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It has been a dream of ours for many years to create a media outlet that would promote our favorite things: Fashion-Food-Fitness-Fun-Photography! Our goal is to promote independent "A-Listers" that fall into these categories. We want to give our readers a heads up on what's hot & trendy. First on our list...what's hot: "It's hot to be green" •digital media promotes #greeninitiatives •subscribe to our digital magazine @alistperiodical Second : "It's hot to say what's on your mind" #keepingitreal Third: "It's trendy to be on the A-List" •our team bringing you the #whoswho and #whatswhat Thanks so much to each person that contributed and supported us. #thisisjustthebeginning

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out." ~Dr.Suess


A.K.A - Kim and Jennie




DevaCurl Jennifer Johnson, N.Y.C. hairstylist says to tame curls with an attitude the best product to use is DevaCurl No-Poo!! It is sulfate and paraben-free and lends moisture and bounce!

contents 2013 Product Hot List Have you ever bought shampoo and conditioner from the drugstore and thought it made your hair feel great in the beginning, but over the course of time your hair becomes heavy and feels like you can't get it clean enough? Ever wonder why that is?

Face Shape & Eyebrows Which haircut suits your face shape? Eyebrows may seem like a simple thing to do, but they have a great impact.

Where Downtown Meets Small Town Asante Salon and Day Spa continues to raise the bar on what it means to be a “full service salon”. Not only does Asante offer hair, nails, spray tanning, massages, facials, pedicures, manicures, etc.; Asante prides themselves in having an educated staff that goes above and beyond to provide the best possible customer experience.

Don’t Get Left Behind. Tools For Small Business It's no longer okay to have an outdated website and unmanaged Facebook page. Folks today expect businesses to keep up with technology, and will choose one company over the other based on their online presence. Learn how social media can completely transform your business!

Catfish So this day and age, more and more people are turning to online dating to hopefully find someone to ensure that they don’t die alone. But let’s be honest. Online dating is for geeks and pedophiles. Yet, somehow, seemingly intelligent, outgoing, deserving and normal people are testing out the virtual dating pool.

Tailgating Fashion Football season is here and more than likely you will be attending at least one tailgating ladies and gentlemen (yes I said gentlemen) listen up!

Game Day Recipes We asked our Facebook friends to send us some of their FAV healthy party digs and we can't wait to try them all out on game day!

Local Events 2013 We’ve had a busy year in our local hometown of Lebanon, TN! Here is a brief review!

Mirko Pasta I recently discovered this little gem! Best pasta place in Wilson County!

Balance When you hear the word balance what comes to mind? Maybe for you its family, kids, life or happiness. What is balance?

Weight Loss Did you take diet pills? Did you have surgery? What kind of diet plan are you on? Do you take meal replacement shakes? These are some of the questions people ask me on a regular basis about my weight loss.

Only Old People Get Cancer Young women are getting skin cancer more often. The risk is real! Enjoy the sun and don’t be afraid of it. Just make sure you use sunscreen and re-apply it. Make sure you watch your skin and go see a dermatologist at least once a year.

The Down & Dirty on Plastic Surgery We’ve all heard the saying “you can’t be too rich or too thin”...soooo does that go for being too smooth, too tight, too firm and too busty?

Check Us Out Online:

Two Little Indians Monogram & applique designs for babies & children.


veryone has a story to tell & that’s really what’s propelled the movement toward personalized gifts. Thanks to sites like Etsy & Pinterest, small “mom & pop” businesses are gaining popularity. I think people like the idea of supporting someone who’s creating a one-of-a-kind piece. Local artisans are a treasure. There’s a different feeling when you’re wearing something handmade verses something from a big box store - I think it’s the extra love put into the piece when it was created that makes it so special.

or you are rocking your newborn in an outfit you personalized, there’s a special joy you feel. When you create something you can treasure and love each day, you can’t help but mile and enjoy it each day. These gentle reminders help us remember what’s really important to us. No matter what your style is, you can find a personalized gift to compliment it! Gifts today range from accessories, baby and children's gifts, home decor and much more. Contact a local artisan to create your own unique story. It’s a treasure you’ll always be happy you took the time to have made. ☻

Local artisans are a treasure.

The other thing that makes these items so special, is the customer is also the designer. Things that are uniquely special to you are what’s featured. When you look down and see a bracelet with your wedding date




“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” —Miuccia Prada

2013 Product

Hot List Pureology Hope Wade loves her Pureology Perfect for Platinum Shampoo and Pureology Hydrating Conditioner. It leaves her hair feeling smooth, shiny and hydrated!!

Redken Bob Prashaw says Redken Go Clean Shampoo is just the product for him because he can use it daily to get all the dirt and grime out of his hair from his busy day construction work!

#AListMag 11


DevaCurl Jennifer Johnson, N.Y.C. hairstylist says to tame curls with an attitude the best product to use is DevaCurl No-Poo!! It is sulfate and paraben-free and lends moisture and bounce!

Joico Celebrity Kourtney Kardashin uses Joico K-pak once a week for a
 restorative hair mask to restore her hair from the rigorous styling and hot tools her hair endures throughout the week!!

#AListMag 12

So, now that you're in the know on this

more natural ingredients. So if you pay

years hottest shampoos and conditioning

good money on professional hair care and

treatments, let's talk a little bit on why

hair color services why would you use an

these are important for your everyday

unhealthy, full-of-fillers and paraben sham-

beauty routine! I know what your thinking,

poo and conditioner on your hair? This is

"that's great, but why would I spend $15

why it is very important for you and your

plus on a bottle of shampoo or conditioner

stylist to really talk about the condition of

when I can go to the drugstore or super-

your hair and determine how healthy it is,

market and spend 1/3 less?" Well, I'll tell

and what professional shampoo and condi-

you! Over-the-counter products have very

tioning treatments are going to keep your

harsh sulfates in them for one, which is

locks looking and feeling healthy!! This is

great for cleaning your bath tub! But would

why we love to share the hottest and best

you use the same thing you clean your

products for your hair with you!! â˜ť

bathtub with on your hair?? Didn't think so. Companies that mass produce products for the drugstore and super markets use the cheapest ingredients they can find to keep their cost low and their take-home pay high, at the cost of your healthy hair!! Have you ever bought shampoo and conditioner from the drugstore and thought it made your hair feel great in the beginning, but over the course of time your hair become heavy and feel like you can't get it clean enough? Ever wonder why that is? These companies claim that you'll feel a




complete dierence in your hair after one shampoo, and you probably will because these use silicone fillers! Not the natural vitamins and protein that your hair needs! Professional hair products are more expensive because they are concentrated with






Faceshape Eyebrows &

! ! ! ! ! ! !

#AListMag 15

"I'm very selective about my grooming , with being a model/actor I am in front of the camera a lot. At Asante I never worry about having "girl brows" they are always clean, shaped, and still masculine.” -Russ Burroughs

Eyebrows “An eyebrow wax may seem like a simple thing to do. Everyone has eyebrows. Different shapes. Different sizes. It’s important to me to make sure my eyebrows look the best for me. Eyebrows frame the eyes and help bring out my best feature. Waxed eyebrows say I care about having a well groomed and professional appearance. It’s a simple action that has a great impact!”

-Summer Hicks “I totally recommend Asante and the staff if you are looking for what I call my $10 “facelift” (i.e. eyebrow wax)!! They always shape them symmetrically and with a perfect arch – leaving me one happy customer time and time again!!”

