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Volume 93

Number 3

Summer 2008

Herwig Succeeds Hemberger as KDA President Hamel Elected Vice President At the 137th meeting of the KDA General Assembly on Saturday, June 28, Dr. Robert V. Herwig (Fifth District) became the 131st (some early KDA Presidents served for multiple years) of the Kansas Dental Association. In his comments after accepting the gavel, Dr. Herwig said he was humbled Dr. Hal Hale is and appreciated the congratulated after being elected opportunity to serve KDA Treasurer as KDA President.


He further stated that he looked forward to dealing with the issues facing dentistry during the upcoming year and asked for the support of the membership. Dr. Herwig’s comments can be viewed on the KDA homepage at In the KDA officer elections, Dr. Dave Hamel (Northeast District) was elected Vice President on the second ballet over Dr. Jack Hollingsworth (Wichita District) after the first ballot ended in a tie. Following the election Dr. Hemberger commented that the closeness of the vote benefited the KDA as it was an indication of the quality of the candidates seeking office. Having already served two terms as the KDA Secretary, Dr. Hamel will now move up the officer chairs and will serve as the 2010-11 President of the KDA. Dr. Hal Hale (Wichita District) was elected KDA Treasurer and Dr. Craig Herre (Fifth District) was elected KDA Secretary. Congratulations! Dr. Brett Roufs (Seventh District) is now President-elect while

Sunflower Showdown Football Tailgate 2008

The tent has been reserved on KU’s Campanile Hill near Memorial Stadium and planning is underway for the 3rd Annual KU-KSU Sunflower Showdown Football Tailgate to be held on Saturday, November 1, 2008 in Lawrence. The Tailgate party will feature food and drink prior to kickoff of the 2008 Kansas versus Kansas State football game. Because of the uncertainty of the KU-KSU football game kickoff time due to Big 12 television contracts, there will be no CE associated with the 2008 event, however, the KDA Board of Delegates will meet in Lawrence on Friday afternoon October 31. The KDA encourages members who already have game tickets to join us for the pregame tailgate. The KDA will formally notify members of the event and hotel opportunities as soon as possible. We hope you will mark your calendar and plan to attend.

Dr. Glenn Hemberger passes the gavel to new KDA President, Dr. Rob Herwig

Dr. Glenn Hemberger (Fifth District) completes his duties on the Executive Committee as Immediate Past President.

Relief Fund Moved Under KDCF Umbrella

Acting on a recommendation from the KDA Relief Fund Trustees themselves, the KDA membership transferred authority over the Relief Fund to the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation. The consolidation of charitable activities under the KDCF mirrors recent action by the ADA and will provide increased efficiency and provide some tax benefits to the Relief Fund. Rest assured the activities of the KDA Relief Fund will remain intact and the change will be unnoticeable to KDA members.

The Art


While the art of dentistry was performed on one end of the KMOM clinic floor, the art of childhood was performed on the other. During the two days of KMOM, children created artwork on sheets of paper using crayons and those pictures were hung on the wall for all to see.

UMKC School of Dentistry Announces Dean’s Resignation Dr. Michael J. Reed has announced he will leave his position as Dean of the UMKC School of Dentistry as of Septem-

In This Issue... Sunflower Showdown Tailgate


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Children’s Dental Health Month


AG’s Opinionn on Whitening


Tamper Proof Prescription Pads


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Heart of America Wrap-Up


2009 KMOM Date Announced


KDCF Update


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ber 30, 2008. With 23 years of exceptional service to UMKC, he is currently the longest-serving dental dean in America. Dr. Reed’s unflagging leadership has enabled the school to make significant contributions to this institution’s long and distinguished reputation for excellence in dental education, service, research and clinical care. Following are just a few of the many improvements and accomplishments the school has experienced during Dean Reed’s tenure: • The size and quality of the school’s faculty increased despite declining levels of state support and increasing operating costs • Sponsored research increased from $680,000 in 1984-1985 to more than $6 million today • The Department of Oral Biology received a $5.7 million NIH proContinued on Page 10


Children at the Garden City KMOM Clinic left behind dozens of those drawings and art work, thanking the volunteers for the dental care they and their family received. We saved the artwork, selected some of the best, and created a beautiful 18x24 inch poster celebrating the passion and care given by so many people. Tasha Morrissey and Jennifer Jones of the Kansas Dental Association collaborated their artistic and design talents to create the work of art. The mission of the KDCF is to provide funding and resources to improve oral health in the state of Kansas. Thank you to the many children at KMOM Garden City 2008 who provided the artwork in this poster.

© 2008

The Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation is selling those posters for $20 each and the proceeds will support dental health in Kansas. Posters can be purchased online by visiting the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation website at


President’s Message

By Dr. Robert V. Herwig KDA President It is very humbling to know that you have been chosen to lead a fantastic organization like the Kansas Dental Association. I look forward to working with both the leadership and members of the KDA to strengthen our organization as well as our profession. I want to say thank you to Dr. Glenn Hemberger, our past president, for his excellent service over the past fourteen months. With his leadership, we have begun the process to improve the oral health of our elder population. This was no easy task, and we will continue to work hard to improve the health of this population through better access to

Minute Briefs


dentistry. On the other side of the spectrum, Glenn has been a tireless leader in treating kids in all of our KMOM events. The state of Kansas and the KDA have been well served by Dr. Hemberger. I look forward to working with an excellent executive committee in the year to come: Dr. Craig Herre (secretary), Dr. Hal Hale (treasurer), Dr. Dave Hamel (vice-president), Dr. Brett Roufs (president elect), and Dr. Glenn Hemberger (immediate past president). They are all looking forward to serving the KDA with their time and considerable talents. I also want to say thank you to Kevin Robertson and the KDA staff for their commitment to serving all of you. Without them this organization could not function. Again, thank you all. Soon after starting practice in 1981, I began serving organized dentistry as a committee member and KDA delegate from the Fifth District Dental Society. From that point, I continued to serve our local society until becoming the president of the Fifth District in 1993. Five years later, Dr. R. Wayne Thompson asked me to take the position of alternate delegate to the ADA, given that Dr. Dick Danforth, one of my closest friends, had passed away during his term. I was honored to fulfill the last two years of his commitment. I continued as both a delegate and alternate delegate to the ADA until 2003. Due to the urging and guidance of several colleagues, Drs. R. Wayne Thompson, Jon Tilton, Ken Dillehay, and Bert Oettmeier, I chose to run for secretary of the KDA in 2005. The experience was great! In 2006 I ran for vice president and progressed through the chairs to the present. As a young dentist, I had great excitement for providing dentistry and for our profession. One of the best things I ever did was to get involved with organized dentistry early in my Executive Committee Conference Call April 1, 2008 • Approved the agenda as distributed. • Approve the February 6, 2008 minutes as distributed. • Recommended the revised Executive Agreement between the KDA and Mr. Kevin Robertson be passed by the Board of Delegates with the revisions suggested by the legal counsel.

