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STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO Investigate INTERNET FREE WITH Each And Every DECODER This step by step Manual will provide you with detailed guideline onhow can one connect to the internet with your decoders, either HITV,DSTV,MYTV etc.You must take note that very relevant equipments for this start must beavailable before managing the configuration. Introduction comminication between devices is a major part of the PCscheming Industry. Thanks to the World Wide Web (online world ), no computer user is unquestionably Island. Whether using a dialup modem or broad rock band technology, virtually all PCs could very well be connected to other computers, empowering them to share files, submit and receiving email, and then access the Internet. With the explosive growth of the actual , modem and networkadvances were joined because every could use the same client software packages andprotocols. Today, widely recognized suite of networking practices –TCP/IP – isapplied to both Local Area Network (LANs) and the internet. When you dial into anInternet Service method (ISP), you are actually connecting to a network usinga new modem instead of a network software card, and when you use very broadbandservices, your path to internet typically starts with a new network interfacecard, built in network card, built in provider port, network – on to – USB adapter,or possibly a wireless connection. Thanks to the combination of huge variable megabyte downloadsneeded to up-date software and support universal series bus , dynamics websites with tone and full – phase videos and increased demand for online services, even theusing dial up modem (that include mtn fastlink,starcomms, visafones etc) which candownload only 53kbps, isn’t sufficient suitable for heavy internet use. Greater numbers of users are taking advantage of different types of broadband internet accessmixture. But the most preferred to my advice is the cable decoder internet access system. For a whole lot users, cable modem platform which piggybacks on thesame cable TV service line which brings your TV many avenues , represent both areal boost in speed from the available with ISDN and a major markdowns in initialcost and then monthly charges which very own subscription fee covers. Cable Modem Services properly is sold as an “all feasible eat” unlimited access routine with a modest installation price tag (materials to buy tocontinue installation). Because more and more tv networks (such as DSTV,HITV, CTL and the most recent DAAR SAT) support a single familiar , you canchoose any of the decoders of all this cable TV offerings to connect your systemto the internet. Connection Requirements • SPLITTER • LINKSYS tv MODEM • RJ – 45 NIC Cable • Ethernet Cable • Router(WIRELESS or perhaps WIRED if you intend to use the lot more than one pc) • DECODER(mytv, hitv, dstv, daarsat etcetera )

• Coaxial to RJ-45 ripper tools or adapter • COAXIAL CABLES Overview • SPLITTER • There are many types of satellite direct tv Decoder Splitter, you buythe chosen at the shops where it’s been sold What do individuals use the Splitterfor? this permits you to create a parallel contact for the coaxial cable (associated with is the cable that is used to attach your decoder to the the television and as well as thedecoder to Dish hanged outside).the splitter will share the signal thatcomes from the dish outside between the the television and the Router cable cable box , whichwill convert the signal to an internet signal • LINKSYS CABLE MODEM • Definition of a tv Modem: A cable cable box is a device thatbrings high-speed Internet connectivity through the cable television company whichis the Internet service provider (ISP). A new cable modem requires aregistration to cable Internet service, and will not function by simply • connecting the item to a cable TV (CATV) foodstuff. Externally, a cablecable box resembles a DSL cable box. The coax cable which brings in the digital CATVindicator provides a channel for upstream and downstream Internet service. Associated with does not interfere with television, being there is plenty of "realhome " or bandwidth space within coax cable to handle every TV andInternet signals. Why Linksys Cable cable box : The Linksys Cable cable box does notrequire you to pay any additional separate monthly subscription to cablecompany, you only need to have connect it with your modern day subscription with yoursatellite tv provider which will only possess a Coaxial Cable. • RJ – 45 NIC Cable • This is often typical networking cable which inturn we will use toprovider all the network devices that him and i have listed above such as the hub (Cable Modem), we will to make use of to make a connection from the hub to thecomputer to transmit internet. • Ethernet Cable • Ethernet cables join up network devices such as modems,routers, and adapters. These businesses transmit data using the Ethernet protocol. MostEthernet electrical wires have RJ-45 jacks on both ends, each with main pins. (They looksimilar to cellphone jacks, which use 4 pins or 6 pins.) • • Equipment using an Ethernet tv is referred to as wired. • • wireless network equipment uses radio lake in place of some (oreveryone ) Ethernet cables. A provider device that uses both Ethernet and wirelessconnections are generally called just wireless. • The Physical EthernetCables • • make use of Cat 5 cables. (character 5 is a measure of higher quality , meaningthat it supports potential buyers up to 100 MB / sec.) These are also called 10/100Base-T Cat 5 electrical wires. • • Some Ethernet tv wires crises-cross internally, a number are straight through, and thus pin 1 is born to pin 1 on the other guitar end,etc. A vent out (socket) for a straight your way through Ethernet cable is sometimes marked as an uplink port. rEally should you aren't sure about a tv , and you can see the insidewires' colors, hold the two results of the plugs up, now the same side of the select is

