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Gregg Warburton Of Canton, MA, Served Verizon As An Outside Plant Engineer

Gregg T. Warburton, resident of Canton, MA worked as Outside Plant Engineer with Verizon, which was previously known as Bell Atlantic and NYNEX. He served the company for more than two decades and during that tenure, he developed strategic plans that are necessary for designing and building outside plant networks for existing as well as new clients by recognizing areas that needed improvement and clearing solutions in a timely manner.

Gregg T. Warburton who lives in Canton, MA, is a result-oriented, dynamic professional with numerous years of experience in the telecommunications industry. He worked at Verizon (Massachusetts), formerly known as New England Telephone/NYNEX/Belll Atlantic. His forte in Project Management, Client Relations, Financial Management, Telecommunications, Strategic Planning, Logistics, Employee Training, Budgeting/Scheduling, and Network Design has enabled him to contribute to the growth and profitability of the organization where he worked.

Apart from his professional pursuits, he likes to involve himself in lifting free weights, spin class, reading, watching movies, taking care of kids, going for walks, etc. He is a sports enthusiast who has been playing Basketball for 40 years, and Golf and Tennis for the last 35 years. Gregg Warburton lives in Canton, MA, with his family including his wife, a son, two daughters, a Himalayan cat, and a Maine Coon cat.

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Gregg Warburton Canton MA  

Gregg Warburton joined Verizon, Boston, Massachusetts, in 1987. Gregg T. Warburton (Canton, MA) attended ALPHA IV, which is an intensive dat...