career. The knowledge that I learned from my “older” colleagues has served me well in my twenty seven years of practice. When I first started serving our local society, I was concerned that I wouldn’t have the time or be listened to. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Getting involved has made me a better leader and also a better dentist. I am now one of those “older” dentists and…we need help. We need to be able to serve all of our profession. The only way this will happen is if our new graduates start becoming involved with the KDA. Volunteer to help your local dental society; become a committee member or a KDA delegate. We need and want you! The KDA will only be strong if we all support it. Let us hear your voice; let us see you at the KDA Annual Meetings; and let us have better attendance at our Board of Delegate meetings. Please call your local society officers and get started down the path. We are all in this together. I look forward to the year to come. Thank you for your support. Sincerely, Dr. Robert V. Herwig, D.D.S. UMKC ‘81 • Recommended to the Board of Delegates that the KDA endorse Arch Enterprises for precious metal recovery services. Executive Committee Conference Call June 2, 2008 • Approved the agenda as distributed. Continued on Page 3

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• Approve the April 1, 2008 minutes as distributed. • Amended the Executive Director Employment Agreement by specifying a Life Insurance policy of 1.5 times his salary. Board of Delegates Kansas City, Missouri April 4, 2008 • Approved the agenda as amended by adding the creation of a KDA scholarship through the UMKC Rinehart Foundation. • It was moved and seconded to approve the January 25, 2008 Minutes as distributed. Motion passed. • Approved the endorsement of Arch Enterprises for a precious metal recovery program for members. • It was moved and seconded to direct the Executive Committee to investigate a Kansas residency scholarship for dental students. • Approved the Executive Director Agreement between the KDA and Mr. Kevin J. Robertson be renewed and amended by rewording the termination and other sections and increasing the salary from $91,350 to $96,600. • Approved the 2008-09 budget as presented. • Referred the motion back to the

JKDA Journal of the Kansas Dental Association ISSN# 08887063

Council on Dental Care Programs to allow the Turnock Companies to use the KDA name, logo and member list for a single mailing to market Dental Benefits for 1. The Council further recommended that the KDA work with the Turnock Companies and DB for 1 to formalize an endorsement relationship. • Approved a motion to gather information on potential endorsement of a KDA-sponsored prescription drug discount card. Board of Delegates Chateau on the Lake - Branson, Missouri June 26, 2008

EDITOR Eugene F. McGill, D.D.S. MANAGING EDITOR Kevin J. Robertson, CAE KDA Executive Committee PRESIDENT Dr. Robert Herwig PRESIDENT-ELECT Dr. Brett Roufs VICE PRESIDENT Dr. David Hamel SECRETARY Dr. Craig Herre TREASURER Dr. Hal Hale IMM. PAST PRESIDENT Dr. Glenn Hemberger

Although the KDA publishes authoratative news, committee reports, articles and essays, it is in no respect responsible for contents or opinions of the writers. Advertising rates and circulation data will be furnished by request. Annual subscription price is $5.00 for member dentists, $25.00 for non-members, and $40.00 for Canada

Northeast District Dr. Jerry Young Northwest/Golden Belt District Dr. Fred Hargis Dr. Jerry Lundgrin Seventh District Southeast District Dr. Vernon Lee Southern District

Board of Delegates Chateau on the Lake - Branson, Missouri June 28, 2008

Dr. Randolph Thomason Topeka District

• Approved the agenda as distributed. • Elected Dr. Glenn Hemberger to fill the two remaining years of ADA Alternate Delegate/Delegate (2+2 Position) expiring on April 30, 2010. • Elected Dr. Greg Peppes to the ADA Alternate Delegate/ Delegate (2+2 Position) expiring on April 30, 2012. KDA General Assembly Chateau on the Lake - Branson, Missouri June 28, 2008 • Approved the minutes of the April 21, 2007 Annual Meeting as distributed. • Accepted the following members as Active Life Members.

Dr. Michael Reynolds Dr. David Wiksten Wichita District Dr. Ralph Hancock Dr. Ray P. Lansdowne Dr. Donald Luellen Dr. Jary McLean Dr. William Park Dr. Charles Squire • Approved the 2008-09 budget as presented. • Dissolved the KDA Relief Fund Trust Agreement and Transfer of Function and Assets to the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation. • Elected Dr. David L. Hamel Vice President of the KDA on the second ballot. • Elected Dr. Craig W. Herre Secretary of the KDA. • Elected Dr. Hal E. Hale Treasurer of the KDA.

Central District Dr. C Robert Jensen Fifth District Dr. Edward Amet Dr. Harry Martin Dr. Robert Menees Dr. David Parrish Dr. Bernard Williams Dr. Ronald Wright

August 7 7-9 22


PRODUCTION AND PRINTING Jostens 4000 SE Adams Topeka, KS 66609

Dr. Gary Ace

Dr. James Hahn

• Approved the agenda as distributed. • Approved the April 4, 2008 minutes as distributed.

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16-21 ADA Annual Session, San Antonio 31 KDA Board of Delegates Meeting, Lawrence


KDA Sunflower Showdown Tailgate, Lawrence

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Taylor May Marion Elementary Marion, Kansas

ing contest distributed to Kansas 3rd grade students. The students used what they learned to create a poster that could win them first place in their dental district. A new bicycle was awarded to the first place winner, with various prizes being awarded for 2nd and 3rd place winners. The dentists and schools have been utilizing the KDA library in the effort to teach good oral health.

gift and thank the Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation for contributing to our goal of educating Kansas youth about the importance of good oral health. As we start winding down this year, we look forward to working with you all again in 2009.

The Delta Dental Foundation of Kansas donated $7,500 for the purchase of toothbrushes that were given to the 3rd grade students whose teacher or school nurse requested them. We had over 242 schools, dentists and other groups participate. About 10,379 3rd graders received the free brightly colored child size toothbrushes. We sincerely appreciate this generous

Please visit our Children’s Dental Health Month website at http://www. or contact Tasha Morrissey at the KDA office at 785/272-7360 for more information.

