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ST MARY STAR OF THE SEA COLLEGE YEAR 10 FRENCH 2011 OUTCOMES 5.UL.2 selects, understands and analyses information and ideas in written texts and responds appropriately (reading) 5.UL.3 uses French by incorporating diverse structures and features to express patterns and features to express own ideas (speaking) 5.MLC.2 uses linguistic resources to support the study and production of texts in French 5.MBC.1 explores the interdependence of language and culture in a range of texts &contexts


Talking about the weekend, weekend leisure activities, what others do on the weekend, saying whether things went well or badly


Reading and Responding Wednesday 23rd March 2011 period 3 Speaking Monday 28th March 2011 periods 3 and 4 20%


Description of task: This task consists of two parts: Reading and Speaking. 1. In Reading you will respond to two written French texts (on the above topics) by answering questions in English. 2. In Speaking you will act out a role play scenario with a partner talking about your weekend and what each of you has done. You will also answer five questions out of a possible eight in French on the above topics. A sample of questions will be issued before the exam.

You will be assessed on how well you:   

understand and analyse spoken and written texts. apply vocabulary, linguistic structures and patterns to create original text. use correct pronunciation, intonation and accurate language structures and vocabulary to communicate in Speaking


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