-Lisa Holt

cuts • colors • perms • highlights • waxing • makeup walk-ins & appointments welcome 9am - 7pm M-F • 8am - 3pm Saturday


Salon Bentley, located at 3690 N. Mt. Juliet

ness for 14 years and Monica 12 years. The

Road in Mount Juliet, opened 3 years ago.

other stylists are Janet Killingsworth, Kayla Fur-

Owners Rachel Demonbreun and Monica Bent-

lough, Allee Leaver, and Katie Jones and they

ley had worked together for several years at an-

have a com-

bined 24 years

other salon in Mount Juliet and decided to go

o f e x p e r i-

into business for themselves. Ra-

ence. Salon

chel’s maiden name was Bent-

Bentley also carries a wide range of hair

ley and Monica’s married

products including

name is Bentley so Salon

M a t r i x , E n j o y,

Bentley be-

Kenra, Rock Your

came the obvi-

Hair, Big Sexy and

ous choice for

Redken. The salon has stylists to work with

their salon.

brides before their special wedding day and young laSalon Bentley offers all types of services from haircuts, colors, perms, and all types of highlighting techniques to facial waxing and makeup. The salon has 6 stylist to meet all your hair care needs for both men, women and kids. Rachel has been in the busi-

dies prepping for prom. Walk-Ins are welcome at Salon Bentley. Give any stylist a call at 615-758-0633 to schedule your appointment. Normal business hours are Monday – Friday 9:00a.m.- 7:00p.m. and Saturday 8:00a.m. -3:00p.m. depending on the stylist.


by: Katie Least-McAfee

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Asante Salon and Day Spa continues to

them feeling amazing from head to toe!

raise the bar on what it means to be a “full

The artists have also traveled the country

service salon”. Not only does Asante offer

attending hair shows and demonstrating

hair, nails, spray tanning, massages, fa-

different techniques.

cials, pedicures, manicures, etc.; Asante prides themselves in having an educated staff that goes above and beyond to provide the best possible customer experience.   The artists

In addition to taking care of their clients, Asante is dedicated to giving back to the community. Asante is a leader in supporting  causes and raising awareness for  events such

have trained with

as Relay for Life,

some of the

March of Dimes,

most prominent

S h e r r y ’s R u n ,

companies in the

C a m p O a n d


B re a s t C a n c e r

including Joico,

Awareness. As-

Redken, Paul

ante is without a

Mitchell, ISO, Mi-

doubt a cut above

nardi and OPI, just

the rest and it is

to name a few.

no surprise  that

The artists learn

they were voted


the 2013 Best

from color  tech-


n i q u e a n d styles  to proper product usage to make

in Wilson County!

sure each client’s needs are met with the

The Rising Stars of Asante Salon and Day

upmost care and concern. The artists

Spa are dedicated to giving back to their

stay at the forefront of the industry to pro-

community, they are dedicated to getting

vide the best experience possible to as-

as much education as possible and they

s i s t e a c h c l i e n t w i t h a n

are dedicated to deliver the best customer

Asante Signature  Look and  leave

service possible.



Being nominated "Best

her grandmother every

Salon/Barbershop" in Wil-

other week and how she

son County was a huge

remembers thinking how

honor for them and they

glamorous all of the ladies

would like to thank every-

were with their little lacy

one who voted!

capes on.

The Asante Experience

Skip ahead to 2013, Jen-

starts from the first time

nie isn't doing roller sets

you call until the moment

with lacy capes but she is

you walk out the door..

living her dream.

Everything in between is of-

She has been in the indus-

fered on their amazing

try for over 12 years now

menu from massages, acrylic/gel nails, spray tans, facials, body wraps, mani/ pedis, waxing, extensions and of course hair.Â

and has loved every minute of it! When asked what her favorite part of her career was she answered, "Everything!" She has not only become a hairstylist and

Get to know the Asante Team: Jennie Walpole is the owner and a master hair artist at Asante. She has always had a passion for all things beauty since she was a little girl. She recalls how she would go to the salon with

salon owner but she has had the opportunity to train with the best stylists in the world, travel all over the US educating other stylist on the latest color trends, Â and she has worked on photo shoots from Tennessee to LA. "I feel so blessed to be a girl from a small town that gets to go and experience all of these great things and still come home and be a mom!" "My biggest influences in my career would have to be Sue Pemberton, Beth Minardi

#AListMag 22

and Cherry Petenbrink. They are the

Kim Bush chose

best colorist in the world and I can only

to be in the beauty

wish to be half as talented as those three

Industry because

ladies. My biggest motivation comes

she has always

from the salon. I work next to the Best of

had a love affair

the Best at Asante! They keep me on my

with art, creativ-

toes and I am always learning so much

ity, imagination,

from each of these ladies and not just the

and thinking out

stylists. Our team from the front to the

of the box."

back rocks!"

This career al-

When asked about her proudest accomplishment, professionally, she didn't hesitate to tell us about standing on stage at

lows me to "play everyday in these areas and help make people smile and feel great everyday" she says.

the Nashville Hair standing next to her

When asked why she chose to work at

best friend Kim. What was once just a

Asante she said, "It was the environment I

dream became a reality!

always dreamed of, I wanted to be in-

When Jennie isn't up to her elbows in hair color she enjoys traveling, spending time with her favorite people, going to the lake, and cooking.

have been very blessed to do so and watch it grow. I always want to have a positive effect anywhere I am able to and I believe I can do this at Asante.

You may not know this but Jennie was voted most likely to have a reality show at her high school reunion so we asked her what her theme song would be and she quickly replied, "Glamorous" by Fergie and we agree.

volved with Asante from the start and I

She has been in the industry 10+ years and says her favorite thing about her career is change. "In this career I watch trends change, education change, and best of all people change on the inside and out. I can also be doing many different things so no two days are the same: photo-shoot one day, salon one day, then



L.A. the next for's all about

ger world no matter what anyone said

the change!

about it.

She is motivated by people telling her she can't. It makes her push the limits.   Kim

Just because your born in a

small town doesn't mean you can't go out and experience bigger things."

said, " I aspire to change the way people

When asked if Hollywood called and

look at a hairstylist. It isn't a last choice ca-

asked who you would want to play you in

reer option, It IS a fabulous, glamorous, ar-

a movie about yourself who would you

tistic, fun career that actually pays very


well and I would never trade careers with anyone else. Support your budding stylist!"

"Barbie or Johnny Depp....Barbie well she's got the whole blonde hair, beach and glamour part covered and Johnny

"My FAV movie is Footloose, I could al-

Depp has the scissor hands, and madd

ways identify with Ariel the rebellious spirit

hatter part and that all mixed together

who always wanted to get out into the big-


about sums it up for me! Somebody call

caring and talented ladies and

Tim Burton!"

praying. Her proudest accomplishment is Nikki Womack is the skin care specialist/makeup artist and senior assistant at Asante. While always having a passion for beauty she comes to the sa-

moving to Nashville. "No one thought I was strong enough to move here by myself and be away from my family. I love and miss my family dearly but am proud of the woman I've become, I moved here 7 yrs. ago and have grown so much in every way. Now I am married to an amazing man and am a mother to a perfect little girl." She tells us her goal is doing her best and learning how to do it even better. She

lon with 17 years experience. Nikki says she chose to work at Asante because the environment is very professional as well as all the amazing ladies that she gets to work with everyday. She also feels education is very important and said," at Asante I love that everyday I go to work I learn something new and feel refreshed." She is very good at keeping things organized, working well with others and being

claims to be clumsy but we know an even bigger secret about Nikki, she is an amazing singer! No wonder when we stole her playlist we found Lady Antebellum, Celine Dion, Aerosmith, Sarah McLachlan, Mariah Carey, and a whole lot of  Praise and Worship songs.  We asked her for her favorite quote and she gave us this one:

self disciplined. She enjoys singing, organ-

"The difference between a successful per-

izing, making organic bath products and

son and others is not a lack of strength,


not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a

Nikki is motivated by her supportive hus-

lack of will." -- Vincent T. Lombardi

band and family, the ability to work with

#AListMag 25

Olinda Jones is a

She enjoys seeing her clients faces after a

L i c e n s e d M a s-

massage, being a wife and mother, riding

sage Therapist

bikes and listening to books.

and likes to be known as a BodyWork Specialist. She has been at

Her greatest accomplishment in life is being a mom to her busy children and watching them play ball.