Jane Schinkel Sunset Hill Elementary Lawrence, Kansas

Derek Zule Pleasant Ridge Elementary Easton, Kansas

Kristine Gugler Enterprise Elementary Enterprise, Kansas

NW / GB District

First District

Northeast District


Central District

“T3 (Tough Tooth Team) spring into action to defeat Captain Plaque the Pirate!,” was the theme for the 2008 Children’s Dental Health Month draw-

Topeka District

Seventh District February marked the eleventh year that the Kansas Dental Association has sponsored Children’s Dental Health Month. This is a statewide event, helping students learn more about oral health. Developing good habits at an early age and scheduling regular dental visits helps children get a good start on a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

Froyla Castilla Gomez Stewart Elementary Salina, Kansas

Emily Goodrow Avondale West Elementary Topeka, Kansas

Another KMOM Success... The 2008 Kansas Mission of Mercy clinic has come to another successful conclusion. The seventh installment of the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation’s flagship event treated 1776 patients during two days in April as the project returned to the 3I Building at the Finney County Fairgrounds. Once again, volunteerism and community support played a role in the success of the event. The Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation would like to thank the community of Garden City and to everyone who was involved. The KMOM project this year provided $830,000 in dental care to the underserved of Southwest Kansas with dental care they might not have otherwise received, if not for the generous support of the individual dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and local medical and other volunteers who arrived early in the morning and worked throughout the day. A great many thanks go to the local organizers, in particular Dr. Jeff Stasch and Lisa RussellNoll who co-organized the event. Dr. Stasch’s expertise on the project and Ms. Noll’s experience and knowledge of the local community were significant reasons why this event was able to provide the care and the services to both the patients and the volunteers.

surgery chairs, eight pediatric chairs and sixteen dental hygiene chairs as well as sixteen numbing chairs. As always, the clinic began early in the morning and patients were waiting. Special indoor accommodations were provided on Thursday night due to threatening rain forecasted in the Garden City Area. Major contributors for the 2008 KMOM Clinic were Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation, Kansas Health Foundation, The Finnup Foundation, Assurant, and the Mary Jo Williams Charitable Trust.

The clinic floor was set up on Wednesday with thirty six general dentist chairs, sixteen oral Kylie Russell Frances Willard Elementary Arkansas City, Kansas

Hannah Ball Wellsville Elementary Wellsville, Kansas

One hundred eight dentists volunteered for the Garden City clinic. As always, video and photos were taken and this year, were uploaded and streamed live during the event. Visit the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation website ( for additional video and photo highlights.

Misty Storren Marmanton Valley Elementary Moran, Kansas

Southeast District

Fifth District

Southern District


Hemberger Announces Elder Care Plan As part of his ongoing commitment as KDA President to increase dental care to elder Kansans, Then KDA President Dr. Glenn Hemberger proposed on an ongoing Elder Care Initiative including the following: Purpose: To establish a screening program for selected nursing homes in different regions of Kansas. 1. To promote oral health in each of these chosen nursing homes. 2. To diagnose and set up treatment modalities for selected patients. 3. To promote general awareness and the need for prevention of oral health problems in the elderly population in general. 4. To take data from screenings and strive for state funding and possible state legislation requiring regular exams and maintenance of oral health in all longterm facilities. Step One: Recruit dentists from different regions of the state of Kansas to be on task force. Step Two: Work with the KDHA for joint cooperation with the screenings and oral health instructions to the patients and nursing home administrative authorities and care givers with emphasis on the oral-systemic connection. Step Three: All patients requiring treatment would be referred to their present dentist. Patients requiring treatment without a present dentist would be treated in house by a mini-clinic using

Dentists Host DR Meeting in Newton In May, Dr. Brett Roufs and Dr. Pam McCullough organized a Direct Reimbursement (DR) Insurance information luncheon for larger employers in Harvey County. About 20 employers attended the meeting where they heard from KDA DR consultant Mike Turnock, KDA Executive Director Kevin Robertson, representatives from the Conrade Insurance Company as well as Drs. Roufs and McCullough. Presenters discussed the advantages of DR to the consumer and employer over traditional 3rd party payor insurance. The information was well received and the KDA is hopeful that additional meetings/ luncheons can be organized around the state. volunteer dentist, assistants and dental hygienist. Step Four: Seek initial funding from such foundations as the UMHM, KHF, Reach Foundation, and etc. for required supplies and materials for screening and treatment services rendered. Step Five: To make every annual KMOM a co-partner to treat some prescreened patients from local nursing homes (local to the KMOM sponsoring community). Current President Dr. Rob Herwig has agreed to continue the KDA’s efforts on this issue.

Attorney General Releases Opinion on Whitening

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In June the Kansas Attorney General rendered opinion 2008-13 which dealt with the teeth whitening services performed by non dental offices. Specifically, the request for opinion by Senator Susan Wagle asked, “is the direct application of a teeth whitening or bleaching product (ie, carbamide peroxide) to the teeth by a non-licensed person, not under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist, considered either the practice of dentistry or dental hygiene under the Dental Practice Act?”

In response to this question, Attorney General Stephan Six stated that the practice of whitening could be included in the definition of “dental service of any kind” as used in the dental practice act. Attorney General opinion 2008-13 gives clear authority to the Kansas Dental Board to draft a definition of “dental service of any kind” which includes whitening of the human teeth. KDA President Dr. Rob Herwig will soon be appointing an ad hoc committee to review this issue and provide the KDA’s recommendation to the Kansas Dental Board.

From the Office

By Kevin J. Robertson, CAE KDAExecutive Director The past 11+ years have really flown by, and I hope we can continue to move forward together for a few more. I’ve been especially happy to have had the honor to work with the same KDA staff for the past three years - Greg Hill (9 years) Assistance Executive Director and Executive Director of KDCF, Niki Gustafson (7 years) Operations Coordinator, Jennifer Jones (3 years) Membership and Finance Coordinator, and Tasha Morrissey (2 ½ years) Administrative Assistant. The KDA Board of Delegates was tested this past year with differing opinions on the Rural Access Initiative. I believe the KDA officers and delegates handled the difference on this issue in a positive manner by deliberately stepping back from the original proposal and soliciting additional input from all parties. Ultimately, an amenable solution to the issue was worked out with a large majority of agreement. Our opinions on some dental issues differ with our colleagues in other dental professions and insurance companies, yet there have been several issues regarding access that

