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Take Salt Away So you need to take Salt Away from your car, truck, or trailer! You backed into the saltwater to launch or pullout your boat or drove the salt coated surfaces of a wintry climate. The corrosion by saltwater either from direct submersion or from road salt is devastating to car, truck or trailer under carriages and breaking systems. I know I used to have many problems with my boat trailer brakes and costly replacements of brake rotors, calipers, and Pads. Even with car washing the undercarriage of the truck and trailer to take the salt away I still kept having corrosion and rusting issues in those areas. And I recall when I lived in Michigan a 3-year-old vehicle could be riddled with rusty holes from all the body damages caused by road salt.

Take Salt Away Wasn’t until recently I found out about products that were out there to remove salt from these areas. I studied the different products and tried many do it yourself methods before realizing there is more to a good product than soap and Vinegar. I needed a Product to take Salt Away from my Truck, Trailer, and Boat without further damages to the environment. And yes I was one of those boaters that was using vinegar to clean my outboard motor and boat Surfaces. I could list all the different products I tried but you can find them as well-doing web searches so I’m not going to slam them. However I found very few that worked to provide all the things on my List. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Human safe Environmentally Safe ( Green) Remove salt without scrubbing Protect against corrosion or rust Simple to use Fast


The resulted product that not only will take salt away and meet all my requirements is Blue-Thru! No gloves, No respirator, no worrying about drainage, your plants, protects against corrosion and Quick and Simple to use. Just spray it on and when the flow of liquid turns clear rinse, about 5 minutes work time you hit your brakes, under carriage and Vehicle with the wash and rinse. Best of all there is no mixing and no storage or handling of liquids or gallon jugs of product. You drop the tablets into the dispenser turn on the water hose and attach your favorite car wand or spray nozzle. The product comes in a small bottle of tablets and is ready to drop into your applicator. The Dispenser has garden hose fittings that will allow you to Select any quick coupling or attachment. You can add plumbing to your trailer with spray nozzles into your brake drums or calipers then attach the Blue-Thru dispenser to wash the salt away and protect against corrosion. Join the Forum discussion on this post

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Take Salt Away  

I could list all the different products I tried but you can find them as well-doing web searches so I’m not going to slam them. However I fo...