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Year 8 ENGLISH 2011 Assessment Notice Date of Issue: Monday 7th March Task: Speaking with a PowerPoint.

Date Due: Monday 21st March Weighting: 20%

Outcomes being assessed 2. A student uses a range of processes for responding to and composing texts 3. A student responds to and composes texts in different technologies 5. A student makes informed language choices to shape meaning with accuracy, clarity and coherence 6. A student draws on experience, information and ideas to imaginatively and interpretively respond to and compose texts 7. A student thinks critically and interpretively about information, ideas and arguments to respond to and compose texts

Nature of task In class: Speech 1. You are to choose and research one of the options below and then present the information in the form of a speech and PowerPoint 2. Your speech is to last 3 minutes and must include a PowerPoint of minimum 4 slides and maximum 8 slides. 3. You must hand in a copy of your speech (not palm cards), including a bibliography, to your teacher on Monday 21st March during your English lesson 4. You must have your palm cards and a USB (containing your PowerPoint) and your marking criteria with you at every English lesson until you have presented your speech. 5. You must hand in your marking criteria with your name on it to the teacher when you present your speech Your PowerPoint must include the following features:  Visual representations of your chosen topic  The slide can only contain a caption explaining the visual  No more than 2 graphics per slide  There is a maximum of 8 slides for the total assignment  You can allocate the number of slides you use for each option as you wish as long as you do not use less than 4 or more than 8 slides in total.  The dot points within each option are ideas you may like to use in your research. You do not have to cover all points

Your Speech: You are to present information on one of the topics below. Alternatively you may devise a topic of your own on an element of Shakespeare, providing you have it checked by your teacher. You are to use palm cards to help your delivery. You will be assessed on the content of your speech and your ability to speak to the audience using appropriate pitch, pace and tone, eye-contact and body language. Remember that this is a speech and that you need to engage your audience. OPTION A The Globe theatre       

How it was constructed What props used How the actors were presented How the audience attended How the plays were presented Costuming What props were used

OPTION B Magic and superstition in Shakespearean times  The role of magic  People’s attitudes to magic  Common superstitions  Beliefs about fairies and spirits  Common stories about fairies and spirits

OPTION C A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Marking Criteria: You will be assessed on your ability to:  Demonstrate an understanding of ONE of the above options  Effectively use IT in your presentation  Express your ideas in language appropriate to audience and purpose  Present an engaging speech with confidence

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