we have been able to put aside our differences to pursue common goals. I would mention Dr. Hemberger’s elder care initiative as one of these issues that creates this common bond. I’ve been blessed to have had the privilege to ride the coat tails of some great KDA leaders during my tenure as your Executive Director. All you need to do is look at the list of the last 11 KDA Presidents and you’ll see there are no “light weights” in that bunch! The KDA has gone places many may not have expected. Kansas dentists took the bold (and somewhat controversial) move in 1998 to pursue legislation to allow dental assistants to scale. This was reinforced last year when the ADA looked to Kansas for information when developing its new Community Dental Health Coordinator (CDHC) workforce model. Regionally and nationally, Kansas is a recognized leader in the development and advancement of the Mission of Mercy concept. Through the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation started in 2001, organized dentistry has provided some $6.45 million in dental care to 14,500 patients. NO ONE does MOM like KANSAS…thanks to people like Dr. Jeff Stasch, Bruce Bergstrom, Reggie Monson and the team that make up the “MOM squad”! Nebraska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, New Mexico and Iowa have or will soon have there own MOM projects with our help. The KDA is quickly being recognized as a technology leader among the state dental societies and the ADA. Though many KDA staffers share the responsibilities, I’d like to give Greg Hill special recognition for pushing, pulling and clawing the KDA (and ME) into the 21st century with the KDA blogs, website, My Space page, production of the KDA Video Minute, video conferencing and more. We submitted an application to the ADA for a Golden Apple Award for our technology advances and are hopeful of a positive outcome. In addition, Greg was recently a featured general session speaker at the ADA Management Conference which included participants from every ADA state society and many local society staffs. The KDA and dentistry face many challenges as we look to the near future - universal healthcare, the infringement of non-dental professionals doing dental procedures (particularly whitening), and the creation of a dental mid-level are only a few. Regardless of what we may think of these issues, the KDA must be willing to work with the other organizations, agencies and the state legislature to resolve them both in a

manner that is satisfactory to dentists and is in the best interests of Kansans. Let me conclude my commentary by changing to another topic entirely. As many of you know I spent 14 days at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico in June. Scouting has been a passion of mine since I was an Eagle Scout in Troop 414 in Omaha. Upon the completion of our trek we learned about many news events that had occurred over the two weeks we were in the backcountry – one being that four scouts somewhere in Iowa had been killed by a tornado. Later I learned that three of the four scouts were from Omaha and all had been attending leadership training at Little Sioux Scout Ranch outside Omaha – the largest camp in the MidAmerica Council where I had regularly attended camp as a boy. The reports are quite clear about the heroic efforts of the 40 or so scouts that were in the shelter as they assisted wounded scouts that were trapped under the debris of the stone chimney that had collapsed on them. I ask you to remember these boys and their families in your prayers. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

Thought of the Quarter “No exercise is better for the human heart than reaching out to help another person”. Tim Russert (1950-2008)

Honest and trustworthy, experienced and efficient, EMA is the dental practice sales name-to-know.

EMA Dental Practice Sales

Shown are Deborah Wolff, Evan Myers and Dr. Steven Wolff. Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in dentistry.

(formerly Evan Myers & Associates) 6220 Arlington, Raytown, MO 64133 Phone: (816) 358-6782 Fax: (816) 358-3509 Toll-free: (800) 311-2039 7

KDA Joins Missouri for 3rd Dental Symposium The Kansas and Missouri Dental Associations hosted the third Heart of America Dental Symposium (HOA) at the Chateau on the Lake in Branson, Missouri on June 2628, 2008. Almost 550 attendees, including about ninety Kansas dentists attended the meeting in Branson and if you weren’t one of them, according to the responses, you missed a good time! A stellar line-up of nationally known speakers highlighted the three days of continuing education including Dr. Mitch Conditt, who presented a hands-on workshop on restorations, Robert Marbach, CDT, who presented a detailed PowerPoint lecture on steps for a successful, low-stress relationship with the dental laboratory and KDA member Dr. Jon Julian (Central District) who presented sessions on the basics of implant placement and restorations, just to name a few. The dental assistants and other supporting office staff also had several speakers to choose from, who presented topics catered to their areas of expertise. One of the favorite programs attended by meeting attendees was The Fitness Prescription: Your Peak Performance Advantage and Va Va Voom: Revive Renew, Refresh presented by Dr. Uche & Kary Odiatu. These two courses explored the

Drs. Glenn Hemberger, David Hamel, Bob Henson and Mark Herzog share a few laughs after the golf tournament

link between living a fit lifestyle and increased personal and professional productivity and reclaiming your energy. There is so much to see and do in the Branson area, but if you couldn’t make up your mind, the KDA and MDA organized several special events to entertain the family. On Friday morning, early risers took advantage of the beautiful scenery surrounding the Chateau by taking part in the 1.3 mile Nature Trail Hike. That afternoon, 67 golfers that took to the course for the Missouri Dental Foundation & Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation Golf Challenge at Pointe Royale Golf Course in Branson. There were two flights of golfers that hit the greens for charity. The first flight’s winning team members were Dr. Sam Kallsnick (MO), Dr. Stan Hite (MO), Brad Boyer (KOMET), and Scott Jarchow (KOMET). The team that emerged triumphant in the second flight consisted of Dr. Edward Stephens, Jean Stephens, Dr. Linda Westmoreland, and Dr. James Elliot, all from Missouri. KDA Northeast District member, Dr. Kyle Huntington, won the “Longest Drive Contest”, Scott Fiss of the KDA endorsed insurance company, Johnston Fiss, was the winner of the “Closest to the Hole Contest” and the “Longest Putt Contest” was won by Chad Weinand, son of Missouri dentist Dr. Ken Weinand. The golf tournament raised nearly $20,000 to be split between the two foundations for support of their many

Dr. Mark Tindall watches after he putts his ball gently toward the hole

charitable projects. For those not on the golf course, the Chateau chef offered an Italian Culinary Demonstration in the Chateau Continued on Page 9

Greg Hill and Dr. R. Wayne Thompson

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Located in the heart of the Midwest in Mexico, Missouri

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Grill restaurant, complete with wine samples and recipes. Then to wind down the evening, the Showboat Branson Belle set out on Table Rock Lake with over Pediatric dentist Dr. Tom Barth talks 100 HOA meeting with HOA speaker Dr. Craig Hollander attendees aboard for a sunset dinner cruise featuring “Showstoppers”, a show that spotlights over 50 musical numbers. This year, unfortunately, Mother Nature did not oblige when it came time for the Fiesta Fun Reception and Dinner on the last evening of the conference. Over six inches of rain fell Saturday, forcing the festivities indoors. Though it was dismal outside, the atmosphere inside was thriving with mariachi music and Mexican-themed food and drinks. Several attendees donned their fiesta fashion and prizes were awarded to the “Best Dressed” child and adult.

stay current in the practice and management of dentistry. The Heart of America Dental Symposium would not be possible without the sponsors and vendors who support our associations. If you know a representative of any of these companies, please extend another thank you to them for their support and generosity. The KDA and MDA will come together again at the Chateau on June 24-27, 2010 and dates, as well as alternate locations, are being sought for beyond then. Whether its education, entertainment, camaraderie or relaxation you’re looking for, the Heart of America has something for everyone! We hope to see you at the next one!

