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Run Windows on Your Mac using VMWare Fusion What is VMWare Fusion? VMWare Fusion is a Mac software that will let you run multiple operating systems on your Mac computer such as Windows, Solaris, and Linux. With VMWare Fusion, you can run other operating systems along side the Mac OS X even without rebooting your computer or laptop. It allows you to share information quickly and smoothly between two different OS environments. Windows in a Mac Body When you use the VMWare Fusion software, it’s like working on a familiar environment using a non-familiar platform. The drag and drop function of Windows still applies, but it is the Mac keyboard shortcuts that you have to use. It might require some getting used to, but at least you’re already done with the first half, especially if you’ve been working on Windows for too long now. Have a look at Vmware Fusion coupon codes To launch the Windows application, use the VMWare Fusion Launch Palette or Spotlight. To switch to another operating system, use the Expose. Finally, to keep applications you like, use the Dock. Freeze and Turn Back Time The VMWARE Fusion software has an innovative feature called the Snapshot that lets you capture and save the exact condition of your application. Just in case your Windows system becomes unresponsive, you can use the software’s Snapshot feature to go back to the last known stable condition of the application.

Mac Hardware to Boost Your Windows OS Because Mac computers are often equipped with hardware of the best performance and highest quality, they can boost the performance and flexibility of your Windows OS. You can take advantage of the 64-bit multi-core processor of your Mac computer to improve the action of other operating systems. With VMWare Fusion, running 64-bit OS such as the Windows Vista Ultimate Edition will be as easy as a piece of cake! Not Just One, Not Just Two, But Multiple! VMWare Fusion lets you run not just one or two operating systems but as many as you like or need. Even if you are already running Windows side by side Mac OS X, you can still Linux or Solaris alongside the two – with ease and comfort. Plus, with this powerful Mac software, you can easily copy and paste texts or drag and drop items between OS. Have a look at Parallels Desktop coupon codes

Run Windows on Your Mac using VMWare Fusion