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“Where would you like to be in 12 months time?” If you would like to send feedback, comments or suggestions for future Your Shout topics, please email:

Flemming Schmidt – Live Nation Denmark

Sane, if possible.


At my age, I’d like to be at my home in the South of France aka ‘Chez Gorille’. Even though the South of France is huge, our little village, Autignac, is small. So, in 12 months time, I’ll be by the fireplace at Christmas with a glass of wine from the d’oc and the most important person in my life – my wife.

Andy Lenthall – PSA

In credit.

Herman Schueremans – Live Nation Belgium

Back in 2010, as time is running fast in our fantastic business. Carl Leighton-Pope - LPO

Exactly where I am today. I am having the best time of my life! Martin Goebbels – Apex Insurance Services

One year older! And flicking through my 2011 diary gazing at my limited edition half pint glass (both of which you generously offered as a prize for these suggestions) wondering whether the glass is half full or half empty... and either way, how I can top it up again in 2012? Andy Cotton – TAO Productions

Doing a gig in Hamburg, getting the best from the pictorial guide after having a half pint!


I Q Ma g a zin e Ja n 2 0 1 1

Dennis Armstead – Yellow Go-Rilla Productions

Sebastien Vuignier – TAKK

Twelve months time? When is that? Are we talking about the regular calendar, or about the music industry calendar? I started promoting shows in 1995, and last week, for the very first time in 15 years, an agent from a very well established international agency said: “The time frame has moved around a bit. Can we get the 30th of February in Zurich, Swiss?” (name of agent withheld) Mark Harding – Showsec International

1. In a major German city, drinking beer with the IQ team, and arranging my next appointments. Please send all three prizes and do I win €5? 2. Anywhere but in a Staffordshire hospital, mining abroad, fighting futile wars, at a Wagner concert or on holiday in the West Bank or North/ South Korean border. Do I win €5?

John Webster – MMF

I want to live in a world where [UK train line] First Capital Connect can run a train service; where new digital services can get a licence easily; and where the record music industry satisfies consumer demand by releasing music for digital use when it is released to media. A world where paperless ticketing at large venues is solved by them all combining to implement one system and sharing it. And where “55,000 tickets sold in 3.5 minutes” means 55,000 tickets sold in 3.5 minutes and not the final 10,000 on sale for weeks to come at discount prices. Laszlo Hegedus – Multimedia Concerts

I’ll be enjoying my well deserved holiday in Barbados after having an extremely successful

stadium show season in the summer with the Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Coldplay... :) Georg Leitner – Georg Leitner Productions

In one year from now, I see myself enjoying life with my bands/promoters, friends and hanging loose – ever living, everlasting… Thomas Ovesen – Done Events

In profit! And ideally backstage in the hospitality tent celebrating!

Christopher Brosch – Brosch Tours

I recently launched a new enterprise together with an old friend. We have both grown older and lost some feathers here and there. Twelve months is just about right to find ourselves a spot in the yard without being condemned to end as a broiler. In other words, we like it sunny without getting burned. Adrian Whitmarsh – Premier Aviation

Silly question – on the beach with a beer in my hand! Juha Mattila – Live Nation Finland

At home, not on the road, with my baby. Anonymous

Getting singing lessons from Justin Bieber.

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