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Assessment Notification St Mary Star of the Sea College Year 10 School Certificate Mathematics 5.2 Pathway Assessment Task 1 2011 Topic:

Algebra and Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations and the Parabola


PAS4.3 Simplifies, expand and factorises simple algebraic expressions PAS5.2.1 simplifies, expands and factorises expressions with fractions PAS5.2.2 Solves linear equations, simple quadratic equations, linear inequalities using analytical and graphical methods PAS5.2.4 Draws and interprets graphs including simple parabolas.


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Recognises, adds, subtracts like terms Recognises meaning of and expands expressions with grouping symbols Simplifies expressions with multiplication and division Simplifies expressions including fractions Expanding by removing group symbols and collecting like terms Factorises single terms and expressions Distinguishes between expressions and equations Substitutes into algebraic expressions Translates between written statements and algebraic statements Generates a number pattern from an algebraic expression Solves basic equations Solves inequalities Solves quadratic equations of the form x2=c and ax2=c, including those arising from substituting into formulae Generates quadratic relationships, compiles tables of values, graphs equations of the form y=ax2 and y=ax2 + c Identifies graphs of parabolas

Task Description:

Written Test


Board Approved Scientific and Graphic Calculators allowed Pens, rulers, pencils, calculators required

Length of Exam:

40 minutes


Term 1 Week 5 Day 7 1st March 2011


In normal classroom during period 1 or period 2 in your Mathematics lesson.