Asante almost 2

Her goal is to continue her education and

years and has an

grow her knowledge so she can always

amazing gift of

have the ability to help others.

touch. She says her motivation is her family and When asked why she chose to go into the

Asante Team.

field of Massage Therapy she answered, "I have always had a love for helping others

We asked Olinda if she could only take

and to add to my knowledge."

one item to a deserted island what would #AListMag


it be? She answered her

loves to cook and go fishing, swimming

toothbrush...thats good to know ;-)

and boating.

Rachel Beechboard is one talented styl-

When asked to describe herself in three

ist! As a child

words she said,"silly, confident and giving."

s h e a l w a y s e njoyed playing with hair and started cosmetology classes while she was still in high school. When asked why she chose to work at Asante she said,

"Team work, support, continued education and the atmosphere is why Asante was the best choice for me." Rachel, a Master Hair Artist, joined the Team with 8 years experience. Rachel prides herself as a good listener, a motivator and having the ability to make people smile. She likes others to feel good about themselves and have healthy hair. Her proudest accomplishment has been the ability to buy her first home. Something you may not know about Rachel is that she is a tomboy at heart and

Toni Collier is Asante's newest team member and assistant that is working towards her junior program to become a hair artist at the Salon. She has always enjoyed new hair styles and make-up trends and that led to her to going into the field of cosmetology. "I know when I get a new look or even refresh a current look it makes me feel so good about myself. I want to be able to give others that same feeling." She is already doing just that and has become a shampooing sensation at Asante. Choosing to work at Asante to build her knowledge, skills and confidence as a stylist Toni feels she is working with the best Team.



Her biggest influences are her parents and she is motivated by her family. Her proudest accomplishment is raising a child who is smart, caring, funny and who already knows about Jesus and the sacrifices he made for us. She enjoys shopping, listening to christian and country music and her favorite movie is Remember the Titans. When asked what her favorite quote is she answered, " Put your big girl panties on and get over it."

Vicki Laude is a 10+ year veteran in the beauty industry. She decided to become a nail tech/manicurist after she saw the lack of quality and caring in this field. She knew people needed someone to make a difference and she took that calling after being in the investment business her whole adult life. She not only builds relationships with clients but educates them on healthy nails and that is her #1 focus. Vicki is very talented and confident in her skills and when asked if she had ever had

trouble believing in herself or her career choices she answered, " Never!" She loves movies but the one that stand out the most is "Gone with the Wind" and you can guarantee if you stole her playlist you won't find ANY Rap music on there.

Linda Gray is not only our assistant front desk coordinator but CoOwner Jennie Walpole's mom. She has been a part of the salon industry for 10 years. "I am a people person, I love to talk and laugh and take care o f others." Linda said. She is motivated by her family and says her children are her greatest accomplishments. She aspires to be the best wife and grandmother and considers her grandchildren as her favorite hobby. (She keeps getting more!) “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me� is her favorite quote. And when asked what the best thing since sliced bread was she answered: "Clayborn's bakery and my sweet husband, of course.

#AListMag 28



Social Business


Did you know that 54% of all business conducted in the United States runs through a small business? With that statistic something cool has been happening over the last few years: corporate America has been downsizing while the rate of new start-ups is skyrocketing! The “shop local” phenomenon is also really taking off for small local businesses. With an increase in these start-ups there are tons of cool little places to shop, amazingly skilled artisans to produce customized wares and local professionals to hire for services... unfortunately there is also an increase in business closures. Why is this? What is the main reason small businesses fail?

just trying to make the business work without adding the extra responsibility of advertising and marketing the business. So to make their burden a little more manageable, small businesses everywhere are constantly looking for the most powerful, most efficient way to increase cash flow.

Technology has leveled the playing field, creating opportunities for literally anyone with a computer willing to get up in the morning and work hard.

According to the experts, small business failure is due to the following: lack of experience, insufficient capital, poor location, poor inventory management, over-investment in fixed assets, poor credit arrangement, personal use of business funds, unexpected growth, too much competition and low sales. Ultimately though, almost all of these issues can be managed if there is enough cash flow to hire talent. Even with all these contributing factors, if I had to choose one reason why small businesses would be the lack of cash flow coming in the door.

Q: Who is to blame for low cash flow? A: The person responsible for marketing and advertising! For many businesses, that person is the business owner themselves. Their workload is already overwhelming

Thankfully, this is a crazy awesome time to be self employed and growing your own business! There are plenty of tools available for the small business owner to completely rock it! Technology has leveled the playing field, creating opportunities for literally anyone with a computer willing to get up in the morning and work hard. The internet has shattered the limitations of just one decade back.

So what is the most powerful modern business tool you could be using nowadays? Think about the life of a modern person. We are all connected to our cell phone–all day long! We wake up...immediately check Facebook. Curious about the weather? You don’t have to wait for the local t.v. news forecast...bust out the weather app on your phone, tablet or pc. Television networks are scrambling to get viewer numbers up amid advertiser displeasure of tanking morning numbers. Want to go garage sale shopping? No need driving all over town searching...just check out Craigslist or Facebook groups and make a route on Google Maps. Newspapers sure took a big hit once Craigslist started killing their classifieds section. Speaking of maps...does anyone have a



paperback atlas in their car anymore? All those businesses investing in atlas advertising are suffering right now! Need to remember a date? You don’t write it on a paper calendar hanging in your write it in a shared online calendar you access from your phone or computer! Mom, dad, kids grandparents and co-workers can all access and contribute to the same calendar! If you’re not sure if someone is available at a certain time, check their online calendar before suggesting a time to meet up! Physical ommunity calendars funded by local business ads are nearly all dried up now! Other than anti-technology crazies, who keeps up with a physical calendar anymore? Curious where the cheapest gas in town is? There’s an app for that. Just move to town, and curious how good is the Asian restaurant down the street? Search Yelp, UrbanSpoon or Foursquare and you’ll get more information than you could ever want. Those chamber of commerce maps marking all the businesses in town are nearly extinct! For a small business wanting to increase business, grow sales and create repeat customers...the internet is the answer! It’s not a fad...and it’s not going away! There are literally infinite possibilities to growing your business using the internet, limited only by your creativity and ability to be interesting enough for people to pay attention. This is where social media comes in. The strategy of using social media to market a business is called Social Media Marketing, or SMM. SMM does not mean playing Candy Crush all day or stalking your old high school crush...rather creating pieces of content that claims some eyeball time of a potential customer while they are spending time online.

The average adult person today spends 4.5 hours daily using the Internet! Of the 24 possible hours each day, on average we spend 8 hours sleeping, 9 hours at work, 1 hour commuting and 4.5 hours online. This only leaves 1.5 hours each day available for other things! Granted we do multitask (use the internet while doing other things like eating, watching tv, sitting on the throne...) but that’s still a TON of screen time! Tree huggers love to say that our modern world is addicted to oil...but really we are addicted to our internet! You may not be watching the evolution of dance on YouTube for 4.5 hours daily, but nearly all apps you use through a smartphone require an internet connection. Checking email, sending text messages, publishing photos to Facebook/Instagram/ Twitter, checking stock values, seeing the weather forecast, reading the news, looking up directions, blogging...all these things contribute to screen time online. (In other words you don’t have to be sitting at a desk using a desktop pc to be online.) If you own a business, your customers are not sitting at their computers waiting for every piece of content you could publish throughout the day. (Many business owners think this is the case, and can’t understand why people engage with their content so quickly. Please remember...we are

How much time daily do you spend looking at billboards? Reading newspapers? Watching t.v. ads (as opposed to skipping them via TiVo)?

