the claims for titles and stories mentioned in my article. I ask that you open your mind to the truth. The extent of my loss is far greater than the drawings of stories of Harry Potter and the ones in the book of short stories. I had designed over 350 stories, formed of several thousand finely drawn pencil, pen, drawings and some coloured computer artwork. The graphic title in Harry Potter films was of an especially designed font I created around my home number and my initials. In the film; ‘The Goblet of Fire’ the verticle leg of letter ‘P’ in the name ‘Potter’ includes number 71 because it shows my home number. I worked it into the letter as part of my encoding method which I used to mark my artwork for my stories. The reader may notice the similarity of my author name ‘J.K.Rawling’ to that of ‘J.K. Rowling’. Where I emphasized the sylable ‘Raw’, as in a Lion’s ‘Roar’, Jo Rowling emphasizes the sylable ‘Row’ as ’Roh’ but some people emphasize her name with the ‘Raw’ sound and this causes some people to write my writers name as it sounds when they are referring to Jo Rowling in their comments. The phonetic sound of Rawling is different to Rowling but the theft of my stories of Harry Potter and the mis-pronounced name of Rowling further lessens the impact of my writers name. I designed my writers name to reflect my character in the form of a lion cub I named ‘Simba’ in my story of ’The Lion King’, for I am a Leo. I felt the name ‘Simcock’ was not an appropriate author name to use to present myself and my stories to the children I had designed my stories for. Some stories I had in their final stages, before marketing them, included; Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone (That was well formed as story-boards and included many drawings to show the theme elements intended for use in film production). There was; 'The Lion King', 'Finding NEMO', ‘Thomas The Tank Engine', 'Thomas and the Magic Railroad', ’Dennis the Menace', Mr. Bean, to name just a few of my stories. There were many adult stories story-boarded for making books or films. I was a cinema projectionist in the Army and I tended to draw scenes for my stories, as they were my way of self expression and my art was tangible. I valued my artwork as being worth a million dollars, to me, because my art was my personal work. The income I expected to receive from my stories productions was expected to be much greater. I see many products on the market that I invented or designed and I have mixed feelings about my seeing those products. Some of my thoughts have been written and can be read on my profile on Earnamint’s Channel.

I am the original creator/author of the Harry Potter story, but how does my story get to England and get published by a woman who has little connection to the things I created from my experiences, including nine years in the cinema business, while serving as a soldier in Australia. Perhaps some insight into past events at my home may arouse the readers mind enough to see past the false statements spread about in media interviews with Jo Rowling making outlandish claims as to the origin of the Harry Potter story. I refer to her comments like; her being on a ‘Delayed’ train, the story of Harry Potter just falling into her head, fully formed, then having decided on ‘Seven’ titles, and forming the story-lines, the characters, all in four hours...and a depressed woman then writing the story, complete with the same seven title names and characters and their names as my story-boards had shown. From what I know, and have recognised in the films as being of my original artwork, I am certain the concept for Harry Potter came to her very differently than the way Rowling has said it did. Read now and see where my stories and artwork in my design folders may have gotten out of my hands. I kept my stories artwork, designs, drawings and notes in binder files but some work was kept in manila folders while I drew story-boards for my stories on a clip-board with a foldout cover. One set of loosely assembled left-over drawings I had that were not needed in my formed stories were kept in a manila folder. In the early 1990’s I met three people within a few weeks. There was a senior man who offerred to help me market a fishing reel I had created, a lady friend, and an artist who I thought would paint my trademark of a mouse onto my van’s doors. The senior man John Parrerson (deceased) helped me get my veterans affairs pension, The woman, Teresa Holmes and I socialized on and off for ~ seven years keeping my mind on other things than my inventions and stories development, while the artist, Alan Page, never seemed to be interested in painting or doing anything for me but he became a so-called friend who would drop in occasionally and while drinking tea in my lounge room he would ask me questions that would wander towards my technical designs and stories artwork. I thought his many questions to be harmless at first but as it turned out, I now believe our conversations during which he asked me many technical design related or story related questions about my designs, their construction, purpose, features, or story-lines, were recorded and the sound of a recorder shutting off (which I heard during one of Alan Pages visits) could have had a devilish purpose. As I recall, many of my story-boarded stories were asked about by Alan Page while he was a visitor to my home. On his earliest visit he asked if he could go into a room I used as an office and studio. He opened a folder that contained stories of; The Lion King, Finding NEMO, The Tales of Beedle The Bard, and other designs of cars and logo’s. He asked many questions about the contents of that design folder. I never saw it again! During another visit he picked up my main story-board folder, opened it, and began asking me questions about the stories and drawings in it. Among the stories were the series of story-boards that formed my Harry Potter stories that I had taken 17 years to compile. During another visit, while I was in the dining room, He rudely went into my lounge room and returned to the dining room with a manila file, opened it, and began asking me questions about my drawings in the file. I would give him an answer but he would then ask another question and I would answer his question. This process would continue until I had explained the things he was interested in or until I got annoyed so much that I would tell him verbally. I recall saying; ‘Go write your own stories, don’t steal mine!’ Many story-board drawings I drew and utilized in making up my stories were formed from drawings of things I designed or components of my inventions, so they often had a mechanical appearance, but regardless of their origin they were my designs and drawings. There were many stories story-boards he asked about during his visits and he would ask of their story-lines, titles, suitable actors to use in the film productions, etc. I thought the visitor was a friend and for years I never suspected my drawings

