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PANTHERS IN THE NBA NBA PANTHERS BILLY KNIGHT (11 seasons) Indiana Pacers, 1974-77 Buffalo Braves, 1977-78 Boston Celtics, 1978-79 Indiana Pacers, 1979-83 Kansas City Kings, 1983-84 San Antonio Spurs, 1984-85 MEL BENNETT (3 seasons) Virginia Squires, 1975-76 Indiana Pacers, 1976-78 Utah Jazz, 1980-81 Cleveland Cavaliers, 1981-82 KEITH STARR (2 seasons) Chicago Bulls, 1976-78 CHARLES SMITH (10 seasons) L.A. Clippers, 1988-92 New York Knicks, 1992-96 San Antonio Spurs, 1996-98


JEROME LANE (5 seasons) Denver Nuggets, 1988-92 Indiana Pacers, 1991-92 Milwaukee Bucks, 1991-92 Cleveland Cavaliers, 1992-93 DARREN MORNINGSTAR (2 seasons) Boston Celtics, 1992-93 Dallas Mavericks, 1993-94 Utah Jazz, 1993-94


ERIC MOBLEY (3 seasons) Milwaukee Bucks, 1994-95 Vancouver Grizzlies, 1995-96 Milwaukee Bucks, 1995-96 Vancouver Grizzlies, 1996-97 MARK BLOUNT (6 seasons) Seattle Supersonics, 1996-97 Boston Celtics, 2000-02 Denver Nuggets, 2002-03 Boston Celtics, 2002-06 Minnesota Timberwolves, 2006-08 Miami Heat, 2008-current VONTEEGO CUMMINGS (2 seasons) Golden State Warriors, 1999-01 Philadelphia 76ers, 2001-02 CHRIS TAFT (1 season) Golden St. Warriors, 2005-06 AARON GRAY (4th season) Chicago Bulls, 2007-09 New Orleans Hornets (2010-) SAM YOUNG (3rd season) Memphis Grizzlies, 2009DeJUAN BLAIR (3rd season) San Antonio Spurs, 2009-

Year Y 1954 1957 1958 1959 1964 1974 1975 1976 1978 1979 1980 1981 1983 1984 1988 1992 1994 1996 1999 2005 2007 2009

Player y Round Dutch Burch 5th Bob Lazor 9th Julius Pegues 4th Don Hennon 6th Brian Generalovich 3rd Billy Knight 1st Billy Knight 2nd Mickey Martin 4th Mel Bennett 1st Kirk Bruce 8th Keith Starr 4th Larry Harris 4th Terry Knight 6th Sammie Ellis 4th Carlton Neverson 3rd Sam Clancy 3rd 8th Trent Johnson Clyde Vaughan 6th Charles Smith 1st Jerome Lane 1st Darren Morningstar 2nd Eric Mobley 1st Mark Blount 2nd Vonteego Cummings 1st 2nd Chris Taft Aaron Gray 2nd Sam Young 2nd DeJuan Blair 2nd

Overall Pick 40 66 31 41 19 6 21 69 N/A N/A 56 73 125 73 56 62 83 117 3 23 47 18 55 26 42 49 36 37

T Team Fort Wayne Pistons Detroit Pistons St. Louis Hawks Cincinnati Royals New York Knicks Indiana Pacers (ABA) Los Angeles Lakers Detroit Pistons Virginia Squires (ABA) Utah Stars (ABA) Chicago Bulls Buffalo Braves San Antonio Spurs Denver Nuggets Golden State Warriors Phoenix Suns Boston Celtics Indiana Pacers Philadelphia 76ers% Denver Nuggets Boston Celtics Milwaukee Bucks Seattle Supersonics Indiana Pacers* Golden State Warriors Chicago Bulls Memphis Grizzlies San Antonio Spurs

%traded on draft day to the Los Angeles Clippers as part of a three-team deal *traded on draft day to Golden State Warriors

PITT’S CBA DRAFT PICKS ACTIVE INTERNATIONAL PRO PANTHERS Player y Tyrell y Biggs ggg Gilbert Brown Vonteego g Cummings John DeGroat Levance Fields Antonio Graves Ricardo Greer Doyle y Hudson Antoine Jones Levon Kendall Ontario Lett Jarrett Lockhart Jason Maile Bobbyy Martin Mark McCarroll Garyy McGhee Jaime Peterson Ronald Ramon Brian Shorter Chevon Troutman Donatas Zavackas

Pro League g Greece Germanyy Germany, y Serbia Ukraine, Hungary, ireland Russia Turkeyy France Puerto Rico Russia Greece Jordan, Spain, Turkey, Korea France Italy, y Germany, Spain Spain p Sweden Croatia France, Spain Argentina g Spain, p Argentina g Italy, y France Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine

PITT’S FIRST ROUND NBA DRAFT PICKS Player y Pick Billy Knight 6th-ABA Mel Bennett *N/A Charles Smith 3rd Jerome Lane 23rd Eric Mobley 18th Vonteego Cummings 26th

Y Year 1974 1975 1988 1988 1994 1999

Draftingg TTeam eam Indiana Pacers Virginia Squires Philadelphia 76ers Denver Nuggets Milwaukee Bucks Indiana Pacers

Y Year 1985 1988 1990 1991 1993 1994 1997 2005 2005

Player y Round Pick T Team Darryl Shepard 5th 52 Charleston Demetreus Gore 4th 42 Tulsa T Rod Brookin 6th 98 Albany Brian Shorter 1st 11 Fort Wayne Jason Matthews 3rd 45 Quad City Bobby Martin 3rd 47 Quad City Chris McNeal 5th 66 Fargo-Morehead Eric Mobley 7th 109 Rapid City Mark Blount 5th 51 Grand Rapids Chris Taft 2nd 16 Dakota Chevon Troutman 3rd 17 Albany Jerome Lane also played for several years in the CBA.

2011-12 Pitt Men's Basketball Media Guide  
2011-12 Pitt Men's Basketball Media Guide  

Entire 2011-12 Pitt men's basketball media guide containing school and program information, biograpraphical information, opponents' facts, s...