Hopefully you got the chance to venture into the Exhibit Hall where 56 vendors set up displays with the newest products and services available to dentists to help you

DECEASED DENTISTS 06/10/08 Dr. Thomas L. Day Agusta, KS Seventh District 07/22/08 Dr. Vernon “Bud” Debus Leawood, KS Fifth District 06/07/08 Dr. William C. Cleveland Overland Park, KS

Meeting attendees enjoyed wine and cheese during the Thursday evening Welcome Reception in the exhibit hall

Fifth District

KMOM 2009 Announced

The Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce the date and location for the 2009 Kansas Mission of Mercy project. The event, the eighth KMOM project, will take place in Manhattan on February 2021 at the United States National Guard Armory, located just east of Manhattan on U.S. Highway 24. Watch the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation website ( for more information, including hotel booking, registration and other KMOM related items. “We look forward to working with the community of Manhattan over the next seven months to bring the 2009 KMOM event to the Riley County area,” said Greg Hill, Executive Director of the Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation, the organizing committee for the KMOM project. “We will be making contacts within the next few months as we look for community support both for volunteers, but for monetary and inkind support to our efforts.” The Kansas Mission of Mercy project has treated 15,000 patients since its inception in 2003, and treats approximately 2000 patients and $1 million in free dental care at each KMOM project. For more information on the Kansas Mission of Mercy project, please visit

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gram project grant, the largest research grant in UMKC history

Develop a written “investment policy statement” that clearly outlines the selected investment options and why they were chosen. On an ongoing basis document your investment, service, and fee reviews that you do personally or with your advisor.

• A capital campaign raised more than $9 million for various programs benefiting faculty and students

Fees & Expenses

• Nearly 20 percent of alumni support the school financially

• A federal construction grant supplemented university funds to support a $5.6 million construction project for 14,000 square feet of research space • Student performance improved on national board exams; UMKC has ranked among the top ten schools in the country every year for the past 8 years

Review your current fees annually to make sure your plan charges reasonable amounts for the services provided. These fees can include some or all of the following: management & operating fees, sales charges, wrap fees, surrender fees, sub-transfer agent fees, 12b-1 fees, and administrative fees. Exclusive Benefit ERISA says that a failure to operate the plan for the “exclusive benefit” of participants can result in personal as well as corporate liability. A retirement plan’s assets can not just benefit the employer, and the plan’s expenses must be reasonable. Other Benefits If you are correctly monitoring the service and educational aspects of your plan, you can help your participants receive quality and timely service to help guide them through the selection process. Are your participants given group and/or individual financial education from a third party? Communicate with participants and always avoid putting the plan on autopilot. Frequent communication can build trust and loyalty with office staff. Keeping up with your retirement plan’s responsibilities can seem daunting at first, but with a little time and attention to detail, you can successfully: Provide a solid monetary foundation for yourself as the plan sponsor while complying with the law AND provide a significant benefit with a high level of satisfaction to both you and your employees. Tim Gaigals, Certified Financial Planner™ is a Financial Advisor who focuses on qualified retirement plans for businesses with Tax Favored Benefits in Overland Park Kansas. Tim is an investment advisor representative of Ameritas Investment Corp.(AIC) Tim can be reached locally at 913-6485526 or 800-683-3440 or via email tim@taxfavoredbenefits. com AIC is not affiliated with Tax Favored Benefits.

• The Midwest Dental Conference and Annual Alumni Meeting, which this year attracted more than 3,700 participants, has grown to become one of the largest school-sponsored dental conferences in the country To honor Dr. Reed’s contributions to the school at the time of his 20th anniversary, the UMKC Dental Alumni Association established a scholarship in his name and commemorated the occasion with the words: “You have guided our institution from 1985 to 2005 with uncommon courage and conviction, compassion and concern, dedication and pride, energy and wisdom. The UMKC School of Dentistry, the profession and the communities they serve, thank you. We are all immeasurably better because of you.” UMKC Provost Gail Hackett is moving forward with a process to appoint an interim dean whose leadership duties will begin on October 1, 2008. Dr. Reed plans to remain active in the many dental professional organizations and public health endeavors where he has served or is currently serving in leadership positions. We at the school wish him the best in his next venture. Sincerely, Barry Daneman Director of Alumni and Community Relations UMKC School of Dentistry

KDCF Update

By Greg Hill, JD KDCF Executive Director

The Power of Stories I admit I have always gotten a little nervous speaking in front of groups, no matter how small they might be. I remember in fifth grade giving a presentation and having to stand behind the desk so the class couldn’t see my legs shake. Not that the fluttering in my voice didn’t give it away. Fortunately, the nervousness I now get is nowhere near that extreme, but I do still get nervous. I think it is only natural though and once I get into my presentation, it usually wears off quickly and I begin to feel at ease with the group I am speaking to. Recently, I had an opportunity to talk about KMOM with a Kiwanis Group in Kansas City at the invitation of Dr. Karen Baker. Now I have had the chance to talk about KMOM a number of times over the past few years and there are really two approaches. The first is to explain what the project is, what we do and the logistics behind it - the setup, teardown, funding, collaboration, etc. It’s the stuff that makes it happen. And for spreading the message with other states that

Hemberger and Peppes Elected ADA Delegates The KDA Board of Delegates elected Dr. Greg Peppes and Dr. Glenn Hemberger to terms as KDA Alternate Delegate and Delegate to the American Dental Association House of Delegates. Dr. Hemberger was elected to fill the two remaining years of the ADA Alternate Delegate/ Delegate (2+2 Position) which became available when Dr. R. Wayne Thompson became ADA District 12 Trustee following the 2007 ADA Annual Session in San Francisco last October. This term expires on April 30, 2010. Dr. Greg Peppes was elected to a second term as an ADA Alternate Delegate/Delegate (2+2 Position) expiring on April 30, 2012. Kansas is allotted four ADA delegates based on membership size to serve in the ADA House of Delegates and is in the ADA Trustee District 12 along with Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Kansas’ 2+2 delegates are somewhat unique as delegates are elected to a four-year term…serving the first and second years of the term as an alternate delegate to the ADA and the third and fourth years of the term as a full delegate.