were being targeted by anyone, so I reluctantly answered the questions my friend asked of my drawings and stories. When he asked me about the drawings in the manila folder, in the dining room, I told him it was an unfinished story. He continued to ask me questions about the drawings in the folder and its story-line, so I formed a silly story as I spoke about the individual drawings he asked about that were in the folder. He then asked me what the name of the story was. I thought he was asking a rude and silly question, so I said; 'Willy The Wizard'! I don’t recall seeing the manila folder after that visit and my design binder-ring file, with my many stories in it, vanished from my home at some time, and among them were my story-boarded stories of the Harry Potter series. Two other titles I had designed and written were; ‘Quidditch Through The Ages’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’! I do not recall story-board content for those two titles but the titles were dsigned and written in my notes. Jo Rowling has put together stories I believe are of my origin, named them the same, and had them published under her author name! I am the creator of much of the original stories concepts Joanne Rowling has published. The authorities told me I could write a story about the theft but without evidence I had no way I could prove my claim of origin of the stories Rowling was publishing as her creations, so I decidedly began recording films and making notes on things I recognized. I had encoded my artwork and so I was able to extract data that will hopefully verify me as the original creator that I am, of the stories Rowling has published. The information I have mentioned is very true, but what I find hard to deal with and have done for ~ 12 years is that my inventions designs and stories, their drawings and written work files have been thieved from my home and have been published or produced by people who have then gained notoriety for things that I created during much of my working life. I believe Joanne Rowling is one of those people, without a doubt. I am an Australian citizen but because my work that has been stolen has spread to foreign countries I have not the ability to have dealt with the many claims I would have to place against many authors who have presented my creations as their own, however, I am the bona fide original creator of the Harry Potter stories and their titles, and of the book; 'The Tales of Beedle The Bard' and I believe the book being used to claim against Joanne Rowling, named; 'Willy The Wizard', is a concoction that I had loosely formed and worded and told Alan Page was a silly story of a wizard on a train. I believe the case of Willy The Wizard being put up against the title of; 'Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire' is ludicrous and it has caused me a delay in placing a claim of plagiarism against Joanne Rowling for taking control of my story of Harry Potter, and other titles, as if they were her own. I stand by what I have said 100%. Joanne Rowling did not create the concept stories of the Harry Potter series. She may have written-up my stories and progressed them but the stories were of my origin. The question is how has she been able to reproduce stories I had designed as story-boards with written notes and with the same title names, character, creatures, their names, and stories as my stories had shown? Some of the things I told Alan Page were in my stories have later-on been published by Jo Rowling! Some of the character names in my Harry Potter wizard story were formed from letters of my name and address and other names of places or things I am familiar with. For example, the name 'Harry' stems from 'Harrison', a street I travel on when I drive my van to and from my home! The number on the ‘Hogwarts Express’, a steam engine, was chosen for a reason. The number was formed from altering my neighbours and my home numbers conjoined from 6971 to 5972. I did this primarily to form a number puzzle that would resolve to my address (71), which I did do after I had seen the number on the

