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Android News(actualité android )

BENEFITS OF Android News (ACTUALITÉ ANDROID) The latest android news (actualité android) in android market we accompanied a variety of categories to assist you all the updates on the Android Market worldwide.

Google is planning to launch Android 5.0, but still the rumors are lacking actual confirmation from Google Headquarter. Google is also planning to launch two new Smartphone’s which will be running on Android Codename Lime Pie.

Android News(actualité android )

ABOUT Android News (ACTUALIT ANDROID) Google android news confirmed that its Google IO conference will take place on May 15 to May 17 2013, earlier a month than 2012’s conference. In 2012, Google had announced its Android 4.1 Jelly bean launching and we are hopeful to see android 5.0 this year. Rumors about ACTUALIT ANDROID 5.0 were confirmed after screen grabs of a Qualcomm roadmap.

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