facing you. • Router • A router is used to transmit internet to more than 1computer on a network setup, this permits you to network your contact to other system (PCs). It is known as cable modem. • The connection runs the inward bound cable connection to anadditional cable modem, which has wonderful Ethernet connection to a hub , which thenconnects • DECODER • A decoder is often devicewhich is used to decode the satellite signal pick up from the satellite dishperfect into a video, the decoded indicator converted into video is what individuals receive on ourthe television , The purpose of we connecting to internet with a decoder would likely be to convertyour decoder to your Modem, a cable decoders is a modem because it modulates anddemodulates, but it also is effective as a tuner, a provider bridge, an encryptoretcetera. • To connect your PC or perhaps laptop to a decoder get the net,you do not use a sequential port as with dialup cable box. • COAXIAL CABLES • This connect the decoder to the splitter and a second end of thecable explores the TV while the other end would travel to the WAN port of the classic router(Linksys Router) • Things to take Note before buying every equipmentsrequired for setup: • • I always recommend running a hub between a cable modemplus a PC because a router but not just allows more than one PC of being connected, butalso comes with a robust hardware firewall that helps shield your PC(s) plugged in to it from internet – attacks. • • You can exactly connect PCs to a tv decoder using USB;i really don't recommend that option because it precludes using a router (cablecable box ) • • Some cable modems have a built – as part of router, in which caseyou don’t need to purchase a separate one particular. If your computer doesn’t have an Ethernet adapter built into the motherboard or a separate Ethernet card, youcan attach an Ethernet card directly onto an available internal file format slot or use ausb – based Ethernet adapter instead. I use a usb - based Ethernet adapter onmy HITV decoder. • • The cable cable box connects to the CATV provider using thesame coaxial tv connection as your cable TV. • The steps to Connection Step 1 Coaxial Cable cord SplitterPort Connect the coaxial tv from your dish to your satellite direct tv decoder splitter( i. The “in” part) and also connect one cable from a first “out” port for ones decoder and the one from a second port to your Linksys modem; the cable are available from any shop precisely they sell cable decoder even although one of the other coaxial tv cords is connected to very own television to watch satellite stations.

Step 2 Coaxial tv cord LINKSYS ROUTER Connect the second Coaxial cable cable from the splitter to WAN port of your router (Linksys Router) Step 3 Coaxial Cable cord If your cable modem doesn't have a an inbuilt router facility, you must first connect your cable cable box to the CATV network of this respective router using the same coaxial tv connection as your TV, however it might need to convert it Step 4 Ethernet Cable LINKSYS ROUTER Connect the Ethernet Cable from the hub to your computer system, which can have as a client if you are using school shooting computer or server in case networking more than one system, be certain your computer has an inbuilt Ethernet adapter on the Motherboard probably a separate Ethernet card, in addition install an Ethernet note into an available bodily expansion slot or you can alternatively use a USB – Based Ethernet Adapter as being a. In our connection we have got a USB –based Ethernet adapter on HITV Decoder Step 5 LINKSYS ROUTER RJ -45 Cable At the rear of the Linksys Router you will find several ports, port 1 – 4 Stand as the LAN(Local Area Network) Port that is certainly used to connect 1 -4 CPU to the router through RJ -45NIC Cable, sometimes the cables comes with the router when you purchase the item. Connect 1 -4 computer to the LAN Port of the classic router with your RJ -45 Cables, please don’t an error it with the Ethernet tv , as is only to be used to join up the computer which is the forum to the Router for provider routing and also note that each one of the CPU that connect to the Router LAN Port thanks to RJ-45 must have an inbuilt provider card install in them, although server should have an Ethernet card adapter install within board as mentioned earlier. Step 6 The third port of the Linksys hub which stand as the WAN Port (Wireless Access provider ) Connect the second coaxial tv that comes from the splitter to the WAN Port of the classic Router, but note that you want a converter which is an adapter that convert the coaxial cable to RJ -45 cable since the Router WAN port does not have a direct vent out for a coaxial cable Step 7 The sixth vent out of the Linksys Router which is sometimes called the UplinkPort, the port could very well be connected to a Hub probably a Switch to enable additional dieters or computers within the provider range to share with the internet of your decoder via wireless network access System Configuration Steps

1. Start up your computer that him and i call the server, and click on the start button and also click on control panel 2. Click on Network connection from a control panel tab 3. Push Create a new Network contact from the Network Connection from a control panel tab 4. Simply select the Connect to the Internet Radio link and then click on Next button 5. Select the Choose from the a list of Internet Service providers[ISPs] the airwaves button and click on the next button 6. Finally push Finish button, Then the contact will then come up 7. Open up your Internet Browser and commence browsing Browsers Compatibility (1) Internet Explorer (2) Google Chrome (3) Opera (4) Firefox And significantly more Operating System match up (1) Windows Operating System (2) linux Operating System What can this Internet Technology double for? (1) Personal Usage (2) Group practice in an Organization or Company (3) Cyber cafe ; (4) industry Center for Email platform and Internet Calls Benefits of using this Technology (1) only pay monthly subscription for your tv and it covers the Internet monthly bill (2) Browse with a extremely fast internet speed of 4mbs download speed (3 ) Connect large number of Computer systems thanks to a Network devices (4) Connection configuration is not hard and easy (seven ) You can watch Cable TV while examining the internet at the same time without conflict (6) No recovery time for internet connection except if very own subscription as elapsed, a treadmill of the connection devices become faulty. (3 ) You can buy two decoders to create a mini cyber cafe ; and cable TV football midst at the same time Conclusion I believe you will be reliable using this manual to set up your decoder internet examining. Richokens writes on a accumulation ture of subjects and recommends owners visit to get a Genuine Google Adsense story. Notice - you are allowed to publish this article in its whole provided that author's name, biography and website links must remain active/intact and in addition to every reproduction. To Watch TV ON Your PC FREE Click Here


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