#AListMag 32

ALWAYS connected to the internet through our phones/tablets/watches/glasses) If you are a business, you MUST get your marketing messages in the online spaces your target audience spends their time. This is a tremendous opportunity most businesses are squandering! Compare this online marketing space to the traditional marketing space. How much time daily do you spend looking at billboards? Reading newspapers? Watching t.v. ads (as opposed to skipping them via TiVo)? Listening to radio ads (don’t we all listen to iPods or streaming services)? Reading junk mail? Reading magazines? Very little right?!! Marketing a business online is the future of marketing! SMM is no longer a’s a necessity!!

within an hour. Feeling very relieved, Lucy shares her experience about the cell phone repair shop on Facebook and Twitter resulting in a handful of new customers for the phone repair shop over the following months. Had that repair shop assumed social media to be a waste of time and of little value, Lucy likely would have never repaired her phone or purchased a new iPhone from Apple. Instead she spent a much smaller amount of money avoiding the long trip to an Apple store by repairing the phone she had while also supporting a local small business. The 30 seconds it took for the cell phone repair shop owner to reach out paid off big time!

Consider the following example: Lucy, while sharing a photo of her furry new puppy on Instagram, dropped her iPhone on the concrete floor resulting in a shattered screen. Nearly in tears, and very upset, she tweets about how she dropped her phone and will now have to suffer through consuming content through the broken glass.

This is the power of social media. Instead of interrupting the consumer with an advertising message the consumer will work hard to media gives the small business owner a way to personally connect directly with a the very moment the consumer needs the product or service advertised. Of course there are acceptable methods of engaging as well as non-acceptable methods...but we’ll get to that later.

A local tech-savvy cell phone repair shop did a quick search for “broken iPhone” and came across Lucy’s nearby tweet. Offering to help fix the screen, Lucy rushed in and had a brand new screen installed

Wouldn’t it be nice if a dentist office could know every time someone complains about an aching tooth? Wouldn’t it be valuable for an auto body shop to know who was just involved in a fender-bender?

The social space is not an extension of the traditional marketing/advertising world...but an entirely new medium available to everyone! #AListMag 33

Imagine the power a restaurant could have if they knew when a group of people were trying to figure out where to eat for lunch? These businesses can have access to this real-time information...if they learned how to use social media the right way! This is not the Matrix! This is the world we live in now! Every thing we say and talk about is cataloged and indexed. Searchable and scannable in real-time by advertisers. Not the scammy big advertisers that yell at you on the radio...I’m talking about the small town local advertisers you go to church with on Sunday...the advertisers your children hang out with at school...the advertisers that live next door to you. Social Media, as it has evolved, is perfectly suited for the small business owner to connect and build strong lasting relationships with customers. The social space is not an extension of the traditional marketing/ advertising world...but an entirely new medium available to everyone! Not just the businesses with million dollar yearly advertising budgets!

ployed with an entirely different set of strategies and practices! With each new issue in this magazine, I will tackle how to use one of the many channels available for small businesses! We’ll start with Facebook and Instagram, then move into Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Depending on the response from those articles, we may dive deeper into those channels or talk about blogging, paid advertising, infographics, etc. Tell me what you think! I want to hear your feedback about this article and future articles! You can reach me on Twitter via @GregKSargent or @GetWithItDigital or @ShopLebanon. If you want to start a conversation with anyone about this topic just share a tweet with this hashtag: #mysocialbiz

Greg Sargent Digital Marketing Consultant Owner of Get With It Digital & Shop Lebanon

So to bring this full circle. Small businesses can avoid the cash flow problem by utilizing social media effectively. Creating a Facebook page and publishing your daily deals will not be sufficient! Remember the social space is not an extension of the traditional advertising space. It is an entirely different beast, and should be de#AListMag 34


“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted” —John Lennon


by: ADAM




this day and age, more and more

Besides the whole getting murdered

people are turning to online dat-

thing, the worst outcome is getting Cat-

ing to hopefully find someone to

fished. For those of you who haven’t heard

ensure that they don’t die alone. But let’s

about Catfishing. It’s basically when an un-

be honest. Online dating is for geeks and

desirable person pretends to be someone

pedophiles. Yet, somehow, seemingly intel-

else in an attempt to win your heart. MTV

ligent, outgoing, deserving and normal peo-

even has a show that documents these dis-

ple are testing out the virtual dating pool.

guised degenerates and dirty brown water

And although you might get lucky and find

trash booger eaters. The best of the worst,

someone to date, you’re more likely to

was a woman that made Honey Boo Boo’s

hear Taylor Swift sing on key.

mother look like, well, not a bag full of squished Jell-0. Which if you watch “Here #AListMag


Comes Honey Boo Boo,” you know what a

hot litter box mess that woman is. Anyway,

bottom feeders. Those skank nasty fish

I digress.

will eat anything, including you, girl! Unless

It’s quite a fitting name, Catfish. After

all, we’re talking about a fish that tries to look like a cat. And all cats are drag queens. And if that ain’t trying to be something you’re not, I don’t know what is. Really, what kind of hatchet faced hobo hides be-

hind the other end of

it’s Luke Bryan, keep that catfish dinner over there. Like all the way over there away from me. Catfishing is like bringing store brand sweet tea in a Milo’s jug to a cookout. And even if this person turns out to actually be who they

Online dating is for geeks and pedophiles.

that Facebook mes-

claim to be, remember, they’re coming at you with their highlight reel. They’re

keeping that B-roll locked

sage? You could end up dating a lady boy with a fetish for leather for all you know. And honey, Mangela likes it rough!

And let us not forget that catfish are

up tight until they feel comfortable letting their crazy out. So, proceed with caution. And shug, if one day you end up eating catfish, have some hush puppies with that

They’ll use fake pictures to pass off as

mess too, and keep your mouth shut! ☻

themselves. They’ll lie about their job, their income, their family life, where they live, all of that mess. If it sounds too good to be true, then you know it is! If their profile picture is an animal or a landscape, click that home button sweetie, because Sloth from the Goonies is trying to hook up! If they say they “don’t have a cell phone right now,” or “they’re too busy to meet up,” what they’re actually saying is: “I’m a gross doo doo head dummy whose eyes are too close together and I only breathe out of my mouth.”


#AListMag 37

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season is here what to wear



while at the same time being confident about who you are.


Ladies, we will start with you first. The be-

By: Aldo Madden

there is nothing wrong with a sundress,


ginning of football season is still warm so possibly in your favorite team’s color, and gladiator sandals. For example, if you are a

It’s here… Football season! So, what are you going to wear?

