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November 14 - November 20, 2013

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Pensacola Celebrates Veteran’s Day in Full Force in Downtown Pensacola













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This is a collage of pictures taken during the Veteran’s Day Parade which took place in downtown Pensacola last Monday. Along with the members and participants in the parade, in the bottom right picture is the band “Kingdom”, one of the bands that performed during this event honoring our veterns.

By Greg Fink Nearly 1,000 local citizens joined and supported the Veteran’s Parade in downtown Pensacola this past Monday as Cumulus Communications sponsored the event for the day. During the parade, which featured

honor guard, color guard, military veterans, Native American tributes, as well as local high school band member; there was also a park filled with vendors handing out free food along with musical entertainment provided by the bands “Kingdom” and “Civilized

Natives”. As a last minute surprise, national conservative radio talk show host Phil Valentine (his show is on the Cumulus station 100.7 FM) spoke to the audience about the importance of the veterans and what they have sacrificed for our nation.

“I thought this was a great event and the atmosphere was wonderful with all the dedication to those who have served our nation” state Glenn Vignolo. “I look forward to doing everything we can for the support of veterans in our local community.”

Coalition for Justice Sponsors ObamaCare Workshop at Marie Young Wedgewood Center


The Coalition for Justice of Northwest Florida sponsored a workshop called, “Understanding the Affordable Care Act” at the Marie K. Young-Wedgewood Community Center at 6405 Wagner Road. In an interview concerning the event, Mrs. Carol McIntosh stated that those in attendance learned about the importance of the Affordable Care

Act and how it can impact their ability to obtain health insurance through the marketplace/ exchange, some for the first time. Information was provided that explained the four (4) ways to get marketplace coverage. Information on the Essential Health Benefits and preventive health services for children, adults and women was available

as well. “We definitely plan on sponsoring more events to educate our community and assist them in obtaining insurance coverage from the marketplace.” Participants were urged to go on the website ( to obtain additional information as well. She stated in a recent meeting of the Coalition as the WORKSHOP, Pg 7

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Ready to Hire the Best & Brightest


Nov. 18

Nov. 19

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church 2601 W. Strong Street

Pensacola Bayfront Stadium

Seeking candidates for part-time, 2014 season positions in a variety of key customer service roles: Food Service • Cleaning Limited openings for Ushers • Security

APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE NOW Complete an application online at: Or stop by the Pensacola Bayfront Stadium front office Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. to pick-up an application.

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Any questions? Contact Blue Wahoos Director of Human Resources, Dick Baker at •




The Pensacola Voice • November 14 - November 20, 2013


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The Common Core Standards: What Are They?

By Hattie Grace We are hearing a lot about the Common Core Standards these days. Parents are puzzled by them and schools are struggling to implement them. While at the hair dresser last week, I grabbed a magazine to read as I usually do. There was a September issue of Black Enterprise magazine and I grabbed it and reviewed the cover to see if there was an article I was interested in reading. There was an article on “Educating America”: New Standards for our students. So, hearing so much these days about Common Core Standards, I was interested in knowing what they had to say on the subject. The article written by Robin Whit Goode was entitled, Common Core Standards: 5 Things You Need to Know. The article is geared towards parents who want to know more about what the standards mean for their children. Here is the content of the article. 1. What is Common Core?

The Common Core Standards are a set of internationally benchmarked standards or goals in English language arts and math developed under the leadership of the National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers. The standards set forth what students should learn by the end of the school year. For example, one of the writing standards for grade 5 reads as follows: Introduce a topic or text clearly, state an opinion, and create an organizational structure in which ideas are logically grouped to support the writer’s purpose. Scott Hill, senior program officer at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the non profit that has supported the development of Common Core, says that because there are fewer standards and they are worded more clearly, they provide states a measurable target to aim at; and because they are common, instead of each state having its own standards, states can innovate, form multi-state partnerships, and share implementation

costs. 2. What does “internationally benchmarked mean? It’s no secret that American students score in the average range compared with their international peers. On the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) an exam that since 1997 has sought to evaluate educational systems around the world by assessing 15 year old test-takers in reading math and science every three years, American students score lower than students in many Asian and European countries and Canada. Because of the lackluster performance and the concern about whether American students were being prepared to meet the demands of the global economy, standards were developed by building on the best state standards and by examining those of high-performing countries around the world. For most families, “internationally bench-marked” means that their children will be held to higher, more rigorous standards. And that’s a good

thing. 3. Will my child’s teacher be ready to teach to the new, higher standards? According to a survey of the American Federation of Teachers, 75% of teacher respondents approve of Common Core State Standards, but only 43% believe they have received adequate training in teaching of the new standards. As with any new development especially if it’s more demanding there will probably be more that a few hiccups in the beginning. The Common Core State Standards will be fully implemented by the 2014-2015 school year in 45 states and the District of Columbia that have adopted them so far. 4. What will Common Core mean for me? According to Natasha Ushomirsky, K-12 senior policy and data analyst and author of a report by the Education Trust, analyzing national performance data to track students’ improvement and achievement in reading and math in all EDUCATION, Pg 7

Restaurants Offer Careers Outside the Norm

(BPT) - America’s restaurant and foodservice industry provides jobs and careers for 13 million people - 10 percent of our nation’s workforce. While restaurants serve as a stepping stone for many - one in three Americans got their first job experience in a restaurant - it’s also an industry of tremendous opportunity, where individuals of all backgrounds are given the opportunity to move up the ladder and succeed. In fact, 80 percent of restaurant owners began their careers as hourly workers in the industry. When people think of careers in the restaurant and foodservice industry, positions such as servers, bartenders and chefs most likely come to mind. The industry’s careers are wide-ranging, however, and stretch beyond the four walls of a traditional restaurant.

A catering manager, for instance, plans every piece of a catered event, from origination to execution, including renting tables and equipment, coordinating decorations and photographs, as well as booking entertainment. A person in this role needs not only knowledge of food production and customer service, but also the skills to generate new business and ensure an event runs smoothly and efficiently. Similarly, a food and beverage director is in charge of overseeing the management, budget and operation of a foodservice outlet, catering services and kitchen. He or she must also communicate with the sales department to ensure maximum profitability. Employment in the restaurant industry is expected to grow to 14.4 million by 2023, according to the National Restau-

rant Association. In order to hire and train all those employees, the restaurant and foodservice industry needs human resources managers, a role that requires recruiting and hiring qualified employees, creating in-house job-training programs and assisting employees with their career needs. These are not your typical restaurant jobs but are equally fulfilling careers, many of which require specialized training to be successful. Many colleges and universities offer degrees and diploma programs in hospitality management. Even high school students can get a head start through summer jobs or programs like ProStart, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s (NRAEF) two-year program that trains students to go on to pursue culinary and restaurant manage-

ment careers. Approximately 95,000 students across more than 1,900 schools nationwide participate in the program. Jessica Doerffel, food and beverage director at Elways, a restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton in Denver, started busing tables as a teenager and then enrolled in her school’s ProStart program. “The thought of taking a curriculum based on hospitality was unheard of in high school, so I jumped at the chance,” Doerffel says, adding that she completed several internships at hotels, including Marriott International, while in college. After college, Doerffel rose through the ranks at Marriott, eventually landing a position as the food and beverage director at The Ritz-Carlton. Others spend time learning the ins and CAREERS, Pg 7


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The Pensacola Voice • November 14 - November 20, 2013

If you like your Apple fritter, you can eat your Apple fritter

Dr. James L. Snyder

Growing up back in “the day,” most people put a lot of credence on promises and lived by the motto, “A man is as good as his word.” Most agreements were sealed with a handshake. If you said you were going to do something, you did it. Period. Today it is an altogether different story. We need a lawyer with a pile of paperwork in order to do anything these days. A lawyer has the sneakability to make words say anything convenient at the time depending on what the word “is” is, and when you said it. It matters not what a man says anymore only what he can get away with at the time. This brings me to the dilemma flavor of the week. Not mentioning any names, I am too

much of a gentleman for that, but some person living in my house can be a little tricky when it comes to the usage of language. I may be the “wordsmith” in our house but she definitely is the “word butcher.” She can take any word and slice it so thin its meaning all but disappears. A while back, we were having a little discussion centering on one of my favorite topics, Apple Fritters. Anybody who knows me knows that an Apple Fritter is at the top of my list of scrumptious delicacies. My motto: An Apple fritter a day makes it all worth living and two turns it into heaven. Satan may very well have tempted Eve with an Apple but God has more than made up for that by introducing into humanity a freshly baked Apple Fritter. At least, that is my interpretation. Another theologian

in our house has different hermeneutics on the subject. In our discussion, I was reminding the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage that she made a promise that if I liked an Apple Fritter I could eat an Apple Fritter. I laid out my argument very clear, at least I thought so, and encouraged her to follow suit. She then disrupted the whole discussion by insisting on evidence. “When,” she said with a very suspicious look on her face, “did I ever say if you liked your Apple Fritter you could eat your Apple Fritter?” It was up to me at this point to produce a strategy that would convince her she said exactly that. “Don’t you remember,” I said as confidently as I could possibly muster at the

time, “we were at a restaurant and our discussion centered on dessert.” “I don’t remember such an occasion.” I started to wiggle a little bit but I knew if I could win this argument at this point it would be a great win. It is at times like this I wish I was a little more like a politician. A politician can say something and it means different things to different people at different times. It does not matter what they say at any particular time it can always be reinterpreted the way a politician wants it any particular time he needs it. Oh, how I envy those skills. Let me point out very quickly that according to common knowledge, this is in no way lying. In fact, I am not sure what the definition of lying is anymore. Nobody lies, they are just being misinterpretSNYDER, Pg 5

Keeping the Faith: “Never Submit”

By Ronnie McBrayer One of my sons has a motto by which he attempts to live his life. It is: “Never submit.” I can attest that he practices this maxim rigorously, and it serves him well in many situations, giving him grit and determination. But at the point that he cannot impose his demands upon people and situations, bending these to his liking (and he reaches this point routinely), then “Never Submit” leads to a dark and dangerous place. Nevertheless, my boy is at least speaking the truth, as only youngsters can. And the truth reaches well beyond himself. This is precisely how many of us live. We are stubborn, obstinate, and pigheaded. We refuse to submit – not to authority, the rules, or a way of life that would make our days lighter, easier, and healthier – and not even to God. This shows up, most noticeably, when we pray. Prayer, if you haven’t detected it for yourself, can be very self-centered. We approach God, not with a view of letting go of ourselves, to receive and live the life he has for us. We approach God with the mantra, “Never Submit.” Our prayers are scripturally-laced ransom letters, demanding the Almighty to do things our way; to meet us where we are; to comply with our plans. Sure, prayer is a way of bringing our needs and requests to God, but sometimes, being human as we are, we can’t tell the difference between what we want and what we need. We mistake our preferences, as wholesome as these appear, for what we require. We cling to our personal agendas, and conveying these to God, require him to make us as comfortable as possible, comfort achieved as he yields to our wishes. Such an attitude is not




SalLost & Foundes

(850) 434-6963

unlike the act of checking into a luxurious penthouse. We want something to eat, so room service is called and the kitchen goes into full operational mode to bring us whatever we want when we want it. Our favorite shirt is dirty. No problem, send for the maid. She will quickly take it to the laundry and return it before dinner. Do you need a cab? Ring the bell; the concierge lives to serve you. Not enough clean towels? Want your bed made twice a day? Need an extra chocolate on your pillow at bedtime? It’s easy-peasy: Pick up the phone and the management will be happy to attend to your every whim and impulse. Does prayer really work this way? I don’t think so. Prayer is not a method for getting everything we want. Rather, it is the means by which we surrender to what God wants. It is an act of submission; the letting go of our will, to be shaped by God’s will. Really, what good is prayer if it isn’t changing the one who prays? Because if prayer only feeds our narcissism and the human ten-

dency to self-aggrandize our egos, I seriously doubt that God is doing very much listening. Why would he? If all we want is a change of circumstances, be it in regards to our health, finances, job, church, spouse or a hundred other things, we miss the point that God seems more interested in changing us, rather than changing our surroundings. I love the image painted by the great Methodist missionary E. Stanley Jones. He said, “Suppose you go fishing early one morning, and launch your little boat into the water. After a while, you are finished, and you wish to return home. What do you do?” He answers, “You throw a line to shore and begin to pull. Are you pulling the entire landmass to yourself, or are you being pulled to the shore?” The answer to his question is as enlighten-

ing as it is obvious. Prayer is not pulling God to ourselves, to our will, or to our way of seeing and doing things. It is compliance to the will of God, as he pulls our lives in his direction. It is orienting our entire existence to his direction. It is submission, always. Ronnie McBrayer is a syndicated columnist, pastor, and author of multiple books. You can read more and receive regular e-columns in your inbox at

Religion Pre- Thanksgiving Gospel Fest Brings Singing at Its Best

The Pensacola Voice • November 14 - November 20, 2013

Sunday evening gospel groups from as far away as Tupelo, Mississippi appeared at Pensacola High School and played to a full house of gospel loving enthusiasts.   Groups such as the Gospel Singingaires of Pensacola, Gospel Imperials of Huntsville Alabama, Michael Thompson and Chosen Vessel of Selma, Alabama and Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC’s of Tupelo Mis-

sissippi gave God the glory and revised the Quartet harmony to cause everyone in the building to shout and give praise. Sponsored by Pastor Michael Thompson of Greater Union Baptist Church, the intention was to begin an introduction of other singing groups in the Southeast area.   “I plan to reach up and down; to expose them to Pen-

sacola and Pensacola to them, said Pastor Thompson. “I’ve told my people that listen to my radio show on WRNE that I plan to bring a number of groups including the Canton Spirituals, Blessed by Four, Helen Miller and Rev. Andrew Cheairs and The Song Birds and Pastor Shaun Jones as well as local groups . I just want people to enjoy themselves as we minister to them through the Word of song.” He said.

Gospel singing was center stage with several groups from around the region. Michael Thompson and Chosen Vessel (Top Left) visited here from Selma, AL; Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC’s (Top Right) visited from Tupelo, MS; Gospel Siningaires (Bottom Right) were from Pensacola; and the Gospel Imperials (Bottom Left) hailed from Huntsville, AL

Have you ever...


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Join us at Pensacola Dance Company 5330 N. Mobile Hwy (The Oaks Shopping Center) To Register: 6 weeks, call (850) 221-3151 or $129 Email

“fitness for the mind, body and soul”

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The Pensacola Voice • November 14 - November 20, 2013

Paul Anthony Ciancia: What He Did Was Wrong, But Not For the Reason You Might Think

By Travis Eby Easily the most persistent question that arises when we endure another shooting such as the recent one at LAX in which a TSA agent was killed and others injured is “Why?” It appears that the shooter, 23-year-old Paul Anthony Ciancia, had one thing in mind: Killing TSA agents. He did not appear to want to kill civilians, and he allegedly had “anti-government” materials with him at the time of the incident. Anarchist, of course, note the state’s claim to a monopoly on violence, and observe that TSA agents are known for things such as racial profiling, sexual assault and other forms of aggression. Their very jobs are facilitated through state ag-

gression. It should come as no surprise, then, that someone reacted with retaliatory violence toward the TSA, as Paul Anthony Ciancia apparently did. But why is it still wrong? The violence of the state creates ripple effects across our communities at large. From public schools to the war on drugs, we are surrounded by statism. Its violence pervades our social arrangements. I would argue that at the core of violence in our communities is allegiance to the state. That allegiance creates a culture in which it is considered acceptable, nay virtuous, to aggress against others in order to meet our social and economic ends. At least, as long it is the political class doing the aggressing. Yet, when people fight back,

they are abhorred. This is not to say that what Ciancia was moral or virtuous; it’s just that statism creates a strong layer of cognitive dissonance. The fact that Ciancia committed an act of violence against the state is not, broadly speaking, wrong. But he failed to take into account that the state, being pervasive, can technically make just about anyone, from a teacher to a fireman, one’s enemy. He joined the state in its game of violence, and not only did he lose, but more than likely the TSA will become more violent and aggressive. Paul Anthony Ciancia has made things worse. Note that this is not an argument against violence, per se, but rather to the fundamental flaw of violent revolution: The

state is simply better at violence. What could people like Paul Anthony Ciancia do instead of playing the state’s game? I am no techie, but one idea I have is developing open source, black market methods of air travel. If drug dealers can do it, why can’t other people? Perhaps there are people out there smarter than I who could develop cloaking devices for larger planes. The point is, there are plenty of things the state is bad at, and dealing with decentralized workarounds to its systems is one of the areas where it is the weakest. Put simply, capitalize on something the political class doesn’t understand: Peace.

The Next Move in the ObamaCare Deception

By Dr. Elaina George, MD A New Visions Commentary paper published November 2013 by The National Center for Public Policy Research, 501 Capitol Court NE #200, Washington, D.C. 20002, 202/543-4110, Fax 202/543-5975, E-Mail, Web Reprints permitted provided source is credited. Americans are being led down the wrong path. There has been, and continues to be, a concerted effort on the part of liberal politicians — who are encouraged by the media — to convince the American people that their health care system is the worst in the industrialized world, that doctors are to blame for high costs and that someone taking responsibility for their own health insurance is both selfish and somehow hurts the less fortunate. People are also supposed to believe opposition to government intervention that is designed to pick winners and losers implies they hate the poor or are racist and/or sexist. The truth is much simpler. Under the guise of fairness, our government is essentially implementing an agenda of central planning. Examples include the concerted globalization of our banking system through TARP, the subjugation of much of our military’s

By Lucius Gantt The Gantt Report wants to wish a happy holiday to all of America’s soldiers! I especially want to thank the courageous women and men that served in a branch of the American military forces. Often called the world’s greatest military fighters, soldiers I honor and respect you. Lucius Gantt served in the Army. No, not me, my father, I was told, was an aircraft mechanic for the famed Tuskegee Airmen. I’ve seen pictures but my Dad never spoke about his military exploits. Looking back at it, I imagine he was angry about how easily other aircraft mechanics left the military to go on and work for airlines and other companies and Black military airplane mechanics did

autonomy to the United Nations, the centralization of our public education system — first with the No Child Left Behind program and now with the Common Core Curriculum. It has taken over 50 years, starting with adoption of Medicare (i.e., socialized medicine for seniors), notwithstanding the failure of HillaryCare, for government to take over American health care. While so many are distracted by the failure of the ObamaCare web site, the first phase of ObamaCare has already been successfully underway without much notice or outrage. ObamaCare has successfully begun to unravel the health care system as we know it. Since the law passed: Doctors have been closing independent private practices to become employees of hospitals, joining large groups or leaving medicine completely — exacerbating the existing doctor shortage. Community hospitals have closed. Hospitals have grown into large systems that control the marketplace. These systems essentially control access to care by buying out or otherwise squeezing out competition such as independent surgery centers. Independent pharmacies have succumbed to the big chains that have systematically formed alliances with the medical insurance and pharmaceutical


companies. With their preferred status, they have successfully kept prices high. They have also branched out into primary care clinics that cater to people with chronic diseases. This competes with better-trained primary care physicians and urgent care facilities staffed by board-certified ER physicians. There has been an expansion of the number and scope of practice for health care extenders such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants. This leads to frontline health care being driven by less experienced practitioners. Instead of concentrating on increasing the number of American medical students, there has been an increase in the outsourcing of medicine to foreign-trained physicians to provide care in the hospital setting. The second phase is now coming into focus. It’s not an accident that people are being thrown off their existing insurance. The perfect storm was created to achieve this goal: The out-of-pocket caps on cost for the individual were delayed; there is a 25 percent surcharge on so-called Cadillac health plans; and policies protected by the grandfather clause were never meant to stand up to the regulations and compliance written into the law. The fact that it will be cheaper for an

The Gantt Report: Soldiers

He never encouraged me to seek a military career but he did prefer Joe Frazier over Muhammad Ali because Ali “didn’t want to “serve” his country”. Anyway, my father was a fighter on and off the battlefield. His nick name was “Scrap” and he was known far and wide as someone that wouldn’t hesitate to slap or fight his boss on different jobs. Because of my Dad, the military veteran, I wanted to be a soldier too. But instead of fighting in Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan or on some other foreign soil, I decided to fight wherever I was. I was not in a world war, a Middle East war, a European or Caribbean conflict.

I have been, I am and I always will be a soldier in God’s Army fighting for freedom, fighting for justice, fighting for community self determination, fighting for better schools, fighting for affordable health care, fighting for seniors and fighting for our youth! On this holiday for military veterans we need to pay a big tribute to the military soldiers and also a little tribute to the community soldiers. Those family members, friends, neighbors, church members, Masonic brothers, sorors, fraternity brothers and strangers that go out of their way to stand up for you when you want to run and hide deserve your respect and appreciation. Those people that stand with you when you are being harassed or mistreated in the work place need your

employer to now drop coverage and pay the fine should provide ample proof that the Cloward-Piven strategy is in play. Named after the radical sociologists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, this is the idea of overwhelming the system to break it in order to rebuild it. The end result, however, is not Medicare for all — but actually a single-payer system set up as Medicaid for all. Once the patients are in this system, is there any doubt doctors will be next? People should pay attention to the trial balloon recently sent up by Kathleen Murphy, a candidate for a state-level delegate in Virginia, who allegedly suggested doctors should be legally forced to take Medicare and Medicaid money. The goal is collectivism, which allows the government to be the arbiter of what constitutes what is best for everyone, except the elite and their cronies. That is the ObamaCare endgame. For a physician, not only will this mean the illegal restriction of trade, it will also mean the end of The Hippocratic Oath and the death of the doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Elaina George, a member of the national advisory council of the Project 21 black leadership network, is a board-certified otolaryngologist and host of a weekly talk radio show, “Med-


gratitude. And, those people that risked their reputations fighting for you, risked their jobs and careers fighting for you and even risked their lives for something that YOU BELIEVED IN deserve your utmost and heartfelt thanks. Happy Holiday Week veterans and happy holiday to all of America’s soldiers fighting on far away battlefields as well as those fighting on the highways and byways and in the ghettos and barrios right here in North America! (Buy Gantt’s latest book “Beast Too: Dead Man Writing” online or at any major bookstoe. Like The Gantt Report page on Facebook and contact Lucius at

The Pensacola Voice • November 14 - November 20, 2013

Help Wanted

Join the Employer of Choice on the Inland Waterways.

Ingram Barge Company has a proven track record of developing future leaders. We are currently seeking: Deckhands Culinary Cooks Vessel Engineers Towboat Pilots (Fleet & Line Haul) Candidates must possess a minimum of a valid driver’s license and high school diploma/GED. Excellent wages, bonus plan and advancement opportunities, along with a comprehensive benefit package, (paid retirement, 401K, medical, life & AD&D, etc.) Interested candidates must apply online at EOE, M/F/V/D

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Notice to Creditors IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FLORIDA PROBATE DIVISION IN RE: EVELYN VIOLA GARNER, Deceased. File No. 2013 CP 000208, Division “D” NOTICE TO CREDITORS The administration of the estate of EVELYN VIOLA GARNER, Deceased, whose date of death was, February 11, 2013, is pending in the Circuit Court for Escambia County, Florida. Probate Division, address of which is 190 Government Center, Pensacola, Florida 32502. The name and address of the Personal Representative and of the personal representative’s attorney is set forth below. ALL creditors of the decendent and other persons having claims or demands against decendent’s estate on whom a copy of this notice is required to be served must file their claims with the court WITHIN THE LATER OF 3 MONTHS AFTER THE TIME OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE OR 30 DAYS AFTER THE DATE OF SERVICE OF A COPY OF THIS NOTICE ON THEM. All other creditors of the decendent and other persons having claims or demands against decendent’s estate must file their claims with the court WITHIN 3 MONTHS AFTER THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE. ALL CLAIMS NOT FILED WITHIN THE TIME PERIODS SET FORTH IN SECTION 733.702 OF THE FLORIDA PROBATE CODE WILL BE FOREVER BARRED. NOTWITHSTANDING THE TIME PERIODS SET FORTH ABOVE, ANY CLAIM FILED TWO (2) YEARS OR MORE AFTER THE DECENDENT’S DATE OF DEATH IS BARRED. The date of this publication is 10/17/2013 and 10/24/2013 Attorney for Vivian S. Lamont, Personal Represtative: Frederick J Gant, Esq. 322 W. Cervantes Street Pensacola, FL 32501 Telephone: 850-433-3230 Fax: 850-434-8158 Email:

Fictitious Name

Notice Under Fictitious Name Law Pursuant to Section 865.09, Florida Statutes NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned, desiring to engage in business under the fictitious name of Polimbatree located at 1825 West Yonge Street, in the County of Escambia in the City of Pensacola, Florida, 32503, intends to register the said name with the Division of Corporations of the Florida Department of State, Tallahassee, Florida. Lepoleon Williams (100% Owner)

Attention Builders Attention, Small, Minority and Women-Owned Construction Businesses! Take advantage of potential business opportunities through Rebuild NWF. Contact Rebuild at or email

Invitation to Bid

The CITY OF PENSACOLA will receive bids as listed below. Bid documents are open to public inspection and may be obtained at the Office of the Director of Public Works & Facilities, 2757 North Palafox Street, Pensacola, Florida 32501. A MANDATORY Pre-Bid Conference will be held 11-21-13, 10:00 A.M., at the Office of Public Works & Facilities. Pensacola City Ordinance #61-89 established a local Small Business Enterprise Program (SBE). The SBE participation goal for this project is 10%. For further information, contact or call (850) 435-1835. The City shall have the authority to reject all bids and advertise for new bids. BID NO.: 14-006 / TITLE: STORMWATER POND MAINTENANCE CONTRACT / OPENING DATE: 12-11-13 / TIME: 2:30 P.M. LOCAL TIME

OBAMACARE, Continued from Pg 6

icine On Call,” that explores health issues and the politics of medicine. Comments may be sent to Note: New Visions Commentaries reflect the views of their author, and not necessarily those of Project 21.


Continued from Pg 3 outs of the food and beverage business, so they can teach. Sissy Ivy worked more than 15 years in the food industry to put herself through college, eventually becoming a ProStart educator at the Sevier County Career and Technical Education Center in Sevierville, Tenn. She not only teaches students culinary and management skills, but also oversees the students as they operate their own cafe and catering business, with all proceeds benefitting the program and local charities. Ivy’s hard work and commitment to the industry earned her national recognition as one of only three winners of the 2013 Faces of Diversity American Dream Award, presented by the NRAEF and PepsiCo Foodservice. To learn more about the award and to nominate inspirational employees and peers in the industry, visit NRAEF. org/Awards. As teenagers and young adults prepare to become their own success stories within the food and beverage industry, many will begin to identify opportunities outside of the four walls of a restaurant. Whether-working in the front of the house or in a traditional office, the industry offers plenty of opportunities to pursue their passion.

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SNYDER, Continued from Pg 4

ed. They can get anybody to believe anything if they rearrange the truth in such a way it is no longer the truth but it is not necessarily a lie. “Don’t you remember we were talking about dessert,” I said as calculatedly as possible, “and you said a person should be able to like what they eat and eat what they like?” I sighed a deep sigh, smiling inside hoping she would not discover that inner glowing smile. She thought for a moment and then responded, “I seem to recall a conversation along that line but I do not recollect that we were talking about Apple Fritters. The words “Apple Fritters” never came up in the conversation as I remember it.” My challenge was to reconstruct the memory of that discussion somehow

to fit in the words “Apple Fritter” or at least the idea. “When I said that,” she said looking at me straight in the eye, “I did not have Apple fritters on my mind. In fact, if the truth were known, I had broccoli on my mind at that moment.” How did broccoli get into this conversation? Nowhere in the recesses of my mind did the word broccoli ever appear. I knew I was losing the battle at this point. It is one thing to say something but it is quite another thing to hear something. Many times what I hear is not really what is being said. At times what is being said is not exactly what I hear, especially if my wife is doing the speaking. Why is it people cannot say what

they mean and mean what they say? Only God really says what He means and means what He says. I like the encouragement he gives to Joshua. “There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life: as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee” (Joshua 1:5 KJV). Whatever God says He means and it never changes its meaning from one generation to the next. That is something I can really rely upon. Rev. James L. Snyder is pastor of the Family of God Fellowship, PO Box 831313, Ocala, FL 34483. He lives with his wife, Martha, in Silver Springs Shores. Call him at 1-866552-2543 or e-mail jamessnyder2@ His web site is

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50 states through the last decade, the Common Core State Standards will require “a lot of work,” such as providing professional development to teachers on the new standards and making sure they have instructional materials that align with them. It may mean more work for parents as well. Teachers in areas where Common Core has already been implemented are sending home specific suggestions to parents to help them reinforce what their children learned in class. 5. What has been the misperception of Common Core? Some have inaccurately evaluated

Common Core, including believing the standards are actually a national curriculum or represents a federal takeover of the nation’s schools. For one, the new standards are not a national curriculum any more than standards were a state curriculum. A curriculum provides the scope (what is taught) and sequence (when it is taught) of an academic subject. The standards are guidelines that describe what should be learned; they do not prescribe how subjects must be taught. Many believe, incorrectly that the

new standards represent“federal takeover” of the nations’ schools. The Obama administration supports the new standards and put incentives in place for states to adopt them, but states were not coerced. The standards represent an important step toward improving our schools. Implemented thoughtfully they may help to guide teachers, parents, and students toward better educational outcomes. Hattie Grace is CEO of Academic Excellence Tutoring Services. She can be contacted at

WORKSHOP, Continued from Pg 1 group assessed the results of the workshop, “We (the Coalition for Justice) plan on sponsoring an event with computer-based signup in the near future with assistance from local navigators.” A presenter at the Coalition’s Affordable Care Act workshop was Susan Godwin, an agent at Combined Insurance Services, Inc. located at 2704 North 12th Avenue sandwiched between East Hill Hardware and Hanniton Watts American Legion Post #193. The Pensacola Voice interviewed Sharon Godwin who stated that she really enjoyed giving the presentation at the Coalition’s event and looks forward to more opportunities to assist the community in understanding the Affordable Care Act. As she spoke with the Voice by phone she stated that, “My main goal on Saturday was to educate about what Health Care Reform is, how it affects individuals in regards to the 2014 Individual Mandate to have coverage, how to apply for coverage, and what penalties may be imposed if an individual does not have the required coverage.  Here are some of the key points that she covered:   The Marketplace, also known as The Exchanges, opened 10/1/13 and Open Enrollment goes through 03/31/14.   Coverage for all health insurance plans effective 1/1/14 are guaranteed issued.  This is the best part of the changes, in the past; an in-

surance carrier could decline coverage, charge a higher rate or not cover a specific condition due to current or past medical conditions and/or treatments.   For individuals who are married, they must file a joint tax return.   The penalty for 2014 is $95 or 1% of the taxable household income, the tax applies to individuals and dependents, for dependents under the age of 18, the amount is 50% of the adult cost.   The actual insurance coverage is provided by private insurers, such as Florida Blue (aka Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida).  Most people think that the Government is providing the coverage.   Individuals, whose income is between 100% to 400% of the Federal Poverty Level, may qualify for an advanced premium tax credit “subsidies”.  This is only available through the Exchange System.   Ms. Godwin stated that she has been presenting the seminar to individuals and groups since October.  The responses have been positive with individuals leaving the presentations with a better idea of what they need to do and how to proceed with applying for health insurance coverage. She said that she was eager to be able to start signing individuals up for coverage on October the 1st, only to be delayed due to the web site complications. She stated that she has meet with over 30 individuals to date and I have been able to assist them with electing a health plan

for their needs, giving them an estimate on the subsidy that they may qualify for, but haven’t been able to finish the enrollments. This is the most frustrating part of the whole thing.  Everyone is just waiting for all of the “bugs” to be worked out of the system so that they can start applying for the actual health insurance coverage. She provided an example of an estimated subsidy: David and his wife Karen both work, but are not offered group health insurance coverage through their employer. They have 3 children under the age of 18.  Their estimated income for 2014 will be $40,000.  Based upon this information, they are 145% of poverty level. The maximum percentage of income that they have to pay for the premium (if eligible for a subsidy) is 3.71% for a Silver Plan, with the cost being $10,902 for the coverage, they could be eligible for a government tax credit subsidy of up to $9,417 per year which would cover 86% of the overall premium.   She stated that, as an insurance agent, everything is changing from where they were just 5 years ago.  Ms. Godwin feels that the actual coverage is getting better and they are seeing that more individuals are now going to visit their primary care physicians for preventative/ wellness visits which helps detect early signs of problems/conditions that may arise in the future.     

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November 15,

Soul Food Spaghetti Dinner

Good Hope AME Church invites you to join them for the Soul Food Spaghetti Dinner on Friday, November 15th, from 11am to 3pm.


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Tasty Recipes Four-Cheese Chicken Fettuccine Recipe

(From Ingredients: 8 ounces uncooked fettuccine 1 can (10-3/4 ounces) condensed cream of mushroom soup, undiluted 1 package (8 ounces) PHILADELPHIA® Cream Cheese, cubed 1 jar (4-1/2 ounces) sliced mushrooms, drained 1 cup heavy whipping cream 1/2 cup butter 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese 1/2 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese 1/2 cup shredded Swiss cheese 2-1/2 cups cubed cooked chicken TOPPING: 1/3 cup seasoned bread crumbs 2 tablespoons butter, melted 1 to 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese

Directions: Cook fettuccine according to package directions. Meanwhile, in a large kettle, combine the soup, cream cheese, mushrooms, cream, butter and garlic powder. Stir in cheeses; cook and stir until melted. Add chicken; heat through. Drain fettuccine; add to the sauce. Transfer to a shallow greased 2-1/2-qt. baking dish. Combine topping ingredients; sprinkle over chicken mixture. Cover and bake at 350° for 25 minutes. Uncover; bake 5-10 minutes longer or until golden brown. Yield: 6-8 servings. Nutritional Facts: 1 serving (1 each) equals 641 calories, 47 g fat (27 g saturated fat), 167 mg cholesterol, 895 mg sodium, 29 g carbohydrate, 2 g fiber, 28 g protein.

The Pensacola Voice • November 14 - November 20, 2013

Ask the Pharmacist: Are You at Risk for Hepatitis C?

(BPT) - What do Mickey Mantle, Evel Knievel, Naomi Judd, Pamela Anderson, Jim Nabors and Keith Richards have in common? They have all faced hepatitis C. And they are not the only ones; about 3.2 million Americans have chronic hepatitis C. It claims the lives of more people each year than HIV/ AIDS and is the leading cause of liver transplants in the United States. John Fowler is a specialty trained pharmacist and part of the Accredo Specialty Pharmacy patient counseling team, with disease-specific expertise in hepatitis C. His team flags drug interactions, provides patient support and educates patients on specialty medication therapy and ways to manage side-effects. “Hepatitis C is a contagious liver disease that ranges in severity from a mild illness lasting a few weeks to a serious, lifelong illness that attacks the liver,” Fowler says. “For a lucky few, their body is able to clear the virus. However, in most people, the initial infection leads to long-lasting or chronic infection.” The disease is much more common among baby boomers (those born between 1945 and 1965). Many baby boomers were infected between 1970 and 1990, before universal screenings of the blood supply were adopted. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all baby boomers be tested. Medicare will cover the cost of screening if you are at high risk or symptomatic. For chronic hepatitis C patients, Fowler says, being adherent to the medication’s dosing regimen is key for the best health outcomes. “Forty percent of hepatitis C patients do not take their medication as prescribed, which can lead to therapy failure and prolonged use of medication,” says Fowler. “The challenging part is that hepatitis C medications often have significant side-effects including fatigue, mood disorders, low blood cells and flu-like symptoms, which

causes nearly 40 percent of patients to become non-adherent.” For the millions of Americans who suffer from hepatitis C, Fowler offers the following tips: * Be adherent: Being consistent with a dosing regimen is important, especially among the hepatitis population. People with hepatitis C often must follow a medication regimen that demands multiple doses of three separate medications each day. Talk with your doctor or specialist pharmacist if you need support with your schedule or are struggling with adherence. * Read the fine print: Many hepatitis C drugs provide specific instructions to help minimize side effects. For example, one commonly prescribed medication may cause flu-like symptoms, so some patients take the dose at night (to sleep off the side effects) or the day before a day off work. Taking an ibuprofen at the time can also lessen side effects. * Follow specific instructions: Some of the newest medications for hepatitis C are oral medications. While oral medications are more convenient, they must be taken at precisely spaced intervals throughout the day and with food to ensure adequate absorption. In

fact, some medications specify the nutritional content requirements of the food. * Stay well hydrated: Consuming enough fluids is very important. A great rule of thumb is to determine your body weight (in pounds) and strive to drink half that number (in ounces) per day. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, you should drink 100 ounces of fluid each day. * Delay pregnancy: Some drugs that treat hepatitis C can harm an unborn child, so women should avoid getting pregnant while on therapy and for up to six months after completion of therapy. Men undergoing hepatitis C treatment should also practice safe sex during the same time period. * Document the side-effects: Report all side effects and other concerns to your physician and your specialist pharmacist so they can be resolved quickly before symptoms worsen. Express Scripts offers a sophisticated clinical patient support model through Accredo Specialty Pharmacy that promotes adherence and helps patient with hepatitis C. For more information on ways to manage hepatitis C, visit Express Scripts’ Healthcare Insights blog at

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