train in the film I had designed it to be shown in! To resolve the number; carry the extra number '1' from the last digit ’2’ in the number ‘5972’ and add it to the front digit ’5’, to get 6971. To encode the name ‘Harry Potter’, with identifiable sign marks, I included a most visible code element in each word of the boy’s name. My first initial letter 'G' was set in the name 'Harry' between letters ‘Ha’, and my last name initial letter 'S' is in the name 'Potter', set between letters ‘Po’, in the film titles graphics. My initials are drawn in a stylised form and set in the title graphics so as to allow my initials to carry along with the boy's written name to allow me, as a boy named Harry, to go on adventures through my stories with the girl Hermione. I designed Hermione and formed her name from letters from the business name (HERMANN’S REFRIGERATION) that was written on the side panels of my 1985 Hi-Ace van some years ago. The character named Ron was so named as my middle name is my fathers first name of Ronald. My mothers name is Joy and so J and R were used in my writers initial set. I used letter K for King, as in; ‘The Lion King’...King of the jungle. I am a Leo, so ‘King’ was used with ‘Joe Rawling’ to make my writers name. I did not borrow letter K from an aunt so as to make my pseudonym appear as a mans name. I just designed a pseudonym that was amiable with my story titles, my character, and so as to avoid using the last sylable in my surname. When I enter my writers name in a web browser, as; ‘J.K.Rawling’, the results box invariably shows JK Rowling, and a sub-text that enquires if I meant ‘JK Rowling’! This indicates the Google search engine is programmed to list ‘JK Rowling’ if my writers name ‘JK Rawling’ is searched for! Kidnapping of my story extends to my initial set of J.K.R. As well as my author name, so I registered an alternate name for posting on the web. On 31-Dec-2009, after years of research into the theft of my design art and stories I was getting desperate to publicize the theft of my lifes creative works, so after a long effort name-searching, I registered ‘Mylord’ on, and I posted a seven page article that reveals I am the ‘Original’ creator of the Harry Potter story. That is a fact. I have, since then, published a varied range of articles on the Internet, using ‘Mylord’ as my user-name. I post on or elsewhere I see fit to make my presence felt. I later registered; ‘’, ‘’. To find my articles or comments on the Internet, one must use ‘Mylord’ in the search box with ‘JK Rawling’. That is if you don’t want sites for JK Rowling, the plagiatist, etc! On You-Tube I use the name ‘Earnamint’. My channel is titled; ‘The Avenge Bulletin’. By chance, I recently found a version of the Emma Watson song on the Internet at; manhaunter1992. As I designed the character ‘Hermione Granger’ I have listed the ‘Emma Watson Song’ (a slide-show) on the Earnamintchannel for your enjoyment. There are several Emma Watson songs on the Internet but this version shows the actress in various settings and I found it pleasant to view, and listen to with my 54 yoears! What I have mentioned in this message is true. I am the original creator of the stories mentioned and the creator of the Harry Potter and Willy The Wizard story concepts. They have been stolen from my Australian home and I have not been able to publish any of my creations or stories because of the theft of my designs and artwork. When I tell people that, I get disbelieved. It seems people have been fed so many stories of hardship Jo Rowling has claimed she has lived through and they like the story of Harry Potter that the people are so negative when the truth is told to them or perhaps it is easier for them to believe a lie than the truth. The mirracle of Harry Potter didn’t happen over a short train trip as one author wants you to believe. I designed the story over ‘17’ years! If you read what I have written and posted on my web sites you will begin to realise what I say is fact.

As soon as the case with the Estate of Adrian Jacobs,’Willy the Wizard’, ‘Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire’, and Jo Rowling is settled the better. It is a case in which one fraudulent claim is up against another fraud. The matter is very serious. I believe the Estate of Adrian Jacobs is using the deceased authors name, and a story transcribed from the conversation I had with Alan Page of loosely filed story-board drawing, to wrongly claim against Jo Rowling, but the story being claimed against is one of my original story-boarded stories (Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire) that got stolen from my home! In this article I have mentioned my home number ’71’ is designed in the vertical leg of letter ‘P’ in the name ‘Potter’ in ‘The Goblet Of Fire’ [I refer to the Australian film version of that title] and in addition to that my initials ‘GS’ are set in the lettering graphics of the name ‘Harry Potter’ and done so to represent me as the boy wizard in the story. I designed the title graphics in pencil first, then I redrew the design in my computer, using Satori Film FX. The initials show in many drawings I drew that have been stolen and used in productions elsewhere and other artwork, so how does this effect the claim against Jo Rowling by the estate? My designs have been stolen and credited to people, including Jo Rowling. The estate claiming against Jo Rowling is, in effect, claiming my rights from a plagiarist, so where does that leave me and my copyrights? Do I have to claim against the estate for falsely claiming rights that rightfully belongeth to me? Do I make this claim before the final hearing for Willy The Wizard or wait until it is settled? I am the creator of many inventions and stories that are now products or productions but I have limited the release of information and narrowed the subject to include only a small number of stories I originally created as story-boards. My posted articles go further than I have in this article, but what I have included in this post is true. It is up to the reader to research my articles if there is any need for an individual to learn the truth that has been denied to them by the published articles, on stories I mention, not showing true facts on their real origin, such as the Harry Potter stories. Although I didn’t publish or have produced my stories, I maintain the rights as the ‘Original’ creator of the stories mentioned in this article. Happy Days, Author Mylord, For; Gregory Ronald Simcock The genuine original creator of Harry Potter, as Joe King Rawling! 24-Apr-2011

The Real Author of Harry Potter  
The Real Author of Harry Potter  

The author who 'Really' created the 'Original' Harry Potter story, and its many characters, creatures, and its seven titles names, tells how...