UT fan, then a simple UT orange or orange

Football season is here and more than

a definite success! Now, for the cooler

likely you will be attending at least one tail-

days and nights of football, a perfect

gating party so ladies and gentlemen (yes I

match would be your team’s t-shirt, a com-

said gentlemen) listen up!

plementary cardigan, a scarf for the eve-

Girls you know you are already worried about what to wear so you are not too casual while, at the same time, not too dressy; yet you want that new outfit to be noticed! Guys believe it or not what you wear to these sporting events matters. Your favorite team jersey and faded jeans will not suffice; we are no longer in the 90’s!

and white striped sundress and light-tan gladiator sandals or cowboy boots will be

ning, skinny jeans (but ONLY if you are skinny) and knee-high boots or calf-high boots but please NO cowboy boots with this ensemble. Now that is a lot to imagine so here is an example. If you are a UK fan, the perfect combo will be a blue and white oversized jersey with a grey cardigan, charcoal skinny jeans and black calf-high boots. Let me also add this, if you are not

The first thing you need to do is throw out

comfortable in skinny jeans that’s no prob-

all the rules, except for this one: NEVER

lem, a simple substitute is straight-leg an-

pair brown and blue!!! But seriously, the

kle pants and flats or TOMS.

thing most experts will agree on about fashion is that you should wear what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. The days of the million-page “Fashion Bible” are over. You can look good

Ok, here is a subject some of you ladies struggle with… accessories! They are important, no doubt, but too many of them will only make you look like a “Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” Christmas tree! It is

#AListMag 40

important to show your team spirit and

Another trendy look for guys that works

support but subtle pops of your team’s

well, especially in warmer tailgating

color in your jewelry will make a simply col-

weather, is a polo in your team’s color and

ored outfit look exquisite and casual at the

maybe with their logo, khaki shorts, and

same time. Easy advice for accessories,

any type of loafers, like Sperry’s, that com-

“less is more.”

plement the other colors. You could also

Ok guys it’s your turn! Even though you may not take as much careful time with your tailgating attire, you can still look like you know what you are doing.

use colored khaki shorts, which are a big thing now, to your advantage. Let’s say you are a Florida Gators fan, then royal blue khaki pants and an orange polo with light-tan Sperry’s will be a hit!

There are many ways

As you can see ideas for

to mix and match

tailgating outfits are limit-

pieces of clothing in

less! You don’t have to

case you are going to

be overly formal but you

attend several differ-

shouldn’t be grossly un-

ent tailgating parties.

derdressed either. Don’t

A classic and clean-

be intimidated by the

cut look is a pair of

abundance of choices,

dark wash, boot-cut

just take this advice and

jeans and a button-

most importantly wear

up in your favorite

what makes you feel like

team’s color. You can

yourself. Happy tailgating!

do either a longsleeve or shortsleeve button-up, if you decide to wear long sleeves just roll the sleeves up a couple of times, this will depend on the weather.

This is outfit is ideal for that warm summer tailgating party!



This couple has the right idea for tailgating and showing their team support!

Ladies, here is an entire layout for the perfect tailgating outfit for warmer or cooler weather.


Tailgating !!!! Let the e e s s e n n e l time in T It's footbal begin. Fall parties hy diet. You festivities to sabotage a healt an don't have to look fit so you c mended by still wantabulous styles recomMadden. We wear the f n contributor Aldo send us our fashio Facebook friends torty digs and asked our eir FAV healthy pa out on game some of th ait to try them all we can't w day!

an Dip 5 layer Mexic > s > Black bean r Cream ou > Low fat S e fat > Guacamol with seasoning (use low t > Taco Mea and drain well) content beef a Cheese > Mozzarell d > hin a dish an it w s er y la 5 of r choice > place all r fav healthie ou y h it w e v ser chips! corn or veggie > k Wright > -Kristi Kir

ked a B s. illa are t a r z o iz ly T til they d st P u n e r i s un own rtilla, C r f n to te rb br Thi r ca minuut not ese on a o s t > hea a few sy, b lla che pizz veggie W > only flim zare ,then ts or k for longer t Moz egano y mea nd coo se is no hen pu ith or health oven a til chee serve > t inkle wd any ck in d un like or spr ce, ad Put ba own an you sau like. en br y way youtil gold lice an un lted. S pson e m o m le. h or T l who y Ta > Betty >43

Recipes Texas > 1 ca Caviar > 2 c n Hominy > 2 c ans Black > 2 c ups choppe eye peas > 1/2ups choppe d green pep a coup can mixedd red onion per > 1 tb le of fresh jalapenos > 1 4 sp garlic jalapenos) (I usually get > 2 c oz jar pime h n o p t o p s e > Go d tom 1/4-1od seasons atoes /2 cu Dressi > p ng to taste, > Mix about Great all ingred with p i > ita Ch ents togeth ips er and > -La chill, ra Boo the

ooked c f n e e e db ick T roun cubed ch s, g N bean es > b LEA or n r y e e o h k l t a ort > 1 und tur eat NDiced Tomoning r o r d G e , g , Corn ns, seas drain and can each, Red Beay Ranch > 1 k Beans, en valle g Blac pkt. Hidd easonin k > 1 pkt taco s water d coo n a f o t 1 o h > 2 cups ap wit ts in s. Serve nd low n e > 1i ,a our gred > ll in about 2 h our cream a t u > P edium ow fat s on md chips, l tty bake heese. ce Pe n a fat c V nne > ry A r e h > -S

Buffalo shrimp dip > > 6 tbsp Wish-Bone Li ght Buffalo Ranch Dressing > 1 green onion, thinly > 1/4 c low fat sour crea sliced > 2 cups finely choppe m d shrimp > 2 tbsp. panko bread cr mix the first four ingredumbs, toasted then add the bread crum ients together bs on top. Great with pita chips! > > > -Jennie Walpole

oup aco S

Just Like Butterfinger Cake > colate > 1 Box sugar free devils food cho cake mix sed milk > 1 can sugar free sweet conden > 1 jar sugar free caramel te pea> 1 package of sugar free chocola ies cook er waf ered cov ter nut but whip > 8oz low fat or sugar free cool > 3 pan. > bake cake as directed in a 9x1 caraand k mil mix ing while cake is bak mel cake is topping until well blended. When then w stra a h wit it in s done poke hole sprinpour caramel mixture over the top, wafers pped cho ely fin of kle 1/2 package p over the over the topping, Spread cool whih wit in aga top and then sprinkle If you more crushed wafers then chill. m crea Ice like re mo be l wil it ze free gar!!! cake!...Great taste and LOW Su



Local A-List Events & Businesses from


A-List Events 2013 Capitol Theatre Opens The Capitol Theatre has been winning the hearts of Lebanon residents since it first opened its doors on December 9, 1949. The Theatre is located right off the square and has become a part of Lebanon’s past and has proven that it will also be a part of Lebanon’s future. The Capitol Theatre has a wonderful history that strengthens its value to the city. Interestingly, there were no air conditioners in the old days and the well drilled into the center of Town Creek was the main source of fresh air for the theatre! The fast moving water provided the cool breeze that was felt by movie-goers inside. At that time, movie tickets were just 35 cents and snacks were about 10 cents! Surprisingly, the Theatre had enough seating for a thousand people! Bob and Pam Black have been renovating the Theatre and were very excited to open its doors to the public this past year. The building has been completely restored and is not only a movie theatre, but also a venue for weddings, parties, concerts, etc.

Jammin’ With The General A live music series on the historic Lebanon square, Jammin’ pleased crowds with music from Randy Moore and the Fabulous Suedes and Daryle Singletary! #AListMag 47

Sherry’s Run Sherry’s Run is the largest grassroots, faith-based organization in Wilson County (TN) making a difference in the lives of families who are fighting cancer. Through faith and love create an environment for all those affected by cancer, which provides hope, knowledge, assistance, support and compassion.

Wilson County Fair The Wilson County Fair is an all volunteer fair where people from all parts of the county come together, giving of their time and talents to put on a fun-filled experience for all. From cotton candy and funnel cakes to mule pulls and cow and horse shows, tractor pulls and demolition derbies, talent shows and all kinds of entertainment. As you enter the fair, leave your cares and worries behind and enjoy your time at the Wilson County Fair!