might want to do a similar project, it’s a very good nuts and bolts way to explain what KMOM does. But it’s a presentation I hate to give. It’s not me. It’s not what inspires me. So I threw that presentation away and before speaking to a Rotary Club in Independence earlier this year, I rewrote it, focusing not on the “what we do”, but on the “why we do it.” That approach focuses squarely on the patients and was the reason behind the KMOM Topeka video. It’s the stories of the decisions that patients all across Kansas have to make. Do they buy that winter coat for their children or do they take care of the cavity in their own mouth? Do they buy $4 a gallon gasoline so they can drive to the night shift that allows a father to put a roof over his children’s head and food on the table or does he see a dentist because of an infection that has erupted? What we have found is that a great many of the patients we treat are the working class of our society and have no other options as prices on necessities continue to skyrocket. They take care of their family’s needs, often at their own expense. Then I told the stories of a few people I have met along the way. There was the 102 year old volunteer from Garden City KMOM in 2003 who was waiting on his 80 year old daughter to pick him

up after he worked the morning shift. There was a young boy in Kansas City who volunteered to read to a group of kids for a photo, but continued to read as a crowd of young children gathered around him on that hot 107 degree day in Kansas City. And then there is the mother of two twelve- year old daughters who I had the opportunity to see smile for the very first time after a set of dentures was placed into her mouth. Her two daughters stood beside her with tears of joy as a ray of sunshine created a glow around their mother’s head. It is a moment forever engrained in my mind and one that chokes me up every time I talk about it. And it did on that morning, in front of twenty strangers. But it was okay. As I looked around, there was not a dry eye to be seen. They understood the message and the purpose for why we do what we do. It’s about public service. It’s about a profession stepping up where a system has let us down. It’s something far greater than portable dental chairs, units and lights. It’s the human spirit, making a difference in people’s lives. That is the presentation I like to give. As I walked out of that room that day, I thought not about how I did, but about the people we have touched along the way. Each and every single one of them.

NEW MEMBERS Central District

Northwest Golden Belt District

Dr. Sunita Kaul, Garden City

Dr. Jeffrey Koksal, Salina Dr. Allison Lesko, Salina Dr. Travis Wymer, Minneapolis

Fifth District Dr. Ellen Berry, Olathe Dr. Gordon Ediger, Leawood Dr. Timothy Herre, Leawood Dr. Matthew Hillman, Overland Park Dr. Brandon James, Prairie Village Dr. Tyson Marrs, Prairie Village Dr. Jamie Stinnett, Overland Park Dr. Steven Vodonick, Shawnee Dr. Navkiran Warya, Olathe Dr. Katie Watson, Lenexa

Flint HIlls District Dr. Blair Edgington, Emporia

Southeast District Dr. Patrick Lancaster, Pittsburg Dr. Kelly Richardson, Pittsburg Dr. Vanessa Williams, Pittsburg

Southern District Dr. Nicole Rogers, Arkansas City Dr. Scott Rogers, Arkansas City

Topeka District Dr. Caroline Giles, Topeka Dr. Benjamin Rutherford, Topeka

Wichita District Dr. Brian Smith, Wichita


KDA In History:

The President’s Gavel Speech

“this gavel is made of vulcanite; one end is platinum; the other silver and the bands are gold engraved as follows: Made and presented to the Kansas State Dental Association by H. W Parsons, 1890, Wamego, Kansas”

The KDA gavel speech is nearly as steeped in tradition as the KDA gavel itself. Any member who has ever attended the Annual General Assembly Meeting of the Kansas Dental Association has heard the outgoing President give the “gavel speech” as the President-Elect accepts the gavel and becomes the new KDA President. Did you ever wonder where this speech originated? We did! Reviewing the minutes back to 1930 (earlier minutes have been lost) we discovered that from time to time the outgoing president would reference the origins of the gavel. For example, in 1932 outgoing President Dr. George E. Burket said,

It was at the Annual General Assembly Meeting on May 15, 1957 at the Broadview Hotel in Wichita that the president’s gavel speech took the form that we know it today as KDA President Dr. Frank Haberbosch passed the gavel to Dr. Gordon Teall (see speech below). Of course our research also uncovered somewhat of a mystery…what is “vulcanite”? Since 1934, every reference to the material from which the gavel is made, has been referred to as “ebony” (a dark Indian wood). Vulcanite, however, is a material once used in dentistry to make dentures and is also known as ebonite. The KDA gavel, therefore, is likely made of a 19th century dental material - not wood. (Please don’t tell us you already knew this!)

The Gavel Speech…Unchanged Since 1957 I hope you have all noticed the gavel I have been wielding today. This gavel was hand-made by Dr. H. W. Parsons of Wamego, Kansas, and was presented as a gift to the Kansas Dental Association in 1890, the year that he was President of the Kansas Dental Association. As I mentioned a moment ago, this gavel is all hand-wrought. The

head and handle are ebony. One end of the head of this gavel is platinum and the other is silver. The bands are of 22 carat gold, and the engraving which was made on the gold reads as follows: “Made and presented to the Kansas State Dental Association, 1890, by H. W. Parsons, Wamego Kansas" This beautiful gavel of intrinsic nature (platinum for purity, gold for nobility, silver for sterling qualities) symbolizes the ideals of our profession. Each President of the Kansas Dental Association since 1890 has had the privilege and honor to wield this gavel at the Annual Meeting of the Kansas Dental Association. Now, I have only one last duty to perform – the pleasant one of presenting this gavel with its historic significance, to my successor, Dr. (new KDA President). I turn over this gavel, and with it the responsibilities of President, to you with full confidence that you will discharge those duties intelligently and capably.

WATC Offering Continuing Education for Dental Assistants The Wichita Area Technical College – Dental Assistant Program is offering a continuing education course for Dental Assistants. “Theoretical Applications of Nitrous Oxide Administration for Dental Assistants” will be held on Friday, October 17, 2008. All course partici-

pants must meet both of the following criteria:

1. Current CPR affirmation and 2. Certified Dental Assistant OR Graduate of formal Dental Assistant Education Program OR

Two years of work experience as a dental assistant Call Wichita Area Technical College at 316.677.1355 to request a registration form and further information. Enrollment is limited and must be completed by October 3, 2008.

