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PORTFOLIO Nelis Grégoire

Nelis GrĂŠgoire Architecture Student



2) My name is Gregoire and I am an architecture student at the university of LOCI in Brussels. I'm actually finishing my 2 nd year of Master. I was born on the 16 th of September 1992 in Namur. I'm really interested by 3D modeling and virtual reality and its application in architecture. Drawings is also one of my good skills. Driving license : CARS & MOTOBIKES


French (mother language)


English (good level)

Formation Adress1 : 110,Boulevard de Meuse , 5100,

Jambes, Belgium 2012 - Obtaining the certificate of basic study at the Floreffe's school. (Option = Industrial science) 2012 - UCL (Catholic University of Louvain-La-Neuve)

Phone Number : (+32) 473/44 15 60

2016 - Bachelor's degree graduated, Faculty of architecture, architetural engineering, Urbanism (LOCI) 2017 - Master's degree, Faculty of architecture, architectural engineering, Urbanism (LOCI) UCL (Catholic University of Louvain-La-Neuve)


2017 - Internship in Assar Architects (Brussels) for five weeks

Experiences 2008

Student worker on a construction site for one mouth for the Cobelba society

2009 - 2012

Student worker at the Royal Golf Club of Rougemont

2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 (each summer) Student worker on a construction site during one mouth for the Cobelba society 2012

Student worker at the Brico shop in Namur (2 weeks)


Barman at the Brasserie Franรงois restaurant in Namur for 1 year (each week-end)


Student worker in a company as a waiter for luxurious events (Howard Agency)

Sports and activities Golf, Climbing, Cycling, Running, Swimming, Padleling, VR, ...

Software ability







Archicad 21




3ds Max




Unigine 4


Lumion 3D


Microsoft Office




Military barracks transformation From army HQ to cultural and social assignment (Etterbeek - Brussels) Review of developments Brussels army head quarter.




Strategy for mobility development of south brussels.

Industrial past of Charleroi revealed Material composition analysis The city of Charleroi was at first a military stronghold then, in the nineteen century, it began a huge mining exploitation site with coal, steel and glass industries. Nowadays this city is turning into its reconversion to become a culture and education center. Many artists and designer come to Charleroi to experiment new kind of art in relation to the industrial spirit of the city. This project offers a place for those people in a disused fallow land close to the city center.

Visit the Belgian student town Youth Hostel (Louvain-La-Neuve) This young city contains a housing. But There is no cheap dations for Erasmus foreigners professors who would stay few

lot of university and student and easy access accommostudents and other university days in the city.

This project replies to that demand. Infact, it contains 24 rooms (4 beds), 4 rooms (double bed), and 2 great dormitories (bunkbeds). It also proposes an open space on the ground floor with a cafeteria, game area, and conference facilities.

Renovation Housing and working (Brussels) Single family housing in Saint-Gilles with a hardware store and its workshop. This house needed a shaft of natural light and a great common space.

Etterbeek's project extension Urban fractured landscape by the railway. Cover the train station with a long public park and a soft mobility track. The project makes connections between two separated districts in which two universities (ULB and VUB) are located.

Floating Structure Development of a floating shelter on a lake in Oslo. Accessing by boat and fixed to wooden columns anchored in the rock.

Public Investment Natural swimming pool (Tubize) Close to the river called ÂŤla SenneÂť, this project offers a wonderful place to enjoy a public natural swimming pool. The water is collected from rain and other storm water detension basins and is filtered by plants and rocks. Along this site, there is a cycling trail that rely Charleroi to Brussels. A pavilion containing all the services (lunch bar, terrace, showers, bicycle parks ...) crosses the water and creates an elevation rhythm thanks to the structure inspired by a wooden frame.

Sport Hall and Community Center (Charleroi)

Housing with constraint The challenge was to implant a housing building on a little square plot. We had to densify the surface of accommodation on only five stories. We designed it in a pyramidal shape. Thanks to this type of architecture, every appartment profits plenly of luminosity and view.

Architectonic front Work on corner Creation of a bar and housing fronts with material composing.


The aim of the work was to compose the fronts with drawings and to realize it in 3D. Here, some modifications between the initial conception and the model were thought to return a modern effect.

Food demand Food self-production This territorial study consists in a geographical statement in order to reveals the unused public and the private areas that can easily become a collective vegetable garden. What is important, is to compare different areas situations in relation to the kind of street and buildings. The aim of this work was to generate collectivities and to bring neighbours back around a collective activity.

Landscape Intervention Pedestrian Bridge in Leopold Park (Brussels) This thin and light wood bridge connects the street and the top of the park. My intention was to create a pedestrian trail that brings us plenly in the nature. It is an opportunity for the European parliament workers located next to the park to join the lively Jourdan's place.

Portfolio Nelis Grégoire  

Hello, my name is Grégoire Nelis and I am a student in last year of architecture at the university of St Luc Brussels (LOCI - UCL).

Portfolio Nelis Grégoire  

Hello, my name is Grégoire Nelis and I am a student in last year of architecture at the university of St Luc Brussels (LOCI - UCL).