Phoenix Ball One of the premier charity events in Tennessee, The Phoenix Ball is a black tie gala benefiting Cumberland University that is attended by hundreds of prominent Middle Tennesseans and their guests. Cumberland University is a private, contemporary liberal arts institution in Lebanon, Tennessee.  Founded in 1842, the University has an exceptional academic program steeped in the liberal arts and offers athletic teams who regularly compete for conference and national championships.  While Cumberland has a distinguished past, it is focused on the future and on educating the next generation of leaders.


Social Media Marketing Call us for a free Facebook Ad campaign consult & setup. 615-547-6477 50





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“Only a fool argues with a skunk, a mule or a cook.” – Cowboy Saying


by: Jennie



It was a rainy Sunday afternoon

SHOP LOCAL* So we are trying

and we had  just left the zoo with

to decide and keep on driving.

the intentions of eating some-

We ended up on Mt. Juliet Road

place new. We had heard about a potato place and after driving

Can you say #Delizioso????

heading south towards Providence, thinking we would just settle for the

almost 45 minutes, much to our

same old thing. When we were

surprise, it was out of business.Â

stopped at the red light we no-

*This is why it is so important to

ticed a shopping center to our 55

left across from the train station and we pulled in to a place called Mirko Pasta. All homemade pasta including

• They have a bar with beer that you can't get just anywhere • They offer pastas and sandwiches along with soups, appe-

fresh stuffed ravioli. (for those

tizers and deserts (but its not

not up on the different noodles

over whelming)

they bring a tray to the table on display and educate you) After you pick your pasta you pair it with one of their specialty sauces. Mine that day was 4 cheese Ravioli with the Norma

• They have a friendly staff My only con to going there is that it is very small inside *so its easy to hear others conversations*

Sauce (red sauce, eggplant, ri-

I totally give Mirko's an A-List rat-

cotta cheese and fresh mozza-

ing of 5 stars and can't wait to

rella) and it was amazing!

go back.

We sampled the spinach artichoke dip - two thumbs up as well.

A-List Rating: ✭✭✭✭✭


Get Connected:

• They have a patio • They have a kids menu Download Menu Book A Table




You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted. 
 -Ruth E. Renkl

...Yoga has taught me to accept my body and my flaws...





When you hear the word balance what comes to mind? Maybe for you its family, kids, life or happiness. When I hear the word balance my brain automatically goes to health and nutrition. What is balance? Balance defined

parisons, estimates.” Well ok,

that makes sense. Health and nutrition requires an appara-

tus for a healthy balance. In this article I want to discuss the importance of “balance”, a healthy balance. Speaking from experience from years past, the key to overall wellness is balance.

by Webster’s means “an apparatus for

When I first began my journey with running

weighing; act of weighing mentally; com-

about ten years ago, my mind and body



did a complete 180. Training for mara-

defined as an eating disorder or mental dis-

thons and half marathons, nutrition be-

order characterized by an extreme or ex-

came more important than ever before.

cessive preoccupation with avoiding foods

You are what you eat…ever heard that?

perceived to be unhealthful. I thought I

This is a very true statement; well at least I

was doing the right thing by eating the ex-

thought it was. If I didn’t put into my body

act same thing for breakfast, lunch and din-

the proper balance of nutrition, my runs

ner day in and day out. My body was suf-

and my body suffered. This eventually led

fering internally; I was depriving my body

me to be the healthiest, unhealthiest per-

from proper nutrition. Going out with

son I knew. When I say that I mean I was

friends also became very stressful be-

suffering from Orthorexia Nervosa which is

cause I was thinking the entire time, “What

#AListMag 59

am I going to eat?” My mental state be-

different shapes and sizes. Society gets

came my physical state. My friends and

us all hung up on numbers…put the num-

family were concerned but I wasn’t. My

bers away and go with how you feel inside

size four felt awesome. By eliminating my

and out. Remember, you may look good

diet down to very little, and exercising like I

but if something inside is trying to tell you

was Rocky, I started to lack certain vita-

something…please listen.

mins in my diet especially the vitamins and nutrients that are required for healthy hormone functioning. Once my hormones (topic for another day) started to wake me up, literally, I didn’t care about the size

Cheers to finding your healthy balance. Much love and light- Heather Landers, RYT ☻

four pants. I cared more about my health. Finding the right balance between nutrition and exercise is still a constant struggle for me every day. I dedicated this year to making positive changes, mentally and physically. I wanted to prove to myself that I could still eat healthy and not be obsessive. As far as exercise, running is still my passion but so is yoga. Yoga has taught me to accept my body and my flaws. God gave us one body so we must take care of it, not abuse it. By dedicating more hours in the studio teaching and practicing…I have found my balance. My point, friends, is that you must find a healthy balance for YOU. We are all built different and what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Healthy balances come in all #AListMag


Weight By: James Petty

est lifestyle (on many levels). Not only did I have a weight prob-

Did you take diet pills? Did you have sur-

lem, but I was also

gery? What kind of diet plan are you on?

an alcoholic. One

Do you take meal replacement shakes?

day I decided

These are some of the questions people

things had to

ask me on a regular basis about my weight

change. I submitted my life to

loss. The answer is a simple no. Like most

the Lord, He delivered me from my addic-

people who are overweight, I have strug-

tion, and within a year I had lost about 100

gled all of my life. Hi, my name is James

pounds. Not long after, I met a man named

Petty. Let me tell you a little about my jour-

Donovan who has been a personal trainer


for more than 20 years. Through a lot of

In 2004, I weighed 360 pounds and I currently weigh 180. I wasn’t living the healthi-

sweat and hard work I was able to get down to a healthy weight. This was not an 61


overnight success and it has taken me a couple of years to get where I am. I’m sure most people have heard the term “Lifestyle Change.” Well, that is exactly what it is. I count calories, watch the sugar intake, and work hard. I also drink a protein shake to help my muscles recover. My workout consists of weight training three days a week, running twice a week, and speed/ agility training once a week. I have run several 5k’s, and am looking forward to running a marathon in the near future. I recently went back to school to become a personal trainer and I am currently working at Snap Fitness in Lebanon, Tennessee. I want to give back; I want to help people. I understand the struggle. Fortunately, there is hope; it can be done. ☻ • • • • • • •

Now A Personal Trainer At Snap Fitness 360 pounds to 180! Several 5k’s Protein shakes 3 Days/Week weight training 2 Days/Week running 1 Day/Week speed & agility training #AListMag 62

Wendy Anderson is a beautiful wife and

ary 5th, only 6 days after her visit Wendy re-

mother of two very busy children. So when

ceived the call at work that no one ever

her husband told her that the mole on her

wants to get. He informed her that it was in

shoulder looked funny and that he thought

fact Melanoma and guess what her reaction

she should have it checked out, she didn't

was??? She calmly asked, "Ok, so what

put it on the top of her list of things to do.


After a few weeks of him being persistent and finally finding some free time in her schedule, Wendy made an appointment

She then had to go home and tell her husband and children. That is when she said

with the dermatologist on January 30, 2013.

she got emotional for the first time.

The Doctor agreed that is looked different

On February 18th she had what she

and did a biopsy that day. Then on Febru-

thought was a consultation with the surgeon and much to her and her husband



Brad's surprise, after he told them what he

Early detection is the key as always. These

was going to do he asked her husband to

are the things that I will continue to do for

leave the room because they were remov-

myself in the future."☻

ing the Melanoma right then and there. She left with a six inch incision and 16 staples in her shoulder. When she returned on February 27th to have her staples removed they were given the great news  that all of the cancer was removed and no further treatment was needed. At her last appointment to the dermatologist in April the doctor put her on yearly visits. "I love the sun and I loved getting in a tanning bed it was so relaxing to me.  I over used both and rarely used sunscreen. I am fair skinned with light hair and I have several moles all over." Wendy tells us.  When asked What advice can you give to others? "Enjoy the sun and  don't be afraid of it. Just make sure you use sunscreen and re-apply it. Make sure you watch your skin and go see a dermatologist at least once a year.