Southwest Dental Conference January 22-24, 2009 Dallas Convention Center • Dallas, Texas


Sponsored by

Dallas County Dental Society 12




Plenty of excitement followed the 2008 Kansas Jayhawks’ National Championship Season. The Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation took full advantage of that magical season and raised $4220.

The seniors from the championship team were in Garden City participating in a barn storming style tournament during the 2008 KMOM event and


Magical Season

made a stop at the 3I Building. During that stop, they signed several KMOM volunteer t-shirts along with a University of Kansas National Champion t-shirt donated to the foundation by Kathy Trilli, a dental hygienist from Garden City.

The KDCF auctioned the KMOM shirt on eBay and it was purchased by Dr. Steve Twietmeier of Wichita for $200. The Jayhawk shirt was put in a frame along with other KU basketball memorabilia and was auctioned during the 2008 Heart of America Dental Symposium. Dr. Edward Amet of Overland Park and Dr. Charles Squire of Wichita bid against one another until the conclusion of the auction. Dr. Amet’s bid of $2000 won the auction, but he then returned the item to the KDCF to be rebid. Dr. Squire matched that winning bid and then gifted the item to Kevin Robertson, Executive Director of the Kansas Dental Association. The seniors on the team were: Darnell Jackson, Russell Robinson, Sasha Kaun, Jeremy Case, Brad Witherspoon, Rodrick Stewart.

Drs. Chuck Squire and Edward Amet, both winners of the KDCF silent auction

Calling All Dentists!

That event, along with the 2008 KDCF-Missouri Dental Foundation Golf Challenge netted nearly $16,000 for the KDCF which will be used to support our mission to provide funding and resources to improve oral health in the state of Kansas.

The golf tournament, besides of course providing an enjoyable afternoon of golf, raised nearly $20,000 for the two foundations. Thank you to the Missouri Dental Foundation for their work to make the event such a wonderful success. We would like to thank all of our sponsors for this event and we appreciate your support to our mission.

“You’re not healthy without good oral health.� – Dr. C. Everett Koop, former U.S. Surgeon General and Chairman, Oral Health 2000 and their quality of life suffers for it. But that is changing. A new program covers preventive and restorative treatment as well as the purchase, adjustment and repair of dentures for seniors. Last year, Kansas received approval to add oral health services to the Home and Community Based Services/Frail Elderly waiver. As a result, low income seniors who qualify for HCBS services can receive dental care paid for by Medicaid. In the past, Medicaid only covered certain dental procedures, such as extractions, in an emergency situation.

Dentists already know the wisdom of Dr. Koop’s words. Unfortunately, many Kansas seniors can’t access dental care,

Dr. Edward Amet wins the KDCF silent auction of a Kansas Jayhawk momento

“The area agencies on aging, who work most directly with Kansas seniors, identified the need for oral health services for the clients they serve,� Secretary of Aging Kathy Greenlee said. “We are very pleased to have received approval to add

these community-based services. Now our challenge is to get dentists committed to the program.� Dentists already enrolled in Title XIX may accept HCBS/FE patients and bill Medicaid using their current provider number. Eligible seniors can be identified by their Medicaid card, which will have the HCFE code on it. Dentists who would like to enroll as a provider should complete the non-physician application (enrollment contact Continued on Page 14






Special Events PARAGON consultants have closed thousands of transactions for our clients. Let us help you reach your professional goals, whether it be purchasing, selling or evaluating your practice.

CLASSIFIED ADS KANSAS/MISSOURI – Dentists needed. Excellent opportunity for highly motivated practitioners. Patients and a dedicated well-trained team are waiting for you. Practice locations in the KC area, Mt. Vernon, MO, and Wichita, KS. Competitive commission plan plus excellent benefit package. Contact Diane Ballentine at 785-456-7083; fax 785-456-6520; or email GENERAL DENTAL PRACTICE FOR SALE – Location: Smith Center, KS, a growing community in North Central Kansas. 90 miles to Hays, KS; 120 miles to Salina, KS;75 miles to Kearney, NE; 90 miles to Grand Island, NE. Production: $485,000 – 3 ½ days/week. Financial assistance available. Office built in 1996 with 4 operatories. New 2 bedroom apartment in basement of office available. Excellent stall will stay-1 full time hygienist, 1 part time hygienist, 1 receptionist, and 1 assistant. Practice Emphasis: Restorative Dentistry, referred out all endodontics, orthodontics, most surgery and difficult pedodontics. For For More Information Contact: Dr. David Potter, office (785) 282-6979 or (785) 282-6047, cell (785) 282-5872. PRACTICES FOR SALE OR ASSOCIATESHIPS IN: KANSAS LISTINGS: Lawrence, Northeast Kansas, Mound City, South Johnson County & Central Kansas. MISSOURI LISTINGS: Jefferson City, Gladstone and Independence. Excellent opportunities. Well established profitable practices. Immediate ownership. Financing available. To obtain more information, contact Tom Smeed, Healthcare Practice Management at (913) 642-1988 or For Sale: Kodak x-ray film. We have gone digital and no longer use this film. I have: DF-56 (size 1)-all unopened # of boxes Expiration Date 1 10/08 9 8/09 1 9/09 1 1/10 1 3/10 $25/box or make offer. Call 1-800-782-3920 and save $$$$$$$ Associate Dentist Needed in SW Kansas Office: Immediate opening, guaranteed salary, medical, vacation, holiday, 401k. Call 620.276.7681 and ask for Tyla.

Call 866.898.1867 or visit WWW.PARAGON.US.COM Continued from Page 13

information is below), checking the Title XIX services on the application, which then should be submitted to EDS. There is no fee to participate and enrollment processing takes about two weeks. Seniors who want to participate need to contact their area agency on aging, which determines eligibility for the HCBS/FE waiver.

