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Turquie 2013 Welcome to Turkey / Türkiye'ye Hoşgeldiniz

VISITES / VISITS /ZIYARETLER To begin, I will talk about Ayasofya, the mosque that we could visit during our stay in Turkey . Ayasofya is a big mosque . Before the invasion of Turkey , Ayasofya was a Catholic church and named Sainte Sophie. It was a good visit because the guide spoke slowly and we could understand well. But !!! One moment , we lost the teachers for the first time of the trip . There was also a museum about boats, cars and airplanes. It was really nice! there were pigeons on the roof and could just see their feet when they were moving it was fun. There was a very nice car. We also visited the Topkapi Palace, where we could see the rooms and harems where Mr. Simon wanted to lock me up , that was funny .

CULTURE/KÜLTÜR Turkish culture is quite surprising for Europeans. For example, at dinner, they can eat directly in the dish , this sharing of food has destabilized me at the beginning. I loved the live music in high school! it was very fun to play with Turkish students, the Turkish music is quite special rhythmically, accents are not at all the same places. The Turkish students have a very good polyphonic singing, it was very impressive to hear. I learned that Istanbul was still called Constantinople before the 19th century . I also learned that harems were composed of 300 women. 1