Kim Bush at Asante Salon & Day Spa has over 11 years experience with sunless tanning! She has traveled all over the nation doing sunless tanning for countless VIP events. Her work has been featured on TLC, bodybuilding competitions, music videos & world champion dance competitions. She can customize the tan to each client for great results every time!


@kimbushstylist Like me on

/kimdiesbush 65




(615) 547-1638




The Down & Dirty ON



We’ve all heard the saying “you can’t be too rich or too thin”…soooo does that go for being too smooth, too tight, too firm, and too busty? Joan Rivers doesn’t think so right? What is the first thing you think of when you hear the words “plastic surgery”? Boob job? Botox? Liposuction? Or do you think things like: Does it hurt? What are recovery times? Is it worth it? Will it last? What is the process of getting new boobs? What do they do with your nipples during the surgery? They put those injections where?!?! Well ladies and gentlemen, I have some answers to some of the questions you may have but you’re afraid to ask and some helpful tips from some people who wished they had known what to expect after surgery and things they would have done different . Who better to learn from than those who have suffered through it before? Their pain, or stupidity however you see it, is our gain!

Plastic Surgery can have such an ugly connotation these days, but what do you really know about plastic surgery? Everyone has their own idea of why someone gets any type of plastic surgery: Low self-esteem, I’m dying for attention and need guys to hit on me every time I go out in public, “Good Gravy is that a wrinkle?!”, etc. So how can you decide if plastic surgery is the right option for you or the right option at all, and how much is too much? If you ask the woman the public so endearingly calls “The

Cat Woman” (Google it), there is never enough plastic surgery. So let’s discuss some pros and cons. There are people who make life-altering changes to their body and don’t do any research at all, and there are those who just make sure they aren’t going to die or become paralyzed and go for it without taking psychological repercussions into account. Is it that you are so unhappy with yourself and have such a low self image that you feel the need to change the way you were made? As Lady Gaga



said “Baby, you were born this way”! On the other hand, someone who has had to deal with mockery their entire lives because of an abnormally large nose, or an ill placed birthmark/mole can have that one problem area fixed, and that can make a life-changing difference in their selfconfidence and how they perceive themselves. Self-confidence is more than how well you show off in public and in front of a hottie, it can mean you getting that job you have always wanted but never been bold enough to pursue it, being able to look people you meet in the eye when you talk to them, and it can mean finally getting the courage to date and find the love of your life. Fixing that one problem area is acceptable, right? Everyone should be able to look themselves in the mirror and be happy. So

when do you start going overboard? If your goal in life is to look like Barbie, then honey you need to reorganize your priorities! Look at this picture of a real-life Barbie. She has the same measurements as Barbie. This chick needs to get it together. Looking at her brings me to my next point. Yes, men like boobs. They like to touch them, play with them, and we know that’s not all. While most men want a smoking hot girl with big boobs as arm

Men like to touch them, play with them, and we know that’s not all.

candy, they want a real down-to-Earth woman to be their wife. A man wants to know what his children are going to look like, and he wants to know that he is going to have a wife that is going to make herself second place to their children. Men aren’t completely stupid, if his girlfriend has had her eyebrows done, nose done, teeth done, lips done, cheeks done, etc., he’s going to realize, first of all, that she is super conceited. Secondly, if she is so ugly, or has such low self-esteem, she has had to spend enough money to buy a small country to completely change the way she looks, she isn’t wife material, and let’s face it, who would want to pass on ugly genes or poor self-esteem issues to their kids. When a guy is finally ready to settle down, they’re not going to bring a porn star wannabe home to meet the family. Mom isn’t going to approve of big tits McGee bearing her grandchildren and having to explain that to her Sunday school class.



During research, I had a longtime friend, “Beth”, contact me to tell me her story about getting a boob job that is a perfect example of what I mean. She decided she wanted a breast lift and implants. Her doctor advised her on what size best suited her, but she went 175 cc’s over the recommendation. Of course, they were going to be her breasts and she was paying the money so he did it and did a fabulous job. She reports that she had minimal scarring and they look great, but she was a DDD and finding a bra was almost impossible. She also found out that natural DDD’s are a completely different thing than implants of that size, and unrealistic breast size did not fit into realistic clothes. She had to lose 12 pounds to bring them to a DD and be able to fit into normal clothes. With this 12 pound weight loss, that brought her pant size down to a 3-4 pant size. Now, she laments having such large breasts because she is a mother of two and works in an office environment with

patient’s everyday and is not a 19 year old hooters waitress, so she feels her porn star figure is not appropriate for her role in life now. I asked her if she would do anything different. She said while her husband loves them in the bedroom, of course, she would have listened to her doctor and not

selves, is having a “perfect body” is worth losing important relationships? I went out and found some things that men and women alike wanted to know about plastic surgery. I have done the research, and I have talked to people who have had these procedures done. No questions were omitted (unless duplicated), and I warn you I am telling you

Finding a DDD bra was almost impossible.

just like it is, I am not filtering out any-

gone so overboard with it. While Beth’s husband loves hers, and most men do love them, many men get jealous of their wife’s new found hotness and self-confidence boost. Then, what was supposed to be something to make her happy and for him to enjoy, too, becomes a sore spot in the marriage. He becomes jealous of this new found attention and becomes insecure in the relationship. Insecurities in a relationship can break trust and paranoia can become real. True to form, the relationship will deteriorate. So, one must ask them-

thing. So, if you have ever wanted to know


what really happens, here you go.

Question #1: Are there different types of implants to choose from? Can they be made to look natural or must they look so fake? Answer: There are primarily two different kinds of breast implants, silicone and saline, and there are two primary placements of the implants. So first things first, what is the difference between silicone and saline, and how do you choose



which one is the best for you. Saline: This option is an implant filled with sterile salt water. They’re inserted empty, and then filled once they are in place. It pretty much looks and feels like a perfectly round Ziploc baggie filled with water. Saline breast implants are available to women 18 and older for breast augmentation and to women of any age for breast reconstruction. This is also a popular option because, if for some reason the implant ruptured, your body would absorb the saline and there would be minimal damage from it. You would probably need surgery to remove the silicone shell and could even have them redone during that surgery. You would be able to tell they ruptured because the implant would change shape and size. While compared to the silicone implant the saline implant is acceptable as far looks goes, but there are cons to having the saline, especially on top of the muscle. When saline is on top of your muscle it can shift and concave easily. I had some-

one tell me during my research that they have saline over the muscle. They were put on a medication later on that made them not hungry, so in turn they lost a considerable amount of weight. Because of this weight loss her saline implants started to ripple and concave and looked terrible. When she went back to her plastic surgeon and he told her that there were only two options. One would be to have another surgery to have them be fixed, which would cost the same as the original surgery. The second option would be for her to gain weight so they would shift back to their original spot and fill back out. She had to gain 20 pounds to be able for them to look normal again. Silicone: These implants are pre-filled with silicone gel-a thick sticky fluid that closely mimics the feel of human fat. Most women feel that silicone breast implants look and feel more like natural breast tissue. Silicone breasts implants are available to women 22 and older for breast augmentation and to women of any age for

breast reconstruction. If silicone breast implants rupture, you might not notice right away-or ever- because any free silicone tends to remain trapped in the fibrous tissue (capsule) that forms around the implant. This is known as a silent rupture. Leaking silicone gel isn’t thought to cause systematic or long-term health problems- such as breast can-

cer, reproductive problems, or connective tissue disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Still, a ruptured silicone breast implant might eventually cause breast pain or changes in the contour or shape in the breast. If this does happen the doctor will likely recommend surgical removal. If you wish, a new implant can usually be inserted at the same time. Are y’all ready for this right here? There is another implant option that is becoming more popular. It is called….I can’t make this stuff up….The Gummy Bear Breast Implants. Obviously you’re all thinking what in the world is that?! Gummy