KANSAS PRACTICES FOR SALE: Central , Beautiful high tech general practice, college town; Garden City, exceptional general practice, high visibility; Manhattan Area, High gross, high net; Topeka, small general practice, sale or merge; Wichita Area, newly remodeled general practice; SE Kansas, Four operatory general practice in a nice county seat small town, KC Metro, Eight operatory general practice, $725K + 2007 revenue, building also available (NEW); Prairie Village, small three op general practice, sale or merger. (NEW); SW KC Metro, Four op general practice, new equipment (PENDING). IOWA PRACTICES FOR SALE: Central, four operatory specialty practice. NEBRASKA PRACTICES FOR SALE: Omaha, Five op general practice with digital; Omaha, (PENDING) Urban high tech three op state of the art; South Omaha, high volume six op with huge profit; South Omaha Area, three op small town practice in the Omaha metro. MISSOURI PRACTICES FOR SALE: Central MO, high quality four operatory general practice less than 1 hr from KC; Eastern KC Area, very nice, high volume eight operatory general practice; S Lake Ozarks Area, 3+ operatory general practice; SW MO, four operatory general practice, new equipment. Contact Dr. Steve Wolff at EMA Dental Practice Sales (formerly Evan Myers and Associates), 800.311.2039 or

In addition to the Kansas Department on Aging, partners involved in the oral health project are Oral Health Kansas (OHK), Kansas Association of Area Agencies on Aging K4A), Kansas Dental Association (KDA), Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), the 11 area KANSAS/MOUNDRIDGE – Office for sale or lease. Four-year-old dental office, agencies on aging, EDS and the Kansas Association for the Medically 3300 sq. ft. located in Moundridge, KS. Excellent opportunity. Contact Diane Ballentine at 785-456-7083; fax 785-456-6520; or email Underserved (KAMU). For more information on the oral health service, contact any of the following: Blanche Parks, KDOA, education/marketing, 785-296-0463 Krista Engel, KDOA, provider contact, 785-296-0385 Ruth Williams, EDS, enrollment, 620-983-9041

KS Dentists Reach Out to Serve Disabled Adults on Medicaid From April, 2007 to March, 2008, 167 dentists across the state billed Medicaid for services to 1517 adults on the waiver. The majority of dental services for this population were offered in these counties: Atchinson, Butler, Coffee, Cowley, Crawford, Douglas, Finney, Harper, Harvey, Johnson, Linn, Lyon, Saline, Shawnee, Sumner, Sedgwick, Wyandotte. Kansas Council on Development Disabilities awarded Oral Health Kansas with a grant to identify gather and analyze data on dental services for adults with developmental disabilities. Below are resources for continuing education opportunities to support dentists and hygienists providing Medicaid services. --An Introduction to Practical Oral Care for People with Developmental Disabilities. 6 booklet modules addressing autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, mental retardation, and wheelchair transfer. 2006, Bethesda, MD. National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. www.nidr. --Oral health care for persons with disabilities: An online continuing education course. 2004. Gainesville, FL: Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Continued on Page 15


Continued from Page 15

University of Florida College of Dentistry. Paul Burtner, DMD, Associate Professor and Author

to familiarize dental personnel with definitions, descriptive terminology, communication and skill deficits, prevalence, and special learning characters of patients with specific disability. --Oral health: Guidelines for people with disabilities. 2002. [ Louisville, KY]: Standards of Care Committee, Academy of Dentistry for Persons with Southern Association of Institutional Dentists - Training Modules http:// Disabilities Daniel E Jolly, DDS, Editor and Chair, Standards of Care “The information in these models is intended mittee, Academy of Dentistry for Persons with Disabilities.

AD INDEX AFTCO Associates, Inc - 11 Arch Enterprises - 8 Blue Cross & Blue Shield of KS - 9 Butler & Associates - 10 Cincinnati Companies - 15 Jon Conrad, DDS (Classified) - 14 Dall County Dental Society - 12 David Potter, DDS (Classified) - 14 Dental Associates (Classified) - 14 Dynamic Mgmt Solutions (Classified) - 14 EMA Dental Practice Sales - 7 EMA Dental Practice Sales (Classified) - 14 Healthcare Practice Mgmt. (Classified) - 14 Johnston Fiss Insurance - 2 Kansas Dental Lab Association - 6 Kaylor Dental Lab - 16 --Planning guide for dental professionals serving children with special health care needs. 2000. Los Angeles, CA: University of Southern California University Affiliated Program, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Principle authors: Beverly A Isman, RHD, MPH Renee Nolte Newton, RHD, MPA --Special Care: An Oral Health Professional’s Guide to Serving Young Children with Developmental Disabilities. 2006.Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Maternal & Child Health National Oral Health Resource Center. For information, please contact Marcia Manter, Community Development Specialist, Oral Health Kansas at

OWN YOUR IDEAL PRACTICE Successful, established practices want new dentists to join them and become owners over time. Pratt, KS – Newer general practice in stand alone building. 6 ops/2,576 sq. ft. Computerized ops; IOC, CAESY; Diagnodent. Seek associate for family, pediatric and orthodontics. Blue collar clientele needing dental education. Stable community, limited competition. Hutchinson, KS – Well-established family practice in stand-alone corporate-owned building. Group practice, 4 current owners. 21 ops/8,500 sq. ft. Digital cameras; Digital X-ray; Dentech practice management software; Diode laser. 75 new patients/month (avg). Experienced hygiene team. El Dorado, KS – Well-established family practice with a great reputation. 9 ops/3,200 sq. ft. Stand alone building. CEREC®; Diagnodent; Intraoral cameras; Laser; Air Abrasion; Computers. Seeking associate interested in eventual ownership.

McInnes Group, Inc. - 2 Medical Protective - 13 Mercer Transitions - 15

For more information, visit

Modern Methods - 10

or call Mercer Transitions at 1.800.588.0098.

Paragon, Inc. - 14


you can trust your professional protection to Cincinnati Insurance As a dentist, you know how important it is to put your clients at ease. The Cincinnati Insurance Companies know you have plenty to think about—caring for your clients, managing a successful practice and staying active in your community.

With a professional liability policy from The Cincinnati Insurance Companies, you can stay focused on your practice, counting on your policy to: • apply on an “occurrence basis” instead of on a claims made basis • require your consent prior to settling professional liability claims • cover your corporation or partnership, employed and independent contractor hygienists and dental assistants at no additional charge. Separate limits of insurance give each individual insured superior protection • offer optional prior-acts (tail) coverage to facilitate the move from claims-made to our occurrence form. You can also feel confident knowing that Cincinnati is rated A++ by A.M. Best Co., the highest financial strength rating available earned by less than 2 percent of all property casualty insurer groups. For more information, please contact your local independent insurance agent representing The Cincinnati Insurance Companies. Visit, or call Mike Terrell at 800-769-0548, to locate an agency near you.



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3/22/06 11:39:02 AM

Prsrtd Std U.S. Postage PAID Permit 903 Topeka, KS 666


JKDA Summer 2008  

Journal of the Kansas Dental Association. Summer 2008 issue

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