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Fatcow started since 1998. Fatcow provides web hosting services at low cost and good quality. Fatcow is the second best good substitutes for individual, small,medium size and large sized companies for web hosting services. Fatcow has its own original plan for web hosting services and one plan of Fatcow is that MiniMoo plan in which customers park their domain. Fatcow provides unlimited space for file storing and extra one domain with user login and password. Most of the web hosting providers having expensive plans and not having that much quality-service but the Fatcow gives good service in low - cost with many - other benefits and services. Fatcow get famous when it provides PHP and MySQL hosting with lower prices. And Fatcow provides free domain name and Fatcow is more user - friendly for beginners. Fatcow helps beginner’s for web – building and also helps in understanding the various terms like what is a domain name? Why its necessary? , why PHP web hosting? Etc. Fatcow review recommends viewers to use Fatcow services for single, small – size and medium size business planning, set-up , effortlessly and rapidly. One of the advantages of Fatcow is that Fatcow company will back up customer's website towards a second server so customers can be assured as they won’t lose any data at downtime.

Pros and cons of Fatcow  Pros or advantages of Fatcow – Under the Fatcow review, Fatcow provides very reliable services to the clients. Fatcow review is that, it is available at the low cost.  One of the pros under Fatcow review is that it provides 24*7 customer support service.  Fatcow review pros are that it is answering the customer calls and give answers to their questions and resolves their problems within few minutes.  Under the Fatcow review one of the advantages is Fatcow gives the unlimited space to the clients.  Web server with excellent uptime comes under the Fatcow review.  Fatcow clears the confusion of beginners and gives very easy and plain web hosting plans to the user.  Fatcow gives 30 day trial package to the clients; that is an effective pros of Fatcow review.  Under the Fatcow review, it gives quality hosting to the customers  The above are pros of Fatcow review. One of the cons of Fatcow, under Fatcow review is that the Fatcow is not good for semi-dedicated servers and Fatcow do not give so much plans of web hosting

Conclusion of the Fatcow review • Fatcow provides affordable web hosting services and Fatcow is a trustworthy company. • Fatcow is an old company; it survived more than ten years so the customers can believe in the company and it provides services at lower cost and also gives 30 day trial period so the user can try these. Only one limitation is that; its technical capabilities that means limited alternative of the plan and MySQL is limited. Fatcow may not be sufficient for very large businesses but it is very good for individual, medium- sized and small businesses. But the Fatcow plans get changeover the time and need so viewers suggests to look Fatcows’s website for fresh updates and plans.

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Where to get Fatcow reviews