Bear implants are implants that are made of a highstrength silicone gel. The material is very dense, resulting in a semi-solid form. High-strength gel implants have been nick named ‘gummy bear’ because, when cut, they adhere just as gummy bear candy would. The gummy bears different significantly from liquid-filled saline and silicone implants, and they offer unique advantages because they are semi-solid and they maintain their shape and remain in the upright position. That’s right ladies no sagging!! Unlike the liquid filled there will be no rippling, wrinkling, or folding. Another advantage is that while liquid filled can feel hard when they are over filled, the gummy bears will feel soft and natural….like a gummy bear….you’ll never be able to eat gummy bears the same will you?


Question #2: Another comment I had when I started this article was by a guy friend of mine who is interested in silicone shots because he suffers from Noassitol (sound it out and say it

slowly). Like many men he just wants a little booty to fill out his jeans and be able to hold them up. So he looked into silicone shots. Now we all know Kim Kardashian popped right into our heads. First thing anyone should know is that silicone SHOTS are illegal in the US. The only way people get them are from some backwoods doctor in some back alley office where you have to know the secret password and knock to enter. And beware there will probably be some illegal organs sitting around sharing coolers with moonshine. But, just for those of you who are simply curious, Silicone shots are injected through a needle and have been successfully injected into every part of the body to date. When I say every part of the body I literally mean EVERY part of the body, guys use your imaginations….This is a procedure that has to be done by someone very experienced and talented because the more silicone that is put in the more noticeable that area becomes. Silicone in the wrong spot can be disastrous because this particular

type of surgery is irreversible. Once it goes in it cannot come out. Over repeated sessions the tissue is bulked up. These types of

injections are not done with just any type of needle. They are done with a special hypodermic needle that has an additional feeder system allowing the silicone to be injected into the tissue at a certain cc per square inch ratio, while still being able to “shut off” the syringe and draw more silicone without having to remove the needle from the body. Most people have no complications from these injections unless you have an allergy to silicone that you previously weren’t aware of, or you go to one of those backwoods “doctors” who are inexperienced, use low grade materials, and unsterilized equipment. Most people who have this procedure done somewhere other than Dr. Bubba’s garage go to Central or South America. So yeah you can get it done in the US if you know *wink wink* where to look, but I know you’ve seen



pictures of “Fix-o-Flat Girl”. Another, but no so permanent option to the silicon injections is a fat relocation surgery. This is a fairly common procedure and urologists and plastic surgeons have full legal rights to this. So not only is it legal but it is reversible. Fat injections can be reabsorbed to some extent.


Question #3: Nipples (and when I say “nipples” I also mean areolas) Nipples have always been a big question when it comes to breast augmentation and I got several questions for it when I began digging into this piece. This is the short version of what happens to your nipples when you get your breasts done. If your breasts are fine, you’re just having them enlarged, they may partially remove your nipple to fit the implant, then they stitch it back on. If you are having a breast reduction they have to completely resize the nipple. Obviously if your breast shrinks your nipple needs to shrink as well. So they will cut the entire areola area off and trim it

Helpful TIPS

down to be a comparable size to your breast. It is a completely different process if you have a mastectomy, which for those of you who don’t know is what breast cancer patients have when they have to have their natural breast completely removed to prevent further spreading of the cancer. The breast is completely removed and the surgeon starts the long process to stretch the muscle and tissue remaining to fit implants to look natural. Since the natural breast is completely gone and implants don’t come with nipples, the doctor will completely perform the procedure and then the nipples will be tattooed on.

ball. You may have done your homework and know exactly what you want, but the doctor may say “no” and suggest what you need. Re-

Here is a short compiled

comfortable while healing.

list of helpful tips and tidbits from those who have been there and done that: 1.

Be prepared for the

Doctor to throw a curve

member he’s the expert

here so listen. You are more likely to be happy with your results if you listen and get what is best. 2.

Get ready at home

before hand. Buy new bras for your new cup size, do all of your laundry, leave your house clean, put new sheets on the bed, have all food and medications in easy access so you’re not straining. Also, buy some larger clothes so you will be more


Drugs are your

friends. Some doctors might just say you only need ibuprofen, but ask for something stronger just in case.



You may be freaking out because you will be swollen and stitching may be prominent. Take something to knock you out and keep the nerves away. 4.

It doesn’t really hurt

to touch your breast. So touch them. They will feel weird so get used to them and massage them to help the pain to go away and get off the meds. 5.

Bowling balls on your


You don’t share if you

don’t want to. You don’t have to tell anyone about your surgery or that you have even had surgery. You are pampering yourself so do it and don’t tell a soul if you don’t want to. 8.

Don’t drive for too

long. You will get sore and restless in a car for too long so take it easy on the long car rides for a couple weeks after surgery.

chest!! That is what it will feel like at first. Then it starts feeling like your milk is coming in, if you’ve had babies you know. So work out your back before surgery doing pushups and lat pulls. Getting good strong back muscles will speed up the healing process and you adjusted and back to normal in no time.

9. Be Still. Catch up on your favorite tv shows, watch movies you have been wanting to see, read books your never have time to read, but don’t overly exert yourself for about 6 weeks after surgery. You want to heal not make things worse by hurting yourself or staying too active to let your body heal properly.

6. Go walking. Start walking as soon as the day after surgery and every day after. Build it up and walk a little more every day. The movement will help the swelling go down and you will feel better after each walk.

10. Call your doctor with every question. You paid them so make sure you have every question answered that you need to be answered. Pre and post op! I would like to express the obvious because there will

be some crazies who will live up to their name and try to contradict everything I say. Everyone’s body is different and everyone has a different reaction to different things. While some have minimal scarring others will have dark and obvious scarring. That usually isn’t the surgeons fault; it is just the way your body acts. Also, the body’s immune system

can kick in and do its job by rejecting anything foreign being put in. So before you go cray cray on your doctor think about it. Do your research for a good surgeon or doctor who is going to make you look good and not make you spend more money trying to go back to like you were before you had surgery. Looking at a doctor’s website and thinking everything looks up to snuff won’t cut it. Talk to people who went to that doctor. Find people who have the procedure you’re looking at and ask them who they went to, how their doctor explained things, how they handled it, what were some complica-



tions etc. I know someone who was back at work in a week after a boob job. Then I know of someone who has been trying to get over complications since their surgery in May 2013. Also, a constant theme I have seen during this article is LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR. They have seen it all, they know what is best for you and they are going to advise you accordingly. If your doctor advises you one way and you do the opposite you can’t start screaming botch job. So my final words are look inside yourself and see what is making you want something so serious and expensive. Has someone told you that you aren’t perfect the way you are, are you so unhappy with yourself that you feel the need to not want to look like your mom anymore and try to look “perfect”, or have you always been teased about something and that one surgery would change your life? These things are important. No one is going to think more of you as a person just because you look like Pamela Anderson. As my grandmother always told me “pretty is as pretty does” and I have written on my daughters full length mirror in her room “Beauty is only skin deep”. The real people in your life will have already been there for you and will be there after if they are meant to be. Don’t feel the need to be who you aren’t to win acceptance. #realtalk ☻




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