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Alarm Systems That Go Beyond Intrusion Detection Tools One cannot be expected to constantly keep vigil over their homes with the only objective of preventing burglaries or break-ins. Home security systems are however built for the express purpose of doing just that! Home alarm systems of the past are no more applicable in today's world. Advances in alarm systems technologies, as well as developments in wireless communications technologies now mean that your home security systems no longer require you to be present in-person, in front of the alarm system keypad, to communicate with the alarm monitoring company's staff. And many systems don't even need you to have a land line anymore. Developments in wireless cell phones now allow you to interface with the alarm systems through your cell phone. And with these hi-tech developments, the features and functionality delivered by home security systems have also changed. No more is home alarms the only purpose for installing a home alarm systems. The scope of these systems has expanded far beyond just being an alarm monitoring tool. With sophisticated features such as two-way communications, these alarm systems can now act as medical alert systems in case you or a senior in the home is in medical distress and needs urgent medical assistance. Medical aid can be immediately dispatched to the site within minutes of the home alarm company receiving a call for help. Acting as the 24/7 watchdog for your home or property, home alarm systems now also have built in capabilities that go beyond bugler alarms and medical alerts. Alarm systems of today are equipped to closely watch for high levels of CO2 in the air and alert residents if there is a smoke or

fire hazard. And if you are on holiday or not at home when the CO2 alert is detected, home security systems can automatically notify local fire agencies to investigate. Home alarms of today are technologically knowledgeable to monitor for natural phenomenon such as floods, and to instantly notify sleeping residents if a threat is detected. No longer do modern home security systems serve as a reactive tool, notifying residents only after a break-in has happened. With the help of state-of-the-art infrared technologies and motion sensors, alarm systems now proactively watch for illegal movements while residents are asleep. Detecting such suspicious movements can lead the home alarm systems to trigger loud alarms as well as silently notify the residents of the unwanted intrusion. Realizing that sometimes unplanned movements can be caused by family or neighborhood pets moving around the property, today's alarm systems technologies have built-in intelligence to decipher pet movements from human ones, and will prevent false alarms from being triggered. Window decals and lawn signs, prominently proclaiming the fact that home alarms are active on the property, help to deter home invasions. Burglars usually won't chance a break-in if they know the home is protected. home security systems

Alarm Systems That Go Beyond Intrusion Detection Tools