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Year 8 Geography Assessment Task 1 2011 Focus: The changing nature of the world and responses to these changes. Human Rights Due: Term 3 Week 8/9 2011 Weighting – 45% Outcomes

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shows an interest in learning about global issues and environments. knows what some important global issues are and can recognise the different ways people and groups might respond to these issues. can describe differences in life opportunities throughout the world can express opinions, thinks about solutions and actions and recognises their impact.

Skills use an electronic atlas use various types of maps and photographs locate features using degrees of latitude and longitude research using the internet

Knowledge Geographical issues on a global scale

Knowledge and understanding (rationale) You have been introduced to the discipline of Geography in year 7 and so you should have a broad understanding of the location of the globe’s major environments and are able to explain some of the geographical processes that have formed and continue to shape the environment. You have also learnt something about how to sustain and manage global environments now and into the future. In year 8 Geography it is time to recognise that as part of the global population there are things we all share and that the future of the population on earth depends on people taking considered action to make sure life is as fair and equal as we can make it. But it is also making sure we are good stewards of the earth. You will continue to develop your knowledge of civics and global citizenship by studying an important global issue. – Access to safe drinking water

You should think about how this assessment task fits into your Social Justice work in year 7 (a drop in the ocean) and next year in year 9 (making waves). Task description All of the following tasks are part of your common assessment. Your first task is to: 1. Watch a video and make your own notes on the worksheet provided. 2. Complete the map activities for ‘the Horn of Africa’ on another worksheet in the same lesson. You must use the Longman Online Atlas with your laptops. 3. Research Human Rights issues for 40 minutes in class filling in the response sheet very carefully and using the lines provided.


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