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Fatcow is a company that was founded in 1998. It provides web hosting services for individual, small and medium-size businesses in at affordable rates. It has a very simple, customer friendly approach and provides the best value, best customer satisfaction services, technical support, real business values to customers. Fatcow is very reliable.They having an excellent server configuration which gives guaranteed 99.9% uptime. They have emergency generators to prevent any crashes when power goes out suddenly so all hosted websites are backed up. One of the advantages is that Fatcow company will back up customer's website towards a second server so customers can be assured as they won’t lose any data at downtime. Fatcow is one such name that is actuality to break as it has been servings its audience with web hosting solutions that are absolutely bigger than what others in the niche accept to offer. It can be said that in adjustment to accomplish in present day aggressive a web hosting provider needs to appear out as a reliable advantage and Fatcow is absolutely the one. Fatcow with its grueling devotion has engraved an appropriate dwelling for itself in not alone its niche, but in the hearts of its mark miserable also. The bales they offer are for all; the ones who accept a website or the ones who are cerebration to appear out with a website, all from scratch.

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List CEO and key management by name. Include previous accomplishments to show that these are people witWeb hosting – give web hosting plan for individual and small business websites. This plan includes Oodles disk space, easy-to-use Site creation tools, Oodles bandwidth, Estores builder by shop site etc. Website management – provide various tools to the customers, that helps to create and edit he website. Domain registration and services- Through these service customers can create a unique identity on the web with own domain name. E-mail services – provide excellent E-mail services such as Microsoft Exchange Mail, Microsoft Exchange Mobile Services and additional E-mail accounts etc. E-Commerce Services – gives many tools such as shopping cart, Credit card processing, SSL certificate etc. services for online business and launching your online store easily. Scripting and site add-ons – give more space and bandwidth for growth and improve the customer’s site. Marketing Services – marketing services gives many features such as search engine optimization, E-mail marketing, search engine marketing. h a record of success. Summarize number of years of experience in this field.

Support assurance of Fatcow • The Fatcow giving technical support, query and interrogation to the customers. If they don't deliver a positive support experience, Fatcow will give to customers free month of hosting. • Fatcow gives technical pledge such as • Call customers acoustic in the seven days and welcomes. • Answer customers call in beneath one minute, on apiece day. • Provide buzz abutment based alone in the United States. • Resolve your affair if clients aboriginal acquaintance us or set a close borderline to chase up with you. • Maintain an affable abutment acquaintance by actual affable and affable at all times. • Adhere to the accomplished training standards, so the Moo Crew is consistently knowledgeable. • Continually analysis and advance our abutment acquaintance by sending you an aftereffect survey.

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