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What Is It? The EyeOn Mini enables eye control computing at any location. Users can use the lightweight equipment in their home, at school, or at work. With a magnetic mounting system, the EyeOn Mini is easy to move from computer to computer.

Where Can You Get One? The technology is easily accessible at the following sites:

Technical Specifications Connection Type: USB 2.0 Operating Distance: 2 feet Method: Dark Pupil, Single or Binocular Tracking Power Supply: USB Port Head Motion Tracking System Requirements Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or 7 OS USB Port

One of the more fantastic features of the EyeOn Mini is that it is lightweight and versatile. With the single USB interface, the EyeOn Mini can not only latch on to any piece of equipment but also be used with any USB port.

With a tracking speed of 80 Hz, users experience smooth and accurate on screen cursor movement.

Along with the EyeOn Mini, you get the QuickACCESS software which allows a greater sense of ease when using your eyes! NO HASSLE DOWNLOADING!

The EyeOn Mini also have a calibration memory feature so you aren’t constantly wasting time setting up the equipment.

The EyeOn Mini is priced at $2,295.00 You can request a quote at There is opportunity for funding, so before you say no, give us EyeTech a call!

Information and Graphics were obtained at the following sources: Brochure created by Gregory D’Amato

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