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Textbook Frequently Asked Questions Q: I’ve lost my textbook, what do I do now?      

Check thoroughly at home, in your locker and classrooms. Report it to library staff and we will check your library record. You can obtain the book’s unique barcode number from library staff and ask students in your class whether they have picked up your book. If you have exhausted these options, return to the library and fill out a “Permission to Collect a Second Copy of Textbook” form. This allows you to borrow another copy of the textbook. The lost copy will stay on your library borrower record until it is returned. Lost books that are not returned will be invoiced and must be paid for before the following year (prices are on the Year 7-10 book lists).

Q: My textbook has missing pages. 

Please come to the library and staff will repair your book or issue you with another copy.

Q: I need to borrow a textbook that is not on my list, how do I go about borrowing it? 

You can borrow textbooks not on your list for a limited time. Generally speaking, English novels can be borrowed for up to 2 weeks and other texts can be loaned either overnight or over a weekend with the expectation that it will be returned on the proper due date. If these textbooks are needed for class work, your loan will be recalled and the book must be returned.

Q: I think I may have mixed up my textbook with somebody else, what should I do?    

It’s important to write your name on the inside of the book as soon as you borrow it as this helps you locate your book more easily. Otherwise you can come to the library and staff can check what your barcode for that specific item is to make sure you have the correct item. If you don’t, check with students in your class to see if they’ve picked up your copy. You can wait until the end of the year to see if the book is returned by another student. If it’s not, you will be required to pay the replacement cost by the end of the year. (please